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Best 7 Shipday alternatives in 2024: Tried, Tested and Reviewed

Screenshot of Shipday's delivery management software interface

Feeling boxed in by Shipday’s delivery management? 📦 You're not alone.

Many small businesses and courier services, just like yours, start with Shipday for its straightforward approach but quickly find themselves craving more—more features, more flexibility, more scalability.

That's where this guide swoops in! I have cherry-picked 7 Shipday alternatives that promise to propel your delivery operations to new heights.

Let's go! 🚀

When Shipday Isn't Enough: The Case for Alternatives

Shipday caters predominantly to small-scale businesses, excelling in local delivery such as food and small parcel services. 

It's celebrated for its user-friendly interface and basic yet effective delivery management features, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses at the early stages of scaling their delivery operations.

Business owners love the unique ability to tap into Shipday's network of third-party delivery services, providing a flexible solution when in-house delivery drivers are stretched thin. 

Despite these strengths, Shipday's limitations become apparent as delivery business needs evolve.

It's the deeper, cost-saving functionalities like advanced route optimization that they start to miss. 

Particularly tough for courier companies is that some of the route planning essentials seem to have taken a backseat, ironically complicating what should simplify their delivery business.

A screenshot of a negative Shipday review on Capterra

1. Circuit for Teams: The best Shipday alternative for courier companies

Circuit for Teams is a SaaS delivery management software specifically designed for dispatch managers at retailers and courier companies to save a tonne of money on their delivery expenses. The dispatcher dashboard and the mobile app are synced in real-time, and the app is easy to set up and use on both android and iOS.

Here’s a quick overview of the key features:

A screenshot of Circuit for Teams route optimization interface

Advanced route optimization

Say goodbye to guesswork. Circuit for Teams crunches the numbers, mapping out the smartest, fastest routes in seconds. 

To begin, simply upload your spreadsheet containing all of your delivery addresses to CFT, and at the click of a button, it will optimize the fastest route for all of your drivers/routes and stops.

This isn’t just about the shortest path; it’s about the smartest one, considering traffic, weather, time windows, and more. 

Unlike Shipday, which may offer more basic routing, CFT's advanced route optimization ensures accuracy and control at every turn.

Imagine fuel savings and happier customers because on-time delivery just became your norm. 

And imagine how much extra resource you’d have if each of your drivers has now shaved off an extra hour per day.

💡PS. If you're a courier company currently using a transportation management system (TMS), CFT can plug into your existing system easily to bring best-in-class route planning to your logistics operation.

A product screenshot of Circuit for Teams route optimization interface

Route planning

Time is money when planning your routes. 

Upload your list of delivery addresses and let Circuit for Teams do the heavy lifting. 

Need a specific delivery to be the first or last stop of the day? We've got you covered. Specify your preferences, and Circuit for Teams ensures these stops are exactly where you need them on your route.

Our zoning feature is all about smart delegation. It can automatically assign routes to drivers based on their locations, ensuring they cover areas close to home to 10X your efficiency.

The batch editing feature lets you swiftly move multiple stops from one route to another – keeping drivers on schedule without skipping a beat.

This includes unassigned, unattempted or failed stops. Meaning, you can bulk assign missed deliveries to other drivers who are still on their route! Drastically reducing failed deliveries.

Here’s a few more ways CFT puts you in control of your route planning:

  • Dispatchers can see all routes in real-time on a live map 
  • The GPS map also shows timelines for each route
  • You can choose to avoid toll roads
  • You can set proof of delivery type and ETAs
  • Add simple or complex stops with custom data fields
  • Toggle between detailed and simplified stop markers on the map view
  • Much, much more
A product screenshot of Circuit for Teams route planning interface with GPS map

Synced dispatcher dashboard and driver app

Harmony at last. Your drivers and dispatchers are finally singing from the same song sheet. Real-time updates mean no more radio silence or crossed wires. 

Dispatchers can control delivery operations from home, their business site or the warehouse, and keep track of routes via real-time GPS map.

Drivers use either the Android or iOS version of the Circuit route planner mobile app which combines Google Maps GPS and Circuit’s routing features in the Circuit app.

It’s also possible to edit routes while the deliveries are happening – and drivers will receive the updates to their route instantly on their phone/iPad.

Flexible proof of delivery

Our proof of delivery app is incredibly easy to use.

Choose from photo, signature, or ‘safe space’ notes for proof of delivery, making it a breeze to confirm and document every drop-off. 

Giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Image of electronic POD note with image of where the package was placed

Live route tracking

With drivers visible on the GPS map, you’re always in the know. No more guessing where your fleet is or when deliveries will arrive. 

With CFT you’ll receive delivery confirmations, geotags, and stop status updates as they happen.

Managing multiple drivers and depots

Operate complex depot networks with ease using a single delivery management system.

Whether you’re managing 5, 10 or 100 drivers, Circuit for Teams keeps you organized.

Assign drivers to, or remove drivers from, any depot, making your last mile delivery management a piece of cake.

Product illustration with a drop down to select different depot locations

Dynamic customer notifications

Knowing when a package will arrive tops the list for customers. Failing to provide accurate delivery times can lead to a spike in angry customer calls.

CFT keeps your customers in the loop with automated SMS and email updates and you can set dynamic or fixed delivery windows. 

  • Dynamic windows: The delivery window that the customer sees will change automatically based on where the driver is on his/her route
  • Fixed windows: Set a fixed time window for customer updates, regardless of the stop ETA. For example, set a fixed time window of 9 am-5 pm for all deliveries, and this will not change regardless of the route progress.

API and Integrations

Circuit for Teams seamlessly connects with your existing tools:

With CFT's latest two-way API, you can seamlessly integrate your existing systems, allowing for real-time updates and end-to-end automation of your delivery operations.

What does this actually mean? This means everything from importing your stop data to optimizing and distributing routes to drivers is streamlined and instantly synced across your platforms. If you edit or update data in one of your existing systems, the change will be reflected in Circuit too. And vice versa.

Note: If you're ready to streamline your delivery operations with Circuit for Teams, feel free to get started with our 7-day free trial and see the difference for yourself.

Circuit pricing

An illustration showing Circuit for Teams four different pricing plans

Subscriptions come in four tiers, Starter, Essentials, Standard, and Pro. Pricing starts at $100 per month and moves up to $300 for the Pro package. Enterprise solutions are negotiated with the sales team. All tiers above Starter come with unlimited driver and dispatcher roles and include 1,000 stops per month. Additional stops are charged at 5c to 7s per stop, dependent on the subscription tier.

2. Routific: The best Shipday alternative for teams that prefer per-vehicle pricing

Route optimization UI with mobile screenshots of different features

Routific combines powerful route optimization and easy setup with a user-friendly interface. It's easy to see why this platform is a favorite among small-to-medium-sized delivery fleets.

Compared to Shipday (which assumes drivers will start and end at the same location), Routific uses advanced route optimization to calculate the most time and fuel-efficient routes, no matter how intricate. For instance, the engine considers vehicle capacity and historical traffic patterns.


  • Superior algorithm: Routific's advanced route optimization engine calculates the most optimal routes for drivers—great for a large fleet of drivers or intricate routes (unlike Shipday which typically caters to basic routes for smaller businesses.)
  • High functionality and ease of use: Users enjoy the hassle-free setup. No need for account creation or password sharing with drivers.
  • App utility: The driver app has a sleek, clean, and intuitive interface.


  • Live GPS and progress tracking: Some users think that this should be a standard feature and not an add-on.
  • Limited customer notifications: Some functionalities present in other apps like Shipday are absent in Routific (e.g. barcode scanning). This is also an add-on feature that’s available in the most expensive plan.
  • Pricing: While per-vehicle pricing may work for some, the cost can add up if adding features like live GPS, progress  tracking, and customer notifications.

Routific pricing

Routific offers a range of pricing options that cater to businesses of all sizes. All plans are based on the number of vehicles.

Some users are looking for an even more flexible option with a flat fee service or a "free forever" plan, which Shipday offers.

An illustration of Routific's three pricing tiers; essential, professional and professional+

3. Elogii: The best Shipday alternative for enterprise delivery operations

Elogii stands out as an excellent Shipday alternative for enterprise-scale deliveries spanning different industries. It has the ability to generate the most optimal routes in seconds. And with the ability for multistop scenarios and configurable ePOD workflows, Elogii is a better alternative for those with advanced route optimization on top of their priority list.


  • Advanced route optimization: Not only does Elogii generate the most efficient routes in seconds, but it also handles complex multi-pick and multi-drop scenarios.
  • Customizable electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD workflows): Elogii allows for a more tailored and secure delivery confirmation process through digital signatures, photos, and notes. For instance, it has editable POD, barcode scanning, and the ability to attach unlimited photos and documents, lacking in Shipday’s Starter and Professional plans.
  • Easy to use with excellent support: Many users appreciate how easy Elogii is to use. They love the customizable and intuitive dashboard interface and a highly supportive tech team.


  • Lack of transparent pricing information: Elogii's requirement for a demo to discuss pricing can be seen as a barrier for potential customers seeking quick and direct comparisons.
  • Feature overkill for smaller businesses: While Elogii's comprehensive suite of features is a strength for large-scale operations, small businesses or those with simpler delivery needs might find the platform overwhelming.
  • Requirement for custom setup and consultation: Elogii's emphasis on customized solutions, though beneficial for tailoring services to precise needs, may require more upfront investment for setup time and consultation. Shipday offers a quicker start-up.

Elogii Pricing

Elogii's pricing structure is based on a bespoke, consultative approach with customers. They don't publish a certain price (they send tailored proposals).

4. OptimoRoute: The best Shipday alternative for live route edits

A mobile and desktop view of OptimoRoute's delivery management software

OptimoRoute stands out as a compelling Shipday alternative, particularly for businesses requiring detailed route optimization and the ability to handle last-minute changes. It's a standout choice for businesses with multiple drivers because of its dynamic route planning.

It’s also a go-to for delivery teams relying on TomTom or Navigon, allowing them to download optimized routes from these apps.


  • Edit routes on the fly: OptimoRoute's real-time ability to adjust routes for last-minute changes is a strong alternative to Shipday's inability to edit existing routes.
  • Comprehensive driver management: With cool features like workload balancing and automated analytics reports, OptimoRoute ensures every driver gets a fair share of deliveries and pickups while enabling the business to spot high performers and problem areas.
  • Advanced integrations: The robust API capabilities cater to complex logistical needs; it allows seamless integration with multiple platforms (ERP, CRM, POS, FSM).


  • Inaccuracy in maps: OptimoRoute users occasionally experience mapping inaccuracies, a drawback compared to Shipday's and Circuit for Teams' more reliable navigation.
  • Calendar integrations: While OptimoRoute users rave about its robust integrations, some are still looking for more, like integrating the calendar with the deliveries.
  • Cannot cancel a delivery mid-route: OptimoRoute does not currently support the cancellation of a delivery mid-route, making it less flexible when live stop edits are crucial.

OptimoRoute Pricing

A screenshot from OptimoRoute website showing the two pricing plans

OptimoRoute provides a scalable pricing model with the Lite plan, Pro plan, and custom pricing (available upon inquiry.) It also offers a free 30-day trial of Pro features.

5. Detrack: The best Shipday alternative for unlimited deliveries

Detrack's blend of competitive pricing, easy setup and integrations, and customer support makes it an attractive Shipday alternative for small-sized businesses—including medical courier services, small transport companies, and local florists—to larger fleets.

The option for unlimited deliveries and multiple sub-users per vehicle offers significant benefits for those with a high volume of orders but limited vehicles.

Delivery notification system screenshot with events, times, and pop-up messages


  • Easy setup: Features and functionalities are easy for dispatchers and drivers.
  • Excellent customer support: While there are a few kinks and quirks in using the platform, the chat feature and quick response times make up for the issues.
  • Fits right into your existing systems and tech: Some users enjoy the ability to upload routes and data from existing spreadsheets and APIs to build in with other systems in their tech stack


  • Routing not readily available: While live delivery tracking with ETA is listed in their plans, many users find dynamic routing and optimization are limited. 
  • Dispatcher dashboard not as user-friendly as others: Some users report it can be a little difficult to understand.
  • Limited integration options: Detrack users wish there's direct and seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, without using Zapier.

Detrack’s Pricing

While a free trial is available, there are no free plans—only Pro and Enterprise. Pro is based on a per-vehicle monthly basis, while Enterprise is custom-priced for larger fleets starting at 30 vehicles.

Its unlimited deliveries and drivers per vehicle can benefit those with a high volume of orders but fewer vehicles.

However, for businesses that require multiple drivers per order or make many long-distance deliveries, Detrack's pricing model may not make the most bang for buck.

Pricing plans for delivery management service: Pro at $29/month and Enterprise custom pricing

6. Onfleet: The best Shipday alternative for scaling businesses

Onfleet Map interface showing delivery routes and tasks for a team in San Francisco

Onfleet is a go-to option for real-time delivery tracking—its core strengths lie in providing live driver locations with accurate ETAs. It gets more powerful with its predictive ETA capabilities, which aren't found in other apps like Shipday.


  • Live driver locations and accurate ETAs: Onfleet outshines with real-time tracking capabilities, providing businesses and customers with live updates on driver whereabouts. With machine learning, it also predicts the expected time of arrivals, a feature that significantly enhances the delivery experience compared to Shipday's offerings.
  • User-friendly interface: Users report an easy onboarding process and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Robust communication tools: The platform's communication features allow an integrated and smooth interaction between dispatchers, drivers, and customers, including real-time updates to drivers on additional customer notes and feedback collection post-delivery.


  • Complex setup process: Users have reported a more cumbersome setup process with Onfleet, requiring too much information to publish optimized routes—a strong contrast to a more straightforward way with Circuit for Teams and Shipday.
  • More expensive than other apps on this list: While the pricing structure offers different tiers, Onfleet is significantly more expensive than Shipday.

Onfleet Pricing

Onfleet's pricing strategy is tier-based, catering to varying business sizes from starter to enterprise levels. The monthly plans range from $550 for 2,000 tasks to custom pricing for enterprise solutions.

Illustration of three pricing plans: Launch $550, Scale $1,265, Enterprise custom

7. Route4me: The best Shipday alternative for integrating into current workflows and tech stack

Illustration of Route4Me's delivery route optimization on desktop and mobile maps

Route4Me is a solid alternative to Shipday. Its capability to integrate seamlessly with the current tech stack and more familiar maps like Waze and Google Maps is a welcome feature.

Users—whether in food delivery, eCommerce, or field service—stick not just for this app's superior route optimization and real-time tracking features; they also like the geofencing feature (which notifies a customer when driver's close) and predicted travel times based on driver behavior.


  • Comprehensive route optimization: Route4Me's powerful route optimization capabilities mean it can handle multiple variables to ensure drivers take the most efficient routes.
  • Advanced live tracking and geofencing: Dispatchers and drivers have real-time updates on whereabouts and customer notes. Customers receive notifications when the driver is nearby.
  • Seamless third-party integrations: It integrates with existing workflows and tech stacks, including popular navigation systems like Waze and Google Maps.


  • Limited customization options for alerts and notifications: Some users report being unable to delete or correct stops or having less control in editing first or last stops.
  • Inaccurate routing and addresses: While Route4Me uses familiar apps like Waze and Google Maps, users still report inaccuracies in addresses (drivers are led to incorrect ones) and routing (especially with stops on the same street.)
  • Issues in recalculating routes: When some drivers make errors on the route, they report difficulties in recalculating the route.

Route4Me Pricing

Route4Me's pricing structure is tiered to accommodate various business sizes and delivery needs, scaling with a company's demands. The service offers several plans, each with a unique set of features ranging from basic route optimization to comprehensive API access and dedicated support aimed at maximizing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Route4Me pricing plans: Route Management $40, Route Optimization $60, Business Optimization $90

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