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Exploring the Top 4 OptimoRoute Alternatives in 2024

Routific competitors logo: Circuit for Teams, Onfleet, Tookan, OnTime 360, Optimoroute, and Route4Me.

OptimoRoute is a popular route optimization and planning software designed to streamline logistics processes and boost productivity. But is it the best choice for your business?

While OptimoRoute offers some useful tools for planning your delivery routes, businesses that require more advanced delivery management functionality may find the platform limiting.

Essential features such as automated customer notifications and multiple depots are not available in the software. In addition, some companies find the platform’s interface clunky to use.

The OptimoRoute app isn’t a good fit for every business. If you’re looking for easy-to-use route optimization software with simple pricing, it may be time to consider your other options.

We’ve analyzed what makes a good solution for optimizing delivery routes and researched the best tools out there to bring you the top four OptimoRoute alternatives for 2024.

In this guide, we’ll explore several delivery management solutions that offer route optimization as a core function. Each tool in this list also offers additional features suited to specific business models – so you can easily identify the best option for your unique requirements.

Before we dive in, let’s quickly highlight our picks and who might benefit from them most.

Best OptimoRoute alternatives for 2024

The top four OptimoRoute alternatives currently on the market are:

  1. Circuit for Teams: Best for small–medium retailers and courier companies
  2. Route4Me: Best for non-delivery-focused field service companies
  3. Routific: Best for complicated routes with a high volume of stops
  4. Onfleet: Best for enterprises with large teams of drivers

What makes a good OptimoRoute alternative?

To give a fair assessment of what comprises the perfect OptimoRoute alternative, we must first consider the pros and cons of the software itself.

The ideal competitor will offer the same benefits as OptimoRoute, and also include unique features or selling points that make it a superior option. There’s also your business to consider: which features, costs, and support levels are essential to your specific needs?

Here’s a short list of characteristics that make a good OptimoRoute alternative:

Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add your own must-have features based on the requirements and goals of your business.

Note: Unlike OptimoRoute, you can create multiple depots with Circuit for Teams, view activity from all, or specific depots, and assign drivers and routes to any depot. Not only this, CFT provides accurate live route tracking with real-time edits (sent instantly to the driver's phone), electronic proof of delivery, automatic customer notifications with dynamic time windows and just about the easiest API integration out there for a delivery management software. Try these features and so much more with our 14-day free trial

Circuit for Teams: Best OptimoRoute alternative for small–medium businesses

Circuit for Teams is a route optimization and delivery management solution that helps you simplify route planning and minimise your delivery costs.

When it comes to last-mile delivery for small–medium teams, Circuit is the OptimoRoute alternative that does it all.

With Circuit for Teams, you can:

Circuit also offers seamless API integrations, so it slides into your existing tech stack with minimal friction for easy implementation.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the features that make Circuit for Teams the ideal OptimoRoute alternative.

Route optimization and planning

Accelerate your delivery process and streamline operations: Circuit for Teams’ route optimization features help you find the fastest route in seconds.

With Circuit, you can calculate and map the optimum route for each delivery in a single click. Add as many simple or complicated stops as you like thanks to flexible data fields, and easily make any necessary tweaks to your stops at any time.

If you need to break up your deliveries into different locations, simply add unique delivery zones and Circuit will automatically map out your deliveries by their relevant zones.

Unlike OptimoRoute, you can also plan and optimize routes from multiple depot locations.

Dynamic customer notifications

Give your customers the best experience and encourage their loyalty with dynamic customer notifications.

Circuit for Teams allows you to customize and send automated SMS and email notifications to your customers about the status of their deliveries. Let them decide the level of information they receive with dynamic tracking settings.

Customer notifications can be customized.

Electronic proof of delivery (POD)

For some customers, proof of delivery is essential for security. For others, it can be a frustrating barrier preventing them from receiving the goods they need.

Circuit for Teams caters to both types of recipients with flexible electronic proof of delivery options. Easily toggle POD on and off based on your customers’ needs to provide the perfect service every time.

You can also verify delivery using multiple methods, including stop status, signature, and photographic proof.

Real-time delivery tracking

Keep track of the exact status of every delivery with live route tracking in Circuit.

Manage multiple drivers and adjust your delivery routes in response to any unexpected changes – all in real time. Stop details and route updates are instantly shared with your drivers and dispatchers to boost delivery efficiency and add a crucial layer of visibility to your operations.

Delivery management: Route Monitoring (Driver Tracking)

API and integrations

Automate your logistics processes and streamline operations by connecting with other software.

Synchronize deliveries with Shopify orders by importing stops and routes, or create no-code workflows by integrating Circuit for Teams with Zapier.

Circuit’s two-way API also makes it easy to build custom integrations with your existing tech stack.

An overview of OptimoRoute vs Circuit for Teams

OptimoRoute and Circuit for Teams offer many of the same features and functionality. However, the former is lacking a few desirable qualities of effective route optimization software.

Unlike OptimoRoute, Circuit for Teams allows you to manage deliveries across multiple depots. That makes it a better solution for planning routes across different areas or delivery zones.

Additionally, users across software review sites like Capterra and G2 seem to share the sentiment that OptimoRoute’s interface can be clunky and difficult to use. Circuit for Teams, on the other hand, has a reputation for being simple and seamless to operate.

For businesses that require easy-to-use route planning software with all the features you need to optimize routes and manage deliveries in real time, Circuit is the better choice.

Circuit for Teams pricing

Circuit for Teams subscription plans begin at $100/month and come in three sizes:

  • Essential plan: The cheapest option which includes two drivers (additional drivers can be added separately for $40 per driver) for $100/month.
  • Standard plan: For growing businesses that require POD and customer notifications in addition to standard route optimization and tracking features. It costs $200/month and includes three drivers. Additional drivers can be added separately at $60 per driver.
  • Pro Plan: If you’re serious about improving the efficiency of your operations, the Pro plan comes with all the features you need to enhance your delivery processes. Starting at $500/mo with six drivers (additional drivers charged at $80 each), you get access to advanced delivery analytics and unlimited delivery history – making it the best option for monitoring performance and making data-driven improvements to your business.

2. Route4Me: Best OptimoRoute alternative for field service businesses

Route4Me is a popular route management software tool that shares many of the same features as OptimoRoute, including route optimization and planning.

Unlike other tools, Route4Me is designed for all types of field service businesses – not just deliveries. That means field technicians and sales reps can also benefit from its routing features.

Another reason some users enjoy Route4Me is because of its feature marketplace.

Additional features and add-ons, such as customer notifications and recurring routing, can be purchased individually from the Route4Me marketplace, enabling you to build the bespoke software solution that best suits your needs.

Route4Me pricing

Route4Me pricing comes in three tiered subscription packages:

  • Route Management is the cheapest plan at $199/month with no extra features added. It comes with most of the basic route planning features you’ll need to manually map routes for your drivers.
  • Route Optimization is the next plan up and costs $249/month. It includes all the features of Route Management, as well as automated route optimization for single-person routes.
  • Route Optimization Plus is their most expensive plan at $349/month. It comes with all the same features as the cheaper plans, along with automatic route optimization for multi-person routes.

3. Routific: Best OptimoRoute alternative for complicated delivery routes

Routific is a route planning system powered by advanced route optimization algorithms and real-time driver tracking.

It gives dispatchers and delivery managers visibility across all driver movements and provides proof of delivery to guarantee customer satisfaction and prompt deliveries.

Routific integrates with Google Maps to improve route planning using familiar mapping data. And because it leverages powerful algorithms, it’s capable of optimizing difficult routes for large businesses with complex requirements.

Routific pricing

Routific pricing comes in three subscription sizes and is charged on a per-vehicle basis:

  • Essential: For basic route optimization features and basic dispatching. This plan is available from $49/month per vehicle.
  • Professional: All the features included in the Essential plan, as well as Live GPS, electronic proof of delivery, API integrations, and end-of-day reports. This plan is available from $69/month per vehicle.
  • Professional +: All the features included in the Professional plan, plus ETA customer notifications, customizable templates, and live delivery tracking for customers. This plan is charged at $93/month per vehicle.

4. Onfleet: Best OptimoRoute alternative for large enterprises

Onfleet is a popular delivery management software designed for large teams of drivers.

While its flat pricing structure can make it expensive for smaller companies looking to service local areas, the robust suite of features and accessible interface makes it a much-loved choice for last-mile delivery.

If you’re looking for an advanced OptimoRoute alternative that’s perfect for large enterprises, Onfleet may be just the tool for you.

Onfleet pricing

Onfleet pricing is available in two subscription packages, plus a custom size:

  • The Launch plan starts at $550/month and includes unlimited users, 2000 tasks, route optimization, POD, and ETA customer notifications.
  • The Scale plan starts at $1,250/month and comes with all the features included in Launch, as well as barcode scanning, 5000 tasks, and advanced ETA notifications.
  • For businesses that require additional features, such as unlimited historical analytics and premium onboarding, the Enterprise plan may be suitable. Pricing will be determined in a sales call.

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