Route optimization for multiple drivers

Take control of your delivery operation using Circuit for Teams' best-in-class route optimization, driver tracking, recipient notifications, and always-accurate ETAs.

Trusted by dispatchers managing 50k drivers

From a single driver to fleets of 100, businesses use Circuit for Teams to manage delivery operations of all sizes.

Annual deliveries

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A better way to manage your delivery operation

Everything you'll need to optimize routes, track and manage drivers, and delight your customers.

Build optmized routes for multiple drivers in less than 5 minutes

Got a list of stops and list of drivers? We'll handle the rest - no need to spend hours each morning manually figuring out the best way to allocate your stops between the drivers.

  • Spreadsheet import

    Export a list of deliveries and import it into Circuit for Teams in 2 minutes or less. Got notes and other info you want drivers to see, that's not a problem either.

  • Swap drivers between routes

    One of your drivers prefer the east side of the city? Easily swap drivers between routes so that they work the area they're most familar with.

  • Time windows / priorities

    A customer paid for morning delivery, or a specific time slot? Include this in thespreadsheet or add manually and we'll ensure drivers arrive in time.

Always in the loop

Track the progress of your drivers in the field. See where they've been, where they are and where they're going in real time.

  • Perfectly accurate ETAs

    Need to know what time your driver will arrive at stop 5? Circuit for Teams's ETAs update automatically depending on whether the driver is behind on ahead of schedule.

  • Proof of delivery

    Need to know who signed for that package? Recipient names, signatures and photo proof are synced and saved for every stop.

  • Customer Notifications

    Give your customers peace of mind with upto date notifications available via email or SMS.


Fair pricing that scales as you grow

For just ~3% of what you pay your drivers, you could have them deliver 20% more packages.


  • Create an allocate routes

  • Live track route progress

  • Import spreadsheets

Most popular


  • Everything in Dispatch

  • Proof of delivery

  • Recipient email notifications

  • Recipient SMS notifications


  • Everything in Recipient

  • Export data to other services

Frequently asked questions

Can my customers track my driver's exact location?
No. Circuit gives your customers an estimated arrival time, but they cannot track the exact location of your drivers.
Are you integrated directly with Google Maps/Waze?
Yes! Circuit is compatible with all third party navigaition apps, including Google Maps, Waze and many others.
Can I create routes for multiple drivers at once?
Yes! Circuit supports taking 5000+ stops and automatically turning them into 100+ optimized routes for drivers at once.
Do you have an public API I can integrate with?
No. Currently the only way to import data into/out of Circuit is to use our spreadsheet importing feature. API access is coming later this year.
Can I customize the notifications sent to my customers?
No. It's not currently possible to customize the notification email/text your customers will recieve. This is being added in the next few months.
Can I add multiple depots to a single billing account?
No. Whilst it's possible to do, it's not currently possible to limit disptachers to only seeing and interacting with drivers from their own depot.