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What’s new in Circuit for Teams

26 Jun, 2024

Collect proof of delivery for pickup points

Some stops require delivery to a pickup point, such as a parcel locker or retail partner who takes in deliveries. Previously, drivers could not specify this type of stop when collecting proof of delivery.

Now, proof of delivery can be collected for pickup points and automatically shared with dispatchers and recipients.

How to collect proof of delivery for pickup points

  • Tap a stop to mark it as delivered
  • Select > Delivered to pickup point
  • Add and submit proof of delivery
  • Proof of delivery is instantly visible to dispatchers and recipients
21 Jun, 2024
Move stops between routes

Choose to move or copy stops between routes

Previously, dispatchers could only copy stops from one route to another. A copied stop could be added to an alternative route and would also remain on the original route unless manually deleted.

Dispatchers can now move stops between routes. When a stop is moved from one route to another, it is automatically deleted from its original route.

Depending on their needs, Dispatchers may want to keep a copy of stops on their original route and they can do this by toggling the relevant settings on or off.

How to move stops

  • When creating/managing a route click > Move stops
  • Turn the setting on/off if you want to keep stops assigned to the same drivers
  • Turn the setting on/off if you want to keep a copy of the stops in the original route
  • Select the route you want to move stops from
  • Select an existing route or create a new route to move stops to
  • Click > Move Stops
  • Selected stops have now been moved to the chosen route
20 Jun, 2024
Color code selected deliveries

Color code key stops to make them more visible

On busy routes with many similar deliveries, it can be tricky for drivers to remember when certain stops have special conditions attached to them.

Now, drivers can choose to color-code specific stops with special requirements to help highlight them better on their route. 

Within the driver app there are four different colors to choose from, and when a stop is color-coded, the pin on the map and progress bar change color.

This feature is currently only available within the driver app.

How to color code a stop in the driver app 

  • Tap on a stop to edit it
  • Tap the default blue color icon in the top left
  • Select a different color from the list for that stop
  • Your color coded stop will now show as the chosen color on the map, and the progress bar will update to this color as you approach the stop

1 May, 2024
Allow drivers to manually order stops

Give drivers the ability to manually order stops on their route

Some businesses rely on their drivers to create delivery routes because it is more efficient than requiring dispatchers to create and allocate routes to drivers.

Drivers now have even greater flexibility over route creation with the option to manually select the order in which groups of stops are attempted.

How to enable drivers to create manually ordered routes


  • Go to > Settings > Driver permissions 
  • Go to Route permissions > Routes created by drivers
  • Turn on the driver route permission > Reoptimize route


  • In the driver app add stops and tap > Optimize route
  • Tap Refine > Manually order route
  • Draw a circle around the group of stops you wish to attempt at first
  • Draw as many groups of stops as you like, in the order you want to attempt them
  • When finished manually ordering tap > Reoptimize route
  • Tap > Confirm route to start your route
20 Mar, 2024
Quickly copy stops from one route to another

Quickly copy and move multiple stops to a different route

When real-time changes impact delivery, dispatchers need to edit routes quickly. Often, this means moving one or more stops from one driver's route to another to stay on schedule.

The batch editing function makes it easier and faster to select a group of stops and copy them from one route to another.

How to copy stops from one route to another using batch editing

  • On the map view > click the 'select area' icon
  • Select the areas that contain the stops you want to batch-edit
  • Click > Copy stops
  • Select the route you wish to copy the stops to click > Copy Stops
  • Your selected stops have now been copied across to the new route
12 Mar, 2024
Take a photo of packages for easier location

Add a photo of packages for faster identification 

Finding one particular item in a delivery vehicle full of similar looking brown packages can be confusing at times.

Now drivers can choose to take a photo of a package as they add that delivery address to their route. Upon arrival at the stop, the driver can view the package photo again to remind themselves what the package looks like. 

How to add a stop and take a photo of the package

  • Go to add a stop > Select 'add stop and take photo'
  • After the stop is added the camera will automatically go to photo mode
  • Take a photo of the package
  • This photo is added to the stop details
  • Tap the camera icon on the stop details to view the photo
19 Feb, 2024
Set route editing conditions for drivers

Allow drivers to edit specific route settings with customized permissions

Previously there were no restrictions on a driver’s ability to make changes to routes. If changes were not communicated to dispatchers or had an unforeseen knock-on effect, this could cause problems.

It’s now possible to specify which aspects of a route drivers can edit by setting specific driver route permissions. Manage what drivers can and cannot do in order to suit your delivery process.

How to set driver route permissions:

  • Go to Settings > Driver permissions > Route permissions
  • Toggle permissions to on/off
  • Tick each specific setting to enable it for your drivers

13 Feb, 2024
Customize your daily delivery overview map

Select which routes appear on the daily overview map

Days with many routes in the same location can create a cluttered and hard-to-read map view.

Now, you can toggle on and off which routes appear on the map for a more streamlined view. For example, you can toggle off finished routes as the day progresses to view only the active routes.

How to toggle routes on/off the map view:

  • On the daily overview sidebar routes are grouped by status eg not started, started, finished
  • Next to each group of routes is an eye icon
  • Click the eye icon to remove that group of routes from the map
  • Click the eye icon again to restore those routes to the map

5 Feb, 2024
Makes changes and map new routes in seconds

Faster processing of changes to routes

Minor changes to existing routes previously took a few minutes to reoptimize, which slowed down dispatchers.

A significant increase in processing speed has reduced the amount of time it takes for edited routes to be recalculated. Modified routes can now be reoptimized up to 10 times faster.

29 Jan, 2024
Avoid expensive toll roads

Create routes that avoid expensive toll roads

Toll roads can contribute to increased delivery costs, affecting profitability.

New account-wide settings now allow dispatchers and drivers to create delivery routes that automatically avoid toll roads.

How to set avoid toll preferences:

  • Go to Settings > Route optimization
  • Set ‘Avoid tolls’ to on
  • Make sure drivers have their vehicle type set to ‘Car’
  • Make sure drivers also have their navigation app set to ‘avoid tolls’
19 Jan, 2024
Faster access to the delivery dashboard and data

Faster access to the delivery dashboard and data

Previously, large teams with multiple drivers and routes may have experienced a slight lag as the Overview Dashboard page loaded.

Page loading performance has been improved so that large amounts of data can be quickly retrieved, processed, and displayed. 

The Overview Dashboard page loads 50% faster for small teams and 3x faster for large ones, giving almost instant access to a view of daily delivery activity.

17 Jan, 2024

What's new? - Product updates

Watch our latest product update video and discover more about the following features:

27 Nov, 2023
Compare actual vs estimated route completion times

Compare the difference between estimated and actual route duration

Understanding how long routes should take your drivers helps determine capacity and manage daily workflow.

Using the most recent analytics report, compare the actual route duration time with the average route duration time.

Find out how much the average and estimated duration differ. Examine performance factors and make changes to improve these values.

How to compare estimated and actual route duration:

  • Go to Settings > Analytics
  • Run the ‘Route duration compared to estimate’ report
22 Nov, 2023
Set a custom cost per delivery metric

Set a unique cost per delivery to track operational expenses accurately

Knowing if you are achieving good business margins on delivery operations is difficult because there are so many variables.

Now, you can set a custom cost per delivery, taking into account the cost per hour and cost per mile.

Create a cost per delivery that accurately reflects your business expenses and stay on top of outgoings.

How to set a custom cost per delivery

  • Go to Settings > Team settings
  • Add your specific delivery costs per hour/mile
  • Go to Settings > Analytics to see your cost per delivery report over time
13 Nov, 2023
Set a max number of stops per driver

Set a maximum number of stops per driver according to vehicle capacity 

Not being able to set a maximum number of stops per driver per route can lead to dispatchers having to edit routes manually. Moving stops between drivers to ensure those with the right vehicle capacity receive the correct number of deliveries is tricky and time-consuming.

The ability to set a maximum number of stops per driver per route is possible in two ways.

How to set a default maximum number of stops per driver:

  • Go to Settings > Depot
  • Click on a depot to edit it
  • Add a maximum number of stops per driver per route
  • This number will apply to all drivers associated with that depot

How to set a custom maximum number of stops per driver:

  • Go to Settings > Team members
  • Click on a team member to edit them
  • Click on the tab > Route overrides
  • Click the Maximum number of stops button to off
  • Enter a custom maximum stop number for that individual driver
  • This setting will override all other settings for this specific driver
3 Nov, 2023
Automate delivery operations with Circuit's API

Automate delivery operations with Circuit’s latest API update

Earlier versions of the Circuit for Teams API did not facilitate the optimization and distribution of routes to drivers. 

The latest version allows users to integrate their existing systems with the Circuit for Teams API for end-to-end automation of delivery operations. From data import through to optimizing and distributing routes to drivers.

How to integrate with Circuit’s API

Go to Settings > Integrations to read the complete technical documentation and best practices.

30 Oct, 2023
Create custom driver zones

Create geographical delivery zones to assign stops based on driver location automatically

In the past, dispatchers had to format delivery data or make changes to optimized routes if they wanted to assign stops in specific locations to selected drivers.

It is now possible to create custom delivery zones. Any stops within a zone are automatically added to a route in that area. The route is then sent to the driver assigned to that zone.

How to create delivery zones

  • Go to Settings > Zones
  • Click on the map to select the zone area
  • Name and color code the zone
  • Assign a driver(s) to the zone

How to use delivery zones

  • Import route data
  • Stops are automatically added to a route within the same zone
  • Routes are assigned to the driver for that zone 
  • Stops outside of zones are automatically added onto the most suitable route

14 Aug, 2023
Export detailed delivery data

Easily export detailed delivery data for deeper insight

It was previously only possible to access detailed delivery data by performing a global account search. This would only provide results for the specific information that was searched for.

Now monthly reports containing detailed delivery data can be exported at the touch of a button, giving you instant access to granular performance information.

How to download detailed delivery data:

  • Go to Settings > Analytics
  • Click > Export data 
  • Select > Detailed export
  • Select the month
  • Click done
2 Aug, 2023
Analyze delivery performance with additional analytics reports.

Analyze late and failed stops and track delivery costs with additional analytics reports

With four new delivery analytics reports, you can further analyze delivery costs and performance metrics.

Understand the most common reason for failed deliveries, monitor the percentage of late stops, and track the average cost per delivery over time.

Filter each report by depot, team, or driver for a more granular view of activity.

Go to Settings > Analytics to access the delivery reports dashboard.

15 Jun, 2023
create read-only team member roles

Provide restricted account access with read-only roles for specific users

Now you can safely and securely provide read-only access to your account, allowing specific roles the ability to view and search all account data without being able to make any changes.

Read-only roles have access to view all available account information as it happens but cannot make any edits or access account settings.

This restricted role can be useful for teams looking to safely outsource their customer support to a third party or share the real-time route tracking view with partners.

How to create a read-only role

  • Go to Settings > Team members
  • Click Add members
  • On the Role dropdown menu select Read only
  • Click Add member to finish

12 Jun, 2023
Click the map to pin and add stops

Easily add stops by pinning them anywhere on the map

Dispatchers can sometimes encounter incorrectly located addresses on a route due to inconsistencies in mapping data provided by third parties. These can be corrected by reporting the issue to Google Maps or Open Street View, but those updates take time.

Now dispatchers can instantly correct or pin the location of a stop simply by clicking on the map.

How to pin a stop anywhere on the map:

  • Zoom in on the map to show the area you want to target
  • Right-click on the map exactly where you want to pin a stop
  • Confirm that you want to add a stop at that location
  • The stop will be pinned and added to your route
8 Jun, 2023
simplified stop markers for multi-route map view

Improved map visibility of multiple routes with simplified stop markers

Managing multiple routes in the same geographical region can create a visually crowded map, making it hard to see individual stops and route progress clearly.

Now dispatchers can toggle between detailed and simplified stop markers on the map view.

Simplified stop markers reduce each stop on the map to a small square.

How to toggle between detailed and simplified stop markers:

  • Go to the map view of a route
  • Click the stop icon in the top right corner of the map
  • Click this icon to toggle between detailed and simplified stop marker styles
1 Jun, 2023
Create route optimization objectives to suit your delivery style

Customize route optimization objectives to suit your delivery operations

Every business model handles delivery in a different way and has unique needs when it comes to how routes are optimized. Companies that pay their drivers by the hour may want to optimize routes based on speed.

It’s now possible to customize your route optimization settings to suit your delivery style better.

How to set route optimization objectives

  • Go to Settings > Route Optimization 
  • Select the route optimization options you prefer
  • All routes will now be optimized based on these preferences
29 May, 2023
Save time managing routes by batch editing stops

Save time managing routes by batch editing stops

Dispatchers often need to make the same change to multiple stops on a route, but individually updating stops is inefficient and prone to human error.

Now dispatchers can save time managing stops with batch editing. It provides a quick and easy way to apply the same change to a group of stops.

How to batch edit stops:

  • Click on a route
  • Click the dotted square 'select area' icon on the map
  • A hexagonal grid will appear on the map 
  • Select the hexagons that contain the stops you want to edit
  • Use the toolbar on the map to make changes 
  • Preview and save your changes
  • Your changes will be applied to all the stops selected
24 May, 2023
Integrate your systems with Circuit's two-way API

Create time-saving integrations using Circuit’s two-way API 

Manually adding stops or batch-uploading route data using a spreadsheet can be time-consuming and inaccurate.

The latest version of the Circuit for Teams API is two-way. This allows you to import and manage data using the API and subscribe to published event-based information.

Integrate your existing systems with the API to automate processes and speed up your delivery operations.

How to integrate with Circuit’s API

Go to Settings > Integrations to read the complete technical documentation and best practices.

16 May, 2023
Access detailed analytics reports to track and improve performance.

Improve performance with in-depth delivery analytics

Identifying areas where delivery performance can be improved without access to the right data can be difficult. 

Circuit for Teams users can now access and run a range of delivery analytics reports to gain deeper insight into performance.

How to access delivery analytics reports:

  • Go to Settings > Analytics
  • View reports by team or individual driver
  • Filter reports by a selected time period
  • All reports are automatically updated to display the selected data

How to view a daily analytics snapshot

Go to Overview > At the top of the page, the daily analytics snapshot displays:

  • Total completed routes
  • Total successfully attempted stops
  • Success rate percentage
4 May, 2023
Select certain drivers to make specific stops

Allow certain drivers to make specific stops

Some drivers may be more experienced than others or drive a more suitable vehicle, making them better equipped to carry out certain stops. 

It’s now easy for dispatchers to only allow certain drivers to carry out specific stops.

How to allow certain drivers to make specific stops:

  • On a route select or add a stop
  • Under Stop Setup click the Allowed drivers drop-down menu
  • Select the driver or drivers that are suitable to complete that stop
  • Optimize the route, and that stop will only be assigned to a permitted driver
20 Mar, 2023
Turn proof of delivery on or off for selected stops

Optional proof of delivery

POD requirements can now be turned on or off for specific stops. Drivers can skip POD collection when it is not needed, which helps them to save valuable time across the duration of their route. 

How to specify proof of delivery requirements

  • Go to Settings > Proof of delivery
  • Set account level defaults for POD collection
  • When uploading route data, set POD as required or not required
  • On a route, change the POD settings for a stop in Stop Setup
28 Feb, 2023
Live stop icons

Dynamic stop status icons 

Dispatchers can now see the real-time status of stops on an active route and make live changes to increase the chances of successful delivery.

How dynamic stop status icons work

Dynamic stop status icons are live indicators of a stop’s delivery progress:

  • Orange dot = The stop is at risk of being early or late
  • Green tick = The stop was completed on time
  • Orange tick = The stop was completed early or late
  • Red cross = The stop was not completed

Hover over each icon for additional detail about:

  • Delivery status
  • Arrival time
  • Customer's ETA 
9 Feb, 2023
Contact details for customers

Improved delivery experience for customers

Dispatchers can now choose to add customer service contact details to the delivery information available to customers, providing a better delivery experience to customers who need help.

Delivery tracking information provided to customers now includes:

  • Dynamic estimated time of delivery
  • Delivery status
  • Proof of delivery information
  • The ability for the customer to add delivery instructions
  • Customer service contact email and/or telephone number
  • Sender name and address
  • Shareable tracking link
2 Feb, 2023
Edit live routes

Make changes to live routes and notify drivers

Dispatchers who need to modify routes that are already in progress can do so whilst automatically notifying drivers about the changes that have been made.

A dispatcher or admin can now:

  • Add or make changes to existing stops on a live route
  • Preview changes
  • Reoptimize a live route to include the latest changes
  • Save or discard changes
  • Notify the driver of the changes automatically

Same-day updates to routes are now easily carried out by Dispatchers and communicated instantly to drivers.

21 Dec, 2022
Satellite and map view of delivery routes

Select Map or Satellite view

In addition to the default map view, dispatchers and admins can now select satellite view for a photographic bird's eye view of routes.

This provides detailed satellite imagery of the landscape, which can help when trying to pinpoint hard-to-find or incorrectly mapped stops.

How to select satellite view

  • Select a route
  • In the top, right-hand corner of the map view are the options Map/Satellite
  • Click on Satellite
  • Click Map to swap back to the default map view
15 Dec, 2022
Webhook API for delivery events data

Integrate with Circuit’s Webhook API for live event data

Circuit for Teams users can now access and benefit from Circuit’s Webhook API V0.1b

The API enables two different software programs to communicate and provides access to useful event-based data.

API Data

The API publishes data relating to three key events:

  • When a route is sent to a driver
  • When a route is started
  • When a stop is attempted

How to integrate with Circuit’s API

Go to Settings > API to read the complete technical documentation and best practices.

23 Nov, 2022
Specify the first and last stops on a route

Select single/multiple stops to be attempted first or last

On a route, dispatchers can select:

  • a single/multiple stops to be attempted first
  • a single/multiple stops to be attempted last

This allows drivers to complete priority deliveries at the beginning of their route and leave less urgent deliveries until the end.

How to select single/multiple stops to be attempted first or last 

  • Click on a stop
  • Under Stop Setup, select First or Last
  • Stops marked as First will be attempted at the start of the route
  • Stops marked as Last will be attempted at the end of the route
  • There is no min/max limit on the number of stops you can mark as First/Last
  • The default for any stop not marked as First/Last is Auto
  • Stops marked as Auto will be added to the route order when it is optimized
18 Nov, 2022
Quickly copy and share proof of delivery

Copy, view, and share proof of delivery information

When there is a problem with a delivery, dispatchers and admins often have to find proof of delivery and forward that to the concerned client or customer.

You can now easily find and copy all the POD information from a specific stop in one click.

How to copy and share POD info 

  • Click on the stop 
  • Below the POD info click the Copy details button
  • This will copy all the POD info for that stop to your clipboard
  • Paste this info wherever you need to transfer it

View the POD info your recipient sees

  • Click on the stop
  • Below the POD info click the Copy link button
  • This will copy a link to your clipboard
  • Open this link in your browser
  • This link will display the same information the recipient sees when they click their tracking link

7 Nov, 2022
make last-minute changes to your delivery route

Make last-minute edits to optimized routes

Dispatchers who need to make last-minute changes to optimized routes can now easily make and roll back changes.

To minimize disruption to the driver, it is also possible to choose how those changes will impact the existing route order.

A dispatcher or admin can now:

  • Add or make changes to existing stops on an optimized route
  • Preview or Discard these changes
  • Choose to reorder only the edited stops, reorder all the stops, or reorder and redistribute all stops
  • In one click discard, all changes since changes were last saved
  • Reassign a driver to a route after a route has been optimized

This is the first of three components that together will allow dispatchers and admins to edit live routes in the near future.

24 Oct, 2022
Add, and manage multiple depots

Create and manage multiple depots

Companies with more than one depot location can now create multiple depots. 

A dispatcher or admin can now:

  • Filter their view to display activity from all depots, or one specific depot
  • Create routes for and assign drivers to any depot

How to create multiple depots

  • Go to Settings > Depots and click Create depot
  • Name your depot and complete the route setup for that specific depot
  • Click the Team members button or go to Settings > Team members to assign drivers to depots
  • Once your depots have been created, you can view all depots or individual depots by using the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen

How to delete a depot

  • Go to Settings > Depots and click on a depot to edit it
  • Select the option to delete the depot, and this will permanently delete the depot
  • When a depot is deleted, any routes or drivers assigned to that depot will revert to unassigned 

19 Oct, 2022
Routes and active drivers indicated on the calendar

Routes and active drivers are shown on the calendar

Searching for individual drivers and routes on specific days can be time-consuming if you plan routes daily or have a large driver team.

Now you can clearly see which days of the month have routes on them, and which days have active drivers.

The calendar on the main overview page now shows:

  • Days with no activity on them are a default pale grey color
  • Days with routes planned on them are now dark grey
  • Days with active drivers on them are marked with a green dot

13 Sep, 2022
Fixed and dynamic delivery windows

Set dynamic or fixed delivery windows for customer notifications

The most important information for a customer is when a package is due to be delivered. Not being able to set or communicate timely delivery windows accurately can cause customer service issues.

Our new Dynamic and Fixed delivery window options allow you to customize delivery windows and easily communicate delivery ETAs to your customers.

How to set a delivery window

  • Go to your account Settings and select Customer Updates
  • Under Customer Updates, you will see Delivery Time Window

Setting a fixed time window

Set a fixed time window for customer updates, regardless of the stop ETA.

For example, set a fixed time window of 9 am-5 pm for all deliveries, and this will not change regardless of the route progress.

Setting a dynamic time window

Set a minimum and maximum dynamic time window for customer updates which changes in real-time depending on the progress of the route.

For example, set a dynamic time window with a minimum value of 30 minutes and a maximum value of 2 hours for a stop with an ETA of noon. 

Your dynamic time window will show customers a minimum delivery time of 11.30 am-12.30 pm, potentially increasing to a maximum delivery time of 10 am - 2 pm, depending on route progress.

Circuit’s customer notifications provide a tracking link that displays real-time delivery windows so customers can always access the most accurate ETA.

6 Sep, 2022
Copy incomplete stops to a new route

Copy incomplete stops to a new route

Drivers often finish their day with unassigned, unattempted, or failed stops. To make sure these stops are completed on the next try, dispatchers need to reassign them to new routes. 

Manually completing this process can be time-consuming and confusing. We’ve developed our Copy Stops feature to quickly handle this process.

How to use the Copy Stops feature

  • Select 'copy stops' from the 3 vertical dots menu on an existing route
  • Click the 'copy stops from previous routes' button when creating a new route
  • Choose the route you wish to copy stops from and to on the Copy Stops page
  • Choose the stops you wish to copy from the displayed list
  • Clicking the Copy Stops button will create a new route based on these stops
  • Add to and edit stops in this newly created route as usual

19 Jul, 2022
Search entire team in Circuit for Teams web app

Search entire driver team for individual stop data

Previously, you could only search for stops individually, this made tracking down and resolving customer service issues potentially tricky and time consuming.

We've now released our new search function, available across all plan types on the web app. This allows you to search your entire driver team and all stops quickly and easily using any information associated with a stop, for example: 

  • Order number
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • Recipient names
  • Notes 

How to use Search

Click the search icon in the top right hand corner of the main dashboard, or press S on your keyboard to open the search function.

Type in your search query. Where possible we suggest using the order number as this is unique to each stop, and as such will provide you with more targeted search results.

Search results are displayed with a relevancy bias, beginning with the most likely stops to match your search query.

Click on a stop from the search results and you will be taken to the stop details where you can find information such as delivery status, and attempted location.

14 Jun, 2022
Enhanced map view and sharable URLs in Circuit for Teams

Enhanced map features for busy teams

Large numbers of overlapping routes and stops previously caused the map view to become cluttered, and hard to read. 

Our updated map provides a clearer image when managing multiple routes, and creates unique URLs for sharing map views.

Map design changes include:

  • Completed stop markers now appear in a more muted color than incomplete stop markers.
  • As a route is completed, each stage is marked with a bold outline and muted color.
  • Hover over a route with the cursor, and it becomes a bold color
  • When a route is clicked on and selected, it becomes a bold color
  • Active routes are shown on top of finished and unfinished routes

How to use the map view

From the main web app dashboard click the View button. Manually zoom in to your desired location, and this will become your default view.

Click on a route to select it. The selected route automatically turns opaque and becomes the focus of the map. All other routes and stops become transparent for ease of viewing.

Click on a stop on the map or in the Overview sidebar. The map is automatically reoriented to zoom into that stop location. The Overview sidebar highlights that stop within the list. 

Exit a stop or route and the map will return to your default view.

Share a unique map view URL 

You can now share a deep link to a unique map view (when you have a route or stop selected) by copying and pasting the current search bar URL.


  1. Select Stop 4 on Dan's route
  2. The map view displays: overview with stop 4 highlighted; stop details tab; map zoomed in on Stop 4
  3. Copy and share the unique map view URL from the search bar
  4. Clicking this link takes any team member to the exact map view in Step 2
2 Jun, 2022
Edit the address of an existing stop in Circuit for Teams

Edit incorrect addresses before sending routes to drivers

Incorrect addresses provided by customers or accidentally uploaded to routes can create unreachable stops. These look wrong when plotted on the map.

The previous solution was to delete incorrect stops and re-add them correctly. It’s now possible to edit and correct the address of an existing stop.

How to edit an existing stop address

  • Click on a stop, and you'll see an 'edit address' option at the top of the stop details tab.
  • Enter or search for the correct address
  • After selecting the correct address, the notification 'address updated' will appear.
  • The rest of the stop details will remain the same.
  • The map will now show the new address of the stop.
  • Click ‘apply changes,’ and your route will be optimized.
  • Your route is now ready to be sent to a driver.

18 May, 2022
Changing stop information without re-optimizing a driver's route

Changing stop information without re-optimizing a route

Previously, editing additional stop details would mark the stop as ‘changed,’ requiring re-optimizing the route.

You can now edit the following information for a stop without re-optimizing.

  • Notes
  • Stop Setup
  • Recipient Information
  • Order Information
9 May, 2022
Easy to navigate route mapping app

User-friendly navigation design

Hard-to-navigate apps provide a poor user experience. 

Our new navigation design is intuitive to use.

Circuit's logo changes to a blue pin icon when you click away from the main dashboard. You can return to the main dashboard by clicking the blue pin icon on any page.

All pages now display your account details in the top right corner.

13 Apr, 2022
Identify a stop as a pickup or delivery

Identify a stop as a pickup or delivery

A driver who does not know that a stop is a pickup could waste valuable time looking for a package to deliver. Dispatchers may also not leave enough room in the vehicle if they don't realize a stop is a pickup.

Drivers and dispatchers can now mark stops as pickups or deliveries. 

How to mark a stop as a pickup or delivery

  • When creating a route from a spreadsheet, write pickup or delivery in the 'Type' column. 
  • When manually adding stops to a route, you can select a stop and, under Stop Setup, select delivery or pickup.
  • A pickup stop will be highlighted on the stop details list and on the map marker as an up arrow.
28 Mar, 2022
Additional proof of delivery options

More options for providing proof of delivery

Insufficient proof of delivery (or attempted delivery) can cause delivery drivers problems. Delivering alcohol, for example, requires a signature as proof that the recipient is over 18. Photographic evidence of delivery can be needed to prove that a package has been delivered to the customer's designated 'safe place.'

Proof of delivery options

Drivers can now select from the following options:

  • Delivered to recipient 
  • Delivered to third party
  • Left in mailbox
  • Left in safe place
  • Other

Each of the above options allows you to:

  • Get a signature
  • Take multiple photos
  • Enter the recipient’s name (where applicable)
  • Write a note for the recipient
  • Write a note for internal use

As soon as a driver adds proof of delivery, it is immediately available for dispatchers to view in the stop details tab.

14 Mar, 2022
Dynamic stop markers on routes

Map visibility improved with dynamic stop markers

The status of a delivery stop is an essential attribute for drivers and dispatchers.

A dynamic stop marker on the map means you don't have to scroll the stop list to find important information.

Check the status of your stop at a glance

We've created dynamic stop markers that show if a stop is:

  • A pickup
  • A priority delivery
  • A successful or failed delivery
  • An error unable to be added to a route
  • A new stop added since the route was last optimized
  • An existing stop edited since the route was last optimized
  • A deleted stop that will be removed when the route is re-optimized
4 Mar, 2022
Edit stops without reoptimizing routes

Edit stops on existing routes

Dispatchers may need to deal with last-minute changes that can impact their routes. If the delivery vehicle has been loaded and a stop needs to be added, creating a new route to accommodate this change can cause problems for the driver.

This problem can be solved by editing stops on existing routes with minimal disruption.

How to edit stops on existing routes

  • Stops can be edited after a route has been created and before it is sent to a driver.
  • In the overview sidebar, you can ‘Add or find stops’
  • Make the changes you need to the stop, and then click ‘Done.’
  • The overview sidebar will display a summary of the changes. 

You now have the option to:

Apply changes - If you choose to ‘Apply changes,’ the edited stops will be added to your existing route with the least disruption possible.


Create new routes - If you choose to ‘Create new routes,’ your route will reoptimize, and a new route will be created.

10 Feb, 2022
Reoptimise routes without losing the original stop order

Export monthly metrics for all routes and all drivers

You can now export a CSV file that will show you how many stops a driver has made in a day, how far they have traveled, and how long it’s taken them. It's now much quicker to work out how much to pay them or how much fuel to reimburse them for.

Select “Analytics” from the Settings menu, choose the month, and download.

We plan to include more data in this report soon, such as the percentage of failed stops and attempts outside the time window, and make it possible to view the info in Circuit for Teams. Watch this space.

10 Feb, 2022
Export monthly metrics for all route and drivers

View a driver’s location when a delivery is made

Not all deliveries are made to the correct location.

It occasionally happens that a package ends up at the wrong address. Sometimes it’s the drivers' mistake, sometimes it’s the data at fault, but it can be messy to resolve either way.

We have made it easier. Now, you can see where the driver was when the delivery was marked as completed, giving you the information you need to locate the misdelivered package and solve the problem more quickly. The drivers' location is saved when they hit the delivered/failed button at each stop.

You can view this in both the stop details and the map.

8 Feb, 2022
Print a manifest with easy-to-read optimized routes

Print formatted manifests or export a CSV

There are times when mobile network coverage is poor, or battery-powered devices fail, and drivers may need a printed manifest as backup for their route mapping app.

Every plan type now provides the option to print a manifest or export your route data as a CSV file.

Both options include this information:

  • Route Date
  • Route Name
  • Stop ETA
  • Stop number
  • Address
  • Driver
  • Package Count
  • Recipient

How to print a manifest

  • Next to a route name there are 3 horizontal dots
  • Click these dots and menu options will appear
  • Select print manifest and a print preview will appear
  • Select print

In addition to providing all the essential stop information, the printed manifest is formatted to make it easy to read.

How to export route data

  • Next to a route name there are 3 horizontal dots
  • Click these dots and menu options will appear
  • Select export data
  • Your data will automatically download as a CSV file

3 Feb, 2022
Improved route management

Improved route management

Finding a specific stop on a particular day can be challenging in a pool of drivers and routes. We have updated our design to make finding and focusing on particular routes and stops easier.

In the overview sidebar:

  • Routes are now grouped by status so you can easily see which routes have not started, have started, or are finished. 
  • When looking at an overview of all routes, you can now search all stops on all routes. By clicking a specific route, the search function will only search stops within that selected route.
  • Stops that cannot be added to a route are highlighted so they can be corrected.

On the map view:

  • At the top of the map page, there is an overview button. Toggle between existing routes and dates, or add new routes using this feature.
28 Jan, 2022
Circuit for Teams – Customize how fast or slow a driver is compared to other drivers

Specify how fast or slow a driver is compared to other drivers

Not all drivers can deliver the same number of packages in a day.

Now it’s possible to specify how fast/slow a driver is compared to other drivers, which is then reflected in the optimized routes created.

Reflect driver experience and efficiency when optimizing your route

From today stops allocated and ETAs in a plan take into account the experience or efficiency of the driver.

Not all drivers can complete their routes at the same speed. They might take more or less time to drive between stops, or to complete the delivery, they might be a new driver, a temporary driver, or driving in a new area.

Customize the speed at which a driver both drives and carries out a delivery

You can override the default setting of average to slower or faster to reflect the speed of driving from stop to stop and completing deliveries compared to other drivers.

The setting can be changed at driver level by selecting "override route default" in the membership tab settings or at driver route level by changing the Driving & Delivery Speed settings depending on whether you want to apply the speed setting to all routes for that driver or a specific route.

2 Jan, 2022
Additional delivery data for drivers

Additional delivery data for drivers

It can be time-consuming and difficult for drivers to check additional delivery details with their dispatcher. They need that information at their fingertips for fast and efficient delivery.

This extra information is now visible in the driver app:


  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • External ID


  • Count
  • Products


  • Name
  • Website
  • Order ID

Dispatchers can include this information when uploading routes or by clicking a stop. They can manually add/edit it.

Drivers can see this information in the stop details list. Tap 'see more' to see all the data.

26 Jul, 2021
Customize Customer Messages to Reduce the Chance of Missed Deliveries, and More

Customize customer messages to reduce the chance of missed deliveries, and more

We've recently made some significant upgrades to help you further reduce the chances of missed deliveries by keeping your customers up-to-date on what's happening with their packages.

If you're on the Recipient plan or above, with this update you can:

  • Easily customize customer messages
  • Choose to send SMS, email, or both
  • Add personalization
  • Choose to send messages in any language

After a driver starts their route, your customer will get a message with general delivery info. This includes an estimated delivery time and a link to our live tracking site so that they can track its progress. 🙌

28 Jun, 2021
Edit and manage existing team members in Circuit for Teams

Easier team member management

You will find a more simple look and feel that makes managing drivers with Circuit easier and faster to use as team members are now added and edited in a separate part of the Teams workspace.

You can easily add new team members individually, or add many couriers in a row. Give it a try by checking the ‘Add member’ box to include more than one new driver at a time.

Editing existing members

Editing your existing team members is now easier, too.

Go to the three dots on the right of the team member's name for more info and to pull up their profile. You can change their name, display name, and role. Plus override their route defaults. When you select ‘Use defaults’, you can fix this so that your driver follows your set start and end locations.

If you uncheck this option, then you have the choice to customize your drivers' start and end locations individually. You can just pick another location and time and then save it. From now on, your driver is going to get routes that are tailored to them.

5 Jun, 2021
Circuit for Teams – Have more control over driver setup

More control over driver setup

We've improved Circuit for Teams with some big new features you've been requesting: You have more control over driver setup. Now you can:

  • Choose your distance and time from Miles to Kilometres, or 12 hour to 24 hour clock.
  • Control your driver app settings to manage what map type, navigation app, and vehicle they have to use.
  • Turn customer notifications on or off for Recipient Plan customers.
5 May, 2021
Teams can now change team name

Teams can now change team name

To make sure your customers get the best experience, we've made a small but significant change to Team Profiles. Now you can easily edit your team name when you log in to your settings.

This change shows in your navigation bar and in your customer notifications (both email, and SMS).

Try it out by going to Settings → Team Profile