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Onfleet Competitors: Best 7 Alternatives in 2024

List on Onfleet competitors: Circuit for Teams, Tookan, RouteXL, Bringg, Route4Me.

Onfleet is a well-respected delivery management software with a 4.6-star rating on G2. But it still might not be the best choice for your business. Fortunately, there are plenty of route planning and delivery management solutions to choose from. We’ve listed 7 of the best, including our own Circut for Teams.

We've provided a rundown on pricing, features and customer reviews, and a quick-reference table to make it simple to compare the key features of each. We’ll kick off with a brief overview of Onfleet, move on to our route optimization and delivery management software, and then review other cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Our top 7 picks:

  1. Circuit for Teams
  2. Tookan
  3. Bringg
  4. Route4Me
  5. eLogii
  6. RouteXL
  7. Routific


Best suited to:

Medium to large B2C delivery operations across a range of industries, including grocery, restaurant, cannabis and pharmaceutical companies, though. smaller businesses can find the lowest subscription pricey for features they don’t need or use.

Onfleet key features


  • Optimize multiple routes, specify specific delivery windows, make last-minute changes and automatically assign deliveries
  • Filters to find drivers, customers and packages by time, status or query


  • Easy mobile app walkthroughs on how to use Onfleet and follow assigned routes
  • A private and secure two-way communication with dispatchers via the in-app chat
  • Real-time traffic information and directions via Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze
  • Access to performance metrics to keep drivers on track and improve on targets

What Real Users Say About Onfleet

Capterra rating: 4.6 from 93 customer reviews
G2 rating: 4.6 from 121 customer reviews


Onfleet users mention how easy it is to navigate on both iOS and Android smartphones. They mention the intuitive dispatcher dashboard and accurate driver tracking too.

“Onfleet allows us to operate compliantly and as close to paperless as we can get at the moment. It has allowed us to centralize our dispatch team to reduce labor and increase output and quality control.” - Branden, Logistic Director for a large retail business in the US

“Onfleet has fantastic integration capabilities that allow the operation to gain efficiency and ease the day-to-day workload.” - Brooks D, a General Manager for a large retailer


Users complain about poor route optimization and unreliable SMS delivery notifications for recipients.

“The most annoying thing [about Onfleet] is that some customers will not receive the delivery notification texts. Sometimes this is a one-off issue, but other times it's an ongoing issue.” Kelsie W, small business 

“When routing, I am constantly refreshing or changing time slots to complete the route. It can be much more efficient on the dispatch side.” - Jonathan, food production dispatcher

Onfleet pricing

Onfleet subscriptions come in three sizes, starting with Launch at $500 per month and increasing to an Enterprise package with pricing given after consultation. Each subscription tier comes with a 14-day free trial.

illustration of Onfleet's three pricing tiers

If you’re looking for an alternative to Onfleet that is easy to use, cheaper, and includes important delivery management features such as delivery notifications and live route tracking, one of Onefleet’s competitors might be the answer. Let’s take a look at our own Circuit for Teams first and how it stacks up against the alternatives.

1. Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams is a route optimization and delivery management software for businesses with teams of delivery drivers. Our solution includes a mobile app for drivers, a dispatcher dashboard and a two way api that allows integrations with other business software. You can automatically add stops from your existing systems or create bespoke connections for seamless integration with any other business tools.

Best suited to:

Large courier companies and small to medium-sized retailers who need a last-mile delivery solution. Small businesses using the Starter package will enjoy simple scalability to our higher-level software solutions as they grow. 

Circuit for Teams' key features


  • Manage multiple drivers and depots, optimize delivery routes in seconds and make last-minute changes that automatically get sent to drivers
  • Customize stops with priority levels, ETAs, types of proof of delivery and delivery time windows
  • Customer SMS and email automation with dynamic driver tracking
  • Monitor driver metrics, measure results and optimize business performance along with driver routing
  • Powerful search to find key details that resolve disputes swiftly.


  • User-friendly mobile app to help drivers load, navigate and deliver faster.
  • Choose preferred maps for displaying delivery routes and receive real-time route updates in the app
  • Easily capture proof of delivery (PoD) with photos, signatures and digital notes.

What Real Users Say About Circuit for Teams

Capterra rating: 4.8 from 99 customer reviews

G2 rating: 5.0 from three customer reviews


Reviewers are impressed with the ease of use and comprehensive features. Quick responses from customer support are also noted as major plusses. Additional positives noted are two-way dispatcher to driver communication and improved business profitability.

“The support is awesome, we love the ui and snapiness of the web tool and the mobile apps. They listen to feature requests. It's easy to integrate with the help of Zapier to Salesforce, Google Sheets and the likes.” Yvo Bo, VP of Corporate Development

“This has been easy to use, and support from the company has always been there when needed.” David, a project manager for a large business in the US.


Some reviewers of Circuit for Teams note a need for increases in customizable options like master searches and editing live driver routes. It’s worth noting many of the cons Capterra reviewers listed have been answered with additional functionality. At the time of writing, barcode scanning isn’t supported by Circuit’s driver’s app or dispatcher's dashboard. This will be available later in 2024 with the version three release.

“As mentioned before, I'd like to see a master search option. Don't get me wrong, Circuit's search function is nice; A master search covering two or three months would be more convenient and would save time when you're unsure what day the "Package" went out.” James Brian, Operations Manager in the US.

Circuit for Teams pricing

Subscriptions come in four tiers, Starter, Essentials, Standard, and Pro. Pricing starts at $100 per month and moves up to $300 for the Pro package. Enterprise solutions are negotiated with the sales team. All tiers above Starter come with unlimited driver and dispatcher roles and include 1,000 stops per month. Additional stops are charged at 5c to 7s per stop, dependent on the subscription tier.

Illustration showing the 4 pricing plans for Circuit for Teams

2. Tookan

Tookan includes the expected features like route optimization and tracking along with a free mobile app for customers, managers, and on-demand delivery agents. The delivery management system integrates with eCommerce platforms, fleet management analytics, and a software development kit (SDK) for developing bespoke features to streamline route planners’ workflows.

Best suited to:

Large enterprises with large teams of contractors or clients and a focus on on-demand deliveries will get the most from this route planning software. Businesses like pharmacies, restaurants, and errand services also find Tookan’s features useful.

Tookan’s key features


  • Plan and optimize multiple routes, create geofenced territories for drivers and create recurring tasks
  • Automate barcodes for single and multiple deliveries and manage driver inventory
  • Live tracking for drivers with automated alerts when drivers enter and exit defined territories
  • Monitor fleet behaviour from idle times to vehicle maintenance needs


  • In-app communication with dispatchers, task notifications and optimized routes
  • Proof of delivery with barcode scanning, capturing signatures, images and notes about deliveries
  • Simple navigation with hands-free monitoring of customer information, task monitoring and recording transactions

What Real Users Say About Tookan

Capterra rating: 4.3 from 147 customer reviews 

G2 rating: 4.2 from 73 customer reviews


Users celebrate the reliability of the web dashboard with many reviewers noting they’ve never had an outage. Fast and friendly customer support also stands out as a consistent plus.

“Tookan can be easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses. It uses industry-standard security measures to protect your data. Tookan has a proven track record of uptime and reliability….Customer support is the very attractive part in Tookan.” Syed I, mid-market user.


Difficulties with the mobile app for drivers and a lack of response from the support team about incorrect billing and less-than-optimized routes are frequent complaints from reviewers.

“No issues for over 3 years now tookan manager is not working on 4 different Samsung devices. Used to work well and was easy to use. Not working as it should and no contact from tookan support.” James, Owner of a small food and beverage business in the UK.

Tookan pricing

There are five subscription tiers, Early Stage, Startup, Growth, Standard, and Enterprise. Early Stage costs $49 per month and Enterprise level subscriptions are negotiated with Tookan’s sales team. All tiers support an unlimited number of drivers and agents.

An illustration showing the 5 pricing plans for Tookan

3. Bringg

Bringg’s end-to-end delivery software solution encompasses the entire delivery cycle from order placement to handling returned goods. Popular with large brands like FedEx Freight and nationwide supermarket chains, the software handles supply chain back-end operations, inventory, and the entire delivery experience for customers.

Best suited to:

National or global enterprises get the most out of Bringg’s comprehensive software. Bringg specializes in simplifying delivery operations for global brands. Smaller and medium-sized companies’ quantity and scope of deliveries are unlikely to warrant this solution.

Bringg’s key features


  • Complete route optimization and multi-carrier management supply chain management covering global routes.
  • Automatic identification, planning, and managmenat of routes for on-demand orders.
  • eCommerce and Salesforce CRM integrations for shipping rate calculations, bookings and delivery date estimations.


  • Streamlined onboarding and automatic updates to dispatchers on route progress, notifications of new assignments and route changes.
  • Real-time directions for optimized routes based on traffic and delivery stops.
  • Two-way communication tools including text messaging and voice calls to connect with dispatchers and customers.
  • Order management with delivery details and full proof of delivery functionality to capture signatures and photos.

What Real Users Say About Bringg

Capterra rating: 4.8 from 8 customer reviews 

G2 rating: 4.6 from 14 customer reviews


Customers love the adaptability and customization options that come with Bringg as well as their integration options and high level of customer support.

“Highly adaptable and customizable with extensive integration options.” Anshul Singh, Software Engineer.


Users comment on difficulties with the map features and an unintuitive user interface. Other reviewers mention the system becoming overwhelmed at times of high use and shutting down unexpectedly.

“It could use improvements on the glitching of the system or shutting down at random times. When the system gets overwhelmed, it can slow down tremendously.” Hannah, Sales Director for a Food and Beverage in the US.

Bringg pricing

Instead of tiered subscriptions, Bringg’s pricing is tailored to each enterprise’s requirements. The software offers route and fleet management along with multi-carrier management, indicating the larger business size and price tag that’s likely to go along with the solution.

4. Route4Me

Route4Me is a reliable route optimization software geared towards field service businesses of many kinds. Not limited to local deliveries, the routing algorithms also work well for sales reps, trades people and engineers serving customers within specified territories.

Best suited to:

This route optimization software has functionality for handling orders and scheduling appointments. Because of this, it’s more appropriate for small and large service businesses that visit multiple customers daily. However, delivery businesses can and do use this solution too.

Route4Me’s key features


  • Geofencing for tracking field service staff in assigned terriotires and the option to create recurring routes for drivers and make real-tim adjustments
  • Route optimization based on unique business aspects such as driver skills, labor laws, mixed fleets, and more
  • Real-time ETAs, order management capabilities, and closed loop data capture for complete order fulfillment histories


  • In-app tutorials for software training and familiarization
  • Full proof of delivery capabilities with notes, e-signatures barcode scanning, voice and video recording
  • Voice guided navigation and two-way communication with other drivers, dispatchers and customers

What Real Users Say About Route4Me

Capterra rating: 4.5 from 388 customer reviews 

G2 rating: 4.6 from 102 customer reviews


The top two benefits of Route4Me are its ease of use and excellent customer support. Users highly rate the online chat support and intuitive user interface for configuring driver options.

“The greatest thing about Route4Me has got to be the exceptional customer service given by every member of their team. Their knowledge of their product makes quick solutions out of hard work.” Molly N, a small business user.


On the downside, users complain about limited features and inefficient routing. Other users dislike the difficult process of extracting historical data for driver analytics and slow response times when opening maps for larger routes.

“When using the program to create multiple driver routes for large areas, it tends to have multiple routes attend same locations, thus not being very efficient.” Brenda, a Logistics Coordinator in Canada.

Route4Me pricing

Three core subscription tiers and a third by-negotiation enterprise tier are available. Route Management at $200 per month is the lowest band, the Business Optimization tier comes with the highest level of functionality, costing a minimum of $450 per month for 5 users.

5. eLogii

eLogii’s cloud-based end-to-end delivery management software for enterprises, lets businesses digitize last-mile delivery from anywhere. It’s suitable for small businesses and scalable to large enterprises, thanks to the multiple configurable functions.

Best suited to:

Distribution and service businesses of all sizes can use eLogii and reduce costs while getting the most from their fleet and field service operatives. However, the huge range of parameters and configurations, point towards it being most suited to larger businesses and or companies with niche products and services.

eLogii key features


  • Near endless configurable functionality to tailor dashboards and data collection to your business needs
  • Specify driver skills, vehicle types and load optimization preferences to ensure  the best drivers are allocated certain jobs
  • A wide range of native integrations it offers than the alternatives, along with API and webhook access for all users


  • Tailored proof of delivery options to suit the nature of the task (e.g.: deliveries and service visits)
  • Multi-language mobile app for drivers
  • Push notifications from dispatchers to keep drivers on-task
  • Automated customer notifications via email and SMS triggered by route stages chosen by the dispatcher

What Real Users Say About eLogii

Capterra rating: 4.8 from 48 customer reviews.

G2 rating: 4.8 from five customer reviews.


The simplicity of the user interface and its ease of use, along with the high level of customer service are consistent high points noted by eLogii users.

“I really like how the mobile system is soo user friendly, I am not great with technology but I have got on with it really well.” George, a driver in the UK for a large construction business.


On the downside, eLogii’s users are less impressed with the access to historical data for analyzing driver behavior and issues with multi-day routes.

“We can see current location of drivers but not historic GPS data, which would be useful for monitoring if they are wasting time.” Gaius, IT Manager in the UK.

eLogii pricing

Just like Bringg, eLogii put together personalized pricing proposals based on a business’s needs. Fleet size and country of business are key considerations when it comes to putting together pricing plans.

A screenshot of the pricing web form for eLogii custom pricing

6. RouteXL

RouteXL’s simple route planning software allows users to optimize routes with up to 20 stops for free. All plans, including the free web-based app, allow for unlimited routes to be planned daily following their ‘fair use’ policy. It is worth noting that there is no free mobile app for drivers, this is purely a web-based solution.

Best suited to:

RouteXL is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that need efficient routes for pick-ups and deliveries with up to 20 stops. That includes small taxi companies, local restaurants, courier services, and small retailers offering local delivery. It’s important to note, RouteXL is geared towards simple pick-ups and drop-offs rather than field service or delivery planning.

RouteXL’s key features


  • Copy and paste addresses from spreadsheets or e-mail
  • Routes are optimized on printable maps to give to drivers, or can be exported to satnav devices and navigation apps, emailedor shared via social media


  • Unlimited routes per user, per day, only capped by a “fair use” policy
  • Geocoding to pin-point delivery addresses

What Real Users Say About Route XL 

Capterra rating: 3.5 from two customer reviews

G2 rating: 4.2 from three customer reviews.


As a route optimization software, all reviewers agree RouteXL is great, whether using it for journeys with 20 to 200 stops. Uploading addresses in bulk, saving previous routes, and adding details for stops are all noted as pros.

“What I like most about Route XL is that it is free. Also the ability to add multiple stops and locations also that there is the ability to save previous routs and add details to each stop.” Verified user in Fundraising.


It’s a simple route optimization tool, but when it comes to mobile apps for drivers or customers, changing calculated routes, or guiding new users on how to use it, reviewers are disappointed.

“Could do a better job of guiding new users on how to use the product. There is a tutorial video, but it isn't in a very obvious spot on the site.” Jared, a Brand Manager in the US

RouteXL pricing

There are just two subscription tiers above the free version; RouteXL 100 and RouteXL 200, which give users additional stops (up to 100 and 200 respectively). The paid tiers also come with premium geocoding. This technology pinpoints addresses on maps.

Illustration showing the different pricing plans for RouteXL

7. Routific

Routific is a comprehensive route optimization software that uses clever algorithms to consider delivery factors when creating efficient, multi-stop routes. It includes features like real-time delivery tracking, driver communication, proof of delivery, and fleet analytics.

Routific is best suited to…

Small to mid-sized businesses with pre-scheduled orders and providers of time-sensitive goods such as groceries, medication, and fresh flowers are well suited to Routific’s efficient delivery solution.

Routific key features


  • Bulk upload delivery addressesfrom spreadsheets or synced from e-commerce systems to automate workflows
  • Optimize routes with the usual attention to traffic, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity, but also consider drivers’ previous route preferences.
  • Drag and drop route adjustments and last-minute delivery updates


  • Driver app that uses preferred map service - Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze.
  • Delivery instructions note function for explaining failed deliveries
  • Proof of delivery with image caputer, signatures and notes.

What Real Users Say About Routific

Capterra rating: 4.9 from 126 customer reviews

G2 rating: 4.7 from 30 customer reviews


Users rate the customer service highly, followed by ease of use. Driver routes can be downloaded as spreadsheets or shared via the mobile app, depending on preferences.

“Ease of use. Great customer support. Detailed Analytics. Cost vs Value. Customer notification integration. Time savings. Value add features.” Hamu, a Dispatch Manager in Australia.


Some users find the software too pricey for their delivery operations while others complained about already optimized routes being re-optimized when new stops were added. Routific’s features and value-for-money categories receive the lowest marks when review scores are aggregated.

“We think that the live tracking feature should be a standard and not an add-on.” Ricardo, CEO for a health and fitness business in Ecuador.

Routific pricing

The three subscription tiers start with Essential at $49  per vehicle, per month. Professional+ is the highest-tiered package costing $93 per vehicle per month. This includes all the bells and whistles like mobile apps for drivers, photo proof of delivery with signatures, and customer notifications with accurate etas.

An illustration showing Routific's three different pricing tiers

Choose delivery management software that’s right for you

Which delivery management software is best for your business depends on several considerations. The size of your business, the number of deliveries per week, and the type of journeys field services versus product delivery all matter. Along with this, you should calculate:

  • How many routes do you need to optimize, and how often
  • The size of your driver team
  • Which devices your team uses for navigation
  • Whether you need software for first-mile, last-mile, or on-demand deliveries
  • The kinds of technology your drivers are comfortable using - are mobile apps appropriate?

Delivery management software should also provide the following benefits so you can make the most from your last-mile deliveries or field services:

  • Save dispatchers and delivery drivers time 
  • Save your business money by reducing costs (labor, fuel and vehicle maintenance) and improving delivery efficiencies
  • Improve your customer’s experience and boost repeat purchases
  • Improve driver management, satisfaction, retention

Route optimization must-haves

Last-mile delivery software should prioritize features like multi-stop route optimization to minimize travel time and costs at a bare minimum. Real-time tracking with ETA updates keeps both drivers and customers informed, creating a customer experience people come back for. Additional features for two-way driver communication and proof-of-delivery keep delivery services moving in the right direction.

Circuit for Teams is a highly-rated delivery management software that allows dispatchers and drivers to optimize unlimited stops for last-mile delivery. Experience smooth and efficient delivery with a 7-day free trial.

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