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What Is Dispatch Management and How Do You Optimize It?

Modern technology like Circuit for Teams routing software can help make dispatch management easier than ever.

If you run a business that involves deliveries of any kind, you can’t just approach it haphazardly!

It’s important to have a process to prioritize, delegate, and track deliveries.

But total transparency: Dispatch management is a complicated job, and it’s not for the faint of heart!

While managing multiple drivers and routes, you also need to keep customer satisfaction top of mind.

And while some smaller companies can handle this process manually — with a single person overseeing the process — larger companies may need a team to handle their dispatch management and cutting-edge technology to get the job done.

But how does dispatch management really help?

Well, it can help reduce the risk of delayed orders, improve operational efficiency, and make sure you meet customer expectations by preventing delivery bottlenecks.

It can also save drivers time and even reduce the likelihood of lost or misplaced packages.

So, overall, a well-structured dispatch management system makes your job as a dispatch manager that much easier — and simplifies your delivery drivers’ work.

Good dispatch management can also help you improve your working relationship with your driving team by promoting transparency and communication.

Read on for a deep dive into dispatch management, why it matters, and how you can optimize it with the right tech tools — like Circuit for Teams routing software.

What is dispatch management?

Dispatch management: checklist for dispatch management

Dispatch management is the process your company or organization uses to organize, assign, and monitor deliveries or service calls.

It involves a multi-step process that connects goods or service providers to customers.

Suppose you call for emergency services, a dispatcher will respond to your call. And while they’re talking to you, they’ll also be alerting the relevant teams, locating the nearest ambulance or law enforcement in your area, and directing them to your address.

Clearly, effective dispatch management is vital in emergency cases. But while it may not be a life-or-death situation in the delivery services field, it’s still essential (more on that below).

Plus, let’s face it, when it comes to their package delivery, some customers might make it seem like it is life or death!

Whatever goods you’re dispatching, you want to make sure you accurately and efficiently route and track them. Dispatch management is the key to success.

What is a dispatch process?

The dispatch process is at the core of dispatch management.

It’s how you assign your delivery drivers their routes and structure those routes.

For example, you probably have different drivers assigned to other parts of the city, giving each one a different delivery zone.

Obviously, you’ll save time and fuel by restricting drivers’ movement instead of sending them across the entire city.

Additionally, you want to make sure your drivers follow optimal routes that don’t have them crisscrossing and back-tracking.

Good dispatch management prioritizes your driver’s deliveries according to their location so that they can complete all of their stops in one neighborhood before moving on to the next.

An advanced dispatch optimization system will also take into account delivery-specific details.

Suppose your customer has asked and paid for fast delivery so their package is due within 24 hours, you’ll want to make sure the driver prioritizes that delivery.

How Circuit for Teams can optimize your dispatch management

Dispatch management: map for dispatch management

The dispatch process includes a wide range of driver assignment and management tasks. And dispatch management needs an understanding of logistics, organization, and ongoing communication.

This can turn into a big job as a dispatch manager, with some of your decision-making including:

  • Assigning (multiple) drivers to (multiple) routes
  • Optimizing those routes for maximum efficiency
  • Monitoring driver routes, confirming last-mile delivery and order fulfillment
  • Dealing with any hiccups, like a driver getting into an accident or sitting in a traffic jam and experiencing delays
  • Maintaining communication with drivers and, in some cases, customers

Clearly, dispatch management is a significant undertaking. Luckily, there are tools available to help make it easier and less stressful.

Circuit for Teams routing software is one technology that can help simplify and streamline dispatch management. Read on to find out how.

Fast, simple, multi-driver route optimization

Before tools like Circuit for Teams existed, dispatch managers had to plan driver routes using old-school techniques like maps and whiteboards. Which took forever.

Now, it’s a lot easier.

With Circuit for Teams, you can simply upload a digital document (like a spreadsheet) with basic delivery data. Such as the recipient’s name, address, and delivery notes. You can then import your list of drivers, getting the fastest routes for each driver.

It’s easy to delete or add stops to the software, too, making sure driver delivery routes are always up to date. The software automatically recalculates the route as needed when stops are added or deleted.

You’ll end up with an overview of each driver’s route — all in one easy-to-use software solution. In addition to showing you the progress drivers are making on their respective routes, you can also see details like each driver’s shift.

This simple solution can save you hours of route planning every day, making your job easier and saving you stress. By relying on automation for route optimization, you free up your time to focus on more complex tasks.

Efficient driver and delivery tracking

Dispatch management is an ongoing job. You can’t just create routes for your drivers, send them out, and hope for the best.

You want to make sure that they’re fulfilling orders according to specifications and in a timely fashion, keeping customers happy.

Circuit for Teams lets you do just that. You’ll get real-time data about each driver’s progress throughout their delivery route so you can make sure everything is on track.

This information is also helpful for customers and helps maintain a high level of satisfaction. With real-world delivery data, you can give customers conveniences like delivery time window estimates.

With Circuit for Teams, these updates can be communicated to customers easily through an SMS notification or email. Customers can then make sure that they’re around to collect their packages, which is especially important in cases involving valuable goods.

While customers value this high level of communication, it’s also convenient for drivers.

For example, suppose a driver delivers goods that need a customer signature. In that case, they’ll appreciate having customers waiting and expecting them when they arrive — so they don’t have to chase them down.

Get drivers there faster

Ultimately, you want a team that’s hardworking and gets the job done fast.

Modern software like Circuit for Teams makes life easier for your drivers, which can help keep them motivated and encourage them to perform their jobs well.

First, there’s the fact that Circuit for Teams maps out the easiest, fastest routes for drivers. The technology can be linked to real-world map tools like Google Maps, further simplifying drivers’ lives by helping them avoid hassles like traffic jams or road closures due to construction.

With Circuit for Teams mapping out every step of their day, drivers won’t have to stress about doubling back to fulfill forgotten orders.

This saves them time and allows them to finish the workday and get home earlier.

Circuit for Teams also includes other features designed to make drivers’ lives easier and less stressful. For example, the package finder feature makes locating a specific package in a crowded delivery vehicle easier.

There’s even a proof of delivery feature, which can bring peace of mind to drivers, customers, and dispatch managers alike.

Dispatch management: proof of delivery with Circuit Route Planner

By taking a photo of a successfully delivered package or recording a customer’s signature, a driver can prove they safely dropped it off — and the Circuit for Teams software keeps the receipts.

Other useful features that drivers may appreciate are adding delivery notes and adding or deleting stops at the last minute using voice technology.

Drivers can even chart bathroom pitstops into their routes for a more comfortable delivery day!

Plus, drivers can access all of these handy features through a mobile app. There’s no need to deal with complex dispatch software or a computer — it’s all on their mobile device.

Start your free trial or book a demo of Circuit routing software

Dispatch management is a complex job — but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

The right technology can simplify everyday tasks, making your work as a dispatch manager less stressful.

Dispatch management software is here to help.

With Circuit for Teams, you can plan drivers’ routes, optimizing them to cut travel time and reduce hassle. You can also get real-time information on each driver’s route, minimizing the need for extra phone calls or text messages to check package statuses.

Finally, your customers will benefit from this dispatch management solution thanks to delivery ETAs (estimated times of arrival) and proof-of-delivery, boosting the overall customer experience.

The result? Greater customer satisfaction.

Try it for yourself! You can start a free trial of Circuit for Teams now. This will give you a chance to see how we make dispatch management easier than ever.

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