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10 Driver Schedule Templates for Last Mile Delivery (Examples & Free Downloads)

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Manually planning routes for your drivers? Sounds like a time-consuming and complex chore that steals valuable time away from managing your business operations.

Whether you have five drivers or 50 in your fleet, why spend precious time and headspace planning routes when driver schedule templates can do it for you?

We've scoured the internet for ten driver schedule templates you can use for your deliveries. You can choose based on:

  • Team size (two drivers to large fleets)
  • Level of detail (simple to thorough)
  • Customizability (how you can tweak to streamline processes and workflows)
  • Ease of use (anyone can use it)

Many of our customers are large couriers, so if you're looking for driver schedule templates that cater to large teams, skip to the bottom! đź‘Ť

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What is a driver schedule template?

A driver schedule template is a document, usually in spreadsheet format, that lists a driver's daily tasks. It includes customer names, addresses, and details of deliveries and pickups. 

It's a framework that helps streamline the process of assigning, tracking, and managing driver shifts and routes.

These templates make managing and monitoring each driver's duties and whereabouts much more manageable for small business owners and courier dispatchers.

What makes a good driver schedule template?

A driver schedule template should help you achieve more efficiency. It needs to be:

  • Detailed but clear: The template should outline all pertinent details—the driver's name, the date of delivery, customer names and their addresses, vehicle type, delivery and pickup times, and specific items for delivery or pickup.
  • Easy to use: It has a simple and intuitive layout that anyone—regardless of tech-savvy—can easily understand and fill out.
  • Flexible: It allows for changes in schedules, routes, and other variables during the day.
  • Accessible: The driver schedule should be available from anywhere across various devices unless you prefer to print your schedule on paper
  • Real-time: It’s common practice for courier companies and small local businesses to shift to digital driver schedules, as it provides an easy way to monitor progress, keep everyone on the same page and update the status in real-time.

The best driver schedule templates for teams of all sizes

 Comprehensive driver schedule chart detailing dates, routes, vehicle info, and mileage for delivery management

This delivery schedule template from Goodocs is the most comprehensive driver-focused template you can find online. 

This template not only allows you to track driver availability and mileage for better resource allocation but also serves as a foundational tool for efficiently planning multi-stop routes.

How you can customize: You can tweak this by adding customer-related information such as pickup/delivery items, customer names, and their addresses.

Download this free template.

As you can see, this template has two extra tabs on vehicle and driver details.

Vehicle database

Blank vehicle database tab on a driver schedule spreadsheet, with columns for vehicle and license numbers, type, model, and mileage

This sheet shows information about the vehicles. It may help track each vehicle in use and their respective mileage, especially if you own a fleet of cars, vans, or trucks. 

You can also add columns on vehicle capacity and load size so you'll have a better idea of which vehicle is more appropriate for the size of the delivery or pickup. Feel free to integrate the maintenance schedule to stay on top of your vehicle’s condition and routine services.

If you're hiring drivers as contractors, then you can ignore this and use the “Drivers” tab instead.

Driver database

Empty driver database tab in a driver schedule template with fields for ID, name, license, contact, address and weekly hours.

The drivers database gives you a more granular view of driver information and their weekly rotations. It's a comprehensive table providing insights into each driver's performance and work schedule.

How you can customize: You can add columns for vehicle numbers and license plates so drivers are assigned specific vehicles. You can also add the number of daily routes and total weekly mileage for each driver.

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Simple, no-frills driver schedule templates for up to 5 drivers

These templates are as straightforward as you can get with planning your drivers' schedules. After all, there's no need to overcomplicate if you have five drivers tops—with as little as 5-10 deliveries daily. 

Best driver schedule template for showing the mileage

Driver itinerary table with  columns for dates, times, destinations, elapsed time, odometer readings, mileage and remarks

This free template gives you an overview of each driver's schedule and mileage. It's a simple template showing each driver's total hours and mileage.

How you can customize: You can add several tables into one sheet if you have multiple drivers. Then, add a summary at the bottom summing up the hours and miles driven to calculate the cost per hour.

Best list template for the deliveries assigned to one driver

Driver delivery schedule form with fields for customer info, delivery items, and driver details

If you're a small business owner with one driver, use this template to list the customers and delivery/pickup items. It's pretty simple, but who needs a massive spreadsheet if 10-20 is your average trip a day?

Best driver schedule template for a small roster of drivers

Delivery schedule template showing order details, customer names, delivery times, destinations and signature

This Excel template suits a small roster of drivers. 

It’s a free printable version you can distribute among your drivers and sign for delivery/pickup confirmation.

While this template isn't free, you can easily replicate it on Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets or Word/Google Docs.

How you can customize: You can add several of these tables into one sheet if you have multiple drivers so it can double as a log template. Or you can create a tab for each driver in Excel or Google Sheets.

Note: While Excel templates are handy for small teams, they might struggle to keep up as your operations grow. Enter Circuit for Teams: a more dynamic way to manage your delivery drivers.

If you're tired of juggling messy Excel sheets for your delivery schedules then try Circuit for Teams, where efficiency meets simplicity. Our platform offers live tracking, dynamic ETAs for your customers, and effortless API integration, taking the hassle out of your last-mile delivery management. Say hello to streamlined operations and goodbye to spreadsheet chaos. Kickstart your logistics revolution with a 14-day free trial and watch your delivery operations transform.

OK, enough from us... on with the driver schedule templates!

The best customer-centric schedule template

Delivery schedule spreadsheet template with columns for order details, customer information and delivery status

If you only have one driver and want to flip the view—from driver schedule to a list of your customers—then this customer-centric template is for you.

This template is more fitting for small business owners, say, someone with an arts and crafts shop that sells online but delivers locally. They either do the deliveries themselves or assign one of their drivers to deliver.

With this business use case, there's no need for thorough scheduling across multiple drivers. This template provides an overview of the items to be delivered, which is all you need.

How you can customize: You can add a tab for driver information if you're hiring someone to do the deliveries for you. This way, you can also track the drivers' schedule and mileage.

The best driver schedule template for supplier delivery and pickup

Weekly supplier delivery/pickup schedule template with daily time slots for tracking recurring shipments

Like the above template, this one's more helpful for solopreneurs than big courier companies.

This template shows more of a suppliers/vendors list than customers—an equally important part of the supply chain. It makes tracking inventory management schedules much easier. 

Best driver schedule templates for work rotation

Here are some work rotation schedules if you have a few drivers and are looking for employee scheduling templates. They're not designed specifically for last-mile deliveries, but you can adapt them for scheduling your drivers.

Best template for planning weekly shifts of multiple drivers

Monthly work rotation schedule showing shifts for employees with color-coded days and duties

This weekly schedule template is great for planning the shifts of multiple drivers. It includes columns for each day of the week with a separate row for each driver.

You can also add the total work hours in each shift per driver.

How you can customize: You can add driver-specific columns like their vehicles and license numbers. Or you can color-code each cell to indicate which vehicle a driver is assigned to on specific days.

Here's another permutation of the above template that shows a calendar view of each team member's work days and paydays for the month. Because of the color coding, you can instantly tell which ones are available and which are on a day off.

Best auto-scheduler for driver shifts

Day shift schedule template with employee names and daily attendance tracking for the month

If you're looking for an automated spreadsheet that creates a shift schedule for your drivers, watch this video. This table lets you enter work and off days against each employee's name.

This one uses VBA codes in Excel, which you’ll find in the description box of the YouTube video.

But to avoid going through all the coding or reverse-engineering, you may purchase the template for $50 here. You can also contact the creator to customize it for your needs.

Best auto-scheduler for a large roster of drivers

Complex weekly work schedule spreadsheet for multiple shifts, roles, and employees with hourly tracking

This video shows a template for an automated workbook for one to three work shifts and up to 100 drivers within 4-6 work weeks.

You can buy the template for $49.97 here.

Conclusion: Delivery management software vs free driver schedule templates

These are just some of the templates for managing your driver schedules. Some are straightforward and are more suitable for small businesses with fewer drivers. Others are more detail-oriented and automated—catering to those managing a larger team of drivers

Remember: The more your team of drivers grows, the messier it gets.

Whether a small business owner or dispatcher in a courier company, you’re likely after efficiency and not wanting to spend hours planning and customizing these templates.

Circuit for Teams empowers you to move from manual planning to automated route planning and optimization to save time and precious headspace.

Small businesses and larger courier companies have saved hours planning multiple routes with Circuit for Teams, like this events and catering service. Since using Circuit, Roll This Way has saved over 60% of their time on route planning every week.

Marley Shoults, Roll This Way’s Events Coordinator, used to spend anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half mapping out just one driver's route. On heavy delivery days, it takes over six hours for manual planning.

Marley tapped into Circuit for Team’s template spreadsheet feature that lets her import a list of routes, addresses, drivers, and vehicles. Circuit then creates and optimizes the most efficient routes at once while letting Marley track, manage and edit live routes in real-time.

"I'll just input all the information for our stops into that and then I'll upload it, which makes it really easy instead of putting information in step-by-step." Marley explained.
Delivery route data in a spreadsheet being imported from Excel to Circuit for Teams

If you're experiencing the same challenges as Marley in planning multiple routes by yourself, Circuit for Teams is here to assist.

Imagine a life where you only need to upload your Excel spreadsheets, and a single platform creates the most optimal route while allowing you to manage all your depots under one roof and keep track of drivers in real time.

Sign up for a free trial to see how you can save time, money, and headspace as Circuit for Teams does the heavy lifting for you.

Circuit for Teams is a simple software for optimizing routes with multiple drivers. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

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