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The 5 Best Courier Software in 2024: Pros, Cons & Pricing

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The courier software you choose directly impacts your customers' satisfaction as well as your bottom line. When you're in charge of dispatch, operations, or logistics at a courier service or 3PL, you know finding the right software is essential.

But the process isn't always straightforward. That's why we've curated a list of the best courier software available in 2024, with fair and honest recommendations.  

While Circuit for Teams is one of the top choices among courier management software available today, we know it may not be suitable for everyone. This article will help you make the best decision.

Circuit for Teams is a simple software for optimizing routes with multiple drivers. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

The 5 best courier software

  • Circuit for Teams: best dynamic route optimization for medium to large retailers and courier companies
  • OptimoRoute: best for advanced planning and scheduling 
  • Onfleet: best for medium to large operations that are scaling quickly
  • Bringg: best for large enterprises and complex logistics 
  • Track-POD: best for strict compliance and audit trail requirements

What makes the best courier software?

What makes a good courier software?

Delivery services, e-commerce companies, service providers, and manufacturers use courier software to automate the many tasks associated with deliveries and keeping their customers happy — including planning and managing routes and schedules, generating barcodes and labels, assigning routes to couriers, tracking vehicles, collecting online payments, and much more.

Courier software must also be secure and reliable, following strict customer data security protocols (including GDPR) and allowing for cloud data storage, back up, and restoration.

If you’re still managing your operation using Excel or even pen and paper, you know how messy, inefficient, and time consuming it can be. Good courier software automates many of the manual tasks for an efficient process that can save thousands in delivery costs.

Finding the best courier software for you

While most desired features can vary greatly depending on whether you’re a local caterer or a global manufacturer, the customers we talk to everyday are most interested in:

We focused on courier software with these capabilities for this article, including some of the more popular platforms our customers have used in the past or in some cases, use concurrently with Circuit for Teams for its dynamic routing capabilities. 

Our methods include review mining from G2, Capterra, and other respected review sites as well as information available on each company's website. We disregarded reviews >1 yr old in most cases, as the software could have changed or improved since then.

Note: If you're struggling with the chaos of spreadsheets or the inefficiency of pen & paper for your last mile deliveries, Circuit for Teams could be your scalable courier dispatch software.

With best-in-class route optimization, real-time driver tracking, multi depot management, dynamic ETA notifications to keep package recipients updated and simple two-way API integration, CFT transforms your driver operations from a cost center to a revenue driver.

Our courier company and medium/large business customers slash delivery costs by an average of 20% with Circuit for Teams.

Start your 7 day free trial and experience seamless delivery management.

The best courier software at a glance

SoftwareKnown forPricingCapterra score
Circuit for TeamsBest-in-class route optimization for courier companiesEssentials $100/mo
Standard $200/mo
Pro $500/mo
4.8 (90+ reviews)
OptimoRouteAdvanced planning and schedulingLite plan (up to 10 drivers) starts at $39.mo per user
Pro plan at $49/mo per user
Enterprise plan (contact sales for a quote)
4.6 (150+ reviews)
OnfleetEasy to use interface and onboardingLaunch $550/mo
Scale $1265/mo
Enterprise (contact sales team)
4.7 (90+ reviews)
BringgTargeted towards large enterprisesContact sales for a quote4.8 (5+ reviews)
Track-PODAll-in-one ePOD AppStandard $35/mo
Advanced $59/mo
Advanced Plus $79/mo
Enterprise (contact sales team)
4.7 (120+ reviews)

1. The best courier software for route optimization

The best route optimization software creates efficient routes that save on time and fuel costs while allowing dynamic recalculation to avoid construction, toll roads, heavy traffic, accidents, and more.

It prioritizes fast and streamlined route management for medium to large retail fleets and couriers and ensures customers have a positive brand experience with real-time tracking information as well as automated notifications. 

Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams (CFT) works well for courier services as well as medium to large retailers who manage small fleets to deliver their own products.

Business owners and retail managers are busy and can't afford to spend lots of time planning and optimizing last mile delivery — but they do know how important it is that their products get to customers safely and on time.

CFT route optimization lets you:

  • Add simple or complex stops with flexible data fields
  • Edit active routes and reorganize in-progress deliveries at the touch of a button
  • Verify delivery using a range of stop status, signature, and photographic proof 
  • Handle all your depots under one centralized dashboard
  • Manage costs by only paying for active drivers
  • Build a custom solution with Circuit's API, seamlessly connecting third-party tools

Circuit for Teams pros:

  • Intuitive design and ease of use, minimal learning curve, and fast onboarding
  • Rapid route optimization capabilities considering traffic, time windows, parcel priorities, and last-minute adjustments.
  • Ability to include detailed package handling requirements, customer preferences, and special instructions

Circuit for Teams cons:

  • Some small businesses have expressed concerns about pricing and scaling with additional drivers

"Since we implemented Circuit, our customers are more happy with the estimated delivery times received on their phone every day and it made my life, as an office manager, much easier to set up the routes," — Tomasz N., Office Manager.

Circuit for Teams pricing

  • Starter Plan: Perfect for small retailers, the Starter plan is priced at $100 per month. It includes 500 stops, with each additional stop costing $0.20. This plan is for those starting out or with lower delivery volumes.
  • Essentials Plan: Designed for couriers and larger retailers, the Essentials plan comes at $250 per month, providing 1,000 stops. Extra stops are even more affordable at $0.05 each. It's a step up for growing businesses looking to optimize their delivery routes.
  • Standard Plan: For $500 per month, the Standard plan doubles the offering to 2,000 stops, tailored for businesses that need to collect proof of delivery and send customer notifications. Additional stops are priced at $0.06.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan is the premium option at $750 per month, including a generous 5,000 stops, with each additional one costing $0.07. It's ideal for large-scale operations focused on performance analysis and delivery efficiency.

Each plan includes unlimited dispatcher and driver roles and comes with a 7 day free trial. Our tiered pricing structure allows businesses to scale up as they grow. For more details, visit the Circuit for Teams pricing page.

2. The best courier software for advanced planning and scheduling

Growing companies often find that they need to schedule deliveries or services several weeks in advance to boost productivity and efficiency. They may also want to match their most experienced employees with certain jobs to ensure customer satisfaction.


Like all courier software apps on this list, OptimoRoute serves many different types and sizes of businesses, from individuals who manage deliveries, pickups, or service tasks, to home or commercial delivery services, repair and service technicians, sales representatives, real estate agents, and waste and recycling collectors — anyone who wants to optimize map routes.

Where OptimoRoute really stands out is with its capability for planning and optimizing several weeks in advance. Taking into consideration such constraints as delivery time windows, vehicle capabilities, employee working hours, and more, OptimoRoute helps their customers optimize daily operations through maximizing orders completed while minimizing costs like fuel and overtime. 

OptimoRoute pros:

Both Circuit and OptimoRoute rate high on ease of use and user friendliness. OptimoRoute may be slightly more customizable for different business requirements and organization size.

OptimoRoute allows planners to match their workforce to jobs based on experience, skills, training, or other attributes, thereby improving efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction

OptimoRoute lets companies plan by week up to 5 weeks in advance, coordinating orders when several people are needed for particular jobs and balancing the workload between all drivers or only certain ones.

OptimoRoute cons:

  • Some users express wish for options like avoiding highways, U-turns, or street crossings for larger trucks
  • Cost may be prohibitive for smaller businesses
  • Some users wish for faster, more flexible changes or cancellations en-route

OptimoRoute pricing

  • Lite plan (up to 10 drivers) starts at $39/mo per user
  • Pro plan (up to 1000 orders at once) is $49/mo per user
  • Enterprise plan (1000s of orders at once), contact sales for quote

“One of the most helpful aspects of OptimoRoute is its ability to handle complex routing scenarios with ease. The software can calculate the most efficient routes for multiple vehicles, taking into account a range of factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, vehicle capacities, and more,” — edson Q., G2

3. The Best Courier Software for Businesses Scaling Quickly

If your organization is growing rapidly, you need a solution that is ready to scale with you. That means seamless integrations with your existing software and ease of adding new features when needed, without disruption to your daily operations or unexpected hiccups in customer experience


Onfleet supports companies who want to use data-driven decision making to optimize routes, monitor performance, and improve customer service. Onfleet’s comprehensive analytics and reporting tools allow businesses to track and analyze every aspect of their delivery operations, integrating easily with hundreds of third-party tools, including Shopify and Google Sheets. If you anticipate significant growth or already have a large scale operation, Onfleet may be a strong choice.

Onfleet pros:

  • Extremely intuitive interface minimizes onboarding and training time 
  • Onfleet’s sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities allows businesses to optimize every aspect of their delivery operation, with powerful dashboards providing detailed insights into performance metrics.
  • API and Web hooks allow for seamless integration with existing operations systems, which is especially helpful for organizations looking to streamline without overhauling their existing infrastructure.

Onfleet cons:

  • You may need developer support to set up some API integrations. 
  • Some users wish the dashboard was more intuitive and customizable.
  • Onfleet’s flat fee pricing may discourage small business users.

Onfleet price

  • Launch $550/mo
  • Scale $1265/mo
  • Enterprise (contact sales team)

4. The Best Courier Software for Large Enterprises and Complex Logistics

If you rely on multi-carrier shipping or regularly use third-party shippers in addition to your own fleet, you need a solution that’s designed for complexity.


Bringg is a unified platform that partners with Salesforce, Shopify, Manhattan Associates, and Blue Yonder. They promise to make operations more efficient, cut costs, and boost brand loyalty with convenient delivery options that enable more "drops" per day.

Bringg offers two different tools that can work together — Delivery Hub for third-party shippers and ROAD for organizations who manage their own fleets.

Bringg pros:

  • Highly rated for ease of use and customer support
  • Most likely to provide seamless integration with numerous systems

Highly flexible and customizable for customers needing tailored solutions

Bringg cons:

  • Several reviewers mention they'd like to see improvements in the map feature
  • Pricing may be prohibitive for small- to medium-sized organizations
  • The number of features offered may also be overkill for smaller companies

Bringg price

  • Contact sales for a quote

5. The Best Courier Software for Strict Compliance and Audit Trails

When you’re in a highly regulated industry like health, medicine, finance or the like, you need to keep compliance top of mind. While all the software on this list will provide tracking and ETAs, you may need an extra layer of accountability. 


Track-POD fully paperless and contactless w electronic sig capture, photo, instant notifications, live updates of delivery status. tight control over delivery process and documentation.

Complex delivery requirements: high-value or sensitive products, medical, time-sensitive deliveries. etc. When you need the best The only one on this list suitable for emergency dispatch and emergency medical response. Small to medium sized businesses, B2B deliveries.

Track-POD pros:

  • Robust POD capabilities, photo capture, electronic signature capturing, and Geo tagging ensuring industry leading transparency and accountability in their delivery processes.
  • Driver save time and fuel with the most efficient routes and companies save money and ensure satisfied customers
  • Strong customer support team resolving issues quickly with minimal disruption to operations

Track-POD cons:

  • Pricing structure may be prohibitive for small businesses or those just starting out
  • Some users report glitches or bugs in the mobile app which could affect efficiency or real-time tracking and reporting
  • Potential learning curve for making the most of all the features, esp for complex operations or integrations

Track-POD pricing

Per driver plans: 

  • Standard $35/mo 
  • Advanced $59/mo
  • Advanced Plus $79/mo
  • Enterprise (contact sales team)

Per order plans: 

  • S Plan $285/mo
  • M Plan $510/mo
  • L Plan $900/mo
  • XL Plan $1449/mo

Other courier software options

Depending on your business requirements, here are some alternative solutions that didn’t make the cut for this article (based on the key features we considered), but that you may want to consider also: 

  • Route4me
  • WorkWave
  • Routific
  • Shipox
  • OnTime 360

Which is the best courier software overall?

Circuit for Teams is the best route optimization software option overall.

Its rapid route management capabilities combined with the ability to edit and reorganize active routes with one click sets it apart from the competition

In addition, live location tracking, auto notifications, and a variety of ways to verify delivery make CFT invaluable for delivering top notch customer service.

Circuit's tiered subscription options and many API integrations make it the preferred choice for most couriers and retailers.

Buying FAQs for courier software

What is a courier management system?

Also known as courier software, courier management systems help businesses coordinate last-mile movement of goods from retailer or warehouse to customer. It automates the most essential functions of a courier, like dispatch and route planning, route optimization, shipment tracking, delivery status notifications, generating barcodes and labels, managing fuel, improving customer service, and leaving reviews and feedback. 

What software does a courier company need?

Courier companies especially need software that handles all the last-mile functions noted above securely and reliably. It must follow strict security protocols and allow for cloud data storage and backup. It should also facilitate excellent customer service with real-time status updates and allow customers to rate products and services and leave feedback. Courier software should include robust, customizable analytics that help operations to become more efficient. Finally, it should quickly and reliably respond when changes are required enroute. 

What is the difference between courier software and shipping software?

While there are some overlaps between the two, shipping software is used by large e-commerce organizations and logistics companies and includes functions like inventory management, invoice management, order tracking, and import/export management. Shipping software handles a wide range of shipments over multiple carriers.

Courier software handles last mile concerns like driver management, dispatch, e-signature collecting, routing, scheduling, customer portal. Use if you're primarily managing your own delivery fleet.

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