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Verizon Connect Competitors: The Top 7 in 2024 (User Reviews & Pricing)

Considering alternatives to Verizon Connect? Businesses may look for alternative cloud-based software solutions after experiencing problems with time tracking and reporting issues, or simply because of evolving needs.

This article covers what real users think of Verizon Connect’s competitors. Our rundown of the seven alternative fleet management solutions includes features, strengths and weaknesses. These Verizon Connect alternatives will make finding the best choice for your business easier than finding your way home in broad daylight.


  • Route Optimization: Circuit for Teams excels
  • Vehicle Telematics: Geotab has robust features
  • Asset Tracking: Azuga is a strong choice
  • Safety & Compliance: Lytx prioritizes driver safety
  • Fuel Management: Fleetio simplifies fuel management
  • Scalability: GPS Insight is built for growing fleets

Best Verizon Connect Alternative Overall: Samsara

Samsara boasts impressive ratings (4.2 & 4.7 stars on Capterra & G2) and excels in ease of use and tracking. It offers a comprehensive dashboard, tailorable features, and strong integrations, but can be expensive for smaller fleets.


  • Comprehensive fleet management dashboard
  • Customizable features
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Driver safety and compliance focus
  • Extensive integrations


  • Expensive hardware and software
  • Complexity for small fleets
  • Potential for unwanted publicity
  • Some software/OS reliability concerns

Product Overview

Samsara offers real-time visibility for managing all aspects of your fleet operations. AI-powered hardware and mobile apps empower teams, improve safety, and provide data for strategic decisions. It excels in both field service management and workforce management.

Users on G2 rate Samsara higher than Verizon Connect for ease of set-up, use, administration and product support. It’s a strong indication that Samsara is the best overall fleet management software alternative to Verizon Connect. 

Real User Reviews


“Samsara has brought so many missing pieces together that other platforms have failed to do. After using multiple other platforms, Samsara has set the bar for usability as well as functionality.” 5-star review from Adam F, Executive Vice President of a Mid-Market company

“We have had Verizon, GPS insite and now leaving Azuga. Samsara has blown all of these out of the water.” 5-star Capterra review from Ryan, Executive Administrator for an Automotive business in the US.

“The versatility of the system is unmatched. I have many nicknames including: the swiss army knife of telematics, Mary Poppins bag, the gift that keeps giving, the present-future of telematics.” 5-star G2 review from Jonathan W, an employee at an Enterprise with over 1,000 employees.


“The hidden details in the contract are set to make it impossible to leave. Customer support after point of sale is the worst I have ever encountered.” 1-star review on Capterra from Derek, Small Business Owner in the US.

“The cost for the hardware can be quite steep and the initial launching of setting up your fleet is a large initial investment, depending on how large your fleet is.” 5-star review on G2 from Bill M, Regional Dispatcher for a Mid-market business.

“Customer Service needs to improve.” 5-star review on Capterra from Daniel, a Dispatch Manager in the US for a large transport company.

Samsara Pricing

Samsara only provides customized pricing after receiving answers to some standard questions. However, reviewers who’ve used this software note it is a more expensive solution than other fleet management software alternatives.

The Best Verizon Connect Alternative for Route Optimization: Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams is ideal for couriers and small to large e-commerce businesses looking for better optimization of last-mile delivery routes. The software integrates neatly with fleet management solutions like Verizon Connect or Samsara if additional fleet metrics like fuel consumption and driver behavior are required. Key strengths and weaknesses include:


  • Superior route optimization algorithms
  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Quick implementation process
  • Transparent, uncomplicated pricing


  • Primarily suited for last-mile delivery operations
  • Less comprehensive fuel and fleet tracking capabilities
  • Limited advanced telematics features
  • No built-in ELD compliance

Product Overview

Many Verizon Connect users choose Circuit for Teams due to its focus on route planning and optimization for deliveries. It offers a user-friendly interface with real-time tracking and email or SMS notifications for customers, dispatchers, and drivers. Integrations via the API allow easy data exchange with existing fleet management software.

Here's how CFT streamlines deliveries:

  • Bulk Upload & Optimization: Upload stops for fast route planning using spreadsheets or Zapier integration.
  • Live Tracking & Re-routing: Track drivers, routes, and remaining stops. Receive real-time updates and re-optimize routes on the fly.
  • Flexible Stop Management: Cluster deliveries, prioritize stops, and manage unassigned stops efficiently.

Proof of Delivery: Capture photos, signatures, and notes for delivery confirmation.

Real User Reviews


“Features are SUPER well thought out. Everytime we face an edge case in our delivery process, we realize that Circuit has already thought of it and has baked it into features list ... Dashboard is incredibly easy to use. Very easy to set up and onboard new drivers as well.” 5-star review on G2 from Osamah Q

“Great for route planning and keeping our customers in the loop.” 5-star review on Capterra from Jim, Business Owner in the UK.

“We tested several other programs (some cheaper and some more expensive) but Circuit had the best value. It was very fast to implement and learn how to use the software. I really like the monthly updates and features they push to us.” 5-star review from Derek, Small Business Manager in the US.


“It doesn't give me different options for paths. Sometimes there are routes that are more dangerous that we would like to avoid.” 4-star review on Capterra from David, Assistant Manager for a freight company in the US.

“The GPS Sometimes puts addresses in other areas of the city, but if you don't catch it you could send the driver to the wrong house miles away from where they should be.” 4-star review on Capterra from Andrew, Manager for Government Administration in Canada.

“Still looking for more route customization options, especially mid route. Would also be great to be able to add customer info while on route. Currently I am only able to do this from my laptop before starting the route.” 4-star review on Capterra from Patrick, Sales Manager for a Food & Beverage business in Canada.

Circuit for Teams Pricing

Circuit for Teams has four pricing tiers ranging from $100 p/m for the Starter subscription to $300 p/m for Pro and the full range of route planning and workflow features. 

Best Verizon Connect Alternative for Telematics: Geotab

This fleet management solution excels in telematics, vehicle tracking, and driver tools. Reviewers praise Geotab's ease of use and support, making them a switch-worthy option for some Verizon Connect users.


  • Robust telematics, tracking, driver tools
  • Scales for growing fleets
  • Strong data security
  • Integrates with other fleet management solutions and business software


  • Complex for new users
  • Variable customer service and pricing
  • Higher cost for premium features

Product Overview

Geotab offers comprehensive GPS fleet tracking with telematics, driver tools, and scalability. It integrates with various devices and prioritizes data security.

The good selection of core fleet management tools includes real-time fleet maps with reporting and alerts for safety habits and fuel use. Vehicle tracking can be managed with either Geotab’s Go Device, OEM telematics or any other GPS tracking device you may have already invested in. 

Real User Reviews


“Overall experience is good we use this everyday to track and maintain 60 plus vehicles.” 5-star review on Capterra from Tim, Mechanic supervisor in the US.

“It’s user friendly and the drivers have no issue learning the system.” 4.5-star review on G2 from Emily G, a mid-market business employee.

“Great so far. Driver logs and tracking have been awesome.” 5-star review on Capterra from Ross, Safety Supervisor for a Logistics and Supply Chain business in the US.


“We do not like the structure the Geotab company goes by. Beware who you buy from…Find somebody who has a great customer service reputation.” 3-star review on Capterra from Kelly, Safety Manager for a transport business in the US.

“Due to the vast amount of data at your fingertips it's very difficult to monitor all crucial aspects as well as maintain additional responsibilities if your position requires it.” 4-star review on Capterra from a Verified User with an Oil & Energy business.

“I wish the reporting was better. It's difficult to set up new reports.” 4.5-star review on G2 from Emily G, a mid-market business employee.

Geotab Pricing

Geotab offers GPS fleet tracking with tiered functionality priced by resellers. Rental vs. purchase of devices affects the cost so no base prices are available.

Best for Asset Tracking: Azuga

Azuga's fleet management software adds value to transportation management with real-time asset tracking. It streamlines compliance and coaches drivers for safety. Users might switch for efficiency in scheduling deliveries, pickups, and maintenance—not to mention enhanced asset management. 


  • Detailed asset utilization reports
  • Geo-fencing and real-time alerts
  • Durable, rechargeable tracking hardware
  • Driver and manager mobile app


  • Limited global coverage
  • Opaque pricing
  • Mobile app needs work
  • Software glitches reported

Product Overview

Azuga expands asset tracking beyond vehicles to include valuable equipment. Their asset tracking system uses IoT sensors with GPS. Unlike competitors, Azuga incentivizes driver safety by rewarding good habits as well as reporting on risky driving practices.

Real User Reviews


“Great team to work with for setup and answer any questions we have. Helps keep control in our company.” 5-star review on Capterra from Alex, Operations Manager for a Hospitality business in the US.

“Azuga fleet has helped our company identify opportunity costs that we did not know existed until we began to see the data come in.” 5-star review on G2 from Joe Q, Logistics and Operations Manager for a small construction business.

“Azuga solves the problem of knowing where our vehicles are and how well our drivers are doing with their driving safety.” 5-star G2 review from Timothy S, Information Success Coordinator for a small business.


“The maintenance function was less than what I expected.” 4-star review on Capterra from John, Fleet Supervisor for mid-sized trucking company in the US.

“On the website, your able to view the Dashboard. From the dashboard you can use the miles tab to show how many miles are left until maintenance is due. I wish that we were able to see this from the mobile.” 4.5-star G2 review from Ryan R, mid-market business user.

“Delay in real time makes it hard to see exactly where the team is, sometimes when informing a customer that they will be late/early, the team is either there already or not there.” 5-star review on Capterra, Kimberly, Office Manager with a small business in the US.

Azuga Pricing

Azuga offers 3 core plans. Businesses needing comprehensive asset tracking can get a custom quote on their website by answering the three standard questions.

Best for Safety and Compliance: Lytx

Lytx prioritizes driver safety. It uses video telematics and dashcams to coach drivers, reducing risks and collisions. This Verizon Connect alternative offers fleet management features like GPS tracking, mileage, fuel efficiency, and idling times.


  • Advanced driver safety with AI coaching
  • Major regulatory compliance
  • Customizable safety programs
  • Risk detection & mitigation


  • Premium pricing
  • A heavier focus on compliance may overshadow usability
  • Data overload for smaller operations
  • Installation and maintenance demands

Product Overview

Lytx prioritizes safety with video telematics and AI coaching that reduces risky driving. It offers core fleet management functionalities like GPS tracking for a well-rounded Verizon Connect alternative.

Real User Reviews


“It is very easy to use the quality is great and i can always go back and check the past occurrences.” 5-star Capterra review from Igor, Owner Operator of a Logistics and Supply Chain business in the US.

“The Lytx system helps us manage our overall risk by identifying drivers that need additional coaching/training.” 5-star G2 review from a Verified User in an Enterprise size trucking business.

“Application is easy to use, video capture is clear, AI features do a good job of categorizing events and showing trends in the data. The mobile app is great for the end-users and provides good feedback.” 5-star G2 review from David K, Chief Information Officer for an enterprise sized business.


“The worst thing about Drivecam is i have to unplug it every night and if not it drains my batteries” 5-star review on Capterra from Igor, Owner Operator of a Logistics and Supply Chain business in the US

“The camera system is great. The GPS system needs lots of improvement. When our contract is up, we will be switching GPS providers, even if they cost more.” 3-star review on Capterra from Gracie, Safety Manager for a transport company in the US.

“I would like it to be integrated with a telematics/Hours of Service provider so we don't have to have extra equipment in the trucks, since this information is already being captured in the on board computer system.” 5-star Capterra review from Phillip, Fleet Supervisor for a large transportation business in the US.

Lytx Pricing

Lytx doesn’t have tiered subscriptions or share a standard pricing model. Customized quotes can be requested through their website contact form.

Best Verizon Connect Alternative for Fuel Management: Fleetio

Fleetio streamlines fleet management to automate tasks, track fuel costs, and tailor maintenance schedules for each vehicle. The software integrates with fuel cards & telematics for seamless data flow. Businesses looking for faster set-up, cheaper and easier to use fleet management solution than Verizon Connect should consider this alternative.


  • Comprehensive fuel tracking and management tools
  • Integration with fuel cards and GPS
  • Powerful analytics for fuel usage
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance alerts


  • Requires third-party integrations for full functionality
  • Can become expensive with add-ons
  • Steeper learning curve for complex features
  • Dependent on consistent data input

Product Overview

Fleetio streamlines fuel management with automatic data imports, reducing errors and improving theft detection. The fleet management software goes beyond fuel, to managing parts, equipment, and maintenance scheduling for enhancing fleet operations. Reviewers find Fleetio easier to use than Verizon Connect for overall fleet needs.

Real User Reviews


“Simple and straightforward to use. The option to add custom fields where needed is quite useful.” 5-star review on Capterra from Max, IT Specialist for a transportation company in North Macedonia.

“The customer service is great and the ease of the platform is fantastic. All the information I need pertaining to the fleet can be uploaded and programed and I haven't come across something I have not been able to record or set up reminders for.” 5-star review on Capterra from Kristina, COO for an Environmental Services business in the US.

“Fleetio is as big or small as you need it to be. It tracks our vehicles, info, when service and registration is due, our drivers use the app to do the vehicle inspections…It integrates well with our fuel card vendor.” 5-star G2 review, Robin B, Director of Operations for a mid-market business.


“Certain features have some bugs but nothing that cannot be worked around or fixed.” 4-star Capterra review from Kyle, Assistant Field Coordinator for a Construction business in the US.

“The document management with ability to tie to automatic reminders is not completely robust yet.” 4-star review on G2 from Oluwafemi O, mid-market business.

“Fleetio doesn't always link back to outside software. We use Fleetio and Samsara all the time and it is good but could be better.” 4-star G2 review from Troy W, mid-market business.

Fleetio Pricing

You’ll be able to trial Fleetio with the 14-day free period. The three subscription levels are reasonably priced per vehicle, per month, making it an easier investment than some of the other Verizon alternatives.

Best for Fleet Scalability and Growth: GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a SaaS alternative to Verizon Connect excelling in user experience, deep analytics, and customer support. It prioritizes ease of use and data-driven decisions for growing businesses. Their strong API integrates with many ERP systems.


  • Scales to small and large fleets
  • Customizable key metric views
  • Strong API integrations improve scalability
  • Driver behavior, fuel, and route reports
  • Comprehensive training and support


  • Overwhelming for small fleets
  • Time-intensive setup and training
  • May require additional integrations

Product Overview

GPS Insight scales with you and streamlines workflows and eases onboarding with intuitive features. Their scalable architecture and API integrate seamlessly. Robust reporting optimizes large fleets and the software solution grows with smaller businesses for efficient fleet management.

Real User Reviews


“It can reduce fuel and maintenance cost.” 5-star Capterra review from Heather, Order Management III for a large automotive business in the US.

“I haven't found anything I dislike about GPS Insight...This is an accountability tool as well because the drivers know that they can't play the system. If you need to track idle time, mileage speed, routes etc then this is the software for you!” 5-star review on G2 from a Verified User, Building Supplies business in the US.

“GPS Insight overall has been a helpful experience, opening up different options for the company to move forward.” 5-star Capterra review from Nick, self employed construction worker in the US.


“Can be a little difficult to use the reports section” 5-star review on Capterra from Dean, Grounds Manager in the US for Higher Education.

“There is not really any reports to specify the driver stats. goes off of vehicle stats.” 3-star review on G2, Verified User in HR for a small business.

“Would like more features on the mobile app.My GPS units in the vehicles tends to drain batteries even if cars are off… The new 360 cameras are a bit pricey plus the monthly service.” 5-star G2 review from Adam A, Small Business Owner.

GPS Insight Pricing

GPS Insight doesn’t have publicly available pricing on its website. However, G2 shows their pricing starts at $24.95 for the vehicle tracking system per vehicle per month. The asset tracking system starts at around $14.95 per vehicle.

Pricing is based on user reviews and includes hardware and software, making it an easy-to-scale solution for growing businesses. GPS Insight should be contacted directly for customized quotes for your business fleet.

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