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The 4 Best GSMtasks Alternatives in 2024: Tried, Tested and Reviewed

We understand the frustrations you might be facing with the GSMtasks — from its lack of customization for larger enterprises and expensive API integrations to occasional bugs that can disrupt your day-to-day operations.

We're here to help you find a solution that not only meets but exceeds your last-mile delivery needs. We've thoroughly tested and reviewed the top alternatives for GSMtasks, and came up with the top four in the market today.

And yes, Circuit for Teams (CFT) is featured on our list. It may seem like we're biased that way, but we guarantee this roundup is as objective as possible. Only the honest scoop on excellent options for your business based on what's best for:

  • Growing courier companies and retailers
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Planning and dispatching
  • End-to-end field service management

What features to look for in a GSMtasks alternative

Here's how we picked the best GSMtasks alternatives in the market today.

Does the software have advanced route optimization features? You need to save time and reduce cost, so you need software that optimizes multiple routes using automation, machine learning, and geo-analytics tools.

Does the alternative offer robust analytics to track performance? We know you'll need data from past orders to determine which works and how to improve efficiencies. We carefully looked at some tools and picked those with robust data analytics.

Does it lend flexible customization to fit your unique business model? Your goal is to scale the business down the line. You'll need a tool that will empower you to customize your dashboard according to growing volume and requirements.

Does it offer seamless API integrations? Are they easy to integrate? Will integrating more tools break the bank?

We also looked into the level of support for multiple drivers and depots, and dynamic customer notifications to enhance the delivery experience.

The Top 4 GSMtasks Alternatives

  • Circuit for Teams: Best for growing courier companies and retailers
  • Onfleet: Best for real-time delivery tracking
  • OptimoRoute: Best for planning and dispatching
  • Tookan: Best for end-to-end field service management

Circuit for Teams: Best GSMtasks Alternative for Growing Courier Teams

Desktop screenshot of Circuit for teams

Circuit for Teams is the premier choice for expanding courier companies and retailers seeking to streamline delivery operations. Renowned for its advanced route optimization, CFT promises to save your drivers hours on the road and cut your last-mile delivery costs by an average of 20% monthly. 

Let your drivers experience the shortest routes despite multiple stops!

Tailored for the modern delivery landscape, CFT is the tool you need to scale efficiently and meet the increasing demands of your customers.

Circuit for Teams Pros:

Here are the things some of our current customers rave about Circuit for Teams:

  • Advanced Route Optimization: Ensures the most efficient delivery paths, saving time and resources, while giving you the most optimal route despite multiple stops.
  • Comprehensive Delivery Analytics: Offers detailed insights into performance, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Flexible Customization: Adapts to your specific business needs, supporting unique delivery models.

Circuit for Teams Cons:

It's important to consider all angles, and while Circuit for Teams is highly rated, some users wish for even more integration options.

Circuit for Teams Pricing:

Circuit for Teams offers a straightforward pricing structure tailored to meet the needs of delivery teams of all sizes. Let's break it down:

Essentials Plan - $100/month

  • Basics Covered: Designed for smaller teams focused on route optimization and tracking.
  • Includes: The essentials to get you started - route creation and optimization, real-time driver tracking, and delivery history access.
  • Team Size: Costs include the first two drivers, with each additional driver at $40.

Standard Plan - $200/month (Most Popular)

  • Advanced Features: Adds proof of delivery and customer notifications to the mix.
  • Includes: All Essentials features plus the ability to send customer notifications and capture proof of delivery.
  • Team Size: This plan includes your first three drivers; each extra driver is an additional $60.

Pro Plan - $500/month

  • Full Suite: For those who want in-depth analytics to refine their delivery efficiency further.
  • Includes: Everything in Standard, plus advanced analytics for a detailed look at your delivery operations.
  • Team Size: Starts with six drivers included, costing $80 per extra driver.

Across all plans, Circuit for Teams offers unlimited dispatcher roles, route spreadsheet uploads, and access to an interactive map and timeline for route views, ensuring that your dispatchers have the tools they need to manage routes effectively.

Additional Perks Across All Plans:

  • No Boundaries: You can create and optimize unlimited routes and stops.
  • Live Updates: Track route progress with live updates to stay informed.
  • Scalability: Add or remove drivers according to your current business demands.

The pricing reflects the value Circuit for Teams provides, with the flexibility to scale with your growing business needs. Whether you're just starting or looking to deepen your delivery analysis, there's a plan that fits your situation.

And the best part? Before committing, you can start with a free 14-day trial to see how Circuit fits into your workflow.

Remember, if you have more specialized needs, you can always talk to sales about SLAs, Enterprise plans, or Annual contracts for a more customized solution.

For a more visual breakdown, the included screenshots offer a quick comparison to help you choose the right plan for your team's size and needs.

Onfleet: Best GSMtasks Alternative for Real-Time Delivery Tracking

Ratings: 4.6/5.0 (G2) | 4.6/5.0 (Capterra)

Onfleet is another delivery management software similar to GSMtasks targeting companies that want to "provide a superior delivery experience while maximizing efficiencies."

While their features resemble GSMtasks and Circuit for Teams, Onfleet's core strengths lie in real-time delivery tracking.

Onfleet provides live driver locations with accurate ETAs — backed up by a responsive web tracking experience that can also carry multiple branding (so great for your business as it scales). It also allows customers to track the status of their deliveries with automatic SMS notifications.

Something worth noting is Onfleet's use of machine learning to provide a predictive ETA and real-time alerts.

There's flexibility in how customers can contact their driver — either by call or text — and their personal data can be redacted if it's something they're not willing to disclose. 

What we've seen that's not present in other software is feedback collection. With Onfleet, dispatchers and drivers can collect customer feedback through a form after each delivery. So if your business is big on continuous improvement, this is a feature you'll likely appreciate.

Onfleet Pros:

Many Onfleet customers praise the software for its "less is more" approach. A user likens Onfleet's technological chops to Stripe's — world-class UX, robust and easy API integrations, and overall uptime.

Many also talk about the following:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • User-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, albeit mainly for the web
  • Route optimization that avoids traffic and construction works
  • The ability to communicate with drivers already on the road and to update them on specific customer instructions — all in real-time
  • Live tracking facility that provides real-time information on drivers' locations for both the dispatchers and customers

Onfleet Cons:

While Onfleet offers a strong real-time tracking feature, there are some noticeable areas for improvement. What jumps out is its lack of responsive mobile UI, although Onfleet might be able to sort this one out soon.

Some users also think the setup tends to be overwhelming as it requires too much information to be able to return optimal routes.

Also, it's much more expensive than Circuit for Teams. For context, Onfleet's most basic plan costs more than Circuit for Teams' most advanced.

Onfleet Pricing:

Onfleet offers a simple and transparent pricing structure that caters to companies of different sizes. Let's take a look at their plans:

Launch Plan - $550/month

  • Basics covered: Designed for new and small teams
  • Includes: Unlimited number of users and the basic features such as route optimization, proof of delivery (photos and signatures), automatic notifications for status and ETA, 90-day historical analytics, and customer support (via email and scheduled phone calls)
  • Task size: Unlike Circuit for Teams, which calculates the costs based on the number of drivers, Onfleet determines the pricing based on the number of deliveries or pick-up tasks.

Scale Plan - $1,265/month

  • Advanced features: Adds barcode scanning and age verification, advanced ETA notifications, task completion customization, and a year's worth of historical analytics
  • Includes: Everything in Launch plus the advanced features mentioned above
  • Team size: This plan includes up to 5,000 delivery or pickup tasks

Enterprise Plan - Custom

  • Customized features: For those with established operations looking for tailored solutions
  • Includes: Everything in Scale, plus features such as advanced route optimization, multi-brand or region support, enterprise SSO, private label recipient tracking page, unlimited historical analytics, premium onboarding and implementation, and best SLAs
  • Task size: This plan is for those with more than 5,000 deliveries or pickups a month

Free trials are both available in Launch and Scale plans.

OptimoRoute: Best GSMtask Alternative For Planning and Dispatching

Ratings: 4.6/5.0 (G2) | 4.6/5.0 (Capterra)

If you're looking for delivery management software that can automate and frontload all your route planning — while also adjusting the pre-planned routes to have room for last-minute changes — then OptimoRoute is worth a serious look.

OptimoRoute shines as the best alternative for planning and dispatching as it carries certain features unavailable in other software in this list (more of this in the OptimoRoute Pros section.)

For instance, OptimoRoute adjusts the existing routes to accommodate last-minute cancellations. The drivers then get updates and new tasks on their mobile app.) OptimoRoute also gives customers a heads-up on status and ETA through real-time SMS notifications. 

With sudden changes, the software will automatically replan, reschedule, and update the dispatcher, drivers, and customers simultaneously.

A sophisticated algorithm makes all these automation possible — guaranteed to save time, minimize costs, and free up resources (including precious headspace) to grow your business.

OptimoRoute doesn't just make planning for routes easier, it also helps users manage their resources. The software can place limits on working hours, account for labor costs with overtime, and track miles driven.

OptimoRoute Pros:

OptimoRoute is a serious consideration if you're looking for software that will do the heavy lifting on route planning and optimization. It's got features that not many other tools have, like the following:

  • Managing the fleet based on drivers' skills and availability, where the software automatically allocates tasks according to required skills
  • Planning routes based on customers’ desired time windows and availability, specific date ranges, or day of the week
  • Ability to slide mid-day orders easily into the existing workflows
  • Planning and automating optimal time for breaks with very minimal service disruptions
  • Backhauling and reverse logistics, planning multiple returns to the depot for unloading or restocking. This is something that some users were looking for in Onfleet
  • Optimizing routes based on vehicle load capacity or transport requirements

OptimoRoute is also cost-effective. In fact, it's the most affordable item on this list so far.

OptimoRoute Cons:

Some users report inaccurate maps.

Others are looking for more integrations, such as with the calendar:

OptimoRoute Pricing:

Lite - $35.10 per month (billed annually)

  • Basics covered: Designed for bare essentials
  • Includes: Mobile app for drivers, route history, exporting to Excel,  live tracking, unlimited plans, upgrades, web service API, and live ETA and breadcrumbs
  • Task size: Maximum of 700 orders

Pro - $44.10 per month

  • Advanced features: For growing businesses
  • Includes: Everything in Lite plus analytics, weekly planning, real-time order tracking, proof of delivery, and customer feedback
  • Task size: Maximum of 1000 orders

Custom - Contact sales for fees

  • Customized fees: Personalized for a commercial business' unique needs and long-haul requirements
  • Includes: Everything in Pro plus multi-day long-haul routes, commercial routing, technical consulting, and expert support
  • Task size: Thousands of orders all at once

Tookan: Best GSMtasks Alternative For End-To-End Field Service Management

Ratings: 4.3/5.0 (G2) | 4.2/5.0 (Capterra)

This can be a dispatcher's best friend as it allows them to manage various aspects of business operations from one central view. Waybills, SMS and payment gateways, geofencing, recurring tasks, API integrations, and inventory management can all be found in a centralized dispatch dashboard.

Tookan also has geo-analytics tools that allow managers and dispatchers to track on-field personnel in real time. However, some users said this doesn't always work.

A field agent's service app complements all these. Through a mobile app, they can see task notifications from managers, dispatchers, and customers.

Agents can also navigate optimized routes, access an Agent Wallet with a record of all the agent's transactions, capacity management that auto-allocates to agents based on their current capacity, and automatic barcode generation to ensure the order is delivered to the right customer.

Similar to OptimoRoute, Tookan also offers long-haul deliveries with Tookan Logistics.

Tookan Pros:

While customer reviews are mixed, the software's pros revolve around its features.

Tookan Cons:

However, some customers think the promise of these features fell short of their expectations. Some users say that the software is buggy and doesn't always work.

It doesn't help that when users require assistance, they're met with poor customer service.

Tookan Pricing:

Note: the prices apply to new customers only.

Early Stage - $29 per month (billed annually)

  • Basics covered: For new businesses needing to deliver a small amount of orders each month
  • Includes: Unlimited agents or drivers
  • Task size: 200 tasks per month; additional tasks at $0.22 each

Startup - $74 per month

  • Who is it for: Small businesses needing delivery and operations tools
  • Includes: Unlimited agents or drivers
  • Task size: 700 tasks per month; additional tasks at $0.15 each

Growth - $187 per month

  • Who is it for: Small businesses starting to scale
  • Includes: Unlimited agents or drivers and one customer booking form
  • Task size: 2000 tasks per month; additional tasks at $0.13 each

Standard - $374 per month

  • Who is it for: Established delivery businesses
  • Includes: Unlimited agents or drivers and two customer booking forms
  • Task size: 5000 tasks per month; additional tasks at $0.10 each

Enterprise - Customized fees

  • Who is it for: Commercial businesses with large delivery volumes and specific requirements
  • Includes: Depending on unique needs, the Sales team will come up with a package that works for you
  • Task size: 5000+ tasks per month

Circuit For Teams: Your Best Alternative to GSMtasks

There are many GSMtasks alternatives in the market today, each with their pros and cons. What you decide to choose depends on the features that your team are looking for and your business’ needs as it scales.

We created Circuit for Teams offering comprehensive features, ease of use, and scalability in mind. And we’re delighted to see how it has successfully transformed many of our customers’ delivery operations.

Like this e-bike service company based in the UK that found a way to ship batteries—not just as quickly but also as safely and securely as possible.

Swytch tapped into CFT’s features such as route optimization, live delivery tracking, and customer communication tools to optimize its routes and boost its successful delivery rates to over 90%!

Not only that but CFT has helped bring down the delivery costs to 20% of what it used to be before using the app.

Just imagine a world of cost savings and exceptional customer experience

Try Circuit for Teams by signing up for a free trial today.

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