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Samsara Competitors: The Top 7 in 2024 (Pros, Cons & Pricing)

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Samsara is known for its comprehensive suite of fleet management features, from maintenance management to routing and dispatching. However, Samsara's feature set might be overkill or simply not suitable for certain use cases.

While many alternatives to Samsara exist, the key to selecting the right one lies in understanding your specific business goals and budget constraints. It’s important to evaluate each competitor not just on their feature set but on how well those offerings align with what you need.

The fleet management software and telematics market is hard to navigate, so to make things easier we've categorized the top Samsara competitors by their strengths in specific areas of fleet management.

Here’s our list of the best Samsara alternatives in 2024:

  • The Best Samsara Competitor Overall: Verizon Connect
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Route Optimization: Circuit for Teams
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Vehicle Telematics: Geotab
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Safety and Compliance: Lytx
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Asset Tracking: Teletrac Navman
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Fuel Management: Fleetio
  • The Best Samsara Competitor for Data Analytics and Reporting: Omnitracs

The Best Fleet Management Software Overall: Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect Strengths

  • Comprehensive coverage of fleet operations including tracking, diagnostics, and dispatch
  • Seamless integration with various enterprise systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and HR software
  • Advanced safety features and driver coaching tools enhance fleet safety
  • Reliable customer support across the globe

Verizon Connect Weaknesses

  • Higher cost relative to some competitors, potentially a barrier for small fleets
  • Steep learning curve with complex features requiring additional training and grace period
  • Dependence on mobile connectivity which can vary in different regions
  • Features such as route optimization and API access are only available with higher-tier pricing plans
  • Minimum three-year contract on all plans

Product Overview

Verizon Connect stands out as the best overall alternative to Samsara due to its extensive feature set that suits a variety of fleet sizes and types. It offers advanced telematics solutions that not only track vehicle locations but also gather data on vehicle health, driver behavior, and fuel usage. With tailored solutions for compliance management, Verizon Connect meets the needs of fleets looking to enhance efficiency and ensure safety.

Verizon Connect Pricing

Verizon Connect pricing is customized based on the fleet size and the specific features your business requires. You'll be asked to submit a web form on their site which asks questions about the features you're interested in, the size of your fleet, how many vehicles and assets your company has before you're emailed your bespoke quote. We do however, have some top level insights into the pricing plans that might help.

The Reveal plan

The basic packages, such as the Reveal plan, start with core functionalities including standard GPS tracking and simple reports on vehicle usage and driver performance.

As a guide, you might expect to pay between $20 to $30 per vehicle per month for this plan. But again, this is might change case by case.

The Reveal Plus plan

For businesses needing more advanced features, options to upgrade to higher-tier plans like the Reveal Plus are available, which include enhanced safety monitoring with in-cab video, more sophisticated route optimization tools, and comprehensive analytics capabilities. We wouldn't want to speculate on the cost per vehicle of this plan.

Fleet and Workforce Management plans

For the most complex needs, Verizon Connect offers the Fleet and Workforce Management plans that provide integrations with ERP and CRM systems, as well as other customizable features tailored to specific business operations. Access to these advanced solutions and custom integrations usually requires moving to these higher-tier offerings.

To understand the specific pricing and features included in each plan, a consultation with Verizon Connect’s sales team is necessary.

Honorable Mentions in This Category

Azuga: Offers strong GPS tracking and driver behavior analytics at a competitive price, making it a good choice for cost-conscious fleets.

GPS Insight: GPS Insight offers tailored GPS tracking and ELD compliance solutions that adapt to any fleet size, providing detailed analytics on vehicle efficiency, driver performance, and fuel usage to help optimize fleet operations

Motive (formerly KeepTruckin’): Distinguished by its user-friendly interface and effective compliance tools, Motive is ideal for fleets prioritizing ease of use and regulatory adherence.

The Best Samsara Competitor for Route Optimization: Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams Strengths

  • Bulk upload and advanced route optimization: Users can upload stops in bulk and optimize routes with a click, leveraging real-time data like traffic and weather through the Google Maps API
  • Dynamic customer notifications: Automatically sends SMS or email updates to recipients. Choose either fixed or dynamic time windows to keep them informed of delivery times
  • Flexible proof of delivery: Offers multiple PoD options including photos, e-signatures, and notes, all easily shareable via a client portal for seamless communication across drivers, dispatchers, and customers
  • Accurate live driver tracking: Enables dispatchers to track driver locations, monitor delivery statuses, and reorganize stops on-the-fly for enhanced delivery efficiency
  • Easy stop management: Allows prioritization and clustering of stops for optimized delivery schedules, and supports the creation of custom delivery zones for automatic stop assignments based on driver location
  • Manage complex depot networks: Assign specific stops, routes, and drivers to multiple depots, giving you total control of how you build and manage your depots

Circuit for Teams Weaknesses

  • Is not a fleet management software: CFT is a delivery management software that primarily focuses on last mile delivery, lacking broader fleet management features like vehicle maintenance tracking or compliance management
  • No built-in hardware: Does not provide its own GPS hardware, relying on third-party devices for tracking
  • Focused on medium to large-sized retailers and couriers: May not be suitable for companies outside of these sectors or those needing comprehensive fleet management solutions

Product Overview

Circuit for Teams is an outlier on this list because it’s not strictly a fleet management solution. Created specifically for last-mile delivery, it is built to make your fleet of drivers more efficient and enable them to earn more for your business by reducing costs incurred by fuel wasteage and failed deliveries. The CFT features have also been designed with customer satisfaction and ease of use for dispatchers at the forefront.

It made the list because historically, fleet management solutions don't have the most accurate route optimization functionality, nor the most user-friendly dispatcher dashboard and driver app. Additionally, some businesses think they need fleet management software when, in reality, they actually need last-mile delivery software that optimizes their delivery operations.

Many users find Circuit ideal for integrating with existing fleet management systems to enhance route planning and route optimization capabilities. It's not always about replacing, but enhancing, your existing set-up.


Join thousands of retailers and couriers already streamlining their delivery operations with Circuit for Teams. Our user-friendly, feature-rich route optimization software makes last mile delivery simple. Try our 7-day free trial today and turn your delivery operations into a revenue driver.

Circuit for Teams Pricing

An illustration showing the four Circuit for Teams pricing plans

Circuit for Teams offers four pricing plans, each with a 7-day free trial. The Starter Plan at $100/month includes 500 stops, ideal for small retailers. Essentials, at $200/month, offers 1,000 stops and is suited for couriers and large retailers but lacks proof of delivery and customer notifications. The Standard Plan ($250/month) and Pro Plan ($300/month) cater to larger needs with 1,000 stops plus advanced features, with Pro offering comprehensive performance analytics and unlimited delivery history.

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • Onfleet: Known for robust dispatch and analytics features tailored to manage last-mile delivery complexities
  • Route4Me: Predictive analytics for estimating arrival times accurately and a user-friendly interface that supports drag-and-drop route adjustments
  • OptimoRoute: Ability to edit live routes and also supports a broad range of industries from delivery to field service

The Best Samsara Competitor for Vehicle Telematics: Geotab

Geotab Strengths

  • Robust data collection: Geotab gathers a broad range of critical telematics data, from vehicle diagnostics to driver behavior, providing a comprehensive overview of your fleet health
  • Advanced analytics: Offers insights into fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, driver safety and route optimization opportunities.
  • Scalability: Suits fleets of all sizes, offering modular software design for easy addition or removal of features and services, cloud-based infrastructure for scalable data handling, customizable dashboards, and robust API integrations with ERPs, CRMs, and dispatch systems

Geotab Weaknesses

  • Complexity for New Users: The depth of data and features can overwhelm new users without sufficient training.
  • Cost: While offering immense value, the pricing can be on the higher side, especially for smaller fleets.
  • Hardware Dependency: Requires proprietary hardware installation, which might involve initial setup costs and maintenance.
  • Mobile Connectivity Reliance: Performance is heavily reliant on mobile network coverage, which can vary in different regions.

Product Overview

Geotab is well known for its proficiency in the vehicle telematics category, providing not just data, but actionable insights that help businesses optimize their fleet operations. Its ability to track extensive vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior keeps dispatchers and fleet managers fully informed, ensuring efficiency and compliance with safety regulations. Geotab’s platform is designed for easy scalability, making it a suitable choice for growing companies looking to maintain a high level of insight and control over their fleets.

Geotab Pricing

  • Customized pricing: Geotab offers tailored pricing plans based on the specific needs and scale of the fleet, which ensures businesses only pay for what they need
  • Subscription model: Charges are typically subscription-based, covering various levels of feature access and data usage
  • Contact sales for details: Detailed pricing information and the best-suited plan options are available through a consultation with Geotab’s sales team, allowing for a customized approach to each business’s requirements

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • Mix Telematics: Noted for its robust regulatory compliance features and global fleet management capabilities
  • Samsara: Offers a user-friendly interface and excellent integration with existing business systems, popular for its real-time tracking features
  • Verizon Connect: Known for its detailed driver analytics and efficient fleet tracking solutions, suitable for businesses prioritizing driver safety and compliance monitoring

The Best Samsara Competitor for Safety and Compliance: Lytx

Lytx Strengths

  • Advanced Safety Features: Lytx excels in providing comprehensive safety solutions including driver coaching and risk detection, which help prevent accidents before they happen.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Equipped with tools to ensure compliance with safety regulations such as Hours of Service (HOS) and Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) requirements.
  • Customizable Safety Programs: Allows companies to tailor safety protocols and training programs to meet their specific needs and industry standards.
  • Real-Time Incident Reporting: Enables immediate reporting and analysis of safety incidents, facilitating quick management responses and corrective actions.

Lytx Weaknesses

  • High Cost: Premium safety features and compliance tools come at a higher price point, which may be a barrier for smaller fleets.
  • Complexity of Features: The extensive range of safety and compliance tools can require a significant learning curve and ongoing training.
  • Dependence on Hardware: Safety features rely heavily on in-cab hardware, which can necessitate upfront investment and maintenance.
  • Data Privacy Concerns: The collection and handling of driver data for safety monitoring can raise privacy issues that need to be managed carefully.

Product Overview

Lytx offers a suite of tools that not only monitor driver behavior and vehicle performance but also provide actionable insights to improve safety metrics. Lytx’s platform is particularly beneficial for businesses that prioritize stringent safety standards and compliance with transportation regulations. Its integrated video technology and real-time data collection make it an invaluable asset for mitigating risks and enhancing overall fleet safety.

Lytx Pricing

  • Tiered Pricing Structure: Lytx offers several pricing tiers, which vary based on the features and level of service required.
  • Custom Quotes: Specific pricing details are typically provided via custom quotes to ensure that services are tailored to the fleet’s size and specific needs.
  • Additional Costs for Hardware: Installation of in-cab devices and other hardware may incur extra charges.

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • SmartDrive: Offers robust video-based safety programs and is known for its effectiveness in reducing risky driving behavior through targeted coaching.
  • Samsara: Provides integrated safety features with its fleet management solutions, including real-time GPS tracking and automated alerts for speeding and harsh driving.
  • DriveCam by Lytx: Although part of the Lytx family, DriveCam deserves mention for its focus on video telematics and driver-focused analytics.

The Best Samsara Competitor for Asset Tracking: Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Strengths

  • Comprehensive Asset Visibility: Offers real-time GPS tracking that provides detailed visibility of asset locations and movements.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools: Generates in-depth reports that help analyze asset usage, maintenance schedules, and efficiency, facilitating better asset management decisions.
  • Geofencing Capabilities: Allows businesses to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when assets enter or leave designated areas, enhancing security and operational control.
  • Durable Tracking Devices: Equipped with robust hardware that withstands harsh conditions, ensuring reliable performance for all types of assets.

Teletrac Navman Weaknesses

  • Complex Interface: Users may find the interface and feature set complex, requiring a steep learning curve and significant training.
  • Subscription Costs: High-quality asset tracking comes at a premium, making the cost potentially prohibitive for smaller businesses.
  • Limited Integration Options: While excellent for asset tracking, integration with other business systems can sometimes be limited, affecting workflow integration.
  • Customer Service Variability: Some users report variability in the quality of customer support, which could impact user experience during troubleshooting.

Product Overview

Teletrac Navman is a leader in asset tracking within the fleet management sector, offering advanced tools that ensure precise tracking and management of fleet assets. Its platform is particularly valued for its ability to deliver real-time data on asset status, which helps companies optimize utilization and reduce operational costs. Whether managing vehicles, equipment, or other valuable assets, Teletrac Navman provides essential insights and tools for effective asset management.

Teletrac Navman Pricing

  • Flexible Pricing Models: Teletrac Navman offers a range of pricing options tailored to the size and complexity of the fleet, as well as the specific features required.
  • Customizable Plans: Businesses can choose from various service levels, each including different features and tools tailored to asset management needs.
  • Consultation Required: Detailed pricing and plan specifics are available through direct consultation, ensuring that businesses get a solution that fits their exact needs.

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • Trimble: Known for its robust hardware and precision in outdoor and challenging environments, suitable for heavy industries
  • Fleet Complete: Offers a comprehensive suite of tracking solutions that include asset management, ideal for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution
  • Asset Panda: Specializes in asset tracking across diverse sectors, providing flexible and scalable solutions tailored to specific industry needs

The Best Samsara Competitor for Fuel Management: Fleetio

Fleetio Strengths

  • Comprehensive Fuel Tracking: Fleetio provides detailed tracking of fuel purchases and consumption, enabling fleets to monitor fuel efficiency across their entire operations.
  • Fuel Card Integration: Seamlessly integrates with major fuel cards, automating data entry and ensuring accurate fuel spending records.
  • Cost Analysis Tools: Offers advanced tools to analyze fuel costs and identify trends, helping to pinpoint opportunities for cost reduction.
  • Automated Alerts and Reports: Generates automated alerts for unusual fuel usage patterns and comprehensive reports that aid in managing and optimizing fuel consumption.

Fleetio Weaknesses

  • Dependency on Accurate Data Entry: While integration with fuel cards automates much of the data collection, manual entries must still be accurate to ensure data integrity.
  • Learning Curve: The depth of features related to fuel management can require a period of learning for users to fully capitalize on the system’s capabilities.
  • Subscription Cost: Premium features, especially around advanced analytics and integrations, come at a higher cost, which might be a barrier for smaller fleets.
  • Mobile App Limitations: While Fleetio offers a mobile app, some users note limitations in mobile functionality compared to the desktop experience.

Product Overview

Fleetio stands out as a top solution for fuel management within fleet operations, offering a robust set of tools designed to streamline the tracking and analysis of fuel usage. Its platform is highly appreciated for its ability to integrate with fuel cards and provide real-time insights into fuel consumption patterns, helping fleets reduce costs and improve overall efficiency. Fleetio not only helps in tracking and reporting but also in forecasting and optimizing future fuel needs based on historical data.

Fleetio Pricing

  • Tiered Pricing Structure: Fleetio offers various pricing tiers that scale with the features provided, suitable for different sizes and types of fleets.
  • Custom Quotes: Specific pricing details are provided based on the fleet’s size and the particular needs related to fuel management.
  • Free Trial Available: Potential users can explore the features through a free trial, offering a risk-free way to assess the software’s impact on their fuel management processes.

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • WEX: Known for its specialized fuel management services that offer extensive control and reporting on fuel transactions.
  • Fuelman: Provides robust fuel management solutions with added benefits like discounts and specialized fuel reporting.
  • Samsara: While known for fleet management, Samsara also offers notable fuel tracking capabilities that integrate well with its overall vehicle telematics solutions.

The Best Samsara Competitor for Data Analytics and Reporting: Omnitracs

Omnitracs Strengths

  • Advanced Data Analytics: Omnitracs leverages big data to provide deep insights into fleet performance, helping managers make informed decisions.
  • Customizable Reporting: Offers flexible reporting tools that allow users to create tailored reports based on their specific needs and key performance indicators.
  • Real-Time Data Access: Provides real-time access to data, enabling immediate response to operational issues as they arise.
  • Predictive Analytics: Utilizes predictive models to forecast future trends in fleet operations, aiding in proactive decision making.

Omnitracs Weaknesses

  • Complexity of Tools: The advanced nature of the analytics tools can be challenging for users without technical expertise.
  • Integration Challenges: While powerful, integrating Omnitracs with existing systems can sometimes be complex and require additional resources.
  • Cost: Advanced analytics features come at a premium, potentially making Omnitracs less accessible for smaller fleets.
  • Heavy Reliance on Data Quality: The effectiveness of analytics depends highly on the quality of the input data, which means errors in data collection can significantly impact outcomes.

Product Overview

Omnitracs stands as a leader in fleet data analytics and reporting, offering a sophisticated suite of tools designed to optimize fleet management through actionable insights. Its system excels in converting vast amounts of data into understandable and useful information, facilitating better strategic planning and operational adjustments. Whether it’s improving route efficiency, enhancing driver safety, or reducing operational costs, Omnitracs provides the data backbone that drives these initiatives.

Omnitracs Pricing

  • Subscription-Based Model: Omnitracs offers a variety of subscription plans, tailored to the scale and complexity of fleet operations.
  • Custom Pricing: Specific pricing details are usually provided after a consultation, ensuring that businesses receive a configuration that meets their unique analytical needs.
  • Potential for Additional Costs: Advanced analytics features may incur extra charges, especially for customization and extended data storage.

Honorable Mentions in this Category

  • Mix Telematics: Noted for its robust regulatory compliance features and global fleet management capabilities
  • Geotab: Offers exceptional data granularity and intuitive analytics dashboards ideal for fleets seeking detailed operational insights
  • Trimble: Recognized for its integration of telematics data with advanced analytics to support large-scale logistics operations

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Samsara Competitor for Your Needs

Choosing the right Samsara competitor involves understanding your fleet's specific needs and the features most critical to enhancing its operations. Whether you require improved route optimization, detailed telematics insights, or rigorous safety and compliance tools, the market offers tailored solutions. Carefully assess each alternative to ensure it aligns with your business objectives, helping you optimize performance and efficiency effectively. Select a solution that not only matches but also enhances your operational capabilities for long-term success.

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