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Top 5 Bringg Competitors in 2024

Bringg Competitors

Discover how Circuit for Teams stands out in a crowded market of delivery management solutions.

Bringg's software-as-a-service (SaaS) model has made significant strides in optimizing supply chains and enhancing eCommerce operations

However, as the industry grows, so does the competition, especially in the critical area of last-mile delivery.

For businesses looking to stay ahead, it's vital to assess and understand the alternatives to Bringg. 

The reason is clear: optimizing delivery operations is no longer a luxury. It's necessary for survival and growth in this space.

This list will identify the top Bringg alternatives in 2024. We've examined a variety of factors to determine our top picks, including pricing, the functionality of delivery management features, and the ability to integrate with existing systems. 

We've also looked at how these platforms help businesses enhance their delivery services and improve overall customer experience.

In this article, we'll introduce the main delivery management competitors that contend with Bringg's offerings.

Key takeaways

  • The market offers a variety of delivery management solutions, each with unique features to cater to different business needs.
  • Innovations in real-time tracking, route optimization, and proof of delivery are key differentiators for top competitors.
  • Competitors offer scalable pricing models, making advanced delivery management systems accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  • Ongoing enhancements in platform functionalities and integration capabilities are central to maintaining a competitive edge.
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1. Circuit for Teams

circuit for teams map app

Circuit for Teams is a leading competitor in delivery management. 

It offers a suite of tools that optimize the complexity of delivery logistics, earning its place as a top choice for businesses seeking efficiency and reliability.

Route management 

cft route management

Circuit for Teams offers a robust route management system that stands out in the competitive landscape. Here's how its features have an edge over Bringg as a delivery solution:

  • Optimized route planning. Circuit for Teams generates the most efficient routes by considering multiple factors such as traffic, distance, and delivery windows. This optimization leads to significant time and cost savings.
  • Ease of use. The platform is designed for simplicity, allowing dispatchers to create and adjust routes with a few clicks.
  • Driver preferences. Circuit respects driver preferences and real-world constraints, providing a more personalized routing experience.
  • Adaptive to changes. When on the road, drivers or dispatchers can alter routes on-the-go to accommodate last-minute changes, offering a level of crucial flexibility for time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Proof of delivery. Integrated proof of delivery options make sure that all parties are informed once a delivery is completed, enhancing trust and transparency.

Multiple drivers and depots 

cft multiple drivers

Circuit for Teams stands out with its capability to manage multiple drivers and depots effectively, which is especially beneficial for businesses operating on a larger scale. Here's how Circuit for Teams excels in this area:

  • Centralized management. Easily assign drivers to depots and manage them from a single dashboard, streamlining the dispatch process.
  • Driver roles. Assign roles and permissions to drivers based on their responsibilities, allowing for a tailored approach to team management.
  • Scalability. The system scales with your business, accommodating an increasing number of drivers and depots without sacrificing performance or ease of use.
  • Depot optimization. Optimizes routes from multiple depots, making sure deliveries are efficient no matter the starting point.
  • Visibility and control. Maintain visibility over all drivers and depots and control your entire delivery operation from one place.

Live route tracking 

cft live route tracking

Circuit for Teams offers advanced live route tracking features that give it a competitive edge:

  • Real-time updates. Track drivers' locations in real-time and give immediate updates on delivery progress, which can be more detailed than Bringg.
  • Customer notifications. Automatically send customers real-time updates and estimated times of arrival (ETAs), enhancing the overall delivery experience.
  • Driver status. Monitor the status of each delivery, such as completed, in-progress, or delayed, offering greater transparency than some competitors.
  • Traffic adaptation. Routes are adjusted in response to traffic conditions, potentially offering more dynamic rerouting capabilities.
  • Accessible history. Access the history of routes and deliveries for any date, simplifying record-keeping and performance analysis.

API and integrations 

cft api integrations

Circuit for Teams' API and integration capabilities are robust features with several advantages:

  • Comprehensive API. Offers a wide-ranging API enabling extensive customization and integration with existing systems, which may give more flexibility than Bringg.
  • Integration ecosystem. It supports a vast ecosystem of integrations, enabling businesses to connect with eCommerce platforms, CRM systems, and inventory management tools seamlessly.
  • Automation opportunities. The API allows for the automation of routine tasks, reducing manual workloads and the potential for human error.
  • Data synchronization. Shows real-time data synchronization across various systems for a unified view of operations.
  • Ease of use. Designed to be developer-friendly, which can help in reducing the time and technical overhead needed for integrations.

Delivery analytics 

cft delivery analytics

Circuit for Teams offers a suite of delivery analytics tools designed to enhance end-to-end operational decision-making:

  • Detailed reporting. Gives comprehensive reports on delivery performance, including metrics like delivery times, distances covered, and success rates.
  • Performance insights. Gain insights into driver performance, which can inform training and operational improvements.
  • Customer feedback. Collect and analyze customer feedback directly related to delivery experiences, which drives service enhancements.
  • Data-driven decisions. Use analytics to make informed decisions on route optimization and resource allocation.
  • Historical data analysis. Access and analyze historical delivery data to identify trends and patterns over time.


cft pricing

Circuit for Teams offers a competitive pricing structure designed to accommodate a range of business sizes and needs:

  • Tiered pricing plans. Circuit offers various plans, so businesses can choose the level of service matching their budget and operational requirements.
  • No hidden fees. The up-front pricing is transparent, which is more straightforward compared to some of Bringg's pricing models.
  • Free trial. Businesses can test the service with a free trial, providing an opportunity to evaluate the platform before committing financially.
  • Scalable solutions. As a business grows, Circuit's pricing plans scale accordingly, so companies only pay for the features they need.
  • Cost-effectiveness. With features designed to reduce delivery times and increase efficiency, Circuit for Teams can offer a better cost-to-benefit ratio.

Compared to Bringg, Circuit for Teams has a more flexible and cost-effective pricing strategy, which can be especially appealing to small and medium-sized businesses looking to control costs while maximizing delivery efficiency.

2. Routific

routific software

Routific has made a name for itself with sophisticated delivery route planning and optimization algorithms designed to make dispatchers' lives easier and deliveries more efficient. 

It utilizes advanced logistics software to streamline the route planning process, saving time and reducing fuel costs.

The Routific driver app is renowned for its functionality and ease of use, which significantly contributes to a seamless delivery experience. Here are some of the top features:

  • User-friendly interface. Drivers can navigate the app with minimal training.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation. Makes sure drivers take the most efficient routes.
  • Automated dispatch. Assigns routes with the click of a button.
  • Proof of delivery. Captures signatures and photos within the app.


routific pricing chart

Routific's pricing strategy is competitive and varies based on the features and scale needed by the business. This contrasts with Bringg's pricing, which may not offer as much flexibility for smaller or scaling operations. 

Key points regarding Routific's pricing include:

  • Tiered pricing model. Allows businesses to pay for just what they need.
  • Free trial. Routific offers a free trial to test its features, adding value for those who want to try before they buy.
  • No upfront costs. Pay-as-you-go pricing doesn’t lock businesses into long-term, costly contracts.

This approach to pricing can make Routific an attractive option for businesses who are mindful of price and want to avoid the commitment of a large initial investment.

3. Onfleet

onfleet homepage

Onfleet has established itself as a key player in the delivery logistics arena. It’s particularly praised for its real-time delivery tracking and efficient route optimization capabilities. 

These features are central to Onfleet's promise of delivering an exceptional management experience and operational efficiency.

The platform's API and automation tools are robust, streamlining the complex processes involved in delivery operations. Key features include:

  • Automated dispatch. Simplifying assignment of deliveries to drivers.
  • Predictive ETA. Providing customers with accurate delivery times.
  • Optimized routing. Reducing mileage and service times.
  • Customizable SMS notifications. Keeping customers informed.


onfleet pricing chart

Onfleet's pricing structure offers multiple tiers, making it accessible for small businesses with the potential to scale as they grow. In comparison to Bringg, its perks include:

  • Scalability. Onfleet offers a range of plans from starter to professional, allowing for growth without sudden price hikes.
  • Transparent pricing. Onfleet lists its prices openly online, which can be more transparent than some of Bringg's custom pricing approaches.
  • Free trial. Onfleet offers a trial period, which is particularly appealing for small businesses looking to test the waters before committing.

This flexible pricing model makes sure small businesses can start optimizing their delivery operations without the burden of a heavy initial investment and scale their use of the platform as their delivery volume grows.

4. Tookan

tookan homepage

Tookan is recognized for its adaptability, serving various business models that need on-demand delivery and comprehensive fleet management. 

It caters to businesses that need a dynamic and responsive service to manage their delivery and transportation operations.

Key features of Tookan that stand out include:

  • Dynamic ETA. Gives customers accurate and real-time estimated times of arrival.
  • Barcode scanning. Streamlines the delivery process with easy proof of delivery through barcode scanning.
  • Geofencing. Enhances security and efficiency with location-based triggers.
  • Custom workflows. Allows businesses to customize and automate their delivery process according to their specific needs.


tookan pricing chart

Tookan's pricing strategy is competitive and accessible, particularly for startups and small businesses. It offers:

  • Flexible plans. Various pricing tiers are based on the number of tasks and level of functionality needed.
  • Transparent costs. Clear pricing information helps businesses anticipate expenses without worrying about hidden fees.

This approach makes Tookan an attractive option for cost-conscious businesses needing a robust delivery management system. 

The platform’s flexible pricing tiers allow businesses to scale up their services as they grow, so Tookan remains a viable option for a broad range of businesses.

5. eLogii

elogii homepage

ELogii emerges as a formidable competitor to Bringg. It’s especially noted for its comprehensive features that optimize the supply chain and improve last mile delivery efficiencies. 

As a solution focused on delivery management, eLogii offers a competitive suite of features.

Key features that define eLogii’s offering include:

  • Advanced route optimization. Generates the most efficient delivery routes, saving time and costs.
  • Real-time tracking. Offers visibility into the delivery process, enhancing accountability and customer service.
  • Electronic proof of delivery. Simplifies the delivery confirmation process with digital signatures, photos, and notes.
  • Customizable fields. Allows for the addition of specific information to each delivery task, tailoring the system to varied business needs.

The company has continued to innovate, particularly with recent updates to its mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. 

These enhancements are crucial as they improve the user experience for drivers and customers alike, keeping eLogii at the cutting edge of delivery management software.


elogii pricing

ELogii approaches pricing with a focus on creating customized solutions that align with the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Here’s how their model works:

  • Customized pricing proposals. Instead of a one-size-fits-all pricing structure, eLogii prepares a tailored proposal meeting a business's unique requirements. This makes sure companies only pay for the features they need.
  • Consultative approach. By requiring businesses to contact their team, eLogii has a consultative approach to pricing, which can offer a more precise alignment with operational needs and budget considerations.
  • Scalable solutions. ELogii supports business growth by providing scalable delivery management solutions, which can evolve as a business expands its operations.

This personalized pricing strategy sets eLogii apart as a versatile alternative to Bringg by catering especially to businesses looking for a scalable, tailored solution.

Get everything you need for successful last-mile delivery management with Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams stands out as a top competitor to Bringg by offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored for efficient last-mile delivery management

It combines route optimization, real-time tracking, and advanced analytics in a solution that streamlines the delivery process from start to finish.

The platform's versatility is evident in its ability to manage multiple drivers and depots with ease, its user-friendly driver app, and its flexible API and integration capabilities. 

These features make Circuit for Teams a preferred choice for businesses aiming to enhance their delivery operations and customer experience.

With Circuit for Teams, businesses can expect to optimize their supply chain, improve the accuracy of ETAs, and give seamless delivery experiences — all critical components for success in the competitive landscape of delivery management.

For a delivery management platform that prioritizes efficiency and offers the tools necessary for success in the last mile, look no further than Circuit for Teams. 

Start optimizing your delivery operations today by signing up at Circuit for Teams.

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