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How CarryAll now makes light work of heavy deliveries, saving three hours a day

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The team at CarryAll is expert at solving tricky problems, as they specialize in B2C delivery of oversized, overweight, and uniquely shaped items. However, when it came to route planning and optimization, they turned to Circuit for Teams for answers.

The story of CarryAll

For over 15 years, CarryAll has been offering logistics services across Hungary. As demand for B2C bulky item delivery grew so did their business, and in 2021 they took the step to add home delivery to their skills.

With a fleet of 15 vehicles, CarryAll successfully completes approximately 6000 deliveries a month. If you order a new bed in Budapest or a washing machine in Miskolc, CarryAll will probably deliver it.

As part of their commitment to customer satisfaction, their delivery options extend beyond the doorstep. They deliver to a room of choice, remove old items, dispose of packaging, and install items.

Route planning pain

Despite building its own in-house software to manage warehousing, fulfillment, and customer service operations, CarryAll has historically always used a third-party solution for route planning.

Trying to find the right tool for the job led them to test local route planning tools and global solutions. Some applications felt like they were ‘in the stone age’ and nothing provided the perfect outcome.

It was clear that a better way of planning routes was needed, and finding it would immediately benefit their business.

"You can save a lot of money if you drive the shortest, best, and most efficient route"

Lorant Bartus Co-Owner and CarryAll’s Head of Logistics and Business Development, knew that their route planning process could be improved. The limitations of some tools they had tried made constantly replanning routes every 10 stops "slow and painful."

Outsourcing for a better solution

"There comes a point when you have to decide whether to build your own solution or buy it from a third party"

The limitations of the route planning software they were using became a bigger problem as the home delivery business grew. 

Experienced in building bespoke software for their needs, they considered developing their own in-house tool. After researching the project scope and build costs of self-development, they made the strategic decision to seek out a more suitable third-party platform.

A key aspect of the new tool was that it future-proofed CarryAll's ability to integrate and automate additional processes via an API in the future. They didn't want to end up outgrowing their route planning tool again in a few years.

I researched how we could solve route planning, and discovered just how many hours of development were required to handle mapping, calculations, and optimizing a route. That’s when I thought, we don't have to do it ourselves because Circuit can do it for us, and building an integration would be the best option.

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Lorant Bartus
Co-Owner and Head of Logistics and Business Development for CarryAll

Saving three hours a day

"Time is money."

After just a few days of trialing Circuit for Teams, the team at CarryAll immediately noticed the difference. Being able to calculate the optimum route in one click revolutionized their route and operational efficiency.

"Our operations team consists of just nine people, but we achieve double the output of larger businesses I have worked at because we automate as much as possible."

According to Lorant, Circuit routing has saved their dispatchers around three hours a day, and giving them back this time allows them to spend that time focussing on exceptional customer service.

"Using Circuit we have saved time route planning which means we can put more focus on operations and customer service."

The future is fully automated

"Circuit adds new features continuously. You put a lot of effort into developing your product."

Now happy and confident with their route planning software, CarryAll has future plans to ramp up efficiency even more.

Circuit's roadmap includes new features that will allow them to create an API integration that will completely automate route planning from raw delivery data to the customer’s doorstep.

"If we can use our resources—not only human resources but every kind of resource—in a better and more efficient way, it will absolutely have a positive financial impact."

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