29 November 202312 minute read

Routific vs. Onfleet vs. Circuit: What Are The Differences?


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In today’s fast-moving world, businesses that deliver have to be quick, efficient, and smart about how they operate. 

Time is of the essence, and every second saved in planning can mean a significant leap in productivity and cost reduction. 

This is where route optimization and delivery management become not just useful, but essential tools for success.

Enter Routific, Onfleet, and Circuit — three leaders in the realm of route planning software and delivery management. Each offers unique functionalities aimed at streamlining the process of getting goods from A to B in the most efficient way possible. 

Routific touts its intelligent algorithms, Onfleet its comprehensive delivery analytics, and Circuit offers intuitive ease of use and adaptability for teams.

This article aims to discuss the specifics of each route optimization software, comparing their features, user experience, and overall value to your business. 

We'll explore how these platforms can save precious time and cut down on operational costs so you can make an informed decision that could redefine the efficiency of your delivery operations. 

Whether you're a small business startup or a large-scale delivery manager, understanding these differences is key in choosing the right partner for your end-to-end route planning needs. 

Key takeaways

  • Routific, Onfleet, and Circuit are key players in route optimization, each with unique features like advanced algorithms, comprehensive analytics, and user-friendly interfaces to improve delivery management efficiency.
  • User reviews reflect high satisfaction with Routific's functionality and customer service, Onfleet's community impact and interface, and Circuit's ease of use and time-saving features, though each has areas for improvement.
  • Cost-effectiveness varies with Routific and Onfleet offering scalable solutions for different business sizes, and Circuit offers tiered pricing, making them suitable for both small and large operations.
  • Choosing the "best" platform depends on business-specific needs: Routific for routing flexibility, Onfleet for feature-rich ease of use, and Circuit for simplicity and efficient onboarding.
  • Circuit excels in route planning, driver notifications, and live tracking, which can automate and streamline on-demand delivery services within specified time windows, enhancing overall service time.
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routific homepage

Routific stands as a testament to robust delivery management, offering sophisticated solutions to businesses keen on enhancing their logistical operations.

Routific has carved out a significant niche in the market, recognized for its powerful route optimization capabilities. 

It serves as a pivotal tool for businesses looking to refine their delivery processes and is designed to cater to the needs of dispatchers and delivery teams who prioritize efficiency and reliability in their daily operations.

Key features 

At the core of Routific’s offerings are key features that address the critical needs of route planning and delivery.

  • Route optimization. Utilizes an advanced engine to calculate the most time and fuel-efficient routes for drivers.
  • Real-time driver tracking. Offers live updates on driver location for proactive management and customer updates.
  • Proof of delivery. Supports digital confirmations that help secure customer trust and streamline the delivery confirmation process.
  • App integrations. Integrates with familiar tools like Google Maps, enhancing the route planning experience with detailed mapping.

Pricing plans 

routific pricing

Routific’s pricing strategy is designed to be flexible, catering to a range of business needs and sizes. 

  • Essential plan. Covers essential route optimization for smaller operations.
  • Professional plan. Includes features like comprehensive tracking and reporting for larger scale businesses.
  • Professional+ plan. Includes additional features like customer notifications with ETAs and a delivery tracker link. 

User reviews and testimonials 

Routific's strong standing is evident, with an overall rating of 4.9 on Capterra, showcasing its exceptional performance across the board. 

Users find Routific to be highly user-friendly and are particularly satisfied with the level of customer service, as reflected in the ratings of 4.8 in both categories.

routific pros cons


  • Responsive customer support. Customer support is frequently praised for its responsiveness and clarity, which proves invaluable during both the testing and implementation phases.
  • App utility and dispatch. The app's utility and ease of dispatching routes directly to drivers' phones have made it a favorite among volunteers and staff.
  • Driver setup and UI. Users appreciate the no-fuss setup for drivers, highlighting the lack of a need for account creation or password sharing, and commend the driver app for its attractive, clean, and intuitive user interface.
  • Functionality and ease of use. In comparison with other route planners, Routific stands out for its superior functionality and ease of use, making it the top choice for businesses after rigorous research and free trials.


  • Routing sequencing control. Some users express the need for more control over the sequencing of stops, such as the ability to prioritize certain delivery locations to optimize for traffic conditions.
  • Workflow interruptions. Interruptions in workflow due to having to stop and dispatch routes after they have already been published have been mentioned as a hiccup in the otherwise smooth process.
  • Pricing and notification flexibility. There is feedback suggesting that the pricing model could be improved, with a preference for a flat fee service. Additionally, some users would like more flexibility in customer notifications, with the ability to send both SMS and email notifications simultaneously.

Top reviews:

  • Efficient support and customer satisfaction. "Customer support was fast, clear, and helpful as I was testing and then implementing. And it turned out our volunteers love the app and having the route dispatched to their phone."
  • Tech enthusiast’s choice. "I love technology and started looking for a solution. Stumbling upon Routific was a godsend."
  • Superior functionality. "I researched several route planners and signed up for free trials with the 3 I liked most. Routific, by far, had the best functionality and ease of use."

Routific is highly regarded for its functionality, user-friendly interface, and responsive customer support. 

While there's room for improvement in terms of routing flexibility and pricing structure, the overall consensus is that Routific significantly enhances the delivery process, making it a standout choice for businesses focused on optimizing their delivery operations.



Onfleet stands out as a dedicated delivery management powerhouse, poised to elevate logistical intricacies into streamlined operations. 

Acknowledged for its dynamic driver app and real-time capabilities, Onfleet is the go-to for businesses in search of a scalable, reliable delivery operation system. 

It’s engineered to meet the fast-paced demands of dispatchers and delivery personnel, putting efficiency and accuracy at the forefront of every delivery.

Key features 

Onfleet’s suite of features addresses the essential aspects of delivery management head-on:

  • Route optimization. Leveraging advanced algorithms, Onfleet crafts the most efficient delivery paths, significantly enhancing time management and fuel consumption.
  • Real-time tracking. With live location updates, businesses can manage their teams proactively, making sure that every package's journey from depot to doorstep is under vigilant supervision.
  • Proof of delivery. Equipped with digital confirmation tools, Onfleet fortifies trust with customers, delivering not just packages but also peace of mind.
  • SMS updates. Immediate and informative, SMS notifications keep customers informed, forging a transparent and responsive delivery experience.

Pricing plans 

onfleet pricing

Onfleet’s pricing framework is designed with scalability in mind, offering a range of plans to suit various business volumes and operational scales:

  • Launch. Ideal for emerging businesses, focusing on fundamental route optimization and proof of delivery.
  • Scale. Built for expanding operations, it includes enhanced features like barcode scanning and advanced ETA notifications.
  • Enterprise. Customized plan for large-scale delivery networks, offering advanced tools for in-depth operational command and customer engagement.

User reviews and testimonials 

Onfleet's reputation is robust among users, as evidenced by its strong overall rating of 4.7 on Capterra

The platform is commended for its ease of use and effective customer service, with a rating of 4.5 in both categories. 

It's evident from the reviews that Onfleet is not just a tool but a vital component in the success of delivery operations.

onfleet pros cons


  • Streamlined onboarding and interface. Users rave about the straightforward onboarding process and the user-friendly interface, which comes packed with features that optimize delivery time, routes, and costs.
  • Enhanced delivery accuracy. The software's impact on the accuracy and punctuality of deliveries is highlighted, indicating that Onfleet's routing capabilities are top-notch and contribute to improved on-time delivery rates.
  • Support for community service. Onfleet is celebrated for its role in community service, with users sharing heartfelt stories about how the software has allowed them to support those in need more effectively.
  • Intuitive software with excellent support. The robust yet intuitive nature of the software, combined with stellar customer service, is frequently mentioned, underscoring Onfleet's commitment to a supportive user experience.


  • Communication efficiency. Despite the overwhelming positivity, users have noted some areas that could use improvement. The most significant issue seems to be a disconnect between customer communication and the logistics desk, though this is described more as a benefit, indicating a reduction in unnecessary communication due to the software's efficiency.
  • Technical glitches. Some users have experienced technical glitches with client information not being saved or displayed correctly, which has led to confusion and potential disruptions in service.

Top reviews:

  • Effortless start and feature-rich. "Super easy onboarding process and easy user interface. With lots of features like dispatch management, driver management it optimizes time, routes, costs as well."
  • Driving delivery success. "Onfleet is a fantastic program that has not only improved the routing of our drivers, but it allows us to be more accurate when making deliveries so our on-time rates have improved."
  • Empowering community efforts. "This software has really been the only way we could serve our community at this level. We are so grateful to Onfleet for helping us help feed the less fortunate during this stressful time."
  • Business-critical tool. "Onfleet has been a huge help to my business. It's robust, yet easy to use and the customer service is fantastic."

In summary, Onfleet emerges as a highly regarded platform in the delivery management space, praised for its efficiency and positive impact on delivery businesses and community services alike. 

While it is not without its technical challenges, the overall sentiment from users is one of appreciation for the software's capabilities and the value it adds to their operations.

Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams is acknowledged for its adeptness in route planning and optimization, presenting a strategic edge to businesses aiming for top-notch last-mile delivery management. 

The platform's real-time tracking and efficient driver notification systems are pivotal, making sure that local delivery services are seamless, timely, and adaptable to on-the-ground realities.

Key features 

Circuit for Teams' suite of features is crafted to enhance the delivery experience:

  • Route planning and optimization. A sophisticated engine drives the creation of efficient and practical delivery routes.
  • Live tracking. Real-time updates give insights into delivery progress for proactive management.
  • Driver notifications. Instantaneous communication makes sure drivers are informed and efficient.
  • Proof of delivery. Electronic signatures and photo confirmations simplify the delivery process, particularly beneficial for eCommerce businesses.
  • API integration. Make delivery operations fast and efficient by automating tricky processes and developing solutions tailored specifically to your business with two-way API.
  • Mobile app. Available on iOS and Android.

Pricing plans 

circuit pricing

Circuit for Teams offers a tiered pricing approach:

  • Essentials plan. Targets the fundamental needs of route planning and live tracking.
  • Standard plan. Expands capabilities with additional features suited for growing businesses.
  • Pro plan. Offers a comprehensive suite for large-scale operations, prioritizing extensive route optimization and advanced proof of delivery options.

User reviews and testimonials 

User feedback for Circuit for Teams paints a vivid picture of a delivery management software that's not just efficient but also user-friendly and supported by exceptional customer service. 

Averaging an impressive overall rating of 4.8 on Capterra, our software garners praise for its route optimization features and the time-saving benefits it gives.

circuit pros cons


  • High user satisfaction. Many users have expressed their satisfaction, with some becoming staunch advocates for Circuit, recommending it to peers within the industry.
  • Exemplary customer service. The standout performance of Circuit's customer service, particularly individual team members like Kev, suggests a commitment to excellence in user support.
  • Simple and effective interface. The platform's interface gets accolades for its simplicity, making it an immediate favorite among users for its ease of use and quick learning curve.
  • Praised by employees. Employees, both new and seasoned, compliment the software's straightforward delivery process, underscoring its effectiveness across the board.
  • Operational efficiency. A consistent theme in positive reviews is the significant amount of time saved in organizing deliveries and optimizing routes, indicating a direct impact on operational efficiency.


  • Mobile app functionality. Feedback on areas for improvement centers around the mobile app's administrative functionalities. Some users find the lack of in-app route adjustment capabilities a slight inconvenience.
  • Address accuracy concerns. A few users have encountered challenges with address accuracy when Circuit interfaces with Google Maps, although such instances are rare.
  • Learning curve for route editing. While route editing within the app initially presents a learning curve, users report that it becomes much more manageable with experience.

Top reviews:

circuit top reviews
  • Business recommendation. "We're so happy we found this app and have recommended it to other businesses."
  • Outstanding customer service. "My overall experience with Circuit has been fantastic. Kev has been outstanding in every aspect, specifically in the area of customer service."
  • Time-saving route optimization. "Circuit is brilliant for organizing deliveries and optimizing driver routes, saving you hours’ worth of work. The service and support we received was second to none."

In essence, Circuit for Teams is celebrated for its strong performance in route optimization and customer service, with a few minor areas identified for enhancement. 

Testimonials often reflect a sense of loyalty and satisfaction, underscoring the software's value in the logistics and delivery management arena.

Comparison and evaluation of the three tools

In the realm of delivery management, choosing the right software is pivotal to efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Routific, Onfleet, and Circuit each offer robust software solutions but shine in different aspects. 

Let's dive into a feature-by-feature comparison, user reviews analysis, and a breakdown of cost-effectiveness to guide businesses in making an informed decision.

Key features 

When comparing Routific, Onfleet, and Circuit, key features stand out for each:

  • Routific excels in route optimization and driver tracking, boasting advanced algorithms and seamless app integrations.
  • Onfleet offers comprehensive analytics and real-time tracking, with a focus on improving on-time delivery performance through efficient routing and strong proof of delivery capabilities.
  • Circuit prioritizes ease of use and driver notification systems, aiming to simplify the route planning and delivery process with intuitive features like electronic signatures for proof of delivery.

Performance based on user reviews 

Performance insights from user reviews paint a distinct picture:

  • Routific users report high satisfaction with the platform's ease of use and customer service, though some desire greater control over route sequencing.
  • Onfleet is praised for its user-friendly interface and onboarding, as well as its positive community impact, yet some users report technical glitches.
  • Circuit garners applause for its simplicity and efficiency, with feedback pointing to a need for improved mobile app functionalities and address accuracy.

Price comparison and cost effectiveness 

Pricing structures vary across the three:

  • Routific offers a flexible pricing model designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, which can be cost-effective for companies needing scalable solutions.
  • Onfleet structures its pricing to support scalability, with plans that cater to different levels of delivery complexity, a beneficial aspect for growing businesses.
  • Circuit offers tiered pricing that allows businesses to choose based on their size and needs, making it a viable option for both small and large operations.

Pros and cons of each 

Each software has its strengths and weaknesses:

  • Routific stands out in functionality and customer service but falls short in route sequencing flexibility.
  • Onfleet is strong in delivery accuracy and community support but faces challenges with technical hiccups.
  • Circuit shines with a user-friendly approach and operational efficiency yet has room for improvement in mobile app capability and address verification.

Which platform is best?

best route planning platform

The "best" platform is subjective and dependent on the specific needs of a business. For those prioritizing advanced routing and flexibility, Routific may be the top choice. 

Onfleet could be the go-to for businesses looking for a balance between advanced features and ease of use. 

For organizations valuing simplicity and efficient onboarding, Circuit might be the ideal solution. 

Ultimately, the best software is one that aligns with your business's operational demands, budget, and long-term goals. 

Consider the nuances of each platform and how they match your delivery management needs before making a choice.

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