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Upper Route Planner Review 2024


Discover how Upper Route Planner stacks up in the competitive world of route planning in comparison to industry leaders like Circuit for Teams

In today's fast-paced logistics world, picking the right route planner is crucial because businesses are leaning on tech more than ever to get ahead. Enter Upper Route Planner, a solid contender in this race. 

This review dives into Upper Route Planner, but it's not just about listing features. I'll break down what Upper Route Planner brings to the table — like route optimization, real-time tracking, and user-friendliness — and explore how it measures up to competition like Circuit for Teams, which has set a pretty high bar in the route planning game.

Whether you're running a small business, managing logistics, or just curious about route planning tech, here are some insights that could make a difference in your choice. Let's see what Upper Route Planner has to offer in this competitive world. 

Key takeaways

  • Upper Route Planner excels in providing comprehensive route optimization, real-time tracking, and efficient delivery management that is especially suited for large-scale operations.
  • Despite its advanced capabilities, Upper faces challenges in user-friendliness. It has a steeper learning curve compared to more intuitive platforms.
  • Upper's strong API integration and spreadsheet compatibility cater well to businesses requiring in-depth technical solutions and integration with various CRM systems.
  • User reviews highlight its effectiveness in route planning and customer service, with some noting compatibility and responsiveness issues as areas for improvement.
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Key features of Upper Route Planner

features of upper route planner

Upper Route Planner, a contender in the route planning market, offers features designed to enhance the delivery process:

  • Route optimization. The platform provides quick optimization for multiple drivers, taking into account delivery priorities and service times along with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature for stop rearrangement.
  • Proof of delivery. Upper includes digital proof of delivery functionalities, enabling drivers to collect signatures, capture delivery confirmation photos, and add necessary notes — all via phone.
  • Reports and analytics. Users have access to both summary and detailed reports covering custom time ranges along with daily insights through end-of-day reports, aiding in operational efficiency.
  • Dispatching. The tool streamlines dispatching with features that organize driver teams and provide accurate driving directions and delivery instructions. It also sends automatic notifications to customers regarding ETA and delivery status.

User experience and functionality

As a player in the competitive route planning market, Upper Route Planner is designed to optimize user experience and delivery operations.

  • Cross-device synchronization. This feature facilitates the management of delivery operations across multiple devices, enhancing accessibility for various users.
  • Mobile app availability. The app, available on iOS and Android, focuses on broad user accessibility and convenience.
  • Efficient planning. The platform aims to reduce manual planning time, with claims of optimizing routes in under five minutes, suggesting a focus on improving operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Real-time adaptation. It includes features for dynamic route re-optimization to adapt quickly to unforeseen changes, emphasizing its capability to handle delivery uncertainties.
  • Analytics for better decision-making. Upper incorporates analytics to provide insights for informed decision-making, potentially boosting operational efficiency and profitability.
  • Google Maps integration. While it integrates with standard navigation apps, Upper Route Planner differentiates itself from basic route planners by positioning itself as a more comprehensive solution for complex routing requirements.

Specialized features for different users 

Upper Route Planner offers specialized features for diverse user groups, such as small businesses and food delivery services:

  • Efficient route planning and optimization. Upper offers an automated delivery process with route planning, optimization, and Excel file data import for route generation.
  • Advanced scheduling. The software supports scheduling multi-stop deliveries in advance, catering to the precise needs of food delivery services.
  • Enhanced customer experience. Upper Route Planner sends customized ETA notifications, a vital aspect of food delivery services that confirms timely customer availability.
  • Proof of delivery and seamless communication. The platform also includes functionalities for seamless capture of delivery confirmations and notes, enhancing accountability and transparency.

Upper Route Planner addresses the specific needs of its targeted user groups by focusing on aspects like efficiency, advanced scheduling, and customer communication.

Technical aspects

Upper Route Planner's technical capabilities are centered around its robust API integration, spreadsheet compatibility, and efficient route optimization algorithms:

  • API integration. Upper's API quickly integrates, optimizes complex routes rapidly, and creates advanced delivery schedules. Its flexibility and compatibility with various CRM systems, including popular platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, and Salesforce, highlight its adaptability to diverse business needs.
  • Efficient optimization algorithms. The scalable route optimization API is capable of handling high-volume orders and managing routes for large driver teams, suggesting a focus on high-efficiency solutions.
  • Cost-effective and scalable solutions. The API's ability to reduce operational costs by optimizing routes for fewer drivers and shorter distances is a key feature for saving both time and costs. Its scalability supports business growth.
  • Automation and analytics. Emphasizing automation in route planning and optimization, Upper's API offers detailed insights into delivery operations, which streamlines decision-making processes for businesses.

Performance analysis

From a competitor's lens, Upper Route Planner's approach to optimizing delivery operations is noteworthy. It's designed to streamline route planning and minimize manual efforts and driving times. 

This focus on quick and efficient route optimization is significant, especially when considering the traditional challenges of manual planning.

Moreover, Upper's automated dispatching and real-time tracking capabilities show a commitment to simplifying the dispatch process. Features like in-app proof of delivery and customer notifications are integral to its strategy for enhancing delivery operations.

The inclusion of detailed reports for operational improvement reflects Upper Route Planner's dedication to refining route management, a crucial factor in the competitive delivery industry.

Comparison with other route planning software

upper route planner comparison

Upper Route Planner holds its ground in the competitive landscape of route planning software. Here's a comparative analysis with some of its competitors:

Upper vs. Routific

  • Routific. Known for import and export management, API-based analytics, and reciprocal link creation.
  • Upper. Focuses on shipping and delivery, accounting reports, dispatch management, and delivery tracking.
  • Key comparison points. Scalability, customization, ease of use, and customer support. Both are web-based and cater to all industries but differ in their approach. Routific focuses more on user experience and Upper on diverse functionalities​​​​​​.

Upper vs. Route4Me

  • Route4Me. Features route optimization, capture sharing, keyboard shortcut mapping, and real-time editing.
  • Upper. Similar to Routific comparison, specializes in shipping snd delivery, dispatch management, and delivery tracking.
  • Key comparison points. Route4Me offers specific features like real-time editing and customizability, while Upper focuses on diverse modules and functionality​​.

Upper vs. RoadWarrior

  • RoadWarrior. Comparatively limited, especially in stops and optimizations.
  • Upper. Offers unlimited stops and optimizations, advanced search capabilities, integrated live driver tracking, built-in ETA features, user-friendly interface, and performance analytics.
  • Standout points for Upper. Superior in creating routes with unlimited stops, maintaining customer information, accurately tracking drivers, and providing robust reporting and analytics​​.

Upper vs. Onfleet

  • Onfleet. Includes route optimization, keywords, customer management, and driver settlement.
  • Upper. Similar to previous comparisons, and focuses on core delivery functionalities.
  • Key comparison points. While both offer web-based deployment and are suited for all industries, Onfleet is more industry-specific (logistics), and Upper provides a more diverse range of modules and customization options​​.

Upper vs. MapQuest

  • MapQuest. Limited in route planning capabilities and features.
  • Upper. Offers a comprehensive suite of features, including Excel import for route planning, advanced route optimization, timeline view for route adjustments, and more.
  • Upper’s advantages. More efficient in optimizing routes considering various factors, allows for reassigning and swapping routes, and provides detailed analytics and tracking features. Additionally, Upper offers more cost-effective plans compared to MapQuest​​.

Upper vs. Circuit for Teams

  • User experience. Circuit outshines Upper with its more intuitive and user-friendly interface, appealing especially to drivers and small business owners who value simplicity and ease of operation.
  • Route optimization. Both offer robust route optimization, but Circuit is renowned for its speed and efficiency, crucial for businesses with time-sensitive deliveries, while Upper caters to more complex, larger-scale routing needs.
  • Customer service. Circuit's customer service is notably quick and helpful compared to Upper's more technical-oriented support.
  • Integration and accessibility. Circuit provides seamless integration and easy accessibility across various platforms. Upper, though it offers similar integration capabilities, is more focused on integrating complex operational functionalities.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Circuit is often preferred for its balance of features and affordability, making it a value-for-money choice, especially for smaller operations. Upper, with its comprehensive feature set, targets businesses requiring more advanced route planning capabilities, which is reflected in its pricing structure.

While Upper offers comprehensive features for larger-scale operations, Circuit distinguishes itself as the more user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solution, particularly suited for small and medium-sized businesses seeking reliable and easy-to-use route planning software.

Customer insights

Upper Route Planner has received varied user feedback on its functionality and customer experience:

  • David — food production industry. David’s experience with Upper highlights its ease of use, value, responsive customer service, and seamless integration with existing systems like Excel. The learning curve was mentioned as a challenge, but the support provided by Upper's team, including on-site visits, facilitated the transition​​.
  • Joshua — warehousing industry. Joshua reported an overwhelmingly positive experience, citing the ease of use and the cost-effectiveness of Upper as key advantages. Joshua found Upper to be an ideal solution for piloting a project and later integrated it into long-term processes due to its flexible features​​.
  • Katherine — furniture industry. Katherine appreciated the digitalization of routing, which marked a significant improvement from paper-based systems. However, she noted compatibility issues with other programs and longer loading times as drawbacks​​.
  • Juan — transportation/trucking/railroad industry. Juan found Upper particularly beneficial for time savings and ease of use, even for those not very tech-savvy. A limitation was noted in the inability to add stops mid-route​​.

These reviews reflect user satisfaction with Upper Route Planner, particularly regarding its ease of use, customer support, and functionality. However, certain limitations, like software compatibility and system responsiveness, were also highlighted, suggesting areas for potential improvement.

Pricing and trial options

Upper Route Planner offers a range of pricing plans catered to various business sizes and needs:

Essentials plan:

  • Monthly price: $100, discounted to $70 for the annual subscription.
  • Users included: Up to three users.
  • Additional user cost: $39.99 per month, reduced to $31.99 for the annual option.
  • Trial option: Offers a free trial so users can explore features without an immediate commitment​​.

Growth plan:

  • Monthly price:  $200, discounted to $140 for the annual subscription.
  • Users included: Up to five users.
  • Additional user cost: $49.99 per month, lowered to $39.99 for the annual option.
  • Trial option: Includes a free trial to test the software's capabilities​​.

Enterprise plan:

  • Designed for larger businesses with more than 500 users.
  • Pricing: Contact Upper directly for a custom quote.
  • Features: This plan includes advanced features and support tailored to large-scale business needs​​.

These pricing options show Upper Route Planner's flexibility in accommodating different business sizes. The availability of free trials for the smaller plans allows potential customers to evaluate the software before making a financial commitment.

Final verdict on Upper Route Planner’s suitability

In conclusion, Upper Route Planner is well-equipped for handling complex delivery routes, pickups, and multi-stop routes, as its functionalities save time and enhance delivery management. Its suitability is particularly evident in scenarios requiring detailed route optimization software, time windows management, and comprehensive driver app features.

For those prioritizing a more streamlined, user-focused solution (particularly for delivery businesses using iPhones, iPads, or Android mobile devices), Circuit for Teams stands out. 

Circuit's app, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, is tailored for delivering the most efficient route planning, especially for multi-stop routes and delivery management. Its 7-day trial allows users to experience its benefits firsthand, making it a sound choice for delivery businesses seeking effective software solutions.

To explore how Circuit for Teams aligns with your business needs, consider signing up for a trial.

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