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Circuit vs. Upper: Comparing Route Planning Software


Discover how Circuit for Teams revolutionizes route planning, offering unparalleled efficiency and time-saving solutions.

Route planning software plays a pivotal role in modern logistics, greatly impacting efficiency and time management in business operations. 

Tools like Circuit and Upper are essential for optimizing delivery routes, reducing operational costs, and enhancing productivity. These solutions offer advanced algorithms and real-time data, making sure businesses can adapt to ever-changing road conditions and maintain high customer satisfaction. 

This article will compare Circuit and Upper, exploring how each can meet different business needs and streamline route management.

Key takeaways

  • Optimizing field service efficiency. Effective route planning tools significantly enhance field service operations by confirming timely arrivals and efficient scheduling.
  • Best route planning practices. Leveraging route optimization tools leads to finding the best routes, saving time, and reducing operational costs.
  • Mobile accessibility. The integration of route planning software with mobile devices facilitates real-time management and adaptability, crucial for on-the-go adjustments.
  • Route optimization tool benefits. Using a sophisticated route planning tool is essential for businesses to manage complex delivery schedules, promoting efficient utilization of resources and improved arrival times.
Circuit for Teams is a simple software for optimizing routes with multiple drivers. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

Key features of route planning software

Route planning software has become an indispensable tool for businesses in logistics and delivery thanks to a host of advanced features that streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Central to its value are several key functionalities:

  • Real-time updates. One of the most critical features of modern route optimization software is the ability to give real-time updates. This functionality allows for immediate adaptation to unexpected changes in traffic conditions, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. Real-time updates make sure routes remain efficient and practical, even in dynamic environments.
  • GPS tracking. GPS tracking is essential for route planning, as it offers precise location tracking of vehicles. This feature not only helps monitor the progress of deliveries but also aids in optimizing routes based on the current location of the fleet. GPS tracking enhances the accountability and reliability of delivery services.
  • Efficiency in route optimization. The core function of route planning software is to optimize routes for maximum efficiency. This involves calculating the quickest or shortest paths by considering the number of stops and determining the best order of destinations. Efficient route optimization leads to reduced drive times and lower fuel costs, contributing significantly to operational efficiency.
  • Robust mobile app. In today's mobile-first world, having a robust mobile app for route planning is indispensable. These apps offer the flexibility for drivers and fleet managers to access and manage routes on-the-go. Features like easy navigation, in-app messaging, and the ability to adjust routes directly from a smartphone enhance operational fluidity.
  • Integration with popular mapping services. Integration with well-known mapping services like Google Maps and Waze adds another layer of efficiency to route planning software. These integrations offer comprehensive map data, traffic analysis, and route suggestions, making the route planning process more reliable and user-friendly.

These features collectively make route planning software a powerful tool, not only in improving the logistics of delivery but also in elevating the overall operational efficiency of businesses. By leveraging these technologies, companies can fulfill timely deliveries, reduce operational costs, and ultimately achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Circuit for Teams

circuit route planner pc and mobile

Circuit for Teams is a comprehensive route planning solution designed to streamline the delivery process for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses and field sales. 

As a robust tool, it offers a range of features tailored to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of delivery operations. Circuit's approach to route planning finds the shortest path while creating the most efficient, cost-effective routes by considering multiple factors such as traffic, time windows, and delivery priorities.

Key features 

  • Route optimization. At the heart of Circuit for Teams is its advanced route optimization feature. This tool allows users to input multiple addresses and then calculates the most efficient route. It takes into account various factors, including traffic conditions, the number of stops, and the urgency of deliveries. This leads to significant time and fuel savings, which is especially beneficial for small businesses operating on tight margins.
  • Real-time ETAs. Circuit gives real-time estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) for each stop on a route. This feature is invaluable for businesses, as it keeps customers informed about delivery times. The accuracy of these ETAs also means better planning for drivers and an enhanced ability to manage customer expectations.
  • User-friendly mobile app. The Circuit for Teams mobile app (for iOS and Android) stands out for its intuitive user interface, designed for ease of use even in the field. The app allows drivers to access their routes, receive updates, and adjust their plans on the go. Its user-friendly nature helps drivers focus on their deliveries without the hassle of complicated software.
  • Small business and field sales focus. Circuit has positioned itself as an ideal tool for small businesses and field sales operations. Its features are tailored to the unique needs of these entities, offering them a level of route optimization and efficiency typically reserved for larger corporations. This focus makes Circuit an accessible and valuable tool for smaller operations looking to optimize their delivery processes.
  • Unique functionalities. Beyond standard route planning, Circuit for Teams offers unique functionalities like proof of delivery, which allows drivers to capture signatures and notes at each stop. There's also an option for route customization to set preferences for certain routes and the ability to prioritize specific deliveries.

Circuit for Teams stands out as a solution that addresses the fundamental needs of route planning and delivery with an understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses and field sales teams. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and focus on practical, real-world needs makes it a top contender in route planning software.


Circuit for Teams offers a flexible and transparent pricing structure designed to accommodate the varying needs and budgets of different businesses.

Understanding that each business has unique needs, Circuit has developed a range of pricing plans to suit different scales of operations, from small businesses to larger enterprises. 

The pricing plans are divided into several tiers, each offering a set of features tailored to different levels of delivery operation needs:

  • Free Trial. Circuit for Teams offers a free trial, allowing businesses to test the software and its features before committing to a subscription. This free version trial period is an excellent opportunity for businesses to gauge how well the software aligns with their operational needs.
  • Essentials Plan. $100/month. Designed for small businesses or those just beginning to integrate route planning software into their operations. This plan includes essential features like route optimization and real-time ETAs, giving a solid foundation for efficient route planning.
  • Standard Plan. $200/month. Tailored for businesses needing more advanced features, the Professional plan includes everything in the Starter plan along with additional functionalities like proof of delivery and priority support. This plan is ideal for businesses with a larger volume of deliveries or those needing more sophisticated route planning capabilities.
  • Pro Plan. $500/month. For larger organizations or those with highly specialized needs, Circuit offers custom enterprise solutions. These plans are tailored to the specific needs of the business and include dedicated support, advanced integration capabilities, and custom feature development.

Circuit’s pricing is structured per driver, making it a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. This per-driver model makes sure businesses only pay for what they need, making it a cost-effective solution for optimizing delivery routes.

Circuit for Teams has various pricing options to suit different business needs, from small startups to large enterprises. With its scalable and flexible plans, businesses can choose a solution that best fits their budget while still enjoying the benefits of efficient route planning and management. 

For detailed pricing information and to find the plan that best suits your business, visit Circuit Pricing


upper route planner

Upper is a sophisticated route planning software that has gained recognition for its efficiency in handling complex, multi-stop routes. Catering primarily to larger operations and businesses with extensive delivery needs, Upper stands out for its advanced technological approach and comprehensive feature set.

With a focus on streamlining the delivery process, Upper combines powerful algorithms with user-friendly interfaces to enhance the productivity of delivery operations. 

Key features 

  • Multi-stop route handling. Upper excels in managing multi-stop routes, a critical feature for businesses with extensive delivery networks. The software efficiently organizes numerous stops into the most logical and time-efficient sequence, significantly reducing the planning time and effort neede for complex routes.
  • Live tracking. A standout feature of Upper is its live tracking capability. This function allows businesses to monitor their delivery vehicles in real time, giving up-to-date information on each vehicle's location and progress. Live tracking is instrumental in enhancing transparency and accountability in the delivery process.
  • Advanced routing algorithms. At the core of Upper's functionality are its advanced routing algorithms. These algorithms are designed to calculate the most efficient routes, taking into account various factors such as traffic conditions, delivery windows, and vehicle capacity. This results in optimal route planning that can significantly reduce travel time and costs.
  • Integration with business tools. Upper integrates seamlessly with various CRM and business tools, making it an ideal choice for larger operations that rely on a suite of software solutions. This integration capability creates a smooth data flow between systems, enhancing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of errors.
  • Tailored for larger operations. Upper is particularly well-suited for larger businesses and operations that manage extensive delivery routes. Its ability to handle complex route planning and integration with other business tools makes it a robust solution for enterprises looking to optimize their delivery processes.
  • User-friendly interface. Despite its advanced capabilities, Upper offers a user-friendly interface — even for users who are not tech-savvy. This ease of use makes sure all team members can effectively utilize the software, contributing to smoother operations and better overall efficiency.

Upper is a powerful route planning software with a range of features designed to optimize multi-stop delivery routes. Its combination of live tracking, advanced algorithms, and seamless integration with other business tools makes it a strong contender for businesses seeking a comprehensive and efficient route planning solution.


Upper Route Planner offers different pricing tiers to cater to various business sizes and needs:

  • Essentials Plan. Priced at $100 per month, the Essentials Plan is designed for up to three users. If billed annually, the cost is reduced to $80 per month. Additional users can be added for $39.99 per month or $31.99 per month if billed annually​​.
  • Growth Plan. For larger operations, the Growth Plan is available at $200 per month, with a discounted rate of $160 per month for annual billing. This plan accommodates up to five users. Additional users can be added for $49.99 per month or $39.99 per month with annual billing​​.
  • Enterprise Plan. Upper also offers an Enterprise Plan for businesses with more than 500 users. The pricing for this plan is customized based on the specific needs of the business. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Upper directly for more details and pricing options​​.

These pricing plans indicate that Upper is adaptable for various business scales, from smaller teams to large enterprises, providing flexibility and scalability in route planning solutions. For more detailed information on pricing and to find the best plan for your business, visit Upper Pricing

Comparative analysis: Circuit vs. Upper

When comparing Circuit and Upper, it's important to consider several key aspects: 

Route optimization:

  • Circuit is renowned for its efficient route optimization, particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses. It excels in creating the most efficient routes by considering multiple stops and real-time traffic conditions.
  • Upper also offers strong route optimization features, with a particular emphasis on handling complex, multi-stop routes, making it suitable for larger operations.

Mobile app usability:

  • Circuit's app is user-friendly and designed for accessibility in the field, which is especially useful for drivers and small business owners who need straightforward, reliable software.
  • Upper’s app is also designed to be user-friendly, with an emphasis on real-time tracking and advanced route planning, which caters to the needs of larger operations with more complex routing needs.

Fleet management features:

  • Circuit has robust fleet management features suitable for small to medium-sized fleets, including real-time ETAs and proof of delivery.
  • Upper is more tailored to larger fleets, offering advanced live tracking and integration with other business tools, which is beneficial for comprehensive fleet management.

Pricing models:

  • Circuit offers a range of pricing options for businesses of different sizes and scalable plans to suit varying operational scales.
  • Upper’s pricing is also tiered but tends to be more suited for larger businesses or those needing more extensive route planning capabilities.
Route optimizationOptimized for efficiencyHandles complex routes
Mobile app usabilityHighly user-friendlyUser-friendly with advanced features
Fleet managementIdeal for small and medium fleetsSuited for larger fleets
Pricing modelsScalable for various sizesTailored more towards larger businesses

Both Circuit and Upper offer robust solutions in route planning software, but their strengths cater to different business needs. 

Circuit is more suited for small to medium-sized businesses seeking efficient route optimization and user-friendly features, while Upper is ideal for larger operations needing advanced routing and comprehensive fleet management. The choice between Circuit and Upper should be based on the specific needs and scale of your business operations.

Real-world applications

The real-world applications of route planning software like Circuit and Upper highlight their impact on business efficiency, time management, and operational adaptability. Here are some case studies that showcase how these tools have revolutionized the workflow in different sectors:

Circuit for Teams case study 

Sagar Khatri, a courier, faced challenges in managing multiple deliveries efficiently. His income, based on the number of parcels delivered, meant he needed to optimize his routes for more efficient deliveries.

By using Circuit’s route planning software, Khatri was able to significantly increase the number of stops he could make in a day. The app's user-friendly interface and optimal route creation played a crucial role in his improved performance.

Khatri reported being able to make around 50 stops in about four hours, a task that previously took him close to eight hours without Circuit​​​​​​. The software's high-priority stop feature allowed him to quickly adapt his routes and effectively handle last-minute changes​​.

Upper case study 

Chef Nicole Miami, a meal delivery service, struggled with manual route planning, which was time-consuming and error-prone. The lack of real-time adaptability and route accuracy hindered their growth and efficiency.

Turning to Upper, they found a game-changing solution. Upper streamlined their route planning process by enabling the import of address lists from Excel and efficiently managing duplicate addresses.

With Upper, the company managed to save approximately 10 hours weekly in office work. This automation and route optimization allowed them to focus more on their core business​​.

Upper's feature to recognize and handle duplicate addresses enhanced route efficiency, and its adaptability was crucial in managing unforeseen driver emergencies and completing on-time deliveries​​. These improvements led to a threefold increase in meal deliveries, the expansion of delivery services to two major suburbs, and an increase in productivity by 46%​​.

Both Circuit and Upper demonstrate their effectiveness in enhancing the workflow of delivery businesses. 

Circuit, with its user-friendly interface and efficient route optimization algorithm, is particularly beneficial for individual couriers and small businesses. 

Upper, with its advanced features like API integration, automated route planning, and real-time notifications, proves to be an invaluable asset for larger operations, significantly reducing drive time and improving driver performance. 

These case studies underscore the potential of route planning software in transforming the delivery business landscape, automating processes, and enhancing customer satisfaction through accurate ETAs and on-time arrivals.

Choose the right route planning software for your business

Selecting the appropriate route planning software is pivotal for enhancing your business's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Throughout this article, we've explored the functionalities and benefits of both Circuit and Upper. 

Circuit stands out for its user-friendly interface, efficient route optimization, and suitability for small to medium-sized businesses. Upper, meanwhile, excels in managing complex, multi-stop routes and is ideal for larger operations.

For small to large enterprises looking to optimize delivery times, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction, Circuit for Teams emerges as a compelling choice. Its features like real-time ETAs, efficient route optimization algorithms, and a user-friendly driver app make it an excellent solution for businesses aiming to streamline their delivery workflow and enhance overall efficiency.

To experience how Circuit for Teams can transform your delivery business, sign up now at Circuit for Teams.

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