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Multi-Stop Route Planning Explained


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So, you have your deliveries for the day assigned, but they’re so far apart …

You’ll have to take longer routes to complete all the deliveries, taking more time and fuel than you can afford. 

How frustrating! 😖

Luckily, there’s an easy way out: using a multi-route planning app. 

A route optimization app can help you finish your work sooner by creating a speedy route — that avoids all the nastiness of traffic jams and construction — using the best sequence of stops.

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What is multi-stop route planning?

As a food or package delivery driver, you’ll make about 100+ deliveries each week at the very least, which is a tedious task in itself. 

If you’re a delivery driver for an eCommerce brand like Amazon, you might have even more deliveries each day

Now that’s a mountain to climb. 😮‍💨

But wait, that’s not all! 

You must also consider priority deliveries and time windows when mapping your route. How do people do this?!

Your solution might be to use multi-stop delivery route planning. 

Multi-stop route planning means designing a delivery route that covers as many locations as possible in the shortest time. 

This way, you give your customers a quick delivery service while saving time and costs.

Put simply, multi-stop route planning is choosing the best and fastest delivery routes that save time and money. 

How does multi-stop route planning work? 

Multi-stop route planning software works using smart algorithms and integrates with GPS and navigation apps. 

Basically, it uses automation to address real-time routing. 

Route optimization software considers location, vehicle type, number of stops, delivery urgency, driver schedule, traffic situations, and other things to find a route that lets you travel the least and complete the most deliveries.


Why is multi-stop route planning important?

If you have multiple deliveries, simply hopping from one place to another without an optimized delivery plan might not cut it. 

A poorly planned delivery route may mean fewer deliveries per day, delayed deliveries, and possibly pissed-off customers — not to mention less money in your pocket if you’re paid per delivery!

Plus, you might increase your fuel consumption, adding to your overall costs. 

High fuel prices have only added to the problem. 

Gas currently costs around $3.80 per gallon, which already makes filling up your gas tank pretty expensive.

The good news? We’ve got some tricks on saving gas while driving and making deliveries.

More time on the road can also increase the risk of vehicle wear and tear.

All in all, not using multi-stop route planning means you may have to shell out more time and money! 

What is the best way to plan a route with multiple stops?

While manual driver route planning is possible if you have only a couple of deliveries per day, it can get really complicated if the number of deliveries increases.

Multi-stop route planning software or apps like Circuit Route Planner can map out unlimited routes, making the entire delivery process easier.

A multi-stop route planner typically also comes with features that let you monitor your route progress in real time. 

You can set specific time windows for priority deliveries and easily reorder your route in case of changes. 

Most delivery route planner apps for iPhone and Android work with Google Maps or your favorite navigation app, so you can use your preferred GPS tracking system. 

They also give driving directions and offer turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Apps like Circuit Route Planner can even send customer notifications with estimated time of arrival (ETA) updates. They also have perks like a package finder and proof of delivery.

With so many features that make delivery planning easier, you can focus more on the actual driving experience.


The benefits of using a multi-stop route planner app

Use a multi-stop route planner and reap the benefits of efficiently mapping your deliveries and getting your customers’ packages delivered to them faster.

Happy customers might even mean better tips

From completing more deliveries in fewer hours to avoiding pissed-off customers, using a route management app has several advantages.

Increased productivity and profitability 

Using a multi-stop route planner to map your route can give a more accurate picture of your daily tasks. 

Drivers who don’t use a multi-stop route planner must spend time planning their own routes — which might not even be the most efficient ones. 

You might get stuck in traffic congestion or have to constantly go back and forth between locations, using up more time and fuel. 

And if you get paid per delivery, this might affect your income!

Faster deliveries equal more free time, picking up more work, or driving for multiple courier services — a way to add to your income.

A multi-stop route planner will map your deliveries by considering things like traffic conditions and last-minute changes. 

So, use a multi-route planner to plan your round trip and save miles and fuel costs with every delivery. You can complete more deliveries in a day, possibly earning more money.

Canadian courier Sagar Khatri used Circuit Route Planner and doubled his daily deliveries. The app helps him with route planning and package organization. 

He can now make 50 stops in four hours — which would take eight hours if he didn’t use Circuit Route Planner!

Reduced delivery turnaround time 

An individual driver who manually maps out delivery routes might spend a lot of time finding the fastest route. 

And if you fail to consider factors that affect delivery time, your route choice may not even be the best one!

Quickly find the fastest and most efficient route to complete your delivery using a multi-stop route planning app. 

You don’t have to worry about the planning part — just add your addresses and the app will plan the route for you. 

Now that’s super convenient, isn’t it?

Smaller carbon footprint 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but last-mile deliveries greatly contribute to carbon emissions. 

And with last-mile emissions set to increase by over 30% by 2030, as a delivery driver, you might wonder how to curb your carbon footprint. 

Go greener simply by using a multi-stop route planner. 

If you have several stops spread out across the city, manually planning a route that’ll save gas can be difficult. 

On the other hand, you could feed stops into the route planner so the app’s algorithm can plan the most optimized route. 

This can help you avoid sitting in traffic and backtracking. You’ll use less fuel, reducing your carbon footprint (and costs).

Get home (at least!) one hour earlier 

Who wants to work long hours in traffic? 😟

If you manually design your routes for delivery, you may not be able to factor in things like traffic congestion accurately. 

Plus, reoptimizing your stops — especially with last-minute changes — can be time-consuming. 

You might even have to pull over to the side of the road to do it. 

Rather than making priority deliveries before continuing your regular delivery route, you can add priority stops to your route. 

This way, you can shorten your delivery route and won’t have to backtrack.

Moreover, a multi-route planner like Circuit Route Planner can save your regular routes, so you don’t have to keep adding the same addresses every time.

Boosts customer experience 

People don’t want to wait around for their deliveries anymore. 

In fact, 69% of people want their deliveries within two days or won’t shop with those retailers again.

This results in same-day delivery growing stronger by the minute. 

The global same-day delivery market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.3% — with many brands offering a one-day delivery guarantee.

With delivery times plummeting, you must go with the times to meet customer expectations and stay on top of the competition.

Customers love quick delivery — and quick delivery can equal a better customer experience. 

If the delivery service you’re working for has a rating system, faster deliveries can also mean better customer ratings.

Why is multi-stop route planning so critical in last-mile delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the most expensive segment of the delivery chain, accounting for 53% of the overall cost

It’s also the last point of contact between you and your customer. 

Given the dynamic nature of last-mile delivery, last-mile delivery operations can have several roadblocks (pun intended 😝). 

These challenges can include bad route planning, delayed deliveries, and high costs.

Using multi-stop route planning in your last-mile deliveries can help you solve those challenges.

Confidently plan and optimize your routes with Circuit Route Planner

As a delivery driver, planning your delivery route is a big part of the job. But manually mapping out the best route can be challenging and time-consuming. 

One quick and easy way to plan and optimize the best route is using Circuit Route Planner — one of the best route-planning mobile apps.

Whether you have five or 100 stops, you can easily map out the best delivery route with Circuit Route Planner in three easy steps:

✔️Install Circuit Route Planner on your mobile device (Android or iOS) 

✔️Add your stops

✔️Hit “Optimize” 

Circuit Route Planner lets you plan a route with up to 10 stops for free. 

Upgrade to an individual plan if you want to add more stops to your route (including unlimited stops). 

You can find addresses quickly, add, delete, or reoptimize multiple stops, set priority deliveries and time windows for stops, and do much more.

Optimize your delivery route and get home earlier with Circuit Route Planner. Click here to download now.

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