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The 7 Best Delivery Route Planning Software in 2024

A list of stops for a route named "Rome Evening Route", showing the delivery routes of multiple drivers

Your drivers have multiple deliveries to complete each day. But even the slightest detour can put them out of sync, especially if there’s no way for them to quickly reroute. Poorly planned routes can lead to delays, wasted fuel costs, and frustrated customers--a logistical nightmare we’re willing to bet you’d rather not deal with.

This is where route planning software comes into play. These clever tools use advanced algorithms to map out the most efficient routes for your drivers, taking into account traffic patterns, toll roads, delivery windows, vehicle capacities and even priority stops.

But with so many route planning solutions on the market, how do you choose the best one for your business?

Here, we compare seven of the best route planning software options available today, pitting them head to head in four core categories:

  1. Route optimization
  2. Live route tracking and editing
  3. Flexible proof of delivery
  4. Dynamic customer notifications 

We’ll assess how well they score in each category, weigh the pros and cons, discuss their different price tiers, and highlight real-life customer reviews.

Long story short...

We believe Circuit for Teams is the best route-planning software out there. But we’re bound to say that, right?

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Here are some kind words from our existing customers who do a much better job at singing our praises. 

Can't tell you how positive it's been. Customer service is perfectly in-tune with their application and so is management. There are a lot out there to choose from, but we came back to this. Very happy! - Capterra user. 

The ability to put in delivery time frames for each stop is what got us to sign up. The built in GPS combined with the route optimization based on the delivery windows is what we love about this product. - Capterra user. 

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1. Circuit for Teams

Verdict: the most user-friendly and complete last-mile delivery route planning software on the list. Pricing is based on the number of stops rather than the more common price-per-driver which can be far more cost-effective. 

Capterra score: 4.8

Ease of use score: 4.8

Support score: 4.7

Route optimization 

Circuit for Teams tests thousands of route combinations in seconds to find the best one. The algorithm assesses factors like distance, traffic, preferred delivery times, and vehicle capacity to identify the most efficient multi-stop route. While the default is to create a full-loop route since most drivers start and end at the warehouse, dispatchers can change it freely, and drivers can change it with permission.

Before you optimize a route, you can add unique requirements so the algorithm accounts for special deliveries, drivers needing to head back to the warehouse to reload, priority stops or other one-off scenarios that don’t apply to all routes—maybe the driver is not doing a full loop and needs to finish in a different location to the one they started in. 

Live route tracking

The Circuit for Teams route monitoring features are designed to tell you where a driver is within the context of their route. All dispatch has to do is find the driver on their screen, and zoom in to see where they are and where they’re headed next. The automated customer notifications then keep the customer in the loop with regards to their package's estimated arrival time (ETA).

Customer notifications and updates

A text form of the Circuit for Teams proof of delivery feature, where you can build automatic notifications for customers using tags to personalize details. The image also shows a notification chat bubble with the text message created using these tags.

Customers get a text or email when their driver starts their route. The message includes a link that allows the customer to check the status of their package throughout the day. This reduces the number of Where Is My Order (WISMO) requests and gives your customer support team a bit of breathing room.

Dispatchers are able to set automated notifications with either fixed time windows (which specifies a set time range), or dynamic windows which change depending on where the driver is on their route.

If there are complications with the delivery and the driver is behind schedule, the customer will get a notification letting them know. They can then add notes to their delivery.

When the driver is close to the delivery address, the customer receives a final text with an exact delivery time.

Proof of delivery 

Get peace of mind with flexible proof of delivery. Drivers can take multiple photos of the delivered package, collect a customer’s signature, and mark where they left a package—whether in the customer’s mailbox, with a concierge, or in a designated safe place. 

Circuit for Teams pricing 

Circuit for Teams has four plans to choose from: 

  • Starter ($100 per month). Price includes the first 500 stops, optimized routes, proof of delivery features, and dynamic customer notifications. Each additional stop is $0.04. 
  • Essentials ($200 per month). Price includes the first 1,000 stops, unlimited team members, and optimized routes. It doesn’t include proof of delivery or dynamic customer notifications. Each additional stop is $0.05. 
  • Standard ($250 per month). Price includes the first 1,000 stops, unlimited team members, optimized routes, proof of delivery, and dynamic customer notifications. Each additional stop is $0.06. 
  • Pro ($300 per month). Price includes the first 1,000 stops, everything included in the Standard plan, and unlimited delivery history. Each additional stop is $0.07.

If you do 1,000 stops a month, you’ll pay: 

  • Starter: $120 a month
  • Essentials: $200 a month
  • Standard: $250 a month 
  • Pro: $300 a month 

Circuit for Teams is the most comprehensive route planning software for companies with a fleet of 25+ drivers. As you pay per delivery (and a nominal fee for extra deliveries), it can work out far more cost-effective than other options.

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2. Routific

Verdict: existing customers rate it highly on ease of use and customer service. It comes with extensive features and flexible pricing plans. 

Capterra score: 4.9

Ease of use score: 4.8

Support score: 4.9

Route optimization

Routific uses what it calls Intelligent Route Optimization which considers the human elements of route planning. This includes predicting traffic patterns throughout the day, eliminating “spaghetti routes” that might be mathematically shorter but not practical, and a driver’s familiarity with an area. Drivers can choose which stops are high priority and, if a route gets behind schedule, Routific will optimize it to make sure those high-priority stops are still completed on time.

Route monitoring 

Routific’s Live Tracking feature monitors drivers in two ways: 

  1. If they’re using Routific in their mobile browser, it’ll update every time they mark a stop as completed or skipped.
  2. If they’re using the Routific Android or iOS driver app, you can see their GPS location on demand. 

If a driver skips a stop that needs to be rescheduled, you can automatically redistribute it somewhere en route later in the day. 

Customer notifications and updates

Customers automatically receive a notification when you publish a route. If the driver gets behind schedule or drastically ahead of schedule so the new delivery window falls outside the original, the customer will receive an updated delivery time. Customers also receive an after-delivery notification that confirms a package has been delivered. 

Proof of delivery 

Drivers can collect customer signatures directly on their smartphones. Once they’ve got the signature and confirmed the stop is complete, dispatch can find the signature within the dashboard and see how long the driver took to make the delivery. Drivers who use the Routific app (not the web browser version) can also capture photos to prove delivery. 

Routific pricing 

illustration showing the three Routific pricing tiers in three columns

Routific has three subscription tiers: 

  • Essential: $49 per vehicle per month. Price includes Intelligent Route Optimization and dispatch to driver mobile apps. 
  • Professional: $69 per vehicle per month. Price includes everything in the Essential plan, as well as live GPS, photo POD, end-of-day reports, and API integrations to automate workflows. 
  • Professional +: $93 per vehicle per month. Price includes everything in the Professional plan, as well as customer notifications, customizable templates, and a real-time delivery tracker link. 

If you have a team of 25 drivers, you’ll pay: 

  • Essential: $1,225 per month
  • Professional: $1,725 per month
  • Professional +: $2,325 per month 

Note: you need to at least be on the Pro Plan to unlock photo POD features and live GPS.

3. Onfleet

Verdict: Capterra reviews show it’s not as easy to use as other tools. But it comes with plenty of integrations and features and offers pricing plans based on the number of deliveries, not drivers. 

Capterra score: 4.6

Ease of use score: 4.6

Support score: 4.6

Route optimization

Onfleet delivery route planning software interface showing the assign route function

Onfleet’s integrated route optimization considers location, travel time, traffic, and driver capacity to generate the fastest route. Routes can be updated and optimized in real time and sent directly to couriers while they’re on the road. 

Onfleet integrates with Apple Maps, Waze, and Google Maps to access current traffic updates, helping drivers avoid traffic jams and delays. An auto-assign engine helps determine which driver to send where. For example, the auto-assign function can send the closest driver to a pickup spot.

Route monitoring 

You can track individual drivers and chat with them directly through the secure app.

Drivers can respond by text or, if they’re on the road and need to rely on hands-free, can respond using a voice note. 

Customer notifications and updates

Onfleet uses its live tracking feature to send updates to customers. You can configure the route planner to send automatic status updates, while the integrated customer communication technology allows customers to interact with their driver by phone or text message. 

Proof of delivery 

Drivers can upload photos of delivered packages and customer signatures. Onfleet also has a Contactless Signature feature that sends a signature link to the customer via SMS. Once the customer has approved the delivery, it will be marked as delivered in the app. 

Onfleet pricing 

Onfleet has three plans. Two are transparent with their pricing, but the Enterprise plan is a custom quote you'll get from sales:

  • Launch: from $550 per month. Price includes 2,000 deliveries, route optimization, photo and signature POD, status and ETA notifications, 90-day historical analytics, and email and phone support. 
  • Scale: from $1,265 per month. Price includes everything in the Launch plan, plus 5,000 deliveries, barcode scanning and age verification, advanced ETA notifications, one-year historical analytics, and task completion customization. 

4. Route4Me

Verdict: it with all the features you’d expect from a route planning app—the downside is you have to pay more to access its route optimization capabilities. 

Capterra score: 4.5

Ease of use score: 4.4 

Support score: 4.4

Route optimization

A product screenshot of Route4Me delivery route planning software

Route4me uses an automated algorithm to work out the best route for each driver based on unique logistics, such as driver skills, labor laws, vehicle capacity, pickups, drop-offs, and recurring routes. You can add extra stops, new addresses, and unexpected delays and the optimization engine will automatically reoptimize the route. 

Route monitoring 

Route4me offers real-time visibility with what it calls its “Operations Matrix”. You can see exactly where each driver is at any given time and get a color-coded table showing early, late, and on-time arrivals. If you want an added layer of control, you can set up push notifications for important route milestones (or mishaps) and call drivers directly through the app. 

Customer notifications and updates 

Route4me uses geofencing that lets you select an area around each customer’s location. When a driver enters that area, the app automatically sends a notification to the customer letting them know their delivery is about to arrive. For example, you can set it up so customers receive a notification when the driver is five miles or 15 minutes away. 

Proof of delivery 

Drivers can collect signatures on their mobile devices and upload relevant media (including photos and videos) to each delivery. Customer signatures and additional notes automatically appear on each corresponding stop in the app. 

Route4me pricing

An illustration showing the three Route4Me pricing tiers in three columns

Route4me offers three pricing plans: 

  • Route management: $40 per user per month (minimum $200 per month). Price includes route planning via map, progress tracking, voice-guided navigation, customer email notifications, and POD features. 
  • Route optimization: $60 per user per month (minimum $300 per month). Price includes everything in the Route Management plan, plus route optimization. 
  • Business optimization: $90 per user per month (minimum $450 per month). Price includes everything in the Route Optimization plan, plus features for mixed fleet management. 

If you have a team of 25 drivers, you’ll pay:

  • Route management: $1,000 per month
  • Route optimization: $1,500 per month
  • Business optimization: $2,250 per month

Note: you need to be on the Route Optimization plan to unlock route optimization features.

5. OptimoRoute

Verdict: it’s an affordable option but has limited live tracking features and you have to pay extra to unlock basic features—including proof of delivery. 

Capterra score: 4.6

Ease of use score: 4.5

Support score: 4.6

Route optimization 

OptimoRoute uses route optimization software to plan out the best routes for each driver based on travel duration, driver work times, vehicle capacity, traffic trends, and delivery time windows. It also accounts for driver breaks and automatically updates routes to avoid jams, accidents, and delays. 

Route monitoring 

OptimoRoute offers what it calls Live ETA. 

A product screenshot showing a list of deliveries and their live status

This is a pretty basic feature compared to other software because you can’t actually see where drivers are on their route—you can only see if they delivered on time or late. If you need more information, you have to reach out directly to the delivery driver. 

Customer notifications and updates

You can send emails or text notifications to customers to let them know when their delivery is due. Each message includes a URL to an order tracking page where customers can see the most up-to-date information about their deliveries.

Proof of delivery 

Like the other software here, OptimoRoute lets drivers collect signatures, photos, and notes in real time via the app and assign them to each delivery. 

OptimoRoute pricing 

Illustration of three columns showing the pricing plans of OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute has two pricing plans: 

  • Lite: $35.10 per driver per month. Price includes up to 700 orders at once, a mobile app, route history, live tracking, and live ETA. 
  • Pro: $44.10 per driver per month. Price includes everything in the Lite plan, plus up to 1,000 orders at once, analytics, weekly planning, real-time order tracking, and proof of delivery.  

If you have a fleet of 25 drivers, you’ll pay: 

  • Lite: $877.50
  • Pro: $1,102.50 

Note: you need to be on the Pro Plan to unlock proof of delivery features.

6. RoadWarrior

Verdict: an incredibly cheap option at just $14.99 per user per month, but this comes with limited features. You can’t send customer notifications and you have to pay extra for basic features like POD. 

Capterra score: 4.5

Ease of use score: 4.4

Support score: 4.3

Route optimization

RoadWarrior optimizes routes based on multiple variables, accounting for school zones, tolls, traffic, and more to plan the most efficient route. Drivers can also designate drop-off priorities. For example, if a speedy delivery has to go to a certain customer first, it’s possible to mark this in the app.

In case plans change—for example, a new priority package comes up—drivers or delivery managers can update routes on the fly.

Route monitoring 

RouteWarrior allows delivery managers to track their drivers in real-time. It’s also possible to alter, merge, and reassign routes. For example, if one driver falls behind and another is ahead of schedule, you can reassign drop-offs to the driver who’s ahead. 

Customer notifications and updates 

RoadWarrior is far more limited in this aspect than the other apps here. The route planner app doesn’t allow for automated customer updates and there’s no way for drivers to send customers reminders about when they can expect their package to arrive. 

Proof of delivery 

RoadWarrior lets drivers capture delivery confirmation through customer signatures or photos. They can upload this proof to the app and assign it to the relevant drop-off. 

RoadWarrior Pricing 

RoadWarrior only has one pricing plan: 

  • Flex: $14.99 per user per month. Price includes 200 stops in each route, 500 daily optimized stops for each driver, routing with traffic, schedules, and availability, reporting, tracking, and monitoring.

If you have a fleet of 25 drivers, you’ll pay $374.75 per month. 

Note: POD features like signature and photo collection cost an extra $10 per month.

7. eLogii 

Verdict: probably the most feature-rich option here—but that comes at a price. With no transparent pricing available on its website, it’s a safe bet that eLogii is the most expensive option on this list. 

Capterra score: 4.8

Ease of use score: 4.8

Support score: 4.8

Route optimization

eLogii uses an advanced algorithm to optimize routes based on traffic, driver skill, number of depots, exclusion zones, and start/end locations. There’s a sliding scale of “priorities” you can choose from to ensure the software optimizes routes based on what’s important to you and your drivers. 

Route monitoring

You can receive live location updates on each driver and proactively monitor deliveries that are running behind schedule. The live on-map tracking lets you see where drivers are on their route—plus, you can monitor diver speed and vehicle status in real time. 

Customer notifications and updates

eLogii’s customer notification features are impressive. You can configure auto-arrive messages and status changes based on driver location or choose which stages you want to update customers at—when their driver leaves the depot? When they’re 15 minutes away? When they’re five miles away? 

You can populate the tracking page with whatever information you deem most important and choose to show down to the minute ETA or time-banded ETA depending on customer preferences. 

Proof of delivery 

You can choose which POD activities you want drivers to complete—even on a delivery-to-delivery basis. Drivers can upload unlimited signatures, media, and notes and attach them to each delivery. 

eLogii pricing 

eLogii doesn’t publish its pricing plans on its website, which can be off-putting—especially if you just want a ballpark figure. Instead, it customizes plans based on each business. While this means you’re getting the exact features you need, you might also end up paying more than other tools for a highly customized experience. 

The verdict: which is the best delivery route planning software? 

All these route planning apps offer the basic features needed to run a delivery operation. But some are more limited than others. Let’s take a look at how they fair against each other in each category. 

  • Route optimization. All the software here offers route optimization, taking into account traffic, vehicle capacity, and other factors. Note that you can only get optimization capabilities on Route4me with their route optimization plan. 
  • Route monitoring. Most tools have live GPS tracking. Note that OptimoRoute is more limited in its capabilities—if you want additional information, you have to contact drivers directly. 
  • Customer notifications. Updates are important for customer satisfaction. Every tool sends automated updates to customers—except RoadWarrior. A tool like eLogii offers the most comprehensive features here, allowing you to create customized tracking pages based on customer preferences. 
  • Proof of delivery. All these route planning apps let drivers collect and upload photos and signatures to each delivery. Note that you need to be on OptimoRoute’s Pro plan to unlock POD features and you’ll need to pay $10 extra per month to access it in RoadWarrior. 

A note on price…

At first glance, you might be tempted to go for the cheapest option. But picking a route planning solution is about way more than price.

For example, RoadWarrior might seem like a steal—but once you look at what you actually get for that price, you might find it’s not sufficient to run a successful, multi-vehicle operation. 

Also, take the time to research what each provider offers. 

For example, Routific charges extra to get customer notifications, whereas the Circuit for Teams Standard plan includes customer notifications. 

The Circuit for Teams Standard plan also includes many other functions that other providers don’t offer—or charge you extra for. 

Monthly CostFree trialCapterra Score
Circuit for Teams$100 for 500 stops7-day free trial4.8 (100+ reviews)
Routific$1,225 per month for 25 drivers7-day free trial4.9 (120+ reviews)
Onfleet$550 for 2,000 deliveries14-day free trial4.5 (90+ reviews)
Route4Me$1,500 per month for 25 drivers7-day free trial4.5 (380+ reviews)
OptimoRoute$1,102.50 per month for 25 drivers30-day free trial4.6 (150+ reviews)
RoadWarrior$384.75 per month for 25 drivers7-day free trial4.5 (50+ reviews)
eLogii Price on requestNot available4.8 (40+ reviews)

Free options for delivery route planning

If you’re not looking to pay a per-driver or monthly fee for a delivery route planning solution, you can find free options.

Just keep in mind that free delivery route planning solutions are significantly limited. 

Google Maps, for example, only allows for manual optimization, as we cover in our post on planning the shortest route for multiple destinations in Google Maps.

Then, there’s MapQuest’s route planner. Unlike Google Maps, MapQuest works to optimize a route, but it still has severe limitations. 

While it lets you avoid toll roads and highways, it only lets you optimize for one driver with 26 or fewer stops. After that, the service is done. 

There’s no route monitoring, app to use, proof of delivery, or customer updates. This service could work as a short-term solution for small businesses where the owner is handling deliveries and needs an elementary way to finish a handful of stops in less time. 

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