Product updates

New updates and improvements to the Circuit products

Circuit for Teams – Export monthly analytics for all your drivers

Export monthly metrics for all routes and all drivers

You can now export a CSV file that will show you how many stops a driver has made in a day, how far they have traveled, and how long it’s taken them. It's now much quicker to work out how much to pay them or how much fuel to reimburse them for.

Select “Analytics” from the Settings menu, choose the month, and download.

We plan to include more data in this report soon, such as the percentage of failed stops and attempts outside the time window, and make it possible to view the info in Circuit for Teams. Watch this space.

Circuit for Teams – View a driver's location when a delivery is made

View a driver’s location when a delivery is made

Not all deliveries are made to the correct location.

It occasionally happens that a package ends up at the wrong address. Sometimes it’s the drivers' mistake, sometimes it’s the data at fault, but it can be messy to resolve either way.

We have made it easier. Now, you can see where the driver was when the delivery was marked as completed, giving you the information you need to locate the misdelivered package and solve the problem more quickly. The drivers' location is saved when they hit the delivered/failed button at each stop.

You can view this in both the stop details and the map.

Circuit Route Planner – Change a route without changing the order of your stops

Change a route without changing the order of stops

Drivers often have to make changes to a route once it’s been optimized and the van has been loaded, but if a stop is added or removed, the change means the way the vehicle was loaded no longer makes sense.

Now, if the detail of a stop such as the time window or priority is changed, a stop is added or removed, the driver gets the option to:

  • Fit changed stops into route - changed stops are reordered into the route.
  • Reorder remaining stops - the route progress is kept; only remaining stops are reordered.
  • Restart route - route progress is lost, all stops reordered.
  • Or skip, and carry on with their day with minimum hassle.
Circuit for Teams – Print a manifest with easy-to-read optimized routes

Print off easy-to-read optimized routes

Do you print off optimized routes for drivers to help load the vehicle or take with them just in case they can’t use their mobile? How easy are those printouts to use?

Now it’s possible to print out an easy-to-read manifest that is divided by driver, meaning they get the most out of their day, even if their mobile lets them down. It’s simple, select “print manifest” from the route overview once it’s been optimized, check the print preview, choose print, and it’s ready to share with the team.

Circuit for Teams – Customize how fast or slow a driver is compared to other drivers

Specify how fast or slow a driver is compared to other drivers

Not all drivers can deliver the same number of packages in a day.

Now it’s possible to specify how fast/slow a driver is compared to other drivers, which is then reflected in the optimized routes created.

Reflect driver experience and efficiency when optimizing your route

From today stops allocated and ETAs in a plan take into account the experience or efficiency of the driver.

Not all drivers can complete their routes at the same speed. They might take more or less time to drive between stops, or to complete the delivery, they might be a new driver, a temporary driver, or driving in a new area.

Customize the speed at which a driver both drives and carries out a delivery.

You can override the default setting of average to slower or faster to reflect the speed of driving from stop to stop and completing deliveries compared to other drivers.

The setting can be changed at driver level by selecting "override route default" in the membership tab settings or at driver route level by changing the Driving & Delivery Speed settings depending on whether you want to apply the speed setting to all routes for that driver or a specific route.

Circuit Route Planner – Automatically scan any address with Apple iOS

Automatically scan any address with Apple's iOS 15

Recently, Apple’s exciting Live Text feature got released together with iOS 15. The new feature lets you use your phone’s camera app to scan any text.You've asked us for this a lot, so we’re happy that we’re among the first iOS apps to bring you this new functionality.

iPhone users on iOS 15 can now use Live Text inside Circuit Route Planner in three easy steps 👇

  1. Click the camera icon in the search bar
  2. Point your camera at your manifest or package
  3. The address will automatically be added to Circuit Route Planner!

Then just add the rest of your packages in the same way 🙌

Customize customer messages

Customize customer messages to reduce the chance of missed deliveries, and more

We've recently made some significant upgrades to help you further reduce the chances of missed deliveries by keeping your customers up-to-date on what's happening with their packages.

If you're on the Recipient plan or above, with this update you can:

  • Easily customize customer messages
  • Choose to send SMS, email, or both
  • Add personalization
  • Choose to send messages in any language

After a driver starts their route, your customer will get a message with general delivery info. This includes an estimated delivery time and a link to our live tracking site so that they can track its progress. 🙌


Easier team member management

You will find a more simple look and feel that makes managing drivers with Circuit easier and faster to use as team members are now added and edited in a separate part of the Teams workspace.

You can easily add new team members individually, or add many couriers in a row. Give it a try by checking the ‘Add member’ box to include more than one new driver at a time.

Editing existing members

Editing your existing team members is now easier, too.

Go to the three dots on the right of the team member's name for more info and to pull up their profile. You can change their name, display name, and role. Plus override their route defaults. When you select ‘Use defaults’, you can fix this so that your driver follows your set start and end locations.

If you uncheck this option, then you have the choice to customize your drivers' start and end locations individually. You can just pick another location and time and then save it. From now on, your driver is going to get routes that are tailored to them.

Circuit for Teams – Have more control over driver setup

More control over driver setup

We've improved Circuit for Teams with some big new features you've been requesting: You have more control over driver setup. Now you can:

  • Choose your distance and time from Miles to Kilometres, or 12 hour to 24 hour clock.
  • Control your driver app settings to manage what map type, navigation app, and vehicle they have to use.
  • Turn customer notifications on or off for Recipient Plan customers.
Circuit for Teams – Teams can now change team name

Teams can now change team name

To make sure your customers get the best experience, we've made a small but significant change to Team Profiles. Now you can easily edit your team name when you log in to your settings.

This change shows in your navigation bar and in your customer notifications (both email, and SMS).

Try it out by going to Settings → Team Profile

Circuit Route Planner – Improved address formatting for delivery drivers

Improved address formatting for delivery drivers

Every day at Circuit we show delivery drivers millions of addresses. We get this information from Google Maps as well as from dispatchers using Circuit for Teams.

In our mission to make delivery as seamless as possible, we are improving how we format addresses. This means showing more important information upfront (like store names and postcodes) and making better use of valuable screen space.

This saves drivers time for every delivery they make, as they don’t have to check a manifest or search for the address in a different app.

Important information like the postcode, which many drivers use to find their way around, isn’t there. This is because most of the address is crammed into the second line which will be cut off on small screen sizes.

Everything drivers need to see is right there, no more, no less. As part of this change, we’re also changing how we save addresses in Circuit. This won’t be visible to drivers but will work silently to improve the accuracy of navigation with apps like Waze, Google Maps & Apple Maps.