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What Does Tendered for Delivery Mean? The Complete Guide


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Have you ever checked a package’s status to see "tendered for delivery" and wondered what it means? If so, you're not alone.

"Tendered for delivery" means a package was given to a “last-mile” delivery company to be transported to its intended destination (aka your customer). 

The shipper fulfilled its responsibility by handing it over to the delivery company, which is now responsible for getting it to the customer. Simply put, it's on its way! 

With Circuit for Teams, your customer never has to wonder where their package is. The real-time tracking feature in Circuit for Teams allows you to keep your customers updated with accurate delivery estimates and notifications.

In this article, we'll discuss all you need to know about this package update, including what it means, how it relates to the delivery process, and what to expect next.

Key takeaways:

  • "Tendered for delivery" means a package was given to the “last-mile” delivery company to be transported to your customer.
  • Many major shipping carriers use the "tendered for delivery" status update or a similar update in their shipping notifications.
  • After the "tendered for delivery" update, the next update will likely be an "out for delivery" or "in transit" status update. 
  • Choosing a reliable shipping company, opting for faster shipping times, and planning ahead of busy seasons can help reduce the chance of your package being "tendered for delivery." 
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What to do when your package status is “tendered for delivery”

There is no cause for concern when your package is “tendered for delivery.” It just means it’s on the last leg of its journey, so sit back and relax. It will be with your customer soon. 

However, you can use tracking information from the delivery company to keep an eye on your package's progress and estimate when it will arrive at the delivery address. 

Contact the delivery company's customer service if you have any concerns or questions about the delivery.

It's important to note that a package is no longer in the sender's control if it has been tendered for delivery. Your customer must contact the delivery partner directly to make any delivery changes.

Circuit for Teams offers the option to add customer service contact details to the delivery information available, giving customers a better delivery experience.

What typically happens after the “tendered for delivery” update?

what happens after tendered for delivery update

After the "tendered for delivery" update, the next update will likely be an "out for delivery" or "in transit" status update. 

This means the package is on its way to your customer and should be delivered soon.

Delivery times may vary depending on the carrier, the shipping method, and the travel distance. 

“Tendered for delivery” status updates, by shipping carrier

Many major shipping carriers, including FedEx, DHL, UPS, and 4PX, use the "tendered for delivery" status update or something similar in their shipping notifications. 


In most instances, FedEx will handle the entire delivery process. One of its services, FedEx Ground Economy, however, typically uses last-mile partners like USPS to deliver customer packages. 

FedEx Ground Economy (formally FedEx SmartPost) offers a more cost-effective shipping option for packages that are not time-sensitive and can be delivered within a longer time frame. 


DHL often hands packages over to last-mile delivery services. Its status update will say, “Tendered to delivery service provider.” This means that DHL has passed on your package for local delivery. 

In the US, packages should arrive at their final destination within two to three days of being tendered to the delivery service provider. 

International packages take a bit longer after the “Tendered to delivery service provider” notification, depending on the delivery location.


Most UPS shipping services deliver directly through UPS, but “USPS SurePost” uses USPS for last-mile delivery.

When using UPS SurePost, your package may deliver a day or two later than other UPS shipping options. You’ll know your package is almost to your customer when the tracking page says “Tendered for Delivery.” 


The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers universal mail and package delivery to America’s homes and businesses. USPS doesn’t need to pass packages off to other delivery companies since it has local post offices in every city. 

This means you won’t see a “Tendered for Delivery” message on your USPS tracking page. 

If you do see “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” on your tracking, know that this differs from “Tendered for Delivery.” This means your package was handed off to someone else at your home or business. 


4PX is a Chinese company offering international delivery to many countries, like the United Kingdom and the US. 

When shipping to the US, 4PX depends on last-mile shipping partners to handle the final-mile delivery. 

When your 4PX tracking page reads “Tendered for delivery,” 4PX has sent your package to a last-mile delivery service and it will arrive shortly.

It takes about three to five business days to get your package after seeing this notification.

How can you reduce the chance of your package being “tendered for delivery”

reduce chance of tendered for delivery

“Tendered for delivery” is a normal package tracking status, but you can still take steps to make sure your package is delivered quickly and efficiently. 

Below are three easy steps to get your package delivered with as few hiccups as possible. 

Choose reliable shipping companies 

Choosing a reliable shipping company can help reduce the chance of your package being "tendered for delivery." These companies typically have experienced drivers and delivery people who can carefully handle and promptly deliver your package.

Reliable shipping companies also give tracking number information and delivery notifications, so you can monitor the package's progress and see that it's on track for on-time delivery

Reliable companies also have procedures in place for dealing with delivery exceptions, such as failed delivery attempts or address issues

They can offer solutions like re-delivery or holding the package for pickup at a local facility.

Choosing a reliable shipping company can give you peace of mind that your package will be handled and delivered in a timely and efficient manner. This minimizes the chances of it being "tendered for delivery" for an extended period, which could mean that something’s gone wrong with the handoff or the transfer.

Circuit for Teams lets you tell your customers exactly when your courier will be at their door, tag priority packages, and keep customers up-to-date with email and SMS notifications.

Opt for fast shipping services 

Fast shipping services, like overnight or express shipping, usually involve fewer package handoffs, reducing the likelihood of the package being “tendered for delivery.” 

Fast shipping services also offer guaranteed delivery windows, meaning the carrier is more incentivized to deliver the package on time.

With Circuit for Teams, you can set dynamic and fixed delivery windows, letting you customize delivery windows and easily communicate delivery ETAs to your customers.

Plan your shipments ahead of busy seasons 

Planning your shipments ahead of busy seasons (like winter holidays) can reduce the chance of your package being "tendered for delivery" because it allows you to avoid potential delays. 

Busy shopping seasons mean a big increase in package volume for delivery carriers, leading to delays and tendered shipments.

By planning ahead, you can make sure your shipments are scheduled for delivery well before any busy periods, avoiding a last-minute rush and minimizing the risk of your package being held up in transit.

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Using a national carrier increases the likelihood of seeing the “Tendered for delivery” tracking update. 

Many eCommerce businesses choose to take out the middleperson and manage deliveries on their own.

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Circuit for Teams even allows you to make changes to live routes and notify drivers, allowing you to cater to customers' last-minute needs. This can also keep your drivers happy because their jobs are easier. 

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