24 August 20213 minute read

Customized Text Messages Have Arrived, and More

Missed deliveries cost courier companies millions every year in backtracking and fuel to redeliver.

But how do you reduce the chance of missed delivery?

One way is by using Circuit for Teams.

We are rewriting Circuit for Teams from the ground up with some significant upgrades to make delivery faster and more efficient.

If you’re on the Recipient plan or above, the first part of this update had some big new features that you’d been asking for, including making adding and editing team members even easier.

Now you can also keep your customers up-to-date with customized text messages and email on the whole of their last-mile delivery. So they’ll be far less likely to miss it. Plus:

  • Create customized text messages and emails
  • Choose to send SMS, email, or both
  • Add personalization
  • Choose to send messages in any language

Note: If you manage a team of last-mile delivery drivers and want to give them the tools they need to offer a positive customer experience, including real-time delivery notifications, route optimization for faster deliveries, and proof of delivery to keep packages safe, try Circuit for Teams for free.

Keep your customers in the know with customized text messages, and more

After a driver starts their route, your customer will get a customized text message and/or an email with general delivery info. This includes an estimated delivery time and a link to our live tracking site so that they can track its progress.

Customize Customer Messages to Reduce the Chance of Missed Deliveries, and More

Suppose a courier attempts to deliver the package. In that case, your customer will get a second message telling them whether the delivery was successful or not – along with any other details they need.

Personalize customer emails, texts, or both. In any language

In addition, you can now customize every aspect of the messages that you want your customers to get so that they are optimized for your business and personalized for customers.

Customize Customer Messages to Reduce the Chance of Missed Deliveries, and More: Adding dynamic data
  • Change the wording of the message to fit your customers in minutes.
  • Add dynamic data, such as your customer’s or driver’s name; and
  • choose any language you want – to give a completely personalized customer experience.

Driving it home

Customers want to know when their deliveries will arrive. As a delivery service, you can give that excellent customer experience by sending them the right type of message, at the right time.

If you’re on the Recipient plan or above, with the new customer notification updates, Circuit for Teams now includes customized text messages and email, personalization, and language choice. Reducing the chance for missed deliveries by letting customers know where their package is at all times.

Visit the Help Centre for a step-by-step guide and to get started.

Existing Circuit users can give all of this a go now for free! If you’re not using Circuit for Teams yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

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