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Manage Drivers Faster with Improved Team Settings

Organizing your courier team can be an exhausting task. Planning the routes for five or more drivers – and making sure that they are fully optimized for the fastest journeys – is no easy feat. That’s why last year we built Circuit for Teams, to help you plan the best optimized routes for your fleet of couriers at the press of a button.

Since launch, we’ve listened to your feedback and are rewriting Circuit for Teams from the ground up; to make it faster and more reliable.

The first part of this update has some big new features that you’ve been asking for: Circuit for Teams settings has been completely redesigned, is easier to use, and faster. Plus, it now gives you more control over driver setup, advanced delivery updates, and improved member management:

  • Choose your distance and time from Miles to Kilometres, or 12 hour to 24 hour clock.
  • Control driver app settings to manage what map type, navigation app, and vehicle they have to use.
  • Turn customer notifications on or off for Recipient Plan customers.
  • Manage your team faster with easier adding and removal of drivers and roles.

If you use Circuit for Teams, and you want to have more control over your driver options, while making deliveries faster and more efficient, try your improved settings today for free.

Improved recipient delivery updates

You can now choose the type of message that you want to send to your customer, whether email, SMS, or both.

Add and remove team members more easily

Instead of adding and editing your team members in the same place (that, let’s be honest, was a little slow at times), you will find a more simple look and feel that makes managing drivers with Circuit easier and faster to use.

Adding and removing team members in Circuit for Teams to manage your drivers faster.

Team members are now added and edited in a separate part of the Teams workspace.

You can easily add new team members individually, or add many couriers in a row. Just pop their email in the box, choose a role, and add your team member. Simply check the ‘Add member’ box to include more than one new driver at a time.

Editing existing members

Editing existing members in Circuit for Teams.

Editing your existing team members is now easier, too. Go to the three dots on the right of the team member name for more info and to pull up their profile. You can change their name, display name, and role. Plus override their route defaults.

Override route defaults for the most efficient routes

Many dispatchers need their couriers to start and end their route from the same place. Now, when you select ‘Use defaults’, you can fix this so that your driver follows your set start and end locations.

Overriding route defaults for the most efficient routes in Circuit for Teams.

If you uncheck this option, then you have the choice to customize your drivers start and end locations individually. You can just pick another location and time and then save it. From now on, your driver is going to get routes that are tailored to them.

Upcoming updates

Keep an eye out for some exciting further updates, including integrated onboarding for new customers and customizable recipient notifications. Plus part two of the rewrite – that will make Circuit for Teams even faster!

Existing Circuit users can give all of this a go now for free! If you’re not using Circuit for Teams yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

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