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7 Best Apps for Delivery Drivers That Will Save You Time

7 Best Apps for Delivery Drivers That Will Save You Time

Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The most powerful app for delivery drivers is Circuit Route Planner.

People in any occupation are always looking for ways to improve their workday, and delivery drivers are no exception.

If you’re a courier, you want to maximize your work to save time and be more efficient, whether that’s following the best route or finding the lowest fuel prices.

You also want to keep yourself healthy, while finishing your work on time or early, so you can enjoy life away from work too.

One way to improve your work is by using apps for delivery drivers.

Chances are you have a smartphone, so why not find the best delivery apps for drivers and use the phone to full advantage.

Let’s look at our picks for the best seven powerful apps for delivery drivers that will save you time, and get you home feeling good.

7 best apps for delivery drivers

Best apps for delivery drivers #1: Waze

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: Waze

You need to find your way to each stop, so one of the top ways that delivery drivers use their phone is by using it to plan routes.

While you can use a common address-finding app like Google Maps, which does allow you to include multiple stops, you may want an easier way to include several different destinations on your route.

Waze is a good option when you’re looking for the best GPS app for delivery drivers.

It’s been around for a while, and because it is crowd-sourced, it helps you avoid unknown hazards like a traffic jam or an accident. It’s also faster at providing this information than Google Maps because it is community-curated.

You simply add your destinations and Waze will give you the best option for getting from A to B, bringing together information on traffic conditions, providing alternative routes, and giving you a real-time report on the trip ahead.

You can make decisions about the best route, and be ready to go before you leave for the day.

Waze also lets you know information like upcoming tolls and how much they cost, as well as why the route looks like it is less direct than the one you would have chosen – maybe there is heavy congestion on the road ahead.

They call it “the why” information and put it in your trip preview, so you’ll know why Waze considers that route the best recommendation. You can always change it and go your own way instead.

Best apps for delivery drivers #2: Flush

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: Flush

Don’t be embarrassed to talk about bathroom breaks.

You’ll be in your vehicle all day long.

You want to drink coffee or tea and you should drink water to stay hydrated.

So you need to think about bathroom breaks or risk an embarrassing accident or emergency stop that will mess up your route.

As such, Flush is among the top apps for delivery drivers.

Flush is an app for Android and iOS that finds bathrooms, making it easy to be prepared when it comes to potty breaks.

Flush boasts a database of tens of thousands of public toilets, and you can even store it on your phone for offline access.

The database currently features over 200,000 toilets all over the world, and there are constantly new additions to the list.

To use it, search for a location on the map, or pan over the map to see the nearest public washrooms. When you tap on the locations, you get directions provided by Google Maps.

You can also tap the directions button to get the information fast.

Flush continues to expand its database and add information such as whether there is a fee, whether you require a key and whether or not they provide disabled access.

Then you can sit back and enjoy your coffee, tea, water or iced cappuccino, and know that regular bathroom breaks will be a breeze.

Best apps for delivery drivers #3: Headspace

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: Headspace

The best apps for delivery drivers aren’t just for planning routes and rest stops.

Staying healthy and happy is an important part of enjoying your work.

The meditation app Headspace is an ideal tool to help you be less stressed on your route, and when you get home.

That’s because meditation or mindfulness is a form of mental exercise that can help you handle stress.

In just eight weeks, it can actually “change your brain” by having more capacity to manage stress.

Headspace gives you the tools for meditating to reduce anxiety, reduce stress, or before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep.

There’s nothing worse than being tired to start the workday, and chronic fatigue is one of the early signs of stress.

It’s important to manage stress the best you can, as it can easily build up and affect your health and well-being. Headspace is also ideal for beginners, too, since you may be uncertain about how to get started with mindfulness and meditation.

It’s also been shown that taking regular breaks during the day – even for just a few minutes – will reduce stress.

Planning a 15-minute stop every few hours will help you end your workday feeling better than if you raced through the day without stopping.

Whether you pull over for a quick Headspace meditation, or get out and do some stretches (see app choice #5), it’s a good idea to plan a few stops into your delivery day.

Best apps for delivery drivers #4: PetrolPrices and GasBuddy

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: GasBuddy

Another necessary stop you will need to make, sometimes every day is a stop to refuel your vehicle.

Having access to the closest gas stations is handy, but what if you could also save money on fuel?

With apps for delivery drivers like PetrolPrices in the United Kingdom and GasBuddy in North America and Australia, you can find the prices at nearby stations and consistently save time while you also save money on fuel.

With PetrolPrices, you create a free account using your email address, then enter your postcode and it will find the cheapest or nearest petrol station. The free mobile app makes it easy to use it on your route.

GasBuddy gives similar information, covering the United States, Canada and Australia. The app provides real-time gas price information at 150,000+ stations.

Best pps for delivery drivers #4: MyFitnessPal

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: MyFitnessPal

Eating properly can be a challenge when you’re on the road all day long.

But it’s important to your overall well-being that you include nutrition and exercise as part of your daily work plan.

You might be wondering why we’ve included MyFitnessPal among this list of apps for delivery drivers.

The app MyFitnessPal makes it easy to practice healthy eating and exercise.

Use it to easily track the food you eat and your activity. It also has resources like easy recipes for healthy meals and snacks, and activities to promote movement.

It might seem like exercise is the last thing you have time for, but it’s important that you do keep your body moving

Exercise breaks are beneficial to maintaining overall health, as even a short walk has been shown to boost energy, and fresh air can positively impact your mental health.

Since being a courier involves a lot of sitting, finding a way to move regularly is even more important.

And what you put in your body impacts how you feel too, so healthy eating choices will give you the energy you need to get through those long days of driving.

Best apps for delivery drivers #6: WhatsApp

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: WhatsApp

You’ve probably already heard of, or are using WhatsApp.

Communicating with other drivers, your employer or contractor, or family and friends is made easy with an app like WhatsApp.

Download it to your phone and use it for fast, simple, secure messaging.

You can also use it to call for free on phones all over the world (you may have data charges from your provider, however).

But when you need to reach out and don’t want to worry about using an Apple messenger or other device-specific tool, WhatsApp is an easy way to connect with anyone, anywhere.

While you obviously shouldn’t text while driving, it’s also important to stay connected.

It’s easy to start feeling lonely on those long days on the road, which can have negative impacts on your health and eventually lead to depression and physical ailments.

Stay connected with this easy-to-use communication app.

Best apps for delivery drivers #7: Circuit Route Planner

7 Powerful Apps for Delivery Drivers: Circuit Route Planner

There are other options for finding your way, but as a delivery driver, you need more than a map that gives you directions.

You need Circuit Route Planner, the best route optimization app for delivery drivers.

Instead of spending time rearranging addresses in Google Maps, or another app that’s great for one or two stops, use Circuit to plan the best route as a courier.

As a bonus, Circuit actually works with Google Maps, Waze, AppleMaps and more, letting you use the navigation system you’re comfortable with or the one your company insists you use.

Circuit is powerful because it does more than show you the route from A to B.

Circuit is a quality route optimization tool, more than a map on your phone and more than using a GPS to go from address to address.

What is route optimization?

An optimized route is a predetermined path that is the most cost-effective, in terms of time and distance.

Circuit’s route optimization means you get from one stop to the next in an orderly fashion.

It helps you find your delivery destinations, while also planning your routes to decrease time spent on the road.

It can help you avoid time-wasters like traffic jams and backtracking.

You can add the necessary bathroom breaks, stretch and meditation breaks and more right into the route.

The Circuit app builds an optimized plan for unlimited stops in just a few minutes.

Optimize your delivery route and get home earlier with Circuit Route Planner. Click here to download now.

Fast Package Finder

Circuit will also save you time with its Fast Package Finder,which will increase your package delivery speed.

That’s because the app will help you find the right package at the right stop.

To use it, simply tell the Circuit app where the packages are in your vehicle.

When you stop, the app will remind you exactly where to look to make a speedy drop.

The package finder could help you save up to an hour each day by eliminating time spent searching your vehicle at every stop.

Eliminate that wasted time over the course of the day by having packages organized in your vehicle.

Circuit is the best driver app, allowing you to save time while driving and when you arrive at the drop-off location.

7 Powerful apps for delivery drivers: Conclusion

Working as a delivery driver involves balancing good driving with speedy deliveries.

Getting your routes done efficiently can mean more money in your pocket, better job satisfaction and less stress.

The best apps for delivery drivers help you find your way on the best possible route, but also manage stress, allow for breaks, and save money on gas.

With our guide to the best apps that will save you time and the help of the Circuit Route Planner app, you can be on your way safely and return home at the end of the day feeling satisfied. Get your free trial now.

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