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Top 5 Laundry Delivery Software in 2024


Quickly determine the most efficient laundry delivery route with Circuit for Teams.

Running a laundry or dry cleaning business? Embracing laundry delivery software is key to staying ahead in a rapidly evolving and competitive industry. 

This technology streamlines your operations, from the washing and drying process to timely delivery to customers.

Navigate this evolving landscape with workflow automation. We offer a detailed and impartial comparison of the top five laundry delivery software options as of 2024, so you have the information you need to make the best decision for your business. 

Discover which laundry and dry cleaning software can optimize your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and attract new customers.

The 5 best laundry delivery software

  • Circuit for Teams for optimal route efficiency
  • CleanCloud for comprehensive customer management
  • LinenTech for automating and optimizing laundry processes
  • Cents for all-in-one POS integration
  • NetworkON for automated delivery scheduling

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What makes the best laundry delivery software?

Picking the ideal delivery software is important in the dynamic laundry and dry cleaning industry. To stay ahead, businesses must meet their unique needs with a solution that keeps pace with rapid industry changes.

Our conversations with laundry business owners have revealed the stand-out delivery software features. Here’s what matters most:

  • Route optimization mastery. In a business where time equals money, having software that nails down the most efficient routes is essential. Beyond getting from point A to B, drivers must smartly navigate their day to save time and costs.
  • Customer management excellence. Great software transforms the customer experience. Look for engaging and informative features that turn a routine service into a standout experience.
  • Scalability for growing your business. As your business expands, your software should grow with you. The best software adapts to your increasing needs and supports your growth every step of the way.
  • Seamless POS integration. Juggling multiple systems can be a headache. The top software choices make life easier with integrated point-of-sale (POS) systems, streamlining everything from sales to inventory in one place.
  • Effortless scheduling and dispatch. Say goodbye to the chaos of manual scheduling. The leading software automates these tasks, making sure every laundry pickup and delivery runs like clockwork.

The best laundry delivery software at a glance

BrandWho it’s best forUnique featurePricing
Circuit for TeamsBusinesses seeking optimal route efficiencyAdvanced route optimization and real-time driver trackingEssentials: $100/month; Standard: $200/month; Pro: $500/month
CleanCloudDiverse size businesses needing comprehensive customer managementIntuitive interface and SMS marketing toolsLite: $89/store/month; Pro: $119/store/month; Grow: $179/store/month; Grow+: $325/store/month
LinenTechCommercial laundry services focusing on process automationReal-time data access and RFID integrationPricing on request
CentsBusinesses needing all-in-one POS integrationComprehensive POS system with diverse business management toolsPricing on request
NetworkONBusinesses prioritizing automated delivery schedulingAutomated scheduling and real-time trackingBase: $10/month; Silver, Gold, Platinum: Pricing on request

The best laundry delivery software for optimal route efficiency

In the laundry service industry, efficient routing is key. Circuit for Teams streamlines delivery routes and makes your business operations smoother and more reliable.

Circuit for Teams 

cft homepage graphic

Circuit for Teams is tailored to help laundry businesses excel in route optimization and delivery efficiency.

Circuit’s focus is route optimization, so your drivers take the most efficient routes to save time and costs. The software’s real-time driver tracking gives dispatchers complete visibility over deliveries. 

Proof of delivery (POD) features, like mobile app photos and signatures, add an extra layer of accountability and reassurance for both dispatchers and customers. The service experience is enhanced through dynamic notifications that keep customers informed about their laundry status. 

Circuit for Teams also includes delivery analytics to help your delivery business track and improve performance.

Circuit for Teams pros:

  • Advanced route optimization for efficient deliveries
  • Real-time tracking for complete delivery oversight
  • POD features for added accountability
  • Customer notifications for enhanced communication
  • Delivery analytics for performance tracking

One user says:

Circuit for Teams cons:

  • Driver app doesn’t allow drivers to message customers directly 
  • Unable to import route stops using a Google Sheet 

One user says:

Circuit for Teams pricing:

  • Essentials. Ideal for teams focusing on route optimization and driver tracking. Priced at $100 per month, this plan includes the first two drivers, with additional drivers at $40 per driver. Features include route creation and optimization and real-time driver tracking.
  • Standard. Designed for teams needing POD and customer notifications. This plan costs $200 per month and covers the first three drivers, with each additional driver costing $60. It offers the same features as the Essentials plan, plus POD and customer notifications.
  • Pro. Best suited for teams looking to analyze and improve delivery efficiency. The Pro plan is priced at $500 per month, including the first six drivers, and additional drivers cost $80 per driver. It encompasses all the features of the previous plans plus unlimited delivery history.

The best laundry delivery software for comprehensive customer management

In today’s competitive laundry and dry cleaning market, effectively managing customer relationships is vital. CleanCloud’s suite of features streamline and enhance customer interactions.



CleanCloud stands out in the laundry software market with its comprehensive approach to customer management. 

Designed for both dry cleaning and laundry services, the platform caters to various business sizes, from single to multi-store operations. This software is versatile, supporting different devices like PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS. 

Its functionalities extend from POS software to assembly management, coupled with effective pick-up and delivery services. For marketing, CleanCloud offers tools like SMS campaigns and maintains high data security standards.

CleanCloud pros:

  • Intuitive interface for easy management of orders and clients
  • Flexible and scalable, suitable for both small and large businesses
  • Strong customer support gives quick and helpful responses
  • Regular updates meet changing business requirements​​

One user says:

CleanCloud cons:

  • Limited customization options for specific business needs
  • Higher cost, particularly for businesses operating multiple stores

One user says:

CleanCloud pricing: 

  • Lite. $89/store/month — Basic features, plus iOS and Android customer apps.
  • Pro. $119/store/month — Includes Lite features, plus pickup and delivery, route optimization, and a delivery app.
  • Grow. $179/store/month — Tailored for larger operations. Includes auto assembly and advanced marketing tools.
  • Grow+. $325/store/month — Everything in Grow, plus your own branded iOS and Android customer apps.

The best laundry delivery software for automating and optimizing laundry processes

Laundry and dry cleaning businesses wanting to automate and refine their operations will find LinenTech an invaluable tool. This comprehensive software solution excels in optimizing various aspects of laundry management.



LinenTech is designed for commercial laundry service businesses and linen rental services. It focuses on efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction. 

The platform offers real-time data access for managing operations, including linen shipping and receiving, route management, billing, and cost control. 

The manager app is pivotal for on-the-go operation management, while the dedicated driver app allows for streamlined pickup and delivery scheduling and tracking. 

LinenTech integrates with accounting software like XERO, Square, and Sage for financial processes. Its RFID integration enables accurate linen counting and inventory management.

LinenTech pros:

  • Offers end-to-end solutions for linen management, including shipping, route management, and billing.
  • Manager and driver apps enhance on-the-go management and delivery tracking.
  • Connects with accounting software for smooth financial handling.

One user says:

LinenTech cons:

  • May require training time to learn its comprehensive features
  • Could be a significant investment, especially for smaller operations

LinenTech pricing: 

Pricing isn’t publicly available, but according to the FAQ, users only pay for what they use with a one-month free trial. Schedule a demo to get started. 

The best laundry delivery software for all-in-one POS integration

A system that combines POS functionality with comprehensive business management tools is crucial for efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth. 

This integration simplifies operations for everything from order processing and customer management to inventory tracking and financial reporting. This is where Cents stands out.



Cents streamlines laundry business operations with its integrated POS and business management features. It caters to various business sizes and offers tools for order management, employee scheduling, and customer relationship management. 

Key functionalities include pickup and delivery scheduling, business analytics for strategic planning, and hardware compatibility for operational flexibility. Cents is a versatile solution for enhancing customer service and streamlining laundry service management.

Cents pros:

  • Cents supports integration with laundry machines.
  • The comprehensive POS system integrates various aspects of laundry business management.

One user says:

  • Nontransparent pricing and plans
  • Reports of glitches

One user says:

Cents pricing: 

Similar to LinenTech, pricing isn’t publicly available on Cents, so you’ll need to request a demo to get a quote. 

The best laundry delivery software for automated delivery scheduling

As a laundry business owner, you know how crucial timely pickups and deliveries are. Instead of juggling everything manually, NetworkON can automate order fulfillment.



NetworkON primarily automates and optimizes the delivery process. One of its core features is the automated scheduling of pickups and deliveries, which significantly reduces the manual workload and potential for human error. 

This automation is complemented by real-time tracking, so both your business and customers stay updated on the status of each order. Additionally, the software’s advanced route optimization makes sure deliveries are efficient.

NetworkOn pros:

  • Multiple ways to keep track of deliveries through a business background, agent app, and customer app 
  • Custom templates for capturing customer information
  • Integrates with third-party apps like Zapier 

NetworkOn cons:

  • May take time to implement
  • Pricing is only publicly available on the base plan

NetworkOn pricing: 

  • Base. Priced at $10 per month, this plan is suitable for smaller operations. It allows for up to 100 tasks per month and is limited to one agent.
  • Silver. This plan caters to businesses with higher task volumes, offering up to 1,000 tasks per month. It supports unlimited agents, making it suitable for growing businesses with expanding delivery operations.
  • Gold. Designed for larger operations, the Gold plan includes up to 5,000 tasks per month and supports unlimited agents. This plan is ideal for businesses with significant delivery volumes and the need for a robust delivery management system.
  • Platinum. This plan offers customized solutions based on your business’s unique needs. It supports unlimited agents and is ideal for large-scale operations or businesses with specific requirements that standard plans don’t meet.

Which is the best laundry delivery software overall?

When it comes to choosing the best laundry delivery software, the answer largely depends on your specific business needs and priorities. However, considering the overall balance of features, ease of use, and customer feedback, Circuit for Teams is a particularly strong contender in the market.

Circuit for Teams excels in route optimization and delivery efficiency, key areas for any laundry or dry cleaning service. 

Its advanced route optimization makes sure your drivers take the most efficient routes, saving significant time and reducing operational costs. Plus, real-time driver tracking offers complete oversight over deliveries.

Circuit for Teams’ POD features, like in-app photos and signatures, add an essential layer of accountability and build trust with your customers. Dynamic notifications, including text messaging and email, keep customers informed.

If your laundry business prioritizes efficient route planning, customer satisfaction, and operational transparency, Circuit for Teams stands out as a top choice. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly interface, and scalability makes it a highly effective tool for streamlining delivery operations in the competitive laundry service market.

Up your laundry delivery game with Circuit for Teams

Transform your laundromat or dry cleaning business with a cloud-based powerhouse like Circuit for Teams. Replace logistical headaches with smooth, efficient, and smart scheduling, all accessible from the cloud, so you have the freedom to manage your business from anywhere.

Real-time updates and POD features keep your customers informed and make them feel valued and cared for. These features enhance customer loyalty and turn a one-time visitor into a long-term client.

Are you ready to take your laundry service to the next level? Embrace the future with Circuit for Teams. Try it for free today.

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