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Beans Route vs. Circuit for Teams: What To Know


Optimize your team’s delivery efficiency with Circuit for Teams, a leader in dynamic routing and real-time tracking.

So, you’re managing a delivery team. It’s a typical day with vans out on their routes delivering packages on time. 

Suddenly, you get a call. There’s an unexpected roadblock on a main route, and your drivers are facing delays.

Now you have to quickly adjust multiple routes to avoid a domino effect of delays. In moments like these, you could really use last-mile delivery software.

But which routing software is the right one? This is where Beans Route and Circuit for Teams enter the picture. 

In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of each platform and compare their features, pricing, and user feedback. We’ll help you decide which software could best streamline your delivery operations and make those unexpected roadblocks just a minor hiccup in your well-orchestrated delivery symphony.

Key takeaways

  • Both Beans Route and Circuit for Teams offer advanced route planning and optimization. Beans Route excels in detailed geocoding for complex urban environments, and Circuit for Teams stands out in managing multiple routes efficiently.
  • Each platform showcases strong technology integration capabilities. Beans Route has a user-friendly interface suitable for new drivers, and Circuit for Teams offers an API for end-to-end automation of delivery operations.
  • Real-time tracking and dynamic route adjustments are crucial in both platforms. These features allow for quick adaptation to changing conditions like traffic and weather, which enhances delivery efficiency.
  • Beans Route and Circuit for Teams offer different pricing structures to suit various business sizes and needs. Their plans range from basic route optimization features to comprehensive delivery management solutions.
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Beans Route

beans route

Beans Route is designed to address the challenges of last-mile delivery. It’s developed by Beans.ai and headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Its core functionality lies in real-time route optimization, enabling delivery drivers to navigate routes more efficiently. 

This feature is particularly useful in urban areas, where traffic conditions and delivery destinations can be unpredictable and varied.

Key features 

Beans Route offers a range of features designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of delivery services. 

One feature is detailed geocoding. This technology gives drivers location data, enabling them to locate delivery addresses more accurately. This is especially beneficial in complex urban environments where traditional GPS systems might be less accurate.

Another feature is Beans Route’s capability for precise front door drop-off. The system guides drivers to the exact drop-off point at an address. This feature is particularly useful in large apartment complexes or gated communities where finding the correct entrance can be challenging.

Specialized apartment data handling is also a key component of Beans Route. The platform includes detailed information about apartment complexes, such as the layout of buildings, entry points, and even the location of individual units. 

This level of detail helps drivers navigate complicated spaces more effectively, reducing the time spent searching for the right location.

The Beans Route app by One Hundred Feet, Inc. is available on both Android and iOS platforms.


Unfortunately, pricing for Beans Route isn’t publicly available. For price information, you’ll need to schedule a demo to speak with their team.  

User reviews 

From the information gathered, Beans Route has received mixed reviews from users. 

On the Apple App Store, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on over 2,000 ratings. Reviews range from highly positive to critical. 

One user who works for FedEx Ground likes the app for its usefulness in areas they don’t know. 

beans route review

Another user appreciates the app feature that shows apartment locations, but mentions issues with stops getting marked as completed prematurely and navigation inaccuracies. 

beans route long review

A more critical review mentioned problems with GPS accuracy and suitability for rural routes.

beans route critical review

Circuit for Teams

circuit for teams homepage graphic

Circuit for Teams, our own brainchild, tackles the complexities of modern delivery logistics with a focus on streamlined efficiency. 

At its heart lies route optimization and real-time notifications that enable smoother, more intelligent routing decisions. This feature is particularly valuable in varied and dynamic delivery scenarios as it makes sure drivers can navigate with greater efficiency regardless of the destination’s complexity or variability. 

The goal of Circuit is straightforward: to optimize every aspect of the delivery process, making it more reliable and effective.

Key features 

Circuit for Teams is designed to simplify and streamline the delivery management process, offering a suite of features that make it a standout choice for delivery businesses. 

Here are some of its key features:

  • Efficient multiple route management. Quickly add drivers and deliveries to optimize the fastest routes, saving significant planning time​​.
  • Real-time driver location and accurate ETAs. The software offers real-time tracking of deliveries and gives accurate estimated times of arrival. This visibility makes sure managers are always informed about the status of each delivery and have an eye on each driver’s location​​.
  • Proof of delivery. Circuit for Teams includes signatures and photo proof of delivery, which is synced and saved for every stop, adding a layer of security and accountability to the delivery process​​.
  • Customer communication. The system enables the tagging of priority packages, has always-accurate arrival times, and keeps customers updated with email and SMS notifications, enhancing the overall customer experience​​.
  • Customization and flexibility. Circuit for Teams allows customization, including the choice of navigation apps for drivers and the ability to add special instructions, comments, or notes for each package. This personalization makes the delivery process more adaptable to specific needs​​.
  • Time window management. The software also includes the capability to manage time windows for stops, reducing the likelihood of missed deliveries and driver backtracking​​.


Circuit for Teams offers three pricing tiers for different levels of delivery management needs:

  • Essentials ($100/month). Ideal for teams focused on route optimization and driver tracking. This tier includes the first two drivers, with additional drivers at $40 each. Features include creating and optimizing routes and real-time driver tracking.
  • Standard ($200/month). Suited for teams needing proof of delivery and customer notifications. It covers the first three drivers (additional drivers at $60 each) and includes route creation and optimization, driver tracking, proof of delivery, and customer notifications.
  • Pro ($500/month). Designed for teams aiming to analyze and enhance delivery efficiency. This plan includes the first six drivers (extra drivers at $80 each) and offers all Standard features plus access to unlimited delivery history.

These tiers reflect Circuit for Teams’ scalability. Each level offers more features and caters to team growth, making it a versatile and affordable option for a wide range of delivery service providers.

User reviews 

We don’t want to toot our own horn too loudly, but Circuit for Teams is hitting quite a few high notes with users! 

From comments on its efficiency in organizing delivery businesses to praises about its ease of use, it’s clear that our app is more than just a pretty interface.

Users have noted the app’s efficiency in organizing delivery businesses, with one user stating that Circuit for Teams is “efficient in helping me organize our delivery business” and another mentioning its role as a “time saver” and its ability to get them out of traffic​.

circuit pretty useful app review

Beyond these accolades, our customer stories paint a vivid picture of Circuit for Teams in action. For example, take Swytch’s e-bike service, which achieved an impressive 90% delivery rate thanks to our tool. 

Then there’s the case of Roll This Way, a catering and events business that slashed their time spent route planning by over 60% each week by switching from manual planning to our automated route optimization.

However, we’re not too proud to admit that there’s always room for improvement. 

Some users have pointed out that the app can sometimes lead drivers on less-than-ideal routes, like a one-mile circle for a destination just 0.1 miles away. Another area highlighted for improvement involves the ease of loading stops, especially when dealing with a high number of deliveries.

A tool is only as good as the satisfaction it brings to its users, and we’re committed to making Circuit for Teams the best in the business.

How do they compare?

When it comes to choosing between Beans Route and Circuit for Teams for delivery management, let’s weigh their strengths and weaknesses across various factors. 

Both platforms have made significant strides in route planning and optimization, technology integration, real-time capabilities, and dynamic adjustments, but they offer these features in different ways.

Beans RouteCircuit for Teams
Route planning and optimizationDetailed geocoding, precise front door drop-off, specialized in complex urban environments.Efficient management of multiple routes, quick addition of drivers and deliveries.
Technology and integrationUser-friendly interface, suitable for new drivers, Route API for route planning and optimization.Robust application is compatible with various operating systems, latest API for end-to-end automation.
Real-time capabilities and dynamic adjustmentsReal-time route optimization, particularly beneficial for last-mile delivery in urban areas.Real-time driver tracking, accurate ETAs, enhances operational management and customer satisfaction.
PricingNot publicly available.Essentials: $100/month
Standard: $200/month
Pro: $500/month 

Route planning and optimization 

Beans Route shines in providing detailed geocoding and exact drop-off points, which is particularly useful in dense urban areas with complex layouts. This precision in last-mile delivery can be particularly helpful for businesses dealing with intricate delivery scenarios.

Circuit for Teams, on the other hand, excels in managing multiple routes with ease. Our routing app allows for quick additions of drivers and deliveries, optimizing the fastest routes. This can be incredibly beneficial for businesses handling a high volume of deliveries daily.

Technology and integration 

Beans Route offers a user-friendly interface for both Android and iOS, and it’s suitable for new drivers. Its API includes functionalities like route planning, optimization, and handling various delivery-related data, such as warehouses and items.

Circuit for Teams also boasts a robust application compatible with different operating systems. Its latest API update facilitates the optimization and distribution of routes to drivers, allowing for end-to-end automation of delivery operations​​. 

This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to integrate Circuit for Teams into their existing systems for a more seamless delivery operation.

Real-time capabilities and dynamic adjustments 

Both Beans Route and Circuit for Teams offer real-time tracking features, but they apply them differently. 

Beans Route focuses on real-time route optimization, which is crucial for last-mile delivery and completing timely deliveries in complex urban environments.

Circuit for Teams offers real-time driver tracking and accurate ETAs, enhancing operational management and customer satisfaction. Its ability to adapt routes in real time makes sure delivery teams are always on the most efficient path.

Which is the right delivery routing software for you?

Choosing the right delivery routing software comes down to understanding your specific needs and the features that align with them. While both Beans Route and Circuit for Teams offer robust solutions, the features of Circuit for Teams particularly stand out in line with the needs highlighted in this article.

Circuit for Teams excels in managing multiple routes efficiently, a crucial aspect for businesses handling a high volume of deliveries. Its real-time tracking and accurate ETAs enhance operational management and customer satisfaction. 

The flexibility offered by its latest API for end-to-end automation and compatibility with various operating systems makes it a versatile choice for integrating with existing fleet management systems.

If you’re looking for delivery routing software that simplifies your delivery operations, saves time, and gives real-time insights to keep you ahead in the game, Circuit for Teams could be the right choice for your business. 

Sign up and start optimizing your delivery routes today.

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