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The Best Route Planning Software: 8 Different Route Planners Compared

Best route planning software

To experience the benefits of using route planning software to plan and complete your delivery routes, try Circuit for Teams.

Routes are full of variables that make route planning time-consuming — from factoring in traffic patterns to calculating the distance between stops, changes in the speed limit, and the time it takes delivery drivers to complete each stop.

Some of our customers spent hours each day trying to optimize their routes before discovering Circuit for Teams, our route planning software.

Manually planning routes isn’t just a time-drainer at the beginning of the day; it’s also incredibly inefficient for the drivers as they complete their routes. 

This is because it’s not possible to optimize manually planned delivery routes as efficiently as possible. We discuss this in our article on using Google Maps to plan multistop routes.

Because we know different small businesses benefit from different tools, we examine eight of the best route planning software options available:

  1. Circuit for Teams
  2. Routific
  3. OptimoRoute
  4. WorkWave
  5. MyRouteOnline
  6. Onfleet
  7. RouteXL
  8. Badger Maps
route planning software infographic

Key takeaways

  • Route planning software is crucial for optimizing delivery processes and reducing planning time.
  • Many route planning software options offer advanced features like real-time live tracking, customer notifications, proof of delivery, and delivery analytics.
  • Several of the software options allow for high levels of customization and flexibility, enabling businesses to modify routes in real time, integrate with other platforms and applications, and adjust features based on specific operational needs.
  • Some route planning software, like Badger Maps, is designed for certain sectors, like field sales, offering specialized features and tools to address its unique needs and challenges.
Circuit for Teams is a simple software for optimizing routes with multiple drivers. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

1. Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams offers advanced features to optimize delivery processes and cater to the needs of delivery teams and drivers alike, from efficient route planning to collecting proof of delivery.

Here are some of its biggest features. 

Delivery analytics

delivery analytics

Last-mile delivery teams gain access to enhanced delivery analytics

This functionality allows teams to monitor and analyze various metrics — such as total number of stops, percentage of late stops, and average cost per delivery — that are crucial for assessing performance and identifying areas for improvement.

By using the detailed analytics from Circuit for Teams, your delivery business can gain insights into delivery patterns, efficiency, and areas that may need attention or modification.

Route planning and monitoring

route planning and monitoring

Circuit for Teams allows dispatchers to plan the most efficient routes with a one-click feature, instantly calculating the best delivery route without the need to worry about time, distance, speed, or stop settings. 

The web app’s user-friendly interface supports spreadsheet imports on any computer, allowing for customization of routes based on driver availability. 

Additionally, it offers real-time monitoring of drivers, providing insights into completed and upcoming stops along with updated ETAs for streamlined delivery operations.

Circuit for Teams integrates with major navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps, giving drivers optimized routes and the ability to re-optimize based on unexpected changes.

Real-time live tracking

real time tracking

Circuit for Teams enhances the delivery process with our real-time live tracking feature, so drivers and dispatchers are in sync at every phase of the delivery journey. 

This feature is pivotal for maintaining up-to-the-minute communication, allowing for instant delivery confirmations, geotags, and stop status updates.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. 

Now, dispatchers have the flexibility to make modifications to live routes as needed, so any changes or additions to stops are integrated seamlessly and communicated instantly to drivers. 

This adaptability is crucial for addressing same-day updates and unforeseen changes.

Customer notifications

customer notifications

Circuit for Teams brings you advanced customer notifications

As soon as your driver hits the road, Circuit sends out a notification by SMS, email, or both, giving customers an initial estimate of the delivery time and a link to a real-time dashboard where they can track their package’s status throughout the day.

You can also set dynamic and fixed delivery windows to keep your customers in the loop with more precision.

  • Fixed time window. You can set a stable time window for all your deliveries. For example, if you set it from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., that’s the delivery time frame your customers will see no matter how the route progresses.
  • Dynamic time window. Want more flexibility? A dynamic time window adjusts in real time as the route moves along. So, if a stop has an ETA of 12 p.m., you can set a dynamic window with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of two hours. This way, your customers will see a delivery time that could range from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. depending on how things go on the road.

Plus, in this notification, your customer can communicate directly with your driver through a messaging service. 

This lets the customer tell the driver any extra notes that might help for finding their location or any other important information, such as “please don’t ring the doorbell, overprotective dog.”

Proof of delivery

proof of delivery

Circuit for Teams’ proof of delivery feature makes sure every delivery is verified and secure. 

This feature allows drivers to collect essential proof, such as signatures or photo captures, confirming they’ve completed the delivery successfully.

Without proof of delivery, both you and the customer lose peace of mind.

One of our customers, Sagar Dhaliwal, manages a food subscription service in Canada. Before Sagar started using Circuit to manage his deliveries, he had no way to confirm deliveries were made. 

When customers complained that they couldn’t find their food order, the owner had to send out new parcels of food.

But when Sagar started using Circuit for Teams to plan his routes, his drivers were able to collect proof of delivery. 

Now, when customers call claiming they can’t find their food order, he uses Circuit’s driver app to reference the photo the driver took to help his customer find their order.

Mobile app compatibility

mobile app compatibility

Circuit for Team offers a user-friendly mobile app for drivers that works with both Android and iOS devices. 

Drivers can manually enter routes or import a spreadsheet. (Spreadsheet importing for mobile users is only available on Android devices at this time.)

Circuit for Teams pricing 

circuit for teams pricing

Circuit for Teams offers simple and scalable pricing plans designed to accommodate the size of your team. 

  • Essentials ($100 per month). This plan includes the price for two drivers, with additional drivers charged $40 each. Create and optimize routes and track drivers in real time. 
  • Standard ($200 per month). This plan includes the price for three drivers, with additional drivers charged $60 each. Get everything included in the Essentials plan, plus capture proof of delivery and send customer notifications. 
  • Pro ($500 per month). This plan includes the price for six drivers, with additional drivers charged $80 each. Get everything included in the first two plans, plus access to unlimited delivery history. 

If you’re ready to see the benefits of using cost-effective route planning software to plan and complete your routes, sign up for a free trial of Circuit.

2. Routific


Routific is a route planning app that offers some of the advanced features we talked about above. Let’s look at how you can use them to plan routes.

Note: For a direct comparison between Routific and other tools, check out our blog post: Routific Competitors: 10 Alternatives for Your Delivery Route Planning.

Routing planning with Routific 

When planning routes with Routific, you have four ways of getting addresses into the platform.

  1. Shopify integration
  2. Spreadsheet import
  3. Create customer profiles (ideal for recurring customers)
  4. Add customers manually

Once the addresses are in the system, the route optimization functionality of Routific comes into play, allowing for the creation of the most efficient routes. 

A notable feature is the ability to drag and drop stops, providing flexibility if there’s a need to modify the initially created route.

Other key Routific features 

Similar to Circuit for Teams, Routific has features aimed at optimizing delivery processes. 

The live tracking feature offers real-time insights into the progress of the routes, showing whether a stop is completed, skipped, or delayed.

Routific also has a proof of delivery feature, allowing drivers to collect signatures on their smartphones upon completing a delivery, enhancing the reliability of the delivery process.

Routific pricing 

routific pricing

Routific has three main pricing tiers: 

  • Essentials ($49 per vehicle per month). This plan includes route optimization, dispatch-to-driver mobile apps, and API integrations.
  • Professional ($59 per vehicle per month). Get everything in Essentials, plus live GPS and progress tracking, photo POD and signatures, and end-of-day reports. 
  • Premium ($78 per vehicle per month). Get everything in Professional, plus customer notifications, customizable templates, and a real-time delivery tracker link.

3. OptimoRoute


OptimoRoute is a comprehensive route planning tool, with a range of features including route monitoring, customer tracking updates, and real-time order tracking. 

It now offers proof of delivery features, allowing the capture of digital signatures, photos, and notes directly through its mobile app.

Route planning with OptimoRoute

Getting started with OptimoRoute is straightforward. 

Users can upload orders from a CSV or Excel file and then send the optimized routes to drivers using OptimoRoute’s mobile app. 

The platform allows for real-time modifications, allowing dispatchers to make mid-route changes that are reflected on the driver’s app, keeping operations flexible and responsive to real-time demands.

Other key OptimoRoute features

  • Live tracking and ETA. OptimoRoute gives real-time information on driver locations and estimated times of arrival, keeping customers and dispatchers informed.
  • Customer feedback. The platform sends automatic feedback requests, allowing businesses to gauge customer satisfaction and make necessary improvements.
  • Analytics. OptimoRoute automatically creates analytic reports, aiding businesses in identifying high-performing drivers and areas needing improvement.
  • API integration. It offers robust API integration capabilities and syncs with various platforms like ERP, CRM, POS, and FSM.

OptimoRoute pricing

optimoroute pricing

OptimoRoute has three pricing tiers:

  • Lite ($39 per driver per month). This plan includes a mobile app for drivers, route history, and the ability to export to Excel, Garmin, and more. It allows planning for up to 700 orders and offers features like live tracking, Web Service API, and live ETA and breadcrumbs.
  • Pro ($49 per driver per month). This plan includes all the features of the Lite plan. It allows planning for up to 1,000 orders. Additional features in this plan include analytics, weekly planning, real-time order tracking, proof of delivery, and customer feedback.
  • Custom (contact OptimoRoute). This plan is tailored for specific needs and includes all the features of the Pro plan. It allows planning for thousands of orders at once and offers advanced features like pickup and delivery, multiday long-haul routes, commercial routing, technical consulting, and expert support.

4. WorkWave


WorkWave is a field service management software that offers specialized platforms for various industries, including pest service, plumbing, HVAC, and landscaping, making it distinct as it caters to specific business needs. 

Our focus is on WorkWave’s route manager software, which is designed to optimize routing and streamline scheduling and dispatching for businesses in different industries.

Route planning with WorkWave

WorkWave allows you to upload your routes with an Excel or CSV file, after which it optimizes your routes. 

Similar to other tools, it offers the flexibility to manually adjust the order of stops before finalizing and sending routes to your drivers. 

Drivers can access their daily routes using the WorkWave app, allowing for communication between dispatchers and drivers.

Other key WorkWave features

  • Real-time driver tracking and geofencing. WorkWave offers real-time information on driver locations and allows the setup of geofences around your route to notify customers of imminent deliveries.
  • Customer notifications. The platform sends automatic notifications to customers when the driver enters a specific geofence, keeping customers informed about their delivery status.
  • Manual route adjustment. It gives the flexibility to manually adjust the order of stops before finalizing and sending routes to drivers.
  • Driver app. The app is designed to facilitate seamless communication between dispatchers and drivers, allowing drivers to access their daily routes efficiently.
  • API integration. WorkWave offers a route optimization algorithm, RoutingEngine, which connects to your CRM using their free and open API, allowing sync with various platforms.

WorkWave pricing

workwave pricing

WorkWave offers three main pricing tiers: 

  • RouteManager. This is WorkWave’s most basic tier. It includes route optimization, a driver mobile app, order import, and simulations. 
  • RouteManager 360. When you upgrade to 360, your delivery team gets everything in the basic plan, plus a route performance dashboard, barcode scanning, event tracking, proof of job completion, customer notifications, and virtual tracking. 
  • RouteManager 360+. In 360+, you get everything in the previous plans as well as in-vehicle GPS tracking and individual driver safety monitoring. 

5. MyRouteOnline


MyRouteOnline is a web-based route planning tool that allows delivery teams to optimize up to 350 addresses per route. The addresses can be imported into MyRouteOnline with an Excel or CSV file and, in the more advanced plans, can be saved for future use.

Route planning with MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline plans routes in three ways:

  1. Minimize distance: having your drivers drive the least distance possible.
  2. Minimize time: creating the most optimal route with the shortest amount of travel time.
  3. Balance distance and time: a mix of the first two.

Once routes have been optimized, they can be exported as an Excel file (perfect for teams who want to print out their routes), emailed to your drivers, or exported to TomTom or Garmin devices. Drivers can also use the MyRouteOnline app to log in and retrieve their routes.

MyRouteOnline is exclusively a route optimization tool, so it doesn’t have any other advanced features that are needed by delivery teams, so we will continue on to its pricing.

MyRouteOnline pricing

MyRouteOnline works off of credits. One unique address equals one credit (and you can reuse the same address within 30 days without being charged any additional credits).

But there are some differences between the pricing tiers. For example, if you’re using the Basic Plan, you don’t get the Save and Reload feature, which makes it easier to plan recurring routes.

6. Onfleet


Onfleet is a comprehensive delivery management software that consolidates routing and dispatch operations, offering an intuitive web dashboard. 

It’s designed to optimize delivery processes, focusing on efficiency, real-time updates, and user-friendly experiences for both drivers and dispatchers.

Route planning with Onfleet

Onfleet features an integrated route optimization engine that takes into account time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. 

It allows for real-time updates and reoptimization, so any changes are instantly communicated to drivers. 

Onfleet’s auto-assign engine is particularly useful for on-demand and hot-shot assignments, enabling dispatchers to reduce service time and labor costs by assigning tasks to the right driver at the right time.

Other key Onfleet features

Intuitive driver apps: Onfleet offers simple, intuitive native iOS and Android apps, making it easy to onboard new drivers with interactive walkthroughs.

  • Real-time updates and navigation. Drivers have access to updated customer info, order details, and can avoid traffic using Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze.
  • Completion requirements enforcement. The software enforces completion requirements through in-app collection of photos, signatures, barcodes, and notes, driving productivity and accountability.
  • Customer notifications and interaction. Customers are kept in the loop with automatic SMS notifications, live driver locations, and accurate ETAs. They can also call or message their driver, dispatcher, or call center with a single tap and have the option to anonymize calls to safeguard customer data.
  • Performance tracking and analytics. The software enables businesses to visualize success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more, with the option to export analytics and raw task data to CSV or connect with Onfleet’s API for more insights.

Onfleet pricing

onfleet pricing

Onfleet offers three main pricing tiers, catering to different sizes and needs of delivery operations.

  • Launch ($500 per month). Suitable for new and small teams, this plan includes 2,000 delivery or pickup tasks, unlimited users, route optimization, photo and signature proof of delivery, status and ETA triggered notifications, 90-day historical analytics, and support through email and scheduled phone support.
  • Scale ($1,150 per month). Designed for growing delivery operations, this plan includes everything in Launch, allows for 5,000 delivery or pickup tasks, and offers additional features like barcode scanning and age verification, advanced ETA notifications, task completion customization, one-year historical analytics, and has standard onboarding included for support.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing). Offering tailored solutions for established delivery operations, this plan includes everything in Scale, allows for over 5,000 delivery or pickup tasks, and has advanced features like advanced route optimization, multibrand or region support, Enterprise SSO, private label recipient tracking page, and unlimited historical analytics. For support, it has premium unboarding and implementation and the best SLAs.

7. RouteXL

route xl

RouteXL is a versatile road route planner designed for managing multiple destinations, whether for deliveries, pickups, or services. It uses a smart algorithm to sort addresses and minimize the overall duration of the route, making it an optimal choice for those looking to save time, fuel, and costs while enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Route planning with RouteXL

RouteXL offers a user-friendly approach to route optimization. Users can add their departure location and all destinations to the map, and with a single click, the route is calculated. 

The platform allows for importation of addresses from various applications, spreadsheets, or emails through copy and paste. 

The optimal routes save significant time and reduce fuel consumption, lowering emissions and costs and enabling faster deliveries, pickups, or services.

Other key RouteXL features

  • Route visualization. The calculated route is displayed on the map, and directions can be printed or exported to satellite navigation devices and navigation apps.
  • Easy sharing. Routes can be emailed to friends or colleagues and shared on social media.
  • Open-source integration. RouteXL uses open data from OpenStreetMap and integrates with various geocoding services like Mapbox, Photon, Bing, Google, Here, Mapquest, and Nominatim.
  • Diverse routing algorithms. The platform calculates routes using different algorithms like Graphhopper, OSRM, and Gosmore.

RouteXL pricing

route xl pricing
  • RouteXL 100 (free). Allows up to 20 stops per route with unlimited routes per day (subject to a fair use policy) and includes free geocoding services.
  • RouteXL 200 (€5 per day or €35 per month). Offers up to 100 stops per route, unlimited routes per day (subject to a fair use policy), and premium geocoding services.
  • RouteXL 200+ (€10 per day or €70 per month). Includes up to 200 stops per route, unlimited routes per day (subject to a fair use policy), and premium geocoding services.

8. Badger Maps

badger maps

Badger Maps is a route planner designed specifically for field sales, aiming to maximize sales routes and enhance overall sales productivity. It focuses exclusively on business-to-business B2B sales, unlike other apps that concentrate on business-to-consumer (B2C), door-to-door (D2D), or retail.

Route planning with Badger Maps

Badger Maps gives a structured approach to route planning, aiming to help sales teams optimize their field routes. 

The platform offers a suite of tools that allow for the visualization of customers on a map, presenting a clear depiction of client locations. This feature lets sales representatives identify prospective opportunities.

In terms of route optimization, Badger Maps uses algorithms to evaluate various factors such as distance, traffic, and appointment timings to create the most efficient routes. 

Other key Badger Maps features 

  • Detailed custom check-in reports. Badger Maps offers custom check-in reports for teams. These insights can be pivotal for reassessing accounts, creating efficient routes, and making informed decisions to enhance sales productivity.
  • Territory mapping. The platform enables users to visualize and manage their territories, allowing for strategic planning and allocation of resources.
  • Lead generation. The platform offers features for lead generation, aiding sales representatives in identifying potential clients and opportunities within their territories.
  • Reporting. The reporting features of Badger Maps allow for the analysis of sales activities, providing valuable data to assess performance and make improvements.

Badger Maps pricing

  • Business ($49/user per month billed annually or $59/user per month billed monthly). This plan allows users to optimize routes, prospect for leads, and includes features like scheduled phone support, team route creation, CRM integrations, weekly reports, management tools, custom check-ins, and photo check-ins.
  • Enterprise($95/user per month billed annually or $105/user per month billed monthly). This plan includes everything in the Business plan, plus enhanced lead generation, a technical account manager, one-on-one training, custom CRM integration, custom roles and permissions, network access restriction, custom field support, engineering support. Also, it’s HIPAA compliant.

The benefits of route optimization software

Using route planning software helps your delivery operations save time and money in two ways:

  1. Reduces the time it takes to plan the fastest routes possible
  2. Reduces the time it takes your drivers to complete their stops

Creating optimized routes helps your drivers spend less time on the road. You can save on labor and fuel costs, plus it leads to increased customer satisfaction because customers always get their orders on time.

On the route execution side, the right route planning software will have all the advanced features you need to streamline your delivery process.

Delivery teams can benefit from order tracking to keep their customers informed with:

  • Updated and accurate estimated times of arrival (ETAs)
  • Route monitoring to keep dispatch in the loop on where drivers are within their route
  • Proof of delivery to give customers peace of mind that their package was delivered securely

Which route planning software is right for you?

Several variables go into delivery route planning. When delivery providers try to manually plan their routes, they not only waste time in the morning, but they also waste time during the day as their drivers navigate inefficient routes.

While the best route planning software for your delivery service will vary based on your needs, we designed Circuit for Teams to be a viable option no matter the size of your operation.

If you’re ready to see the benefits of using cost-effective optimization solutions to plan and complete your routes, sign up for a free trial of Circuit for Teams.

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