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If you’ve ever considered sending packages across the United States, chances are you’ve thought about FedEx Freight. The largest less-than-truckload freight courier in the US, transporting individual packages and full truckloads to every state and Canada.

However, It’s critical to know where your FedEx Freight shipment is to know exactly where your package is and avoid a missed delivery.

Below, I’ll define what FedEx Freight tracking is and cover the difference between status updates. Then I’ll explain how to find any issues and resolve them.

FedEx Freight tracking 

Not knowing where your package is or when it will arrive can be challenging. Find a clear explanation of FedEx Freight tracking below. Plus, common tracking issues and how to fix them.

How to find your FedEx Freight tracking number

When FedEx Freight collects your package, the sender should email you a confirmation and a tracking number.

If you can’t find your FedEx Freight tracking number, the best way is usually to contact the sender and ask them for it. You can also contact FedEx Freight Customer Support for help.

How to track your FedEx Freight location 

FedEx Freight tracking with Circuit Package Tracker is easy; use your tracking number in the search above to find your package, estimated delivery time, and status.

Lost FedEx Freight tracking number

Don't worry; whether you lose a FedEx Freight tracking number or the seller fails to send you one, there are several ways to retrieve it. 

How to track a FedEx Freight Package without a tracking number

Contacting FedEx Freight Customer Support by phone, email, or online chat box is the best way to track a FedEx Freight package without a tracking number.

You must give them the name on the account and the account and order numbers so they can help.

Another way to track a package without a number is to go to the order information on your account. Scroll to the order you want to find to get FedEx Freight tracking.

Lastly, you can track a package using the door tag number (if FedEx leaves you one). This in-depth FedEx guide explains door tags if you’re unsure.

Solving FedEx Freight tracking issues

There are several ways to fix FedEx Freight tracking issues. Learn why you might not track your package, why it is not updating or moving, and how to solve it.

Why you can’t track your FedEx Freight package

Some common issues may keep you from tracking your FedEx Freight package. First, you may not have copied the tracking number precisely, so double-check this and try again. If this isn’t the tracking issue, other possible causes include:

FedEx Freight may not have collected your package yet. It can take time for distributors to tell FedEx they have an order for pickup.

For example, if you placed an order on Friday, the seller may not ship it until Monday. In this case, FedEx Freight tracking will not be immediately available.

Rarely the FedEx Freight tracking system has issues. These are unusual, and FedEx resolves them quickly.

If you think either reason is the case, wait a couple of business days and then check Circuit Package Tracker before contacting FedEx Freight Customer Support.

Why your FedEx tracking is not updating or moving 

FedEx tracking can stall for several reasons—the good news is that it’s not usually a cause for concern, and most issues are easy to resolve.

The first (and most likely) reason for the lack of progress on the route is after a FedEx courier collects your package.

FedEx Freight updates your package tracking status on arrival at and after leaving scheduled delivery hubs on its route. Sometimes you can experience a short delay between these points.

Rarely technical problems can also cause FedEx tracking to show an error.

If your delivery experiences any of these delays, wait for 24 hours and then contact FedEx Freight Customer Support for help.

FedEx Freight tracking status explained

FedEx packages go through many stages, from the starting address to your door. Each new step will show a different tracking status.

Learn the most common FedEx Freight tracking statuses and how to resolve any issues with this guide.


When FedEx Freight tracking states that your package is “pending,” FedEx has your package and is paused on the route. 

Why your FedEx Freight tracking may be pending

There are some common reasons why your FedEx Freight status is “pending.”

In most cases, FedEx has not yet collected your package from the sender or has many packages to scan during busy periods, such as the holidays.

Wait 48 hours before contacting FedEx Freight Customer Support for help if your package is still “pending.”.

In transit

“In transit” means your package has left a FedEx distribution center and is on its way. Your tracking status will say “in transit” until your package is out for delivery.

Your FedEx Freight package may pass through many centers on its journey and stay in transit on the tracking information page. 

How long FedEx Freight tracking can stay in transit

It will say "in transit" on Circuit Package Tracker until FedEx Freight is "out for delivery.”

All FedEx Freight packages can stay “in transit” between one and three days and are guaranteed before 3 pm.

FedEx Freight delivery times

FedEx Freight delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

If you’re expecting a package through FedEx Freight, they will deliver it from Monday to Friday anywhere across the US within two days—with a guaranteed time of 10.30 am, 12 pm, or 3 pm.

For senders, FedEx Freight offers the following services with tracking as standard:

FedEx Freight offers Saturday delivery for all of its services at an extra cost.

How late does FedEx Freight deliver?

FedEx Freight will usually only deliver until 3 pm and send packages in order of urgency: 1Day Freight between 10.30 am and12 pm, 2Day Freight by 12 pm, and 3Day Freight by 3 pm. 

FedEx Freight will either leave a door tag at the destination address or send an email if you miss the delivery with instructions on what to do. Then, they will either try again on the next working day or hold your package at a FedEx Pickup/Dropoff location near you to collect. 

International FedEx Freight delivery times

International FedEx Freight shipping options include land, air, and sea delivery services.

Delivery times vary depending on the distance your freight must travel and the speed of the FedEx service you have chosen.

FedEx Freight Air

FedEx Freight Air is your best bet if you need something delivered over a long distance quickly —as you can expect rapid delivery in between one and five working days.

The fastest FedEx Freight Air options are FedEx International Premium, FedEx Chartered Air Cargo, FedEx International Next Flight, and FedEx International Priority Flight, for delivery within one and three working days.

FedEx Ocean Freight

Delivery times with FedEx Ocean Freight can be as few as ten days. However, it can also take a few weeks.

Remember with FedEx Ocean that if you choose a cargo ship to transport goods, customs processes and weather events may also delay your cargo.

FedEx Freight land services

You can only choose FedEx Freight less-than-truckload (LTL) land services within the US and Canada. FedEx Freight land services will deliver from Monday to Friday—with a guaranteed time of 10.30 am, 12 pm, or 3 pm.

FedEx Freight is amongst the best options for international shipping when it comes to freight. But there are so many service options. It can be a bit overwhelming.

Check out this Solution Finder tool if you’re still unsure which FedEx Freight service to use. 

Lost and missed FedEx Freight deliveries 

So you missed the delivery window for your package. Now what? Well, there are a few routes you can take to help you get your package. 

What happens if you miss a FedEx Freight delivery

FedEx Freight will either leave a door tag at the destination address or send an email if you miss the delivery with instructions on what to do. 

Usually, FedEx Freight will try to redeliver your package one or two more times before holding it at a Pickup/Dropoff location near you to collect it.

How long will FedEx Freight hold a package?

Most of the time, FedEx will hold your package for seven working days before returning it to the sender.

You can contact the FedEx Customer Solutions Support team for help if you cannot collect your package and ask them to hold it at a FedEx location.

What to do if you haven’t gotten your FedEx Freight package

If you have not collected your FedEx Freight delivery, but your tracking number says the delivery is complete, contact your local FedEx store to help you track it down. 

FedEx Freight offers goods insurance on most shipments. It is a good rule of thumb to buy insurance in case of a loss! In this case, FedEx Freight will refund you with proof of purchase. 

If you suspect your package has been stolen or compromised after delivery, contact the FedEx Customer Solutions Support team and the sender for help.

FedEx Freight FAQs

Many people have questions about FedEx Freight tracking, so hopefully, this article has cleared up any confusion. If you still have questions, find answers to some of the most common ones below!

Is FedEx Freight delivery fast?

FedEx Freight has fast delivery across the US and Canada, with as little as one working day for some services.

International delivery times depend on whether FedEx Freight has sent your cargo by land, air, or sea. Customs checks, poor weather, and road traffic in the destination country can also cause delays. 

However, if you choose FedEx Freight Air or FedEx Ground, you can still expect FedEx to deliver your package quickly, between three and seven working days

It’s good practice to monitor your FedEx Freight cxargo with Circuit Package Tracker and contact the FedEx Customer Solutions Support team if you spot any issues. 

Can I track FedEx Freight packages by address?

You cannot track FedEx Freight just by using the destination address. 

You can use your FedEx Freight tracking number, the order number, or the door tag number to track packages with Circuit Package Tracker.

How do I know if my FedEx Freight package is stuck in customs?

Check your FedEx Freight tracking number in Circuit Package Tracker if you suspect customs are holding your cargo. 

Customs should send you a letter if this is the case. Customs generally take one day to clear but can hold cargo for weeks.

Contact your local customs office for help if customs do not notify you of the reason they are holding your shipment.

You can also contact the FedEx Customer Solutions Support team for further help

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