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In 2004, the FedEx Corporation bought Parcel Post, a package consolidating business, and renamed it FedEx SmartPost.

FedEx SmartPost consolidates packages from e-commerce and catalog companies and uses the United States Postal Service for the final residential delivery. This makes the service is ideal for lightweight packages that do not need immediate delivery.

As of April 1, 2021, FedEx SmartPost was rebranded as FedEx Ground Economy.

FedEx SmartPost tracking FAQs

Can I track a FedEx SmartPost package without a tracking number?

Yes. If you do not have a FedEx SmartPost tracking number, you can use the reference number or TCN number.

Sometimes the sender will send you a reference number instead of a tracking number. If you do not have either of these, you can sign up for the FedEx SmartPost package tracker (FedEx Delivery Manager).

When you sign up for this service you can enter the address at which you will be receiving deliveries. This will give you an email or text alert when you have a delivery scheduled to arrive at your residential address.

How late does FedEx SmartPost deliver?

For residential deliveries, FedEx SmartPost delivers between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM, seven days a week. For business addresses, FedEx SmartPost delivers between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Friday.

How long do international packages take with FedEx SmartPost?

FedEx SmartPost does not ship internationally, however, they do deliver international packages.

When a FedEx SmartPost package is being shipped from anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, delivery can take anywhere from two to seven business days. When a FedEx SmartPost package is being shipped internationally, shipping typically takes beyond seven days.

How long will FedEx SmartPost hold a package?

FedEx SmartPost will hold your package for up to seven days. If a package is being held, you may have gotten a tag on your door to inform you of this.

You will need to bring the door tag and a government-issued photo ID to the FedEx pickup location. You may also have the option of rescheduling your delivery. There will be a contact number on your door tag to make the necessary arrangements with FedEx.

If you know you will not be available to receive a package, you can use the FedEx SmartPost package tracker (FedEx Delivery Manager) to ask that FedEx hold your packages.

This is great when you will be on vacation or away from home for an extended time so that your packages stay safe and secure.

How do I sign for a FedEx SmartPost package?

If you plan on being home on the day of the delivery, simply meet the FedEx driver at your door to sign for the package. If you won’t be home, you can use the FedEx SmartPost package tracker (FedEx Delivery Manager) to sign for your package electronically.

This will authorize the FedEx driver to leave your package at the door like standard delivery. You can also use the FedEx SmartPost package tracker (FedEx Delivery Manager) to reschedule the delivery for the day and time in which you are home..

Still unsure? Check out our in-depth guide on how to track a FedEx package.

What if I haven’t received my package from FedEx SmartPost?

There are several ways that you can report a missing package. The first way is with the tracking number@

  1. Enter your tracking number on the FedEx tracking page.
  2. Select ‘Manage Delivery’, then ‘Report Missing Package’.
  3. Enter the information and click ‘Yes’, confirming that you have searched everywhere for the package.
  4. Enter your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  5. Choose your preferred method of contact and click ‘Submit’.

You will get a case number and will be contacted by FedEx as soon as possible. You can also submit a claim online using the claims filing tool on the FedEx customer support page. If you do not have online access, you can call FedEx customer support and a representative can assist you in filing a claim.

What happens if FedEx SmartPost loses my package?

For any lost package, whether it be the fault of FedEx or not, you will need to file a claim in order to launch the investigation

 If the fault lies with FedEx, it is up to the shipper to reimburse you for the contents. FedEx usually offers up to $100 reimbursement. If no additional insurance was purchased, then reimbursement or replacement rests with the seller/sender.

What happens if I miss my FedEx SmartPost delivery?

If you miss your FedEx SmartPost delivery and it was something that needed a signature or an ID, you will get a door tag that tells you about the missed delivery.

There will be several options on the tag, along with a number to FedEx that you can call. If you miss the delivery, you can:

  • Reschedule the delivery for a time you will be present;
  • pick the package up at a FedEx holding location; or
  • log in to your FedEx SmartPost package tracker (FedEx Delivery Manager) account and sign for and/or reschedule the delivery.

What time will my FedEx SmartPost package arrive?

FedEx SmartPost packages are delivered between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM. You can check on your tracking information to find out when the package is out on the truck for delivery and to get an estimated delivery window.

Where is my FedEx SmartPost package?

When you enter your FedEx SmartPost tracking number, you can see the status of your package location.

You may see that the package is moving from warehouse to warehouse as it gets closer to its final destination. When the status has changed to “on truck for delivery,” you know that is the day you will receive your package.

Where is my FedEx SmartPost tracking number?

Your FedEx SmartPost tracking number is located on the label. There are five boxes on the label. The uppermost two boxes contain the return address of the sender and various codes used for billing.

The third box is located under the first two boxes and contains the address of the recipient. The fourth box is under the recipient's address and contains a scannable barcode and a letter in a box.

FedEx SmartPost packages have the letter ‘G’ as they are now FedEx Ground Economy. The final box is where your tracking number is. This will begin with the letters ‘TRX’ followed by a string of numbers.

These numbers are what you use for your tracking number. There will also be a scannable barcode underneath the tracking number.

Why is my FedEx SmartPost package not moving?

If it appears as though your FedEx SmartPost package is not moving, don’t worry. This simply means the package is in transit from one location to the next. Once it arrives at the next location and is scanned, the tracking information will be updated. Tracking information is updated in real-time.

Why is my FedEx SmartPost pending?

If your FedEx SmartPost package shows a status of pending, this means that the shipping information has changed and there is a delay.

The most common cause of delays is unforeseen weather circumstances. You can always use the FedEx package tracker to get the most up-to-date information on the status of your FedEx SmartPost package.

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