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Parcel2Go Tracking: The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Shipping

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As an online shopper, waiting for your package to arrive can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

You want to know where your parcel is and when you can expect to receive it. Fortunately, Parcel2Go offers a tracking service that lets you keep tabs on your package from start to finish.

In this guide, we’ll explain how Parcel2Go tracking works and how to use it to ensure a smooth and stress-free delivery experience.

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About Parcel2Go 

Based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, Parcel2Go is a courier service serving the United Kingdom and Europe.

The company boasts some of the best shipping prices in the UK and EU, allowing customers to ship their products at a fair price. It coordinates with the most popular global couriers to supply variety and speedy deliveries. 

Parcel2Go offers a range of national and international delivery options. They also offer same-day, next-day, and two-day shipping, flexible pickup services, and drop-off locations.

Parcel2Go integrates with eBay, Amazon, and other major online marketplaces as an added benefit.

Parcel2Go package tracking 

When you ship with Parcel2Go, you’ll get a tracking number you can use to monitor your package’s progress.

Your tracking number is the best way to keep an eye on where your package is and when it’ll reach its destination. Once you have access to your tracking number, you can use the tracking tool on the Parcel2Go website to monitor your delivery’s status. 

Different tracking options available

Parcel2Go offers a range of tracking options to suit different needs. Some options may be included with your shipping method, while others may require an additional fee. Here are some of the tracking options available:

  1. Standard Tracking: This option lets you track your package from the time it is collected until it is delivered. You can view the current status of your package and see its estimated delivery date.
  2. Signature Tracking: This option requires the recipient’s signature upon delivery. You can track your package to see when it is out for delivery and when it has been delivered.
  3. Timed Delivery: This option lets you choose a specific delivery window for your package, such as before noon or in the evening. You can track your package to see when it is scheduled to arrive within your chosen window.

How to find your Parcel2Go package tracking number

Your tracking number is unique to your package. Fortunately, if you’re not sure where to find it, there are a few ways you can access your Parcel2Go reference number. 

First, check your email. When you set up your shipment, you should receive a booking confirmation email from Parcel2Go.

Or, if you place an order through a merchant, you should've received an order confirmation. Either of those emails will have all of your package’s information, including a reference number.

Your second package tracking option is to log into your Parcel2Go account

 From there, you can navigate to your order list and find the package’s reference number. The number should start with “P2G.” If you don’t have a Parcel2Go account, it only takes a few minutes to set one up. 

Finally, you can try logging into your merchant’s website.

Once you log on, you should be able to locate your order through your account. Your order history should give you shipping information if you ordered through a store or other online service. 

If you still can’t find your reference number, you can try contacting Parcel2Go or the merchant for assistance. A representative for Parcel2Go or the merchant should be able to help you find your package’s tracking information. 

How to track Parcel2Go

Here's how to use Parcel2Go tracking.

  1. Go to the Parcel2Go website and log in to your account.
  2. Click on the “Track Your Parcel” link in the top menu.
  3. Enter your tracking number in the box provided and click “Track Parcel.”
  4. The tracking information for your package will appear on the screen. You can see the current status of your package, its estimated delivery date, and any additional information provided by the carrier.
  5. If you have selected signature tracking, you can also see the name of the person who signed for your package.
  6. If you have selected timed delivery, you can see the estimated delivery time for your package.

Tips and Best Practices for Parcel2Go Tracking

Here are some tips to help you make the most of Parcel2Go tracking:

  1. Keep your tracking number handy: Your tracking number is your key to monitoring your package’s progress, so be sure to keep it in a safe place.
  2. Check the tracking information regularly: Checking the tracking information regularly will help you stay informed about any changes to your package’s delivery schedule.
  3. Contact customer support if you have any concerns: If you have any questions or concerns about your package, don’t hesitate to contact Parcel2Go customer support for assistance.

Lost Parcel2Go tracking number 

Have you lost your tracking number? Keeping track of your package reference numbers can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re shipping multiple packages.

Fortunately, if you have a Parcel2Go account, you can log in and view your order history and reference numbers. 

However, if you’ve lost your reference number or account information, you’ll need to contact Parcel2Go’s customer service by phone, email, or chat.

Or, if you’re attempting to track something you purchased online, you can contact the shipper directly. They should have a record of your tracking information. 

How to track a Parcel2Go package without a tracking number

If you lost your Parcel2Go reference number, you could contact Parecel2Go’s customer service to resolve your issue.

The easiest way to reach someone is with Parcel2Go’s Live Chat feature. The chat feature is ideal because it offers a written record of your interaction with your Parcel2Go representative. 

Customer service representatives can chat 24/7, so you won’t have trouble reaching someone to help you track your package. You’ll want to have any information you gave when you shipped your package, so be sure to have your recipient’s address on hand. 

Alternatively, if you’re the package recipient, your best bet is to reach out to the shipper or merchant. They’ll be able to contact Parcel2Go with their information to access tracking information for you.

Solving Parcel2Go package tracking issues

Sometimes, your package might get lost, tracking will stop updating, or your package doesn’t show any movement. Whatever the problem is, there’s almost always an easy solution that’ll allow you to get your package’s information. 

Why you can’t track your Parcel2Go package

You might need patience if you’re attempting to track your Parcel2Go package. Depending on your local offices' busyness, it might take a day or two for your tracking information to update.

Plus, you might not see your tracking update for a day or two if you dropped your package off after hours or over the weekend. 

Why your Parcel2Go package is not updating or moving

Sometimes, a package might get stuck in a regional sorting hub, courier facility, or post office. In most cases, your package will sail through sorting hubs quickly. However, your shipment might stop updating or see delays when sorting hubs are backed up. 

There are a few reasons your package might not be moving or updating. In many cases, the cause is a simple sorting bottleneck.

If multiple large shipments of packages arrive at a hub at once, there’ll be a delay in how quickly those packages update. In this instance, there’s nothing Parcel2Go can do to speed up the process.

Another common reason your shipment isn’t updating is if your package wasn’t scanned at a sorting hub. This happens when a package gets overlooked or skipped by a scanner. When this happens, your package will update at the next sorting facility. 

Finally, if you dropped off your Parcel2Go package at a Parcel2Go locker, you might see a delay in tracking. Parcel2Go states that packages are collected by drivers Monday through Friday. So, if you dropped it off over the weekend, you might not see an update for a couple of days. Also, you’ll only see same-day updates if you drop your package off before midday. 

Parcel2Go tracking status explained 

No matter which courier you ship with, you’ll come across three common shipment statuses: Pending, In transit, and Delivered. While “Delivered” speaks for itself, the other two statuses might sometimes be confusing, especially if your package gets delayed. 

In transit

When a package is in transit, it’s scanned and on its way to the recipient. However, your package sometimes says “In transit” with no updated delivery information.

This simply means your package is moving within the system. This might happen if your package wasn’t scanned at each hub or has a long stretch between hubs, such as a trans-Atlantic flight.

Why your Parcel2Go package is still in transit

Your Parcel2Go package will show “In transit” as long as it’s entered into and moving within the courier’s system. Once you see your package listed as “In transit,” you can sigh a small relief. This status indicates movement, which should reassure you that your package isn’t lost. 

How long can a Parcel2Go package can stay in transit 

Parcel2Go claims that their deliveries take one to three days. However, delivery times can be delayed by a worldwide event that might affect mail delivery, such as a pandemic or postal disruption.

In these cases, some customers have seen their packages in transit for up to a month.


When you ship a package, the tracking information might say “Pending” at first. The “pending” notification happens when you create a label, but it hasn't been updated in the system to show movement.

You’ll see this after you drop your package in a mailbox before it gets scanned by a driver. 

Similarly, you might see a status that says the label has been created, but the package isn't in the system.

This status is most common after you or the shipper creates the label. Once your package gets scanned, the status will update. However, if you dropped it off over the weekend, you might not see it change to “pending” immediately. 

Why your Parcel2Go package may be pending

The most common reason you’ll see your package’s status as “pending” is that it hasn’t been scanned by a Parcel2Go employee yet. However, once it’s scanned and placed on the plane or truck, the status will update shortly with an estimated delivery time. 

Another reason your package might show as pending is if it’s lost. If you haven’t seen any updates on your package after a courier picked it up, you should reach out to the merchant or Parcel2Go for assistance locating your package. 

Parcel2Go delivery times 

Parcel2Go works with a range of couriers to deliver packages worldwide. Depending on where you need to ship, you’ll have a few different options:

  • Next Day
  • Same Day
  • 2-day
  • 3-day
  • Weekend
  • Express

Your courier services’ availability and costs will vary depending on the sender and recipient’s countries.

Since Parcel2Go is a UK-based company, UK and EU customers have slightly more flexibility with who they can ship with and how quickly they can get items delivered. However, shipping outside the UK or EU will cost more and could take a bit longer.

Parcel2Go pickup and drop-off times

Parcel2Go offers pickup and drop-off services for packages. Parcel2Go will pick up or deliver a package between 9 am and 5 pm local time. So, if you want prompt delivery, your best option is to schedule an early pickup or drop-off time. 

Parcel2Go doesn’t have access to their driver’s collection logs. So, they can’t offer a specific delivery time for your package.

The best way to approximate delivery time is by checking your tracking information. When you track your package, you’ll see a generic delivery timeframe you can refer to if you need to be home to pick up your package.

How late Parcel2Go delivers

Parcel2Go will deliver packages up until 5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you’re in the UK, you can choose Weekend delivery to have your package delivered on Saturday or Sunday.

Parcel2Go offers Saturday collection services and drop-off services at more than 16,000 locations. 

International Parcel2Go delivery times

Parcel2Go’s international delivery times vary based on your country. Based on current estimates, deliveries within the UK and mainland Europe can take one to four days.

Similarly, certain couriers within Parcel2Go offer Express delivery to other continents, including Asia, in as little as three days. However, if you opt for Economy shipping overseas, delivery will take longer.

However, remember that delivery times in other countries primarily depend on customs inside the country. Although Parcel2Go and its partners offer quick shipping, each country and international mail hub vary in terms of how long it takes to process packages. This is particularly true with busier sorting hubs.

Lost and missed Parcel2Go deliveries 

Although Parcel2Go offers quick delivery times, sometimes, you might run into an issue where your package gets lost, or you miss your delivery window. 

What happens if you miss a Parcel2Go delivery

If a Parcel2Go driver attempts to deliver a package and you’re not home, you might face a surcharge to compensate for the driver’s time. Currently, that charge in the UK is £20.00 plus VAT. However, prices in other countries might vary. 

How long will Parcel2Go hold a package

Parcel2Go works with several of the world’s most popular courier services. For that reason, the delivery driver will be an employee of whichever courier you choose when mailing your package. Each courier has its own policies for how long it’ll hold or try to redeliver a package.

Most couriers will attempt to redeliver your package once or twice before requiring you to pick up the package from the local hub. You'll need to contact the courier directly to determine how long each courier will hold your package. 

What to do if you haven’t received your Parcel2Go package

If you haven’t received your Parcel2Go package yet, your first step is to double-check the delivery time on your reference page.

Even if you paid for Express shipping, delays happen. If your package still shows movement despite being past your delivery window, it’s likely your package is simply delayed. 

However, if you’re the sender and your package was marked delivered or lost, you’ll need to contact Parcel2Go to initiate a claim. Parcel2Go requires customers to file a claim within 28 days of the collection date. Then, they’ll reach out to your courier and start the claims process. 

Finding your package might be difficult if you're the recipient. You should start by contacting the sender because they’re Parcel2Go’s customers. They’ll have to reach out to Parcel2Go to start a claim. 

Parcel2Go tracking FAQs 

Parcel2Go offers streamlined shipping and delivery services worldwide. You can choose from various reputable couriers who ship to most countries. A few of the couriers Parcel2Go works with are

If you still need more information on how Parcel2Go works, here at the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions customers have. 

Is Parcel2Go delivery fast?

Parcel2Go’s delivery times vary depending on your courier and country. Shipping within the UK and EU usually only takes a few days, depending on your selected service. Many couriers can deliver as quickly as the same or the next day.

However, delivery times could take longer if you’re shipping or receiving outside the UK or EU. It all depends on how quickly each country sorts and processes your package. So you could still encounter delivery delays even if you pay for expedited shipping.  

Can I track a Parcel2Go package by address?

The easiest way to track your Parcel2Go package is using the reference number you received when you or the sender shipped the package.

You can find this number in your confirmation email or on your receipt. However, if you don’t have access to the number, you can reach out to Parcel2Go to find out if they can track your package using an address or other information. 

What to do if you haven’t received your Parcel2Go package

If you haven’t received your Parcel2Go package, you should start by double-checking your delivery time.

Although Parcel2Go offers quick delivery options, your package could be delayed if your country has bottleneck issues at sorting hubs. However, if it looks like your package is lost, contact Parcel2Go or your sender to initiate a lost package claim. 

Parcel2Go Tracking Conclusion

Parcel2Go tracking is a convenient and reliable way for online shoppers to keep track of their packages from start to finish. With a range of tracking options available and the ability to access tracking information on different devices, Parcel2Go offers flexibility and convenience for its customers.

By following our step-by-step guide and utilizing our tips and best practices, you can make the most of Parcel2Go tracking and makes for a smooth and stress-free delivery experience. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact Parcel2Go customer support for assistance.

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