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A Guide to Universal Parcel Tracking


If you’re a big fan of online shopping, it probably means that at several points during the week, you’re waiting eagerly for a package to arrive. 

While waiting, you’re probably anxious about your delivery.

Will my package arrive safely? Will the delivery be delayed? What if it gets lost in transit? Should I call the delivery service or logistics company and explain where I live? 

Delivery woes — they’re the bane of every online shopping experience. 

As eCommerce becomes second nature, with people ordering all kinds of things on sites like AliExpress, eBay, and ASOS, it can be easy to lose track of all the different orders (despite each having a unique order number). 

After all, you’ll only know where your package is when the retailers send emails or text messages.

That’s where parcel tracking platforms come in — allowing you to track parcels and know when to expect them to arrive.

Let’s find out more about universal package tracking and how you can use a tracking page or tracking service to locate your packages.

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What is universal parcel tracking?

Believe it or not, 131 billion packages were shipped in 2020. 

And according to Statista, there were 2.14 billion online shoppers worldwide in 2021.

With these staggering figures, it’s probably safe to say that the number of packages out for delivery each day is huge. 

Customers, though, have very little control over the delivery process and are usually caught unaware when the doorbell rings and a delivery driver drops off their package. 

Sometimes, packages arrive on time. Sometimes, they don’t — unfortunately, they might get lost, misplaced, or delayed.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know exactly when to expect your delivery? Or to be able to reassure yourself that the gift that you sent to your mom is safely on its way to her house?

Universal parcel tracking does exactly this. With just the tracking number, you can find the exact location of your package at any point in its journey from the retailer to the delivery address.

International deliveries can be especially dodgy. 

The package has huge distances to travel, will change hands multiple times, and might even go through multiple delivery agencies, such as Royal Mail and Yanwen. 

In those situations, you can’t exactly always know which courier service is handling your package or how to track them down. 

Universal parcel delivery apps tell you the full journey of your order with a neat map view, notifying you at every stage — especially if there is a delay in your delivery. 

Once you enter your tracking number, the app tells you what delivery stage the package is at, its last scanned location, and the estimated delivery time. 

No matter how many times your package changes hands, the tracker is a one-stop shop where you can locate its exact position. 


How universal parcel tracking works

With multiple order tracking and notifications, universal parcel tracking systems allow you to keep tabs on all your packages. 

But how do they do it? With a handy little thing called a “tracking number.” 

Let’s jump right into it and see how shipment tracking actually happens.

What is a tracking number? 

Tracking numbers are assigned to packages when they are shipped — every package is assigned one. 

Shipping services create their own unique tracking codes. 

For example, Hermes will have a different one than what DPD uses. 

Usually, they are eight to 40 characters long and include letters and numbers. 

These codes help shipping companies identify a package, its owner, and the final address. 

In simple terms, it’s like an ID for your package. 

Tracking numbers also help customers learn the specific location of their packages — including whether the shipment is still in the warehouse, in transit, out for delivery, or even delivered. 

The tracking number can be found right next to the bar code on any package. 

If your package is ever lost and you alert the delivery company, they’ll try to locate it using the tracking number.


Benefits of universal parcel tracking

Traditionally, if there was a package you wanted to track, you’d go to the delivery service website — DHL, FedEx, USPS, or any of the other major services. 

There, you’d use the tracking number to locate your package. 

If, in the three to four days that your delivery will likely take, you wanted to go and check its tracking status again, you’d have to repeat the whole process again. 

With universal parcel tracking, an app will alert you every time there’s a change in the package’s location status. 

You don’t need to keep refreshing the delivery service’s website six times a day to see if there’s been any movement. 

For example, the Circuit Package Tracker will alert you if there are any changes in your delivery in real time and let you set customized notifications.

Find your delivery in seconds 

On a universal tracker website or mobile app, enter your tracking number and hit search. 

Et voila! 

Within seconds, you’ll have the exact location of your package and an estimate of when it will reach you. 

Whether it’s a local Amazon order or a package you sent to a friend in a different country, a simple search can help you find and track your packages from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, if you want to follow the delivery’s progress, you simply turn on notifications, and you’ll be alerted at every step.

Works for most courier services worldwide 

Universal parcel tracking tools have extensive networks across the globe. 

Most big or small international or local delivery companies are connected to universal parcel tracking applications.

For example, Circuit Package Tracker works with more than 1,000 delivery services across the world and can pull data from any of them to help you find your package.

Always know exactly where your package is 

Buying something online isn’t like shopping in a physical store in one very significant way. 

With online stores, there are at least a few days of waiting before you get your purchase. 

The intervening period isn’t easy on anyone. You might worry, fret, and go online again and again to check the delivery status. 

Wouldn’t you sleep better if, within a few seconds, an app could locate your package for you and notify you as it makes its way toward you? 

Universal parcel tracking is here to do that and put your mind at rest.

Frequently asked questions

Let’s get into some of the most commonly asked questions about universal parcel tracking. 

Does universal tracking work with any courier? 

Universal parcel trackers work with all leading courier services and can help with post tracking. 

For example, Circuit Package Tracker works with more than 1,000 delivery services across the world, including: 

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • Aramex
  • Canada Post
  • Deutsche Post
  • Deutsche Post UK
  • Hong Kong Post
  • Interlink Express
  • Singapore Post
  • USPS
  • Australia Post
  • China Post
  • And countless others

Can I track an international package? 

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

International deliveries can be tricky not only because of the long distances involved but also because delivery companies change so often. 

As your package makes its way across regional and national borders, local delivery services handle transportation. 

Within the destination country, too, the package is delivered by a local post office or postal service, often also generating new tracking numbers along the way. 

Universal parcel tracking takes all of this into account and still manages to keep its eyes on your package. 

With the tracking number assigned to you, the package can be located anywhere in the world within seconds.

How long does it usually take to deliver an international package? 

On average, it takes between two weeks and a month to complete an international delivery. 

But, really, it depends on where you are sending a package. 

Guidelines are different for different countries and play a huge role in determining how much time a particular international delivery might take. 

Another important factor is whether your package is being shipped by air or sea. The former is obviously faster, although significantly more expensive

Potential delivery issues might also pop up if you haven’t checked whether the item you’ve sent is on the country’s prohibited items list. 

They might ground your package for an indefinite amount of time if that’s found to be the case.

What do I do if I haven’t received my package? 

If your package hasn’t arrived on time, you should get in touch with the company you purchased the product from. 

Give them your purchase and tracking information and let them find your missing package or try to replace it with a new one.

What is a universal parcel code? 

A universal parcel code is the same as a tracking number. 

It’s a unique tracking code attached to your package, allowing its location to be tracked at any time. 

It’s usually eight to 40 characters long and made up of alphabets and numbers. 

Using a tracking number, you can figure out where your package is and when it’s likely to be sent out for delivery. 

You can do this by checking with your specific delivery company or by using a universal parcel tracker like Circuit Package Tracker, which can locate your package within seconds, anywhere in the world.

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