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About TNT Package Tracking

In 2016 FedEx Express bought TNT to create the largest network of shipping lanes on land or in the air. 

The only difference this makes as a customer is knowing that if you land on the TNT website and find FedEx logos, you are not in the wrong place.

TNT delivers millions of packages per day with high customer satisfaction. They succeed because TNT understands that technology can only help create success but that people are the real engine behind the business.

With so many deliveries going on per day, TNT package tracking issues arise from time to time. 

On the other hand, sometimes there are no issues, and customers want to use TNT tracking to keep up with where their package is and how long the shipment takes.

Without further adieu, let's get into everything there is to know about how to track TNT shipments.

TNT package tracking

Like most modern shipping companies, TNT tracking is simple. In most cases, you only need a shipment number. 

In some cases, you may have a customer reference. To track a TNT shipment, you will need a shipment number.

Most people use the term "tracking number," but TNT prefers to use "shipment number." Most of the time, the distinction makes no difference. Just know that if you are scanning an email, find for the word "shipment" instead of "tracking."

How to find your TNT package tracking number

Most people will conduct a transaction that results in receiving an email that contains a tracking or shipment number.

If your transaction does not generate an email, you should either have an electronic confirmation that contains a shipment number or a receipt with similar information. 

If you have a collection manifest, you can find it under the barcode.

If none of these exist, and you cannot find a tracking number, contact the seller or vendor who should have given you a shipment number and say, 'I want to track my TNT package, but I cannot find my shipment number.'

If all else fails, you can also contact TNT support.

How to track your TNT package location

First, you want to make sure you use the TNT website for your country. In the upper right-hand corner, select your country from the drop-down menu by clicking "Select Your Country/Territory."

Alternatively, from a google search, you can select the TNT website that first pops up, which may include the name of your country in the title.

When you arrive on the website, find the words "Track & Trace" on the top bar, usually second from last next to "Support." Once you click the button, all you need to do is insert your shipment number.

If you have multiple shipment numbers, click on the question mark next to "Shipment number" for instructions to learn how to insert multiple numbers at once.

Lost TNT tracking number

If you lost your TNT tracking number, here are a few ways to track your package.

How to track a TNT package without a tracking number

In the unlikely event that you cannot get the number, you have options. Since so much shopping happens online nowadays, there is often an online vendor who generates an email or confirmation page with a shipping number.

If you do not have your number, try to contact your vendor and ask them to resend the number.

If you try everything and realize you cannot reacquire your number, there is no alternate information you can enter on the tracking page.

Your next best option is to scroll down on the "Track and Trace" page to the section titled "Help with tracking your package." Here you can fill out a form or call.

Please note that the TNT shipment tracking support area has a notice that warns of high call volume and long wait times due to Covid-19.

Solving TNT package tracking issues

Solving TNT tracking shipment issues is a necessary part of doing business for package recipients and senders. Package tracking usually works, but because of human error, no system can work 100% of the time.

Why you can't track your TNT package

The most common reason you cannot track a TNT package is that you expect to find the package in transit too soon. 

On their website, TNT informs customers that packages may take up to an hour to appear in the system. Once in the system, shipment numbers usually remain for about 90 days.

Another potential problem linked to shipment numbers remaining for 90 days is that you may find your number multiple times. 

You may find your number appears more than once because TNT sends millions of packages per month. Every few weeks, numbers get recycled.

You can find the problem. Numbers remain in the system for a few months but get reused every few weeks. If you find your number more than once, the solution is to match your number to the correct date, origin, and destination.

Why your TNT package is not updating or moving

Most of the time, when you find a package not moving, the reason is that you have to wait on busy human beings to process large numbers of packages. 

If your package is in a stack, and the status will not change until a busy person physically scans the barcode, you will experience a delay.

If a delay has gone on for an unreasonably long time, you might want to find into issues like customs delays. The best course of action is probably to contact TNT support.

Consider the meaning of tracking statuses as well. If you find "Shipment in transit" has not changed for a long time, maybe something is wrong. For all you know, the delivery truck had an accident or broke down.

However, your status might say that your package is awaiting customs clearance and that they don't have any influence on the process. Unfortunately, no amount of pressure you can apply is likely to change what goes on at customs. 

If your package does not clear customs for a long time, there is probably a problem. Customs should notify you, but they can be inefficient.

TNT package tracking status explained

What TNT tracking statuses mean is easy to understand. There are currently less than twenty statuses in use, so TNT has created a simplified list.

In transit

TNT uses the code "Shipment in transit." The codes make understanding the status of a package reasonably easy to understand. 

For example, if the previous notice changes to a message that says that your shipment got delayed in transit and recovery actions are underway, you know something went wrong.

Why your TNT package is still in transit

Remember that transit does not necessarily mean your package is in a moving vehicle. A common code that follows transit says that your shipment arrived at a connection point. 

The new status does not appear until teams unload your package and somebody manually scans the barcode. So the package could sit in the truck at the connection point for a while before someone begins unloading the vehicle. 

During the holidays, staff will have to process a high volume of deliveries, which could occur between holidays too.

How long a TNT package can stay in transit

The answer mainly depends on the distance the package has to travel. In general, TNT guarantees delivery times within three to five working days. On top of working days, remember that TNT has no control over processing times when a package enters customs.

TNT also has expedited delivery options, especially within Europe, some of which guarantees delivery within 24 hours.


When you refind TNT statuses, you will not find the word "pending." TNT uses "Delay" instead.

The language in their statuses never implies that TNT is working on something. You only know that your package arrived somewhere. If there is no delay, you get the package quickly.

Why your TNT package may be pending

TNT only has one "Delay" status that contains specific information. It will say that there is a delay due to authorities and that recovery actions are underway. 

In this case, you know that an authority stopped your package, and TNT is working on recovery.

Three other delay statuses do not give specific information:

  • Your shipment is delayed in transit, and recovery actions are underway. 
  • There's a delay, and they are working hard to deliver your package on time.
  • There has been a connection delay, and recovery actions are underway.

If you find one of these statuses and want to contact support, I recommend waiting a while. In the time you will use contacting support, the status will probably change.

Contact support if the status does not change for an unusually long time.

TNT Delivery times

With most shipping companies, delivery times usually fall within the hours of a normal working day, the morning to the afternoon or early evening. TNT operates the same way.

TNT delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

Unless you have an expedited order type that guarantees a delivered-by time, your package should arrive during TNT's standard delivery times, a working day between 9 am to 6 pm.

Unless the package has a special status, you can expect delivery at any time of day. You should know if your package is in transit or ready for delivery using your shipment number.

How late TNT delivers

Since FedEx bought TNT, you must use the FedEx system to determine when a package will arrive. The system allows you to input exact dates, package types, dimensions, and weight.

Then you can choose from various delivery options, all of which tell you the latest time your package will arrive. For most places, the latest delivery time will be 6 pm.

International TNT delivery times

As stated above, the calculator will give you these delivery times. Times are always the same as or similar to the standard working day. In most cases, the latest delivery time will be 5 pm or 6 pm.

Lost and missed TNT deliveries

TNT does not lose packages very often, but this problem rarely occurs. Missed deliveries are not a serious problem and are easy to fix.

What happens if you miss a TNT delivery

Missing a delivery does not cause a serious problem unless receiving the package by a specific date is critical. 

Since the internet has made tracking packages easy, people rarely miss time-sensitive deliveries because they know the day the package arrives in town.

Should a missed delivery occur, the delivery person will most likely leave a card to say that they were there but that they missed you. Follow the instructions on the card, and you can reschedule another delivery. The process should be simple.

Sometimes there is no card, which means you can contact TNT. Have your shipment number and delivery address handy to arrange the next delivery.

If the missed delivery happened on a Friday, or you call TNT on the weekend, you will have to wait until at least Monday as delivery times are Monday through Friday.

How long will TNT hold a package?

Unfortunately, TNT does not give direct information about package holding anywhere on their website. Since FedEx bought TNT, and delivery times and prices come from FedEx, the TNT holding policy is likely to be the FedEx holding policy.

FedEx holds a package for seven days. The holding period applies to both Ground and Express services. If no one makes a claim, FedEx returns the package to the sender.

You will need the shipment number to track the package to a specific facility to claim a package. In addition to the tracking number, you will need a photo ID with a name that matches the package and a door tag number.

A door tag number is the same as the card left saying they missed you. Bring whatever you have to make the process easier.

What to do if you haven't received your TNT package

Use your shipment number to find where the package is according to TNT. If the delivery time changed, you should notice a transit time change and take notice of the new delivery date and time.

If you exhaust all your options and determine TNT should have delivered the package but failed to do so, you should contact support. Have your shipment number and delivery address handy.

Sometimes TNT realizes a problem on their end and contacts the recipient. In this case, TNT will probably have an explanation for what happened and proceed from there. 

Most of the time, the problem will stem from a delay such as customs or a delivery time delay for several reasons.


If your question is not here, TNT also has a more extensive list of FAQs on its website.

Is TNT delivery fast?

Since the services combined after the acquisition, the question may be, are FedEx and TNT fast? Yes, they are. TNT offers expedited services if standard deliveries are not fast enough to suit your needs.

Furthermore, when you check the delivery times using the FedEx service for specific locations, you will have a range of choices for which kind of delivery you want. The standard is already pretty fast.

I checked the delivery time for a package leaving New York and going to London, England. The standard delivery, without extras, was only two days. 

As long as the contents of your package do not trigger a customs delay, you can expect a speedy delivery.

Can I track a TNT package by address?

Unfortunately, if you are using your address to track a package, you are probably talking to a customer support agent who needs the delivery address for verification purposes. Dealing with support usually means something has gone significantly wrong.

Having your shipment number on hand is critical when you want to track a package. If you cannot find this number, do everything in your power to get the number.

You probably still have an email containing your number. You also may have a seller who can resend the number.

How do I know if my TNT package is stuck in customs?

If your package has to clear customs, the best way to find the status is to use your shipment number. If the status of your package changes at customs, you should eventually find a status update through the online tracking.

TNT only uses two customs tracking statuses. The first will says that Customs have released the goods. 

The second will state that the package is getting held and awaiting Customs clearance and mentions that the process is not something within their control.

As TNT states in the latter case, they have no control over decisions made by customs regarding what clears and what gets held.

TNT package tracking final thoughts

If you need any help with your TNT tracking, you can use Circuit Package Tracker to determine where your package is. Whether it's on its way, held up for some reason, or stuck in customs, you'll be able to determine its status.bought.

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