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Top Trucker Map Apps You Should Consider


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As a truck driver, you're well aware of the unique challenges that come with navigating large commercial vehicles. 

Whether it’s finding the most efficient route, avoiding low bridges, or locating the nearest truck stop or truck parking, the right tools can make all the difference. This is where trucker map apps step in and revolutionize your driving experience.

Imagine having a personal assistant that understands the ins and outs of truck driving. Make this assistant a reality with a trucker map app.

These apps combine truck GPS, GPS navigation, and detailed truck maps to guide you through your journey. 

With these tools, you’re not just following a map. You’re navigating with a system that understands truck-specific challenges like weigh stations, truck restrictions, and the need for specific types of parking spots.

This article will further explore these apps and how they cater to your needs, such as GPS and route planning, tracking mileage and expenses, and staying informed about traffic and weather conditions. 

Uncover how these tools can transform your driving experience by making your trips safer, more efficient, and a lot less stressful.

Key takeaways

  • Efficient route planning and navigation are crucial for truck drivers. Specialized apps offer optimized routes, traffic updates, and truck-specific information.
  • Mileage tracking and expense management apps are essential for financial efficiency, helping drivers monitor fuel costs, tolls, and other expenses.
  • Real-time traffic and weather apps are vital for safe and timely deliveries, giving updates on road conditions, traffic congestion, and weather forecasts.
  • Utilizing the right combination of these digital tools can significantly improve route efficiency, safety, and overall profitability for truck drivers.
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GPS apps for truckers

GPS apps for truckers are essential tools on the road but tend to have limited functionality, focusing mainly on GPS navigation. 

They offer turn-by-turn directions and route optimization but may not include the comprehensive features needed for specific trucking requirements, such as truck stops, weigh stations, or truck-specific routes.



Sygic is a popular GPS navigation app that offers detailed maps and route planning specifically designed for truck drivers. Its intuitive interface and reliable navigation make it a go-to choice for many in the trucking industry.

Top features:

  • Truck GPS navigation with custom routing.
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid delays.
  • Information on truck-restricted roads and low-clearance bridges.
  • Points of interest for truckers, including fuel stations and rest areas.
  • Offline maps for navigation without internet connectivity.


sygic pricing
  • Truck Premium Lifetime license: Includes all advanced features with three years of map updates for $169.99.
  • Truck Premium: Advanced features with a single-year license for $99.99.

Google Maps 

google maps

Google Maps is a widely used navigation app that offers reliable GPS routing and real-time traffic updates. While not truck-specific, it's highly valued for its accuracy and extensive map coverage.

Top features:

  • Extensive map coverage with street view and satellite imagery.
  • Real-time traffic information to avoid congestion.
  • Turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation.
  • Lane assistant for complex junctions and turns.
  • Speed limit on navigation view.
  • Integration with Google services for points of interest and local businesses.


  • Free: Most features are available at no cost.
  • Google Maps Platform: Business solutions with pricing based on usage

Route planning and navigation apps

route planning navigation apps

As a commercial truck driver, you know that efficient route planning isn't just about finding the shortest path. It's about optimizing your journey for time, fuel, and safety. 

That's where route planning and truck navigation apps come in. Beyond guiding your trip, they consider factors like traffic, road restrictions, toll roads, and your specific delivery schedules to check that you're taking the best possible route. 

Let's dive into some of the leading apps in this category.

Circuit for Teams 

circuit for teams

Circuit for Teams understands the complexities of your job. The app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, is designed to make your life on the road simpler and more efficient.

With a focus on ease of use and practical functionality, it offers a solution that caters to your unique needs as a truck driver. You can find the Circuit for Teams app in the App Store or on Google Play.

Our features include:

Pricing options:

circuit for teams pricing chart
  • Free Trial: Get a feel of the features without any commitment for 14 days.
  • Essentials plan: For teams who just want to optimize routes and track their driver's progress.
  • Standard plan: For teams who need proof of delivery and customer notifications.
  • Pro plan: For teams who want to analyze and improve their delivery efficiency.

CoPilot Truck 

copilot truck

More than just a GPS, CoPilot Truck is a trusted companion for truck drivers. Designed to meet the specific needs of the trucking industry, it helps you navigate with confidence.

Top features:

  • Customized routing for truck dimensions and load type.
  • Offline navigation to keep you on track without data.
  • Clear voice-guided truck-specific directions.
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid delays.
  • Powerful route planning with multi-stop trip planning.


  • Individual: Option to buy individual licenses directly from the app store to use the app on your mobile device.
  • Multiple Licenses: Ideal for large teams, this option requires you to contact the CoPilot Truck sales team. 

Trucker Path 

trucker path

Trucker Path offers a blend of navigation and community-driven insights. It's a popular choice among truckers for its extensive database of truck-specific information.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive truck stop directory.
  • Real-time parking availability updates.
  • Weight station status reported by fellow truckers.
  • Route planning with truck-specific points of interest.
  • Fuel price comparison to help save on costs.

Pricing details:

trucker path pricing
  • Free plan: Most features are available at no cost.
  • Owner Operator plan: Additional features suitable for one to three trucks. 
  • Trucking Fleet plan: Additional features suitable for four to five trucks.
  • Large Fleet plan: Additional features suitable for 6 or more trucks.



TruckMap caters specifically to the trucking community, focusing on truck-safe routing and essential trucking features.

Features include:

  • Truck-safe GPS routing considering low bridges and weight restrictions.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation tailored for truckers.
  • Truck stop, rest area, and weigh station locations.
  • Route planning with multiple stops.
  • Real-time traffic and road closure map updates.


  • Free Basic Version: Access to standard features.
  • Premium Version: Enhanced features available with subscription. 


Hammer is designed by truckers for truckers, making it a navigation tool that truly understands your needs on the road.

Top features:

  • Accurate truck routing for safe and reliable navigation.
  • Live traffic updates to keep you ahead of delays.
  • Customizable routes based on truck size and cargo.
  • Easy access to truck stops, rest areas, and fuel stations.
  • Offline maps for uninterrupted navigation.


  • Free Access: Navigation and additional features are available for free.

Mileage tracking and expense management apps

mileage and expense tracking apps

In truck driving, every mile and every dollar counts. That's why mileage tracking and expense management apps are crucial. 

They help you keep a detailed record of your travels and expenses, helping keep you compliant with regulations while maximizing your earnings. 

By accurately tracking your mileage and managing your expenses, you can gain a clearer picture of your financial health and make informed decisions to boost your profitability.



Timeero is designed to make mileage and time tracking hassle-free for truckers. It offers a comprehensive solution for managing your work hours, distance covered, and expenses on the go.

Key features of Timeero include:

  • Accurate GPS-based mileage tracking.
  • Easy time tracking for work hours and breaks.
  • Expense tracking and management.
  • Detailed reporting for mileage and hours.
  • Integration with payroll systems for streamlined processing.

Pricing for Timeero:

timeero pricing
  • Free trial
  • Premium plan: Everything in Pro and Basic plus more advanced tools.
  • Pro plan: Get everything in the Basic plan and more.
  • Basic plan: For basic time, location, and mileage tracking.
  • Enterprise plan: For organizations with more than 250 users.


motive app

Motive is not just a mileage tracker. It’s a comprehensive driver team management tool that offers a range of features to help you stay on top of your driving and expenses.

Top features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking for accurate mileage recording.
  • Electronic logging device (ELD) compliance.
  • Fuel tracking and efficiency analysis.
  • Robust reporting for expenses and mileage.
  • Vehicle diagnostics and safety monitoring.


  • Pricing is not available on their website. Contact their sales team for more information.



Fuelbook is specifically focused on helping truck drivers manage one of their biggest expenses: fuel. 

It's a dedicated mobile app for finding the best fuel prices and managing fuel-related expenses.

Key features:

  • Nationwide fuel price database with real-time updates.
  • Fuel discount programs for cost savings.
  • Expense tracking specifically for fuel purchases.
  • Trip planning with fuel cost estimation.
  • In-app tools for calculating fuel tax.


fuelbook pricing
  • Free for truckers: Most features are available at no cost for individual truckers.
  • Tools for your fleet: Includes additional benefits and features at a flat monthly rate calculated by your team size. A free 30-day trial is available.

Traffic and weather apps

For truck drivers, staying updated with real-time traffic and weather conditions is not just a convenience — it's a necessity. 

Traffic and weather apps give vital information that can influence route planning, driving safety, and timely deliveries. 

These apps help you anticipate and navigate around traffic jams, adverse weather conditions, and road closures, helping create a smoother and safer journey.



More than a navigation app; Waze is a community-driven platform that offers real-time insights into traffic conditions. Loved by drivers around the world, it helps you stay ahead of traffic issues and find the best routes.

Top features of Waze:

  • Real-time traffic updates from a community of drivers.
  • Alerts about accidents, hazards, and police presence.
  • Automatic rerouting to avoid traffic jams.
  • Voice-guided navigation for hands-free operation.
  • Integration with music and podcast apps for an enjoyable drive.

Pricing for Waze:

  • Free to use: Waze is a completely free app, offering all its features without any cost.

Weather Underground 

weather underground

Weather Underground gives hyper-local weather information, making it an invaluable tool for truck drivers. With its detailed forecasts and weather alerts, you can plan your trips more effectively and safely.

Key features of Weather Underground:

  • Hyper-local weather forecasts for precise planning.
  • Severe weather alerts to keep you informed of potential hazards.
  • Interactive radar maps for tracking weather patterns.
  • Customizable weather widgets for quick access to information.
  • Integration with smart home devices for personalized alerts.

Pricing for Weather Underground:

  • Free to use: All users have access to weather forecasts and additional features.

Optimize your routes with Circuit for Teams

Circuit for Teams helps you navigate the complexities of the road with ease. The app is thoughtfully designed with the specific needs of truck drivers in mind. 

If you're looking for a way to streamline your route planning, save time on your deliveries, and reduce unnecessary fuel consumption, experience the difference Circuit for Teams can make.

The Circuit for Teams features are crafted to enhance your driving experience

  • Efficient route optimization tailored for multiple stops.
  • Real-time tracking, keeping you and your team connected and informed.
  • A user-friendly interface, simplifying your route planning and adjustments.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools, offering insights to improve your routes continually.

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