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Do Americans Fantasize About Delivery Drivers? Yes! (and Here’s How It Could Affect Your Job)

Grocery delivery driver in a blue baseball hat and shirt passing a crate of vegetables to a customer. The customer has a happy face with heart eyes emoji as their head

We surveyed 1,000 Americans to learn how they feel about couriers and how your looks could affect your tips.

Key takeaways

  • Americans crowned Amazon uniforms and drivers the hottest.
  • Half of Americans admit to tipping attractive delivery drivers more, averaging a 30% higher tip.
  • 37% of Americans have fantasized about hooking up in a delivery driver’s truck, and 23% have attempted to seduce a delivery driver.
  • Married Americans are 67% more likely than unmarried Americans to give attractive drivers higher than average tips.
  • 37% of Americans have flirted with their delivery driver, and 45% said a delivery driver has flirted with them.

With Americans ordering deliveries on the regular, it’s no wonder that drivers have become the focus of many people’s desires. Some even hope for a real love connection when they get a knock on the door.

The Circuit Route Planner research team recently surveyed 1,000 Americans to find just how many fantasize about delivery drivers.

People confessed to plenty of scandalous things, like kissing their driver! Keep reading to get the scoop on who Americans think are the most attractive delivery people and how it could be affecting your job.

About delivery drivers: It’s hard not to love a man in uniform

Many Americans have probably checked you out while you delivered their package. First, let’s find out which are the hottest delivery uniforms and couriers on the block.

Infographic about delivery drivers in uniform

When it comes to the companies behind these sexy deliveries, one reigned over the rest: Amazon.

More than a third of Americans (37%) said Amazon had the hottest uniforms, and 40% voted them into the top spot for the most attractive drivers. Maybe that’s the real reason people are upset that Amazon Flex drivers can wear anything they want. 

Meanwhile, UPS came in second in both categories, followed by FedEx, DHL, and USPS.

Almost 40% of Americans liked what they saw so much that they fantasized about a sexual encounter in their delivery driver’s truck. But appreciating the view is one thing — taking action is quite another:

Almost a quarter of Americans confessed to having tried seducing a delivery driver (23%).

Key takeaway: Americans crowned Amazon uniforms and drivers the hottest.

A little extra on the side

Tips are great, especially when you’ve worked hard to earn them. But do your looks have anything to do with how much you get

Inforgaraphic about delivery drivers and customers paying for more than the delivery

Half of Americans admitted to tipping attractive drivers more money, giving them a 30% higher tip on average. Since it’s common courtesy these days to tip more than 20% for certain deliveries, that can add up to a big chunk of change! Some have also ordered more frequently just to get a certain driver, or even specifically requested them when placing an order. 

That address you keep delivering to over and over again? They might love the food you bring, or perhaps they just really enjoy looking at you and want to spark something.

Things got real interesting when broken down by relationship status.

When we asked respondents if they tip attractive delivery drivers more than others, only 35% of unmarried Americans in a relationship and 37% of singles said yes – but a whopping 60% of married people said they do, to the tune of 33% more. 

Key takeaway: 50% of Americans tip attractive delivery drivers more, averaging a 30% higher tip.

The food is hot, but you might be hotter

In the last part of our study, Americans ranked food delivery services by the attractiveness of their drivers. They also confessed to things they’ve done when hot drivers arrive at their door. 

Infographic about delivery drivers and smoking hot deliveries

Uber Eats reigned supreme in the top spot for the most attractive drivers, followed by DoorDash and Postmates. If interested in the food deliverer, Americans said they’d resort to flirting (37%), sending them a text after delivery (29%), or having the food handed to them (24%). 

Attraction is often a two-way street, as 45% also said a driver has flirted with them. Some of these interactions even got physical: 18% of Americans have kissed and told, and one quarter of delivery drivers have admitted to hooking up on the job.  

Key takeaway: 37% of Americans flirt with their delivery driver, and 45% said a delivery driver flirts with them.

Seeing your deliveries differently now?

Many people said they find delivery drivers attractive, especially those in Amazon uniforms and Uber Eats drivers.

These attractions (even if one-sided) can lead to higher tips and more frequent calls to the same location.

People make love connections in all sorts of ways these days, so who’s to say it can’t happen during a delivery? Just take care to keep it professional while you’re on the job – customers don’t like a creepy delivery experience any more than you do.


Circuit surveyed 1,000 Americans about how they view couriers. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 81; 49% were male, and 51% were female. Generationally, 11% were baby boomers, 25% were Gen Xers, 54% were millennials, and 10% were Gen Zers. As for relationship status, 60% were married, 23% were single, and 13% were in a relationship but not married; the remaining respondents were either divorced or widowed.

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