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Are you an online shopper who frequently orders products from China?

If so, you've likely heard of CNE Express. This specialized eCommerce courier handles high-volume orders from China and delivers them to destinations worldwide.

CNE Express has quickly become a go-to choice for many businesses and consumers, thanks to their expertise in eCommerce logistics and commitment to reliable delivery services.

One crucial aspect of their services is CNE Express tracking, which allows customers to monitor their shipments' progress from pickup to final delivery.

In this article, we'll cover CNE Express tracking, including how to find your tracking number and track your shipment and what to do if you have any issues.

What is CNE Express?

CNE Express is a specialized eCommerce courier that handles high-volume orders from China and shipping to destinations worldwide.

As a shopper, they offer fast and reliable delivery services, with a wide range of transportation partners to offer competitive rates and timely delivery.

CNE Express tracking guide

Tracking a CNE Express shipment in China is simple. Still, it can become increasingly more challenging and unpredictable outside the country.

CNE Express relies on a network of delivery partners for international delivery, like FedEx. This means there can be delays in tracking when CNE is transporting or transferring your cargo.

How to find your CNE Express tracking number

CNE Express gives the sender a tracking number after they book your shipment for collection. Your tracking number combines letters and numbers between ten and 40 characters.

Following this, the sender will email confirmation of your order, along with your CNE Express tracking number.

How to track your CNE Express location

There are a few ways to track CNE Express, and using the Circuit shipment Tracker search at the top of this page with your tracking code is easiest.

You can also use the CNE Express tool on their website. Just make sure you first change the site to English by finding the letters “EN.” on the top-right of the page.

Lost CNE Express tracking number

By now, you know it's essential to keep all emails related to your CNE Express order. But what if you've lost your tracking number or never received it in the first place?

Don't worry — you have a couple of options.

While you can contact CNE Express customer support, the sender is typically the most helpful resource for resolving any issues related to your shipment delivery.

So you should contact them first.

If the sender cannot help, or if you can’t reach them. CNE Express offers an alternative method for tracking your shipment with your order number on the CNE Express website.

While this may not be as accurate as your tracking number, it can still give you useful information about your shipment's status.

Solving CNE Express tracking issues

All couriers experience tracking issues. Most issues only happen because of human error and rarely mean that the order got lost in transit.

With CNE Express, there is one more thing to remember. Most of their business is international, and orders are passed off to another courier service before leaving China.

Why you can't track your CNE Express shipment

You could be having trouble finding your CNE Express shipment using Circuit Package Tracker for several reasons.

Firstly, you may have the wrong tracking number.

CNE Express tracking numbers are often long, so we recommend copying and pasting them from your confirmation email to avoid errors.

Another possible cause is that a CNE Express worker must still scan the barcode to start the tracking process.

Typically, senders process orders one day and send them the next working day. So, if you're checking over the weekend, your package may be with the sender, ready to be shipped.

However, if it's been more than two working days and you still need to receive updates on your shipment, it's best to contact the sender to find out what's happening.

They can give you more information and help resolve any issues causing a delay.

Why your shipment is not updating or moving

As an eCommerce shopper, tracking status updates for your package sometimes stop appearing.

This is likely because couriers often have to wait in line to unload their trucks at busy facilities. Then shipments get sorted and stacked before being processed.

While these delays may be frustrating, they are a normal part of shipping. The estimated delivery time already accounts for processing time.

It's essential to remember that couriers understand these processing delays are normal and only treat long processing times as severe delays.

So, if you experience a delay in tracking updates, rest assured that it's likely due to routine processing and not a significant issue with your package's delivery.

CNE Express tracking status explained

CNE Express uses only a few basic tracking statuses because many of their orders are forwarded to other couriers who use different tracking systems.

As a result, CNE Express tracking statuses are typically simple, giving you only the most basic information about your package's delivery status.

In transit

One of CNE Express's tracking statuses is "Ready For Transit," which shows that your shipment is on the way.

Why your shipment is still in transit

Suppose your CNE Express shipment is still in transit. In that case, it is traveling or awaiting a barcode scan after arriving at a facility.

However, if your shipment takes unusually long, there may be a delay.

It's essential to make sure that customs is keeping your shipment. If your shipment is going through customs, wait for two critical statuses: "Arrival Import Airport" and "Released from Customs."

If customs is not holding your shipment, then all other delays are likely normal transit holdups.

Wait for about two working days beyond your estimated delivery time. If everything stays the same, contact the sender for help.

How long a shipment can stay in transit

Transit times vary because CNE Express delivers within China and internationally. International delivery times also vary, depending on how far the destination is from China.

However, CNE Express estimates most delivery times take three to 11 days.

For example, the UK takes seven to 12 days, and the US takes up to 15 days. Other points in Europe often take about ten days.


CNE Express uses the status "pending" between departures and arrivals, similar to other delivery services.

If your CNE Express shipment is pending, it's most likely due to the package going through customs, as most international orders move quickly.

CNE Express will notify the sender when your shipment clears customs and when it arrives at the airport.

Other pending statuses are often due to the shipment awaiting processing at CNE Express facilities.

However, CNE Express scans all arrivals and departures, so you will know when your shipment arrived and left various locations.

CNE Express delivery times

Delivery times may vary when dealing with couriers that forward shipments to other companies, such as CNE Express.

However, most couriers worldwide have similar operating hours, typically between 8 am and 6 pm, with a delivery window of about 8 to 10 hours being the norm.

To estimate when your CNE Express shipment will arrive, you can use Circuit Package Tracker to find the tracking status "out for delivery."

Once you find this status, you can expect to get your shipment within a few hours. At the very least, you will know when your shipment will arrive.

Check with your local courier for more information to determine the exact delivery time.

How late does CNE Express deliver?

Delivery times for couriers can vary significantly, especially between different countries.

In Europe, some courier services deliver packages at night, while most couriers stop deliveries around 5 pm in the US.

It's important to note that some courier services may deliver shipments to the destination country but need a more substantial logistical presence to handle the final delivery.

In such cases, they may rely on local courier services for delivery to your doorstep. As a result, the latest time a shipment can arrive may vary widely between couriers in different regions.

For example, a large courier like USPS will transfer the order to a local courier in these cases, who will probably have different delivery times.

International delivery times

Since most CNE Express deliveries are international, the delivery times may be subject to the conditions and regulations of different courier services.

Suppose you can identify which courier will handle delivering your shipment. In that case, we recommend consulting their guidelines for more information on delivery times.

Missed CNE Express delivery

Suppose you miss a delivery from CNE Express. In that case, the rules and policies for redelivery or pickup may vary depending on the courier handling your shipment.

Generally, most couriers offer two solutions for missed deliveries; redelivery or holding the shipment for pickup.

In both cases, the courier will leave a note with instructions on scheduling another delivery time or picking up your shipment.

Couriers holding shipments usually offer a window of time to claim your delivery, while couriers attempting redelivery make a few attempts before returning it to the sender.

Suppose you know that you need a signature for your shipment. In that case, it's best to make yourself available or have someone else available to sign for the package to avoid a missed delivery.

In Europe, deliveries held by a neighbor are part of standard shipping, and redeliveries are rare.

How long will CNE Express hold a shipment?

It's important to note that holding periods may vary between different courier services.

However, the most crucial thing to know in the event of a missed delivery is whether you can schedule a redelivery or need to pick up the package yourself.

In most cases, you will have more time to pick up the package before the courier service returns it to the sender.

It's always best to check with the courier handling your shipment for specific instructions and policies regarding missed deliveries.

Haven't received a CNE Express shipment? Here's what to do

Suppose Circuit Package Tracker shows your shipment is delivered, but you cannot find it. In that case, the first step is to double-check your tracking status and make sure that you got all the delivery and noticed all customs clearance issues.

If you confirm that there are no issues with the delivery, the next step is to contact the sender for help. While you can also contact CNE Express customer support, the sender is typically better equipped to help.

CNE Express tracking FAQs

While the guide above gives you detailed information on CNE Express tracking, you may still have some questions or concerns during the delivery process.

Here, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand the process and ease any worries.

Is CNE Express delivery fast?

CNE Express delivery is fast, depending on your needs.

If you need one product out of China, a delivery period of up to two weeks might seem slow. However, the turnaround time is onsidered fast when CNE Express moves huge freight loads halfway around the world in less than two weeks.

Can I track a CNE Express shipment by address?

Tracking a CNE Express shipment by address is not possible. To track your CNE Express shipment, you will need your tracking number from the sender.

How do I know if my CNE Express shipment is stuck in customs?

If you suspect your CNE Express shipment is stuck in customs, there are a few ways to confirm this.

First, check the tracking status of your shipment with Circuit Package Tracker. CNE Express has two tracking statuses that let you know when your order has arrived at the airport and cleared customs.

If your shipment has arrived at the airport, but the cleared customs status needs to show up, it may indicate that customs are holding your shipment for checks.

In this case, waiting for about two business days is recommended, as customs can sometimes be slow to process packages.

If you still have concerns after this time, consider contacting customs directly to ask about the status of your shipment.

Alternatively, you can contact the sender of your shipment for help and make sure that your package is released and delivered to you as soon as possible.

CNE Express tracking conclusion

Tracking your CNE Express shipment is an important part of the delivery process to stay informed and up-to-date on your package's whereabouts.

Keep tabs on your CNE Express shipment with Circuit Package Tracker and contact the sender or CNE Express customer support if you have any concerns or questions.

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