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About Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s personal delivery service. Unlike other postal services like USPS. It’s a smaller delivery service. Not all sellers on Amazon use it, but it’s very efficient for getting packages to customers.

Amazon Logistics offers some of the fastest shipping times, with a wide range of delivery options. Including their Amazon Flex program, where you can sign up to become an Individual driver for Amazon and deliver packages to their local areas.

In addition, Amazon uses delivery companies daily to promptly get packages from the warehouses to their destinations.

Like most delivery services, Amazon Logistics isn’t perfect for deliveries, but it has a robust tracking system that you can use to find your package’s status.

Amazon Logistics package tracking

Tracking your package is one of the best features that Amazon Logistics offers. Unlike some other delivery services, the tracking system is straightforward to use – this is mainly thanks to how easily you can locate your order’s tracking number and use it to find updates on the order.

How to find your Amazon Logistics package tracking number

To find the delivery tracking number:

  1. Start by going to Amazon’s main page and logging in.
  2. Click ‘Return and Orders’ at the top-right of the page. You will go to a page showing all your orders.
  3. You’ll find the order number at the top right corner of each order. People often mistake that for the tracking number, but they are not the same thing.
  4. To find your order’s tracking number, choose the ‘Track Package’ option for that order, and you will go to a page where the tracking ID number is on the left.

How to track your amazon’s logistics package location

On the same page that displays your order’s tracking ID is an option to find the location of the order. To do this, select the find all updates option directly under the tracking ID.

Here, you can find your order’s most recent and past statuses. Specifically, you can find if your order is at a carrier facility, in transit to a new location, or out for delivery. You can also find the exact time and day of each update.

Do note that the times are in the local time zone. Also, note that the shipping updates will not always begin showing immediately. Because Amazon offers multiple shipping options, the tracking updates may start appearing sooner or later.

If you experience any issues finding your order’s tracking number or viewing updates on your order, contact Amazon’s customer support services.

Lost Amazon Logistics tracking number

Because some products on Amazon are only purchasable from third-party sellers, you may occasionally have a different experience with the Amazon Logistics tracking shipment feature.

For example, you cannot track standard international shipments because they don’t come with tracking numbers.

You also can’t track a package until the carrier scans it; this doesn’t always happen as soon as the carrier gets it.

In rare cases, a carrier will scan the package upon delivery, but most of the time, they will scan it shortly after acquiring it. If you don’t find tracking updates for your package immediately, remember that this is likely why.

If you purchase products from the Amazon marketplace, you’ll be more likely to experience a situation where you can’t track your package. This is because the marketplace features many third-party sellers.

These third-party sellers don’t always include tracking information with their orders, so keep this in mind before purchasing any products on the marketplace.

Lastly, you may not find a tracking number with your order if there are issues with Amazon’s Logistics internal system. When this happens, there’s, unfortunately, nothing you can do on your end other than wait.

How to Amazon Logistics package without a tracking number

Even if your Amazon order doesn’t include a tracking number, it doesn’t mean you have no way of tracking it.

In this situation, you can contact the carrier directly. Amazon’s Help & Customer Service section features a carrier contact information page, so you don’t have to look far to find the necessary information.

Each carrier has a phone number you can call to inquire about your package, even if your order does not have a tracking number.

Sometimes, when you don’t find a tracking number on your Amazon order’s page, there may be a link to access the carrier company’s tracking page. However, this typically does not occur.

Solving Amazon Logistics package tracking issues

Amazon Logistics is not free of hiccups in its delivery process like any other carrier company. It’s not uncommon to experience issues with tracking packages, but there are many ways to navigate these issues.

Why you can’t track your Amazon Logistics package

Several reasons from the previous section may impact your ability to track your Amazon package, but you may also encounter an issue where your package stops receiving updates.

When this happens, the updates can stop for one or several days. While concerning, it isn’t anything you should worry about because it most likely means a few delays are happening in the delivery process.

It can also be a situation where the carrier forgot to scan the package, thus causing you to get no updates on the tracking information page. You can contact the carrier directly if you need to do so, but you often don’t need to.

If something happens to your package during transit that makes delivery impossible, Amazon or the third-party seller will notify you.

However, contact Amazon or the third-party seller if you don’t get any notifications on your package’s status and it hasn’t shown up after the estimated delivery date.

Why your Amazon Logistics package is not updating or moving

Remember that the delivery of a package involves many people. Human error is a very common culprit of packages not updating or moving.

Regarding moving, things like traffic, inclement weather, and other issues can seriously delay the delivery time of a package, leaving you to think that your order got lost. However, missing orders do happen often.

Patience is your best friend when dealing with orders that don’t update. Errors in Amazon’s database may cause the tracking information to not update properly, so check your package’s status daily to find if there are any changes.

If there aren’t, you’ll again want to contact Amazon or the third-party seller and have them investigate the situation.

Amazon Logistics package status explained

Next, let’s go over the various statuses you will find when ordering a product from Amazon.

In transit

In transit means that your package is on the way. Please don’t confuse this with it being out for delivery, though, as those are two different statuses.

The status of your package should switch to transit once the carrier picks it up from the warehouse. So, you’ll typically find a change to that status relatively soon after making your purchase, ideally after the first or second day.

Why Your Amazon Logistics Package Is Still in Transit

In transit often means the carrier acquires the package and is transporting it to the next facility.

How long an Amazon Logistics package can stay in transit

Most of the time, this is the longest part of a delivery, so don’t fret if your package is in transit status for multiple days if it’s coming from several states away. Of course, this can vary depending on many factors.

Bad weather conditions, errors with delivery addresses, and many other things can affect the duration of your package’s transit. Because of this, don’t fret over long transit times, as they are pretty standard.


The pending status takes place before the in-transit status. When an order is pending, it goes through a verification process with Amazon to validate the payment method given by the purchaser.

Once the verification process finishes, the seller will confirm or cancel the order shipment.

Why your Amazon Logistics package may be pending

Several reasons can lead to an Amazon order pending. The most common is that Amazon fails to validate the buyer’s payment method.

An order can sometimes remain pending for as long as two to three weeks, but it usually lasts only a few days.

Also, when buying from a third-party seller, there are cases where they no longer have the product in stock and forgot to update the listing. Or they find the product to not be in acceptable condition for purchases.

In both cases, they can cancel the pending order or keep it pending until they can confirm it.

Amazon Logistics delivery times

The delivery times for Amazon are pretty consistent due to them utilizing different methods for transporting their packages. Because of this, you won’t experience delays with most of your orders; sometimes, orders will arrive ahead of schedule.

Amazon Logistics delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

You can find your estimated delivery time in “Your Orders.” On the day the package is set to arrive, you’ll also be able to find the time frame for its delivery.

Generally, these time frames are two to four hours wide to compensate for the various factors that can delay a carrier’s arrival. The delivery window can change throughout the day as well.

Due to this, you may find that your package has a delivery window between 12.30 and 3.30 pm and then check again later to find that the window has changed to 3.30 to 5.30 pm.

How late Amazon Logistics delivers

Packages can arrive anytime between 6 am and 10 pm local time. However, carriers will only knock on your door from 8 am – 8 pm That way, they won’t disturb you.

So, you will want to keep a watch for your package in case it arrives outside of that time frame.

International Amazon Logistics Delivery Times

The shipping times for international products vary significantly from one region to the next. For standard shipping, you can typically expect your package to arrive in a little over a week at the earliest and two to three weeks at the latest.

However, you can significantly reduce delivery times if you pay for priority shipping.

Lost and missed Amazon Logistics deliveries

Lost and missed Amazon deliveries don’t happen all the time, but they happen often enough to be somewhat common. Several things cause packages to become lost; unfortunately, there isn’t a great way to resolve these situations when they arise.

Still, there are a few helpful things you should keep in mind to make them less troublesome when they do occur.

What happens if you miss an Amazon Logistics delivery

If you miss an Amazon delivery, what happens next depends on whether or not there is a secure location for the carrier to leave the package so that it won’t get stolen or damaged.

When no secure location is available, the carrier will keep the package with them and return the next three days to attempt the delivery again. Amazon will send you an email notifying you of the situation.

If you still miss the three following delivery attempts, your package won’t be delivered, and you will get a refund.

How long will Amazon Logistics hold a package?

Amazon does not leave packages on hold. For a similar option, you can have carriers deliver a package to an Amazon Locker. You will then have three days to pick the package up from the locker.

While this is not a great alternative to having a package put on hold for a lengthy period, it’s suitable for when you’re receiving packages while away from home.

What to do if you haven’t received your Amazon Logistics package

A worst-case scenario when ordering from Amazon is receiving an empty or no package. In both instances, you have different options.

If an Amazon Logistics shipment arrives and has no product, you should double-check the status of your package to find if the package arrived.

A common explanation behind a package’s status reading as delivered despite never arriving is that the carrier delivered it to the wrong location. Due to the number of addresses a carrier goes to daily, they can make a mistake every so often.

If you have neighbors, consider asking them if they collected any packages addressed to you. Sometimes, it’s fine to wait up to 48 hours to find if the package eventually arrives, but after that, you will want to contact Amazon or the third-party seller and notify them of the situation.

If you get an empty package or a package with the wrong product, first get in touch with the seller. Oftentimes, most sellers will have no issue working with you if you explain the situation, and you can get a refund or another shipment free of charge.

Contacting the seller doesn’t always yield results, so if you reach a dead end with that option, contact Amazon and the carrier to find if they can’t resolve the situation.

Filing a delivery complaint is also an option worth considering.

Amazon Logistics FAQs

Here are answers to some questions about Amazon Logistics that you may still have.

Is Amazon Logistics fast?

Unlike some other carriers, Amazon Logistics is very fast, especially if you pay the extra cost of priority shipping or have Amazon prime.

You can get same-day delivery and two-day delivery for some products. Most packages also arrive well before 8 pm on delivery days, so you’ll rarely have to worry about them coming late in the day.

Amazon’s customer support services are also quick to respond to most issues you may have during delivery.

Can I track Amazon Logistics shipment by address?

Amazon's map tracking feature is the closest you can get to track your package by the address. This feature lets you find when the carrier is getting close to your location. However, not all carriers support this feature.

How do I know if my Amazon Logistics package is stuck in customs?

When customs takes hold of your package, the delivery carrier will notify you of the situation. Most of the time, it will only take a few days for the package to clear and continue to get to you, though sometimes it will take longer.

There’s also a possibility that the package will not pass through customs because there is a fee for it. In that case, the seller may contact you to let you know.

Amazon Logistics package tracking offers an excellent shipping experience

Hopefully, you now understand some of the ways Amazon Logistics functions. It’s an excellent shipping service because of its quickness, customer support, and accessible tracking capability that lets you know your package’s whereabouts every step.

Few courier services outperform Amazon Logistics, so if you’re debating on what service to use, this one deserves consideration. At the very least, give it a try and find how you like the experience.

Follow your Amazon Logistics package from the store to your door and download Circuit Package Tracker for free now.