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The Best Tape Guns for Small Business Owners Who Pack and Ship Themselves

Best tape gun

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Packing and shipping can be a real hassle, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

You have to wrestle with packing tape, trying to get it to stick to the box. Then, you have to find scissors to cut the tape. It’s a battle you don’t need to fight.

Behold the almighty tape gun!

No, you don’t need a license to operate it, but it’s still one of the most powerful tools you can have if you’re packing and shipping products.

A good tape gun can make your shipping packaging process quicker and easier. It can also save you time and money in the long run by helping you avoid damaged goods.

But with so many types of tape guns on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your business. 

To help, I’ve rounded up the best tape guns for small business owners who pack and ship in-house — so you can get the job done right.

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What’s the best tape gun for your small business?

If you’re in the market for a tape gun, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

First, what type of business do you have? Are you packing fragile items that need to be shipped with care — or are you just throwing things in a box and sending them on their way?

Maybe you own a local catering service that prepares and delivers food to customers. 

In this case, you want to find a packaging tape gun that’s quick to use so you can get the food out the door.

You’ll also want to select a packaging tape brand that’s strong and reliable. Forget options like masking tape that don’t have strong adhesive. 

Opt for something like Scotch tape or Duck brand tape so your delicious food doesn’t end up falling out of the bottom of the box during delivery.

Second, what are the package sizes and types you’ll be dealing with? 

Each handheld tape dispenser is engineered for a certain size (width) of tape. If you’re closing up large moving boxes, for instance, you’ll want something different than if you’re sealing up a small jewelry box or mailer.

And finally, how fast do you need to be able to tape things up? 

If you’re running a high-volume operation, you’re going to need a gun that can handle the amount. On the other hand, if you only have five orders a day, you may not need the fastest and most expensive option.

How much does a tape gun cost? 

Price is a factor, especially if you need to purchase packaging tape dispensers for a warehouse full of packers. 

The good news is tape guns are affordable and well worth the investment.

The average price range you can expect to pay for a quality tape gun is anywhere from $10 to $25. 

For example, the Scotch Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape Dispenser is a familiar model you’ve probably encountered when sealing moving boxes. 

It’s currently available for $17.92 on Amazon, but it pales compared to the picks on our list, like the Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Dispenser, which is priced similarly at $17.40.

Tape gun with box

The best tape guns for small businesses

It’s just a tape gun — why take it so seriously? 

When you experience the satisfaction of taping a box quickly and efficiently, you’ll get it. When it’s good, it’s so good.

So, what exactly makes a tape gun the best?

Of course, you want glowing customer reviews, but when you’re looking for the best box sealing tape dispenser, there are a few other things to look for. 

You want a tape gun that’s easy to use with an ergonomic, comfortable grip.

You also want a built-in cutting blade so you never have to search for a pair of scissors again. This helps you get maximum speed and efficiency. 

Some packing tape guns even come with included tape as a bonus.

FeaturesUline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading DispenserTape King Packing Tape Dispenser GunScotch H180 Industrial Packing Tape DispenserTach-It EX2 2-Inch Wide Heavy-Duty Tape GunUline H-596 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun
Side loading?YesYesYesYesYes
What inch tape does it use?2”2”2”2”3”
Adjustable tension?YesYesYesYesYes
Pistol grip?YesYesYesYesYes
Maximum roll diameter6”3”3”5.5”5”

Uline H-150 2-Inch Hand-Held Industrial Side Loading Dispenser — best all-around

Uline H-150 tape gun

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable tape gun, the Uline H-150 is a great option. 

It’s made of all-steel construction with a rust-resistant finish and can handle industrial-grade packaging tape.

The Uline H-150 also has a side loading design, so you can quickly and easily change the roll of tape. It can be used with standard tape as well as masking tape so it’s also great for taping off areas for painting.

It also has adjustable tension. And it comes with a built-in cutter, so you can quickly seal up boxes. It uses standard 2-inch tape.

The grip handle is a comfortable plastic with molded hand grip, offering a firm grip without slipping.

The clear plastic wiper/tongue, which presses the tape against the box as you pull it, has a lot of give. This helps make sure the tape fully adheres to the package.

The cutting blade is sharp and cuts with quick precision, but only when you apply slight pressure. 

The Uline H-150 also doesn’t need you to twist and shove and pull to cut the tape. It makes a clean cut and, thanks to the great design, only cuts when you want it to cut.

It’s currently available on Amazon for $17.40.

Tape King Packing Tape Dispenser Gun — best for e-commerce

Tape King Tape Gun

The Tape King Packing Tape Dispenser Gun is a durable tape gun for small businesses handling boxes, mailers, and more.

It can handle standard 2-inch wide packing tape and has an adjustable brake so you can control the tension.

The Tape King is a pistol grip tape dispenser with a durable metal frame and a soft, comfortable grip. The built-in cutter is strong and sharp, so you can quickly seal up boxes or even cover the trim before painting a wall.

The smart side-loading design allows you to quickly pop in a new roll within seconds.

Warehouses, industrial plants, e-commerce shipping operations, and retail distribution outlets are just a few of the places where this tape gun is used.

The Tape King is available on Amazon for $10.99 and comes with a bonus roll of heavy-duty packing tape.

Scotch H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser — best for carton sealing and bundling

Scotch H180 Tape Gun

Oh my, what sharp teeth you have!

The Scotch H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser is a sturdy little tape gun that uses 2-inch wide tape rolls. It has sharp cutting blade teeth that cut through even the thickest heavy-duty packing tape with ease.

The one-hand, pistol-grip design is efficient and comfortable. Tack, roll, buff, and tear in one fluid motion. The tape gun is lightweight and has adjustable tension control.

The Scotch H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser is made of metal and durable plastic for long-term use, even in high-volume shipping environments. 

It’s ideal for carton sealing, combining, bundling operations, reinforcing, and box sealing.

You can buy the Scotch H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser on Amazon for $22.43.

Tach-It EX2 2-Inch Wide Heavy-Duty Tape Gun — best for precision

Tach-It EX2 Tape Gun

It may not be much to look at, but the Tach-It EX2 2-Inch Wide Heavy-Duty Tape Gun is a beast when it comes to boxes.

It’s a rugged and durable tape gun suitable for a variety of uses. It has a reinforced, heavy-duty steel frame that can withstand heavy use.

The Tach-It EX2 2-Inch Wide Heavy-Duty Tape Gun is made for 2-inch wide tape on a 3-inch core. It features the must-have adjustable tension brake and a smooth, easy-rolling steel tape guide.

This tape gun is also equipped with a molded finger grip handle for your comfort, a natural rubber roller, and a heavy gauge steel blade for a precise cut through even your thickest shipping tape every time.

You can find it on Pack-n-Tape for $13.38.

Uline H-596 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun— best for the basics

Uline H-596 Tape Gun

The Uline H-596 Packing Tape Dispenser Gun is an industrial-quality tape gun like the other models on this list. 

But unlike the other models that work with 2-inch wide tape, the Uline H-596 is for 3-inch tape.

Quick side loading, adjustable brake for tension control, and a hard plastic roller for smooth application give this tape gun all the essential features of a good tape dispenser.

The Uline H-596 works best with PVC, polyester, and polypropylene tape.

If your e-commerce business uses one of those materials for your shipping tape and you need a 3-inch tape dispenser, the Uline H-596 is an easy choice.

It’s currently available on Amazon for $24.99.

Packaged box for delivery

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You’ve got your taping and shipping covered.

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