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5 Delivery Scheduling Software To Save Time and Cut Costs

How Delivery Scheduling Software Saves Time and Cuts Costs

Discover how Circuit for Teams elevates delivery operations by automating scheduling, optimizing routes and enhancing customer communication.

Delivery routes can be challenging to manage, and scaling a delivery business is difficult if you don’t get a streamlined delivery scheduling process in place. 

Delivery managers typically run into two obstacles when they’re creating their schedules:

The first obstacle is the route optimization and route planning. 

It isn’t easy to visualize the fastest route when looking at a list of stops your drivers need to make. And the more stops you’re planning, the harder it gets. 

Not being able to optimize your routes for speed costs your business in labor and fuel costs, and it limits how many deliveries your drivers can make per day.

👉 Note: We spoke to one delivery business that ended up saving 30+ hours a week in payroll after using our route optimization software to plan and navigate their routes. Check out more real-world examples like that on our blog where we talk to all kinds of delivery businesses — from local breweries to bicycle couriers delivering prescription medication.

The second obstacle is sharing the schedule with delivery drivers and customers. 

If you’re doing this manually, you need to send copies of the delivery schedule to your driver’s inbox or print out physical copies for them to reference on the road. 

And if you want to provide your customers with an estimated time of arrival (ETA), you need to reach out to each one individually. Both of these manual processes create issues when unexpected route changes occur.

For example, customers may cancel their order or request a last-minute delivery time window. Or you may need to add a new stop or change the route completely based on unforeseen traffic delays. 

When this happens without an automatic update, both your drivers and your customers will be relying on old information.

This is why using delivery scheduling software is a must for any delivery business. 

It lets you facilitate real-time communication between your drivers out on their routes, the delivery managers working in the back office and the customers who are awaiting their delivery.

In this post, we discuss what delivery scheduling software is and the features to look for. We also highlight some platforms that can help you with delivery tracking and route management. Hint: Circuit for Teams is No. 1 on our list! 

Key takeaways

  • Delivery scheduling software helps with route optimization and planning challenges, crucial for scaling delivery operations.
  • Real-time communication among delivery managers, drivers and customers is essential for managing unexpected route changes.
  • Features like route optimization, live tracking and proof of delivery are fundamental for efficient delivery management and customer satisfaction.
  • Selecting a suitable delivery scheduling software can streamline operations, ensuring timely deliveries and improved customer experience.
Circuit for Teams is a simple software for optimizing routes with multiple drivers. Click here to start your free 14-day trial.

What is delivery scheduling software?

Delivery scheduling software is a digital tool designed to automate and optimize the delivery process. This software takes into account various factors such as delivery locations, traffic conditions, driver availability and delivery time slots to plan optimized routes. 

It’s a pivotal tool for delivery businesses aiming to streamline their operations, reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction. By automating the scheduling process, delivery businesses can save time, make on-time deliveries and enhance the overall efficiency of their delivery operations.

With real-time GPS tracking, delivery scheduling software provides live updates on the whereabouts of delivery drivers, allowing your dispatchers to adjust plans in real-time based on conditions. 

Features like proof of delivery (POD) notifications, customer notifications and route optimization also help with a smooth delivery process from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep.

Features to look for in delivery scheduling software 

Delivery scheduling software has become an indispensable tool for delivery businesses aiming to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. 

The software is packed with features designed to automate, optimize and manage the delivery process. 

Here’s an overview of the common features found in delivery scheduling software and how they contribute to effective delivery management:

  • Route optimization. Route optimization helps in planning the most efficient routes for deliveries. By analyzing various factors like traffic conditions, distance between delivery points and driver availability, deliveries are completed in the shortest time possible, saving fuel costs and improving on-time delivery rates.
  • Live tracking. Delivery businesses and their customers can track the live location of delivery drivers. This feature allows your dispatchers to offer estimated times of arrival (ETAs) to customers and monitor and manage teams effectively. Real-time tracking enhances the transparency and accountability of the delivery process.
  • Driver management. Driver management is about efficiently managing and scheduling drivers. This feature allows dispatchers to track driver performance, schedule driver shifts and make sure drivers comply with company policies and legal regulations.
  • Proof of delivery (POD). POD is a digital confirmation once the delivery is completed. This feature often includes capturing signatures or photos as evidence of delivery, which is crucial for resolving disputes and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Customer communication. Good customer communication is vital for a positive customer experience. This feature allows for automated notifications via SMS or mobile app regarding delivery status, changes in delivery times and providing options for customers to reschedule or provide feedback.
  • API integration. Application programming interface (API) integration allows the delivery scheduling software to communicate and share data with other software solutions, such as inventory management or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. This integration leads to a more cohesive and streamlined operation.
  • Mobile app accessibility. Mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms allow for easy access and management on the go. This feature allows delivery drivers and dispatchers to stay updated and respond to changes quickly.
  • Analytics and reporting. Analytics and reporting features offer valuable insights into delivery operations, helping businesses identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance performance and reduce operational costs.

Delivery management software to consider

Having the right scheduling software can streamline operations, so your drivers can make timely deliveries and satisfy customers. Below are some notable delivery scheduling software solutions that can help. 

  1. Circuit for Teams
  2. Route4Me
  3. Onfleet
  4. OptimoRoute
  5. Routific

1. Circuit for Teams 

circuit for teams

Circuit for Teams is a delivery scheduling software that caters to the needs of delivery managers, drivers and customers. 

It consists of both a web-based platform for routing and dispatch teams and a mobile app for drivers, so there’s always real-time communication between the office and the field.

Some specific features include:

  • Route optimization and customization. Circuit for Teams allows dispatch teams to import delivery stops in various file formats, such as .csv, .tsv and .xls, or through manual entry, with a predictive text feature like Google Maps. It optimizes the fastest route possible or allows for route customization by setting priority stops, time windows and average time per stop, adapting to the unique demands of each delivery schedule.
  • Live management of delivery routes. Once a driver initiates the route on their mobile app, the route goes live, enabling the tracking of progress from the Circuit dashboard. Circuit offers route-specific details like completed stops, upcoming stops and updated ETAs. Customers can stay informed through SMS or email notifications, with real-time updates available through a personal delivery dashboard link.
  • Real-time adaptability. Faced with unforeseen circumstances, like traffic snarls or last-minute customer requests, both delivery managers and drivers can make on-the-fly adjustments. Whether it’s re-optimizing the route or updating delivery schedules, the changes are instantly communicated between the web and mobile app, keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Proof of delivery. After delivery, drivers can mark the stop as complete and collect proof of delivery (POD) through photos or electronic signatures on the driver app. This data is shared in real time with customers and the dispatch team for transparency and to confirm safe delivery.


  • Seamless integration between web and the mobile app for real-time updates and adaptability to changes
  • Robust route optimization and customization features
  • Efficient POD collection for accountability


  • Some users note occasional issues with the app
  • Pricing can be on the higher side for small businesses
  • One user notes that you can’t take more than one photo

Pricing: The Essentials plan starts at $100 per month for the first two drivers. All plans come with a 14-day free trial. 

2. Route4Me 


Route4Me offers a plethora of features such as route planning, optimization and fleet management. It caters to various business sizes with different subscription plans. 

Key features include real-time tracking, API access and extensive integration capabilities with platforms like Salesforce, Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics. 

The software also supports unlimited routes, optimizations and addresses. 

Real-time dynamic ETAs, multiple depot routing and continuous route balancing are among the features that stand out.


  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Comprehensive feature set including proof of delivery, customer notifications and more
  • Scalable to meet the needs of different business sizes


  • Could be overwhelming for new users due to the array of features
  • One user notes that web loading times and viewing routes can be slow. 
  • Some users say that the optimization is not always the most accurate. 

Pricing: Paid plans start at $199 per month, with higher-tier plans offering more features. 

3. Onfleet 


Onfleet offers route optimization, real-time data for drivers, proof of delivery, automatic status updates for customers, and insightful performance metrics. 

Additionally, it boasts driver onboarding, real-time driver tracking and integration with existing tools, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


  • Extensive feature set
  • User-friendly app for drivers
  • Customizable to fit unique business needs.


  • May require integration with other software for complete functionality
  • One user notes that the platform can be slow to update
  • Pricing can be expensive, especially for small businesses

Pricing: The Launch plan starts at $550 per month and includes 2,000 delivery and pickup tasks. 

4. OptimoRoute 


OptimoRoute is a comprehensive solution with over 50 features geared toward automated planning, real-time tracking, order management, and efficient driver and vehicle utilization. 

It offers a mobile app for drivers, live tracking, proof of delivery and customer feedback mechanisms among others. 

Analytics, real-time route modifications and API integration make it a strong contender for businesses looking to optimize their delivery operations​


  • Effective route planning and optimization
  • Real-time tracking with ETA
  • Flexible scheduling for drivers


  • One user says you can’t cancel a delivery mid-route. 
  • Another user claims routes are planned longer than they actually take. 
  • Can be expensive for small businesses since pricing is based on per driver per month. 

Pricing: The Lite plan offers bare essentials for planning and is $39 per driver per month

5. Routific 


Routific is a delivery scheduling software designed to help businesses minimize time on the road and enhance operational efficiency through a suite of features. 

It offers route optimization to plan efficient routes, easy dispatch for smooth operations, real-time tracking for visibility on each delivery, driver management for better coordination and customer notifications for improved communication. 


  • Responsive customer assistance
  • Supports large-scale routing problems
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Can be expensive for small businesses with multiple vehicles
  • Limited customization options
  • May have a learning curve for new users

Pricing: The Essential plan starts at $49 per vehicle per month and includes everything needed for basic dispatching. 

Final thoughts: Using Circuit for Teams as your delivery scheduling software

Successful last-mile delivery is all about speed and accuracy.

An accurate delivery schedule benefits your delivery service, your drivers and your customers. And speed helps cut down on costs and improves the overall customer experience.

Circuit for Teams is an advanced (but easy-to-use) delivery management software that lets you improve these two aspects of your delivery operations by empowering you to:

  • Plan and optimize routes automatically for multiple drivers
  • Share routes electronically, track drivers and share updated ETAs with your customers
  • Make any last-minute changes based on traffic delays or other unintended changes
  • Capture proof of delivery and mark a stop as officially complete

Are you ready to start quickly and efficiently scheduling your deliveries with Circuit for Teams? Sign up today for our free trial.

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