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The 5 Most Useful Delivery Driver Forums that You Should Join Today

Delivery drivers generally work alone, making it hard to share information, resources and answers to questions or concerns.

If you’re a new driver, you may feel isolated and need help getting started. Even experienced couriers need advice now and then or want to help others by sharing their expertise.

Forums are helpful in that regard, giving you a community to share the same experiences.

In fact, research has found that internet discussion forums can be positively linked to feelings of well being and increased community engagement.

Delivery driver forums, then, help couriers connect with each other. What are the best ones you should seek out? Below, I’ll cover the 5 most useful delivery driver forums that you should join today, including tips to find the best forums, and even start your own.

#1 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups

Facebook is among the most popular social media sites and has a specific function called Groups that allows people to communicate about shared interests with others in the group.

Anyone can create a group about anything, or join a group, and they can be customized to include privacy settings depending on the desired members. In other words, an administrator can set who can see and who can join the group.

That means there are public delivery driver forums and private ones.

To join a group, go to Facebook and find Groups on the left menu. Search for a group, and then click Join Group below the profile picture.

Depending on the group’s settings, you may have to wait for a group admin to approve your request. Sometimes there are questions about the “rules” that you need to agree to, then your submission is reviewed and approved by an administrator.

When you join a group, members of the group will see that you’re a member. Non-members may also see that you’re a member, depending on the group’s privacy level.

Drivers can choose general forums like Truckers of Past, Present and Future

Facebook Group: Truckers of Past, Present and Future

Groups can also be very specific, such as an Amazon delivery driver forum or a food delivery driver forum.

Here are two more examples of active groups: Amazon Flex Drivers, and the National Doordash Driver Forum.

Facebook Group: Amazon Flex DriversFacebook Group: National Doordash Driver Forum

Groups can also be specific to genders, like the Women in Trucking Association, specific to countries, states or regions, or specific to a type of delivery work (as mentioned, for Amazon, UPS and more.)

Women In Trucking Association, Inc. Facebook Group

#2 Reddit threads

Reddit: Up and down voting arrows

Reddit is a site that includes social news, web content, ratings and a discussion forum; in fact, it’s a massive collection of forums and people use it to share news, add content, ask questions or comment on other people’s posts.

Registered members submit content on various topics, by writing posts or adding links. Users then vote on the submissions, and that ranks them and organizes them on the site’s pages. The submissions with the most positive votes appear on the front page or the top of a category. The voting system includes both up-votes and down-votes, which impacts the ranking.

Content entries are organized by areas of interest called “subreddits”. The subreddit topics include news, science, gaming, movies, music, books, fitness, food, and even crypto-currency, among many others. A subreddit has specific rules, moderators, and a voting system, all-around a specific focus. Anyone can create a subreddit and make it public or private.

As their Chief Marketing Officer says:

If there’s something you’re interested in, chances are there are other people in the world who are interested in it as well! Helping people find a place where they belong is definitely at the core of what our company stands for.

The name of a subreddit begins with “rl.” When you arrive on the home page, you get the trending posts. Choose the country you want, or choose Everywhere, and then do a quick search to get you the topics you want. Here are the results from a search for “delivery drivers” and one for “couriers,” resulting in at least one courier expert forum that should be relevant for most drivers.

Delivery Drivers:

Reddit Delivery Drivers thread

Couriers of Reddit:

Reddit Delivery People, Unite! thread

Once you click on the forum or subreddit, you’ll get information about the forum on the right-hand side.

How to find out about a Reddit community

At the end of the year, Reddit does an “annual roundup” and lists its most popular threads. This snapshot of the year’s user activity gives info on things like the most upvoted posts, the most popular Ask Me Anything (AMA) interviews and the top conversation topics.

#3 Discord servers

Discord server

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that people use for “conversations” about everything. The groups or communities can be small and private, with the group created by invitation only, or larger and open. The open groups are centered around a specific topic.

Conversations on Discord are called servers and are based on a community of shared interests. Any user can start a server, which is then organized into text or voice channels.

On a text channel, a user posts messages uploads files, and shares images; on a voice channel, users use a voice or video call in real-time, called Go Live, which also allows users to share their screen with their friends.

A Help Center answers all your questions and can even help you get set up on Discord.

Discord help centre

#4 Quora Spaces

Quora Spaces

Quora is a question and answer website community where users can ask any type of question. It’s been around since 2010 and lets you collaborate by editing questions and also suggesting edits to existing answers. It apparently garners up to 300 million users a month and appears often in search results because it answers questions people ask search engines like Google.

Quora Spaces is a more recent offering, allowing people to create communities around shared interests. An individual or group can curate answers and links around a specific area of interest, and then have shared conversations with each other. You can create your own Quora space, or contribute to one.

Here is a couple we found that are appropriate delivery driver forums: one related specifically to couriers, and one that’s more of a self-employed courier forum, targeted at the gig economy.

Courier Community Quora Space

Courier Community Quora Space

The Gig Economy Quora Space

Gig Economy Quora Space

#5 Money Saving Expert forum

Money Saving Expert forum

Money Saving Expert is a website established in 2003 with the goal of helping people reduce their bills and – you guessed it – save money. It claims to be the United Kingdom’s biggest consumer website with more than 16 million users a month.

With a focus on “finding deals, saving cash and campaigning for financial justice,” it has a multitude of discussion forums organized into categories like Reduce Debt & Boost Income, or Work, Benefits & Business.

While you may not find a specific courier forum, you may find a lot of information to help with saving costs as a delivery driver. Independent drivers might get useful tips and help on running a business.

In Work, Benefits & Business, for example, are forums focused on Small Biz Money Saving and Employment, Jobseeking and Training. Ask questions, search for information, or peruse the questions for advice that will help with your courier work.

Small Biz MoneySaving Money Saving Expert forumEmployment, Jobseeking & Training Money Saving Expert forum

Even beyond your working life, this website can help. Hobbies & Leisure may give you some ideas for pastimes and tools to reduce stress on the job – on a budget. Life & Family has information on topics like insurance and other money-saving advice.

Delivery driver forums: Driving it home

Even experienced delivery drivers sometimes have questions, need advice, or are looking for new information. Couriers and drivers of every expertise level will appreciate the community feeling of delivery driver forums.

Whether you’ve just started your career as a driver or you’ve been involved in trucking for years, there are benefits to checking out the most useful delivery driver forums, for support, advice, and answers to the questions you have.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online forum used for?

An online forum is an Internet-based discussion site where people hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They are typically focused on a specific group, and there are different “conversations” or threads for different topics.

Like-minded people gather in a forum to discuss a particular topic or industry. Members start a discussion or ask a question, or can search existing conversations for answers to questions. Forums are sometimes called message boards.

What is the best online forum?

Different forums cater to different interests, but there are some that are better than others. Reddit is one popular forum that includes social news, web content, ratings and a discussion forum.

Registered community members submit content on various topics, which are voted on to organize the posts. Quora is another popular site based on questions and answers. Users can ask any question and then collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers.

Is social media a forum?

Social media is considered a forum in the sense that it gives a place for public discussion on certain content.

The United States has even had a court case regarding the use of social media as a public forum. But a discussion forum is slightly different in that it is focused on a specific group covering specific topics; while public discussions are held on Facebook, for instance, a Facebook group with a specific topic would be a better example of a forum in the context of understanding delivery driver forums.

Some people prefer a true forum like Discord to a social media site, because on social media, there are algorithms running that determines what shows up on a news feed. On a forum, there’s no scrolling required to get to the conversation you want.

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