FedEx Ground Tracking

Track your FedEx Ground delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

If you’ve ever sent or received a package in the United States, chances are you’ve used FedEx—one of the leading delivery operators in North America.

Ground is the FedEx service specializing in business delivery throughout all 50 states.

As a business owner, it’s critical to know where your FedEx Ground package is to avoid the frustration of a missed delivery.

Below, we’ll define FedEx Ground tracking and cover the difference between status updates. Then we’ll explain how long they take to deliver and what to do if something goes wrong.

What is FedEx Ground?

As a subdivision of FedEx, Ground offers day-definite mail and package delivery to businesses across the United States and Canada.

With more than 1,950 pickup and drop-off locations, FedEx Ground operates five days a week, with deliveries usually taking between one and seven days.

If you’re shipping to or within Canada, you can save money and time by choosing to ship with FedEx International Ground.

Ground also offers a service to residential addresses called FedEx Home Delivery every day of the week, including weekends, evenings, and appointment delivery.

FedEx Ground tracking guide

FedEx Ground tracking lets you follow packages right through the delivery process so that nothing gets lost and there are no surprises.

With FedEx Ground tracking, you can find exactly where your package is, what time FedEx will deliver it, and if there have been any updates.

So how does FedEx Ground tracking work?

Depending on where it's going from and to, your package may travel through many checkpoints to its destination. FedEx Ground will scan it at each scheduled stop.

When an employee scans your package, your tracking number will update Circuit Package Tracker with the location and status.

Package tracking should be easy once you know how—let’s dive in!

How to find your FedEx Ground tracking number

Using your tracking number is the easiest way to track your package with FedEx Ground. With it, you can track your package from when it leaves the warehouse until it arrives at its destination.

When you ship a package with FedEx Ground, you will get a sending label. This label has a lot of information, but only some of it is important to you.

The label will have a barcode on it with several numbers. Your tracking number will be between 12 and 14 characters long and is in positions 21-34 of the barcode.

Rather than counting out the characters yourself, the person working will label your tracking number with a pen. If they do not, ask them to point it out to you before you leave.

How to track your FedEx Ground location

If you’re wondering, “how do I track my FedEx Ground package?” fret not—it’s pretty simple.

There are a few ways to trace your package. But the easiest is to use the search at the top of this page.

To use Circuit, copy and paste the number from your confirmation email into the search above and hit “Track package” or enter to get your package's status.

You can also use the FedEx tracking tool.

To do this, enter your tracking number, and you’ll get a page with information on your package’s location. You will find where your package has been and when it arrived at every destination.

Additionally, FedEx Ground allows customers to customize their tracking dashboard. You can filter and sort through reports to find the information you want. 

FedEx Ground gives comprehensive tracking reports, but you only need some information. So, you can choose the information you want to find.

For example, you can find delivery times, access documents, and proof of delivery images and ask for updates by email.

Lost FedEx Ground tracking number

It is easy to mistake and lose your FedEx Ground tracking number. You could lose the sending label or accidentally delete the delivery confirmation email.

If for whatever reason, you lose your tracking number, you can still track your order. You will need your reference number for a civilian order or transportation control number for government orders.

Alternatively, you can contact customer support. They should be capable of recovering your tracking number so long as you can answer security questions.

How to track a FedEx Ground package without a tracking number

You can still track your parcel if you can't reacquire your FedEx Ground tracking number. You have two options available to you.

Your first option is to use a reference number associated with your package or a buy order number. If you need help remembering or finding these numbers, you have another option.

Anyone who sends with FedEx Ground can free sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager. This tool does not need a tracking number or any other number to track your orders.

Instead, you can log in to your account to monitor your orders. By making an account, you will have more control over your deliveries, and you can sign up to get alerts by email or text message.

Solving FedEx Ground tracking issues

Tracking issues often arise when dealing with orders, regardless of the company. Servers can go down, or FedEx Ground might need to update individual orders in their systems. 

Sadly, anything you do cannot solve some problems because they are on FedEx Ground’s end. 

However, there are some things you can do to solve tracking issues with FedEx Ground. Here we want to find some solutions that are available to you.

Why you can’t track your FedEx Ground package

Several external factors can cause problems with FedEx Ground tracking. So, rather than going through troubleshooting before it is necessary, ensure you entered the correct tracking number.

However, once you have gone through the essential solutions, there are a few likely causes. Number one, the systems at FedEx Ground could be down.

If systems at FedEx Ground are down or updating, you will need to wait to track your package. Fortunately, downtime at FedEx is usually short, so that you can check back soon after.

If you check back after a few hours and tracking still needs to be fixed, you should contact customer support by live chat or email.

Additionally, it is crucial to remember that FedEx deals with several third parties as a universal delivery service. As a result, the tracking issue might be something other than the fault of FedEx Ground.

Instead, the downtime may be the fault of another company. Some merchants need to be faster in updating their tracking info. 

For example, companies that print their sending labels before sending them to FedEx Ground will take longer to update than the ones that do it the other way around.

In that case, FedEx Ground might still need to get your package. So, while FedEx Ground promises quick deliveries, they must do something about delays from third parties.

Sadly, we cannot list the delivery tendencies for every third-party merchant. So, you will need to find that information yourself.

Fortunately, most merchants have customer support for you to contact. So, you can track their information if you speak to them directly.

Why your FedEx Ground package is not updating or moving

If FedEx Ground tracking shows your package isn’t moving, it is likely a result of delays outside their control. Alternatively, there could be software issues causing delays in updating.

FedEx Ground sends most packages by delivery trucks. As a result, traffic, bad weather, and vehicle maintenance problems can delay delivery times.

Most deliveries will arrive close to the time FedEx Ground estimates. An even higher percentage will arrive on the listed day if not at the listed time. 

You will need to show patience at these times as FedEx ground works to deliver your package as fast as possible.

Fortunately, FedEx Ground trains employees to resolve problems quickly.

Problems with the tracking software can take longer to resolve. Depending on the issue, they can be fixed in under an hour or take days. 

FedEx Ground tracking statuses explained

Most tracking statuses are easy to understand. Still, we want to make sure you know what each status means.

In transit

If your FedEx Ground package tracking status is “In transit,” your package’s next step is to head to its final destination. However, it does not mean it is in a vehicle and on the way.

The tracking status will say it is “In transit” once it has arrived at the final facility before it leaves for the final destination.

Your package status will update to “In transit” once FedEx Ground enters the tracking number into the system, 

Why your FedEx Ground package is still in transit

If your package is delivered internationally, it can take longer for FedEx Ground’s trucks to get to their destinations. Checking large delivery trucks can take a long time, and delays can be the result.

Additionally, driving on roads with the public can result in several unforeseen delays. Traffic around big cities can be problematic, as can severe weather.

How long a FedEx Ground package can stay in transit

Transit time will vary significantly depending on your package's start and end destinations. FedEx delivers within five business days in the continental United States.

However, orders to Alaska and Hawaii can take up to seven business days.

Sadly, delays can cause packages to stay in transit for longer. Fortunately, those delays are rare and unlikely to affect you.


Pending is a tracking status that can sometimes pop up before your package is in transit. Sadly, it is not a status you want to find.

If your delivery status is “Pending,” the delivery date will change because of a delay. When it is pending, the new delivery date is not determined, but FedEx will try to deliver your package as soon as possible.

Why your FedEx Ground package may be pending

Sadly, if your FedEx Ground package is pending, it is because of a delay. The delay could be the result of human error, weather, or a variety of other issues.

FedEx Ground delivery times

FedEx Ground prides itself on quick delivery times and usually delivers domestic packages within the continental United States in one to five business days.

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and outside the United States can take up to seven business days.

FedEx Ground delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

FedEx Ground delivery hours are from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday. Residential deliveries can also arrive on the weekend if they are express orders.

The exact timing depends on several factors. Ask yourself:

  • What time did your package leave the warehouse?
  • How far is the warehouse from the end destination?
  • How many deliveries does the driver need to make before they arrive at your destination?

Fortunately, checking your FedEx Ground tracking status online will give you an estimated delivery time. 

If it does not say a specific time and instead says it will arrive before the end of the day, it should be there by 8 pm.

How late FedEx Ground delivers

If your package will be delivered the day after you order it, the latest it will arrive is 4:30 pm to businesses and 5 pm to residences.

However, packages arriving on the second business day or later will arrive by 4:30 pm to businesses and 8 pm to residences.

International FedEx Ground delivery times

Deliveries to Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico usually arrive in two to three business days. FedEx also sends to 215 other countries in two to five business days.

So, regardless of your package s delivery location, it should arrive within five business days.

Lost and missed FedEx Ground deliveries

What happens if you miss a FedEx Ground delivery?

If you are not home when a package arrives at your home, FedEx Ground will bring it to the nearest FedEx location. They will leave a door tag with information for you to pick your package up.

How long will FedEx Ground hold a package?

If the courier sends your package to a FedEx Pickup/Dropoff Location, they will hold it for seven business days. After this time, it will be sent back to the nearest FedEx warehouse or sending location.

What to do if you haven’t got your FedEx Ground package

If you did not get your parcel because you were not home when it was delivered, you could pick it up at the listed location. Common locations include Walgreens and Dollar General.

The door slip left on your door will have information on when you can pick up your package.

You should check online to find the delivery status if your package was lost and never delivered. Find out if it was delayed and is still in transit.

However, if it says FedEx delivered your package, you must contact FedEx Ground customer support. They will help you resolve the problem.

FedEx Ground tracking FAQs

Before you head out, we want to answer a few more FAQs, so you have all the information you need about FedEx Ground tracking.

What is the difference between FedEx and FedEx Ground?

The FedEx company is the parent company to a lot of different services, including FedEx Express (worldwide), FedEx Ground (US), and FedEx Freight (worldwide shipping).

FedEx Express is one of the two faster delivery services.

This US domestic service is from the next day to three business days and can be used for business and residential deliveries. Plus, Saturday deliveries—depending on the destination.

FedEx International Express includes Next Flight Out, Priority, or Economy, depending on your needs. However, due to the speed, it is an expensive option.

On the flip side, FedEx Ground is slower and costs less. Ground delivery time is one to five business days, depending on how far your package has to travel. 

For example, for FedEx Ground, the delivery time is five working days if you ship something from California to New York.

Is FedEx Ground delivery fast?

FedEx has been one of the top sending companies in the United States for several decades, and that is because they deliver quickly. 

Deliveries arrive within five business days in the United States and are usually much quicker.

Can I track a FedEx Ground package by address?

Most companies do not have by-address tracking, but FedEx is not one of them. FedEx Ground supports by address tracking.

Sadly, you cannot track a FedEx Ground order by address online like you would with a tracking number. Instead, you must contact FedEx customer support during business hours.

When you contact the support staff, they will give you an estimated arrival time for your package. Customer support takes little time to get the information you need.

How do I Know if my FedEx Ground package is stuck in customs?

If your package gets stuck in customs, you can get that information from its tracking status. The tracking status will read as a delivery exception.

A delivery exception can cover several delay causes, including customs delays, holiday closures, missing documentation, and security restrictions. 

Sadly, customs delays can last for hours and cause your package to be delivered a day later than anticipated.

Now that you know everything you must know about FedEx Ground tracking, you can easily track your packages.

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