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The Ultimate Guide to FAN Courier Tracking: How to Track Your Package

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Are you one of the many frequent online shoppers who has ordered an item using FAN Courier?

If so, you may be wondering who FAN Courier is, where they operate, and how to track your package.

It can be frustrating to not know where your package is or when it will arrive. You may have concerns about whether your FAN Courier package is lost or delayed, or you may just want to know when to expect it so you can plan your day.

That's why FAN offer an easy-to-use tracking tool. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about FAN Courier tracking, including the most common tracking statuses and FAQs.

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Who is FAN Courier?

FAN Courier is one of the largest courier and logistics services providers in Romania, operating since 1998. It was founded by Felix Patrascanu, Adrian Mihai, and Neculai Mihai, to offer fast, reliable, and cost-effective delivery services.

From one customer per week when they started the business, today FAN Courier serves more than 55,000 customers every day, with a strong reputation for exceptional customer service.

One of the main advantages of using FAN Courier is their extensive coverage area. They offer fast and reliable delivery services to almost every corner of Romania, making it easy for customers to send and receive packages.

Plus, their online tracking system makes it easy for customers to keep track of their packages in real-time.

FAN Courier tracking guide

FAN Courier tracking is a simple and straightforward process. When you place an order with a merchant or seller who uses FAN, they will send you a tracking number in a confirmation email.

This number is unique to your package and can be used to track its progress from the moment it is shipped until it is delivered to your doorstep.

How to track FAN Courier

FAN offers several ways for you to track packages, including an online tracking tool, or as an app to download on iOS or Android for real-time status updates.

Whichever method you choose, you can find the status of your delivery, including estimated delivery time and location by using the tool and searching your FAN Courier tracking number.

FAN Courier also offers SMS and email notifications to keep you informed of your package's progress. You can opt-in to get notifications for when FAN ship your package, when it is out for delivery, and when FAN delivers it.

Tracking FAN Courier on the website

To track your package using FAN Courier's website, go to their homepage and click on the "Track & Trace" tab.

Enter your tracking number in the field, and click "Track". You will find a page that displays the current status of your package and its expected delivery date.

Tracking FAN Courier by app

FAN Courier also offers a mobile app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Once you've downloaded the app, log in using your FAN Courier account details to track your package and get real-time updates on its location and delivery status.

FAN Courier tracking pros and cons

Overall, our research found that customers are generally satisfied with FAN Courier's tracking services.

Many customers appreciate the real-time updates and notifications, which make it easy to keep track of their packages. Some customers have reported occasional delays or issues with deliveries ending at 5 pm, but these seem to be rare.

Screenshot of Fan Courier's tracking review page on a computer screen.

Another thing to consider for those outside of Romaina is that FAN Courier has limited international coverage.

Contacting FAN Courier customer service

If you have any questions or concerns about your package, you can contact FAN Courier's customer service team by phone, email, or live chat.

Their customer service reps are available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm (local time) to help you with any issues you may have.

Lost FAN Courier tracking number

If you've misplaced your FAN Courier tracking number, no worries! You can easily find it by following these steps:

Firstly, head over to the FAN Courier website and access the self AWB section. After logging into your account, simply navigate to the current orders page and you'll find your order along with its tracking number.

If you don't have a FAN Courier account, you can open one with the email address associated with the package and a few other details, such as the address. Just make sure that all of your details match the FAN Courier records to resolve the issue.

If you still can't find your tracking number, don't worry, you can contact the seller and ask them to resend it.

To avoid this issue in the future, make sure to save your FAN Courier tracking number when the seller sends you the confirmation email with all the details.

Solving FAN Courier tracking issues

Here's why you can’t track your FAN Courier package, why it isn't moving, and what you can do about it. 

Why you can’t track FAN Courier

There are a few reasons why you can't track FAN Courier.

Firstly, you may be trying to check the status too early. The system may not have updated yet as the courier just picked up your package.

However, if your package has been in the courier's possession for a while and it still doesn't show up when you enter your tracking information, there may be an issue.

Also make sure to double-check that you enter your tracking number correctly. The best way to track your package is to copy and paste the tracking number from your email confrmation directly into the tracking tool's search box.

Contact the seller for help if your package tracking status is unavailable after a few days.

Why FAN Courier tracking is not updating

If you have your tracking information but notice that your FAN Courier package has not updated its status or moved in a while, you may be worried about it.

When a package is not moving, its status may display 'Pending' or 'In Transit.' The most likely reasons that is not updating or moving include it being lost, the package scan being incorrect, or it being held up at customs.

FAN Courier typically resolves most of these issues within a few hours. However, if your package's tracking status is unavailable after a few days, you can contact the seller for help.

FAN Courier tracking status explained

FAN Courier offers five tracking statuses, which are:

  1. Order Received: This status means that FAN Courier has received your package and is preparing it for shipment.
  2. In Transit: This status means that your package is on its way to its destination.
  3. Out for Delivery: This status means that your package is out for delivery and will be delivered to you soon.
  4. Delivered: This status means that your package has been delivered to the recipient.
  5. Failed Attempt: This status means that the delivery attempt failed due to an incorrect address, no one available to receive the package, or other reasons.

Many FAN Courier customers have reported 'In Transit' and 'Pending' as the most confusing tracking statuses. Let's take a closer look at what they mean:

In transit

This status means that your package is on its way to the destination and is moving through the courier's network.

While this status may cause some confusion as it doesn't provide detailed information on the package's location, it usually indicates that the package is in the process of being delivered.

Why FAN Courier is still in transit

If your package status says ‘In Transit’, it could mean several things. However, it likely means your package is on the way and just going through the system.

For the most part, the status ‘In Transit’ is a good thing, as it means your package has successfully entered the FAN Courier shipment tracking system and is on its way to its destination. 

How long FAN Courier can stay in transit

According to FAN Courier policies, a package scan stay in transit for upto one week, and for Express Local deliveries, the transit time is between six and 24 hours. 


This status typically appears when the courier has received the shipping information, but FAN has not yet picked up the package or scanned into the system.

A 'Pending' status can also appear when the package is in transit and has yet to reach the next scanning point.

Why FAN Courier may be pending

There are a couple of reasons why your package may be in a pending status with FAN Courier.

First, it could be that Fan are waiting to enter the package into their tracking system from the seller.

Another possible reason is that your package did not meet specific FAN Courier requirements, such as the package's weight, substance, or packaging method, and may be on its way back to the sender. The seller should contact you if this is the case.

FAN Courier delivery times

Knowing the delivery times for your package is crucial to make sure that you receive it in good time. FAN Courier typically delivers packages during normal business hours, usually between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

However, delivery times may vary depending on your location and the courier's delivery schedule.

It's essential to keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, weather conditions, or unexpected delays in the courier's network may affect the delivery time.

Therefore, it's always best to keep track of your package's tracking information to stay updated on its estimated delivery time and make arrangements accordingly.

Additionally, FAN Courier may offer options for scheduled or expedited deliveries, which give more flexibility for your package's delivery time.

International FAN Courier delivery times

International deliveries often work slightly differently, but, generally, you can expect international FAN Courier deliveries to arrive between 8 am and 7 pm.

Expect international FAN Courier deliveries to arrive between 8 am and 7 pm.

Lost and missed FAN Courier deliveries

A missed or lost FAN Courier delivery can be a frustrating experience. The actions taken will depend on who is at fault for the miscommunication and where your package is located.

Here are the most common scenarios and courses of action to take:

  1. Missed delivery: If you missed the delivery, FAN Courier will typically leave a notice or attempt to contact you to reschedule the delivery. In some cases, you maypick up the package at a nearby FAN Courier office.
  2. Lost package: If your FAN Courier package is lost, you will likely receive communication from FAN Courier or the sender for help, or a refund.

If you have any concerns or questions about a missed or lost delivery, it's always best to reach out to the sender or FAN Courier's customer service team for help.

How to prevent lost FAN Courier deliveries

As a recipient of a FAN Courier package, there are several things you can do to prevent lost deliveries and ensure that your package arrives safely:

  1. Give accurate and complete address information: Make sure to give your complete and accurate delivery address, including any specific instructions or landmarks that may help the courier locate your address more easily.
  2. Track your package: Use FAN Courier's tracking system to keep track of your package's delivery status and estimated delivery time. This will help you be available to collect the package and reduce the risk of it being lost, stolen, or returned to the sender.
  3. Be available for delivery: Make sure that someone is available to receive the package at the delivery address during the estimated delivery time. You can also opt for signature confirmation so that the package is received by the intended recipient.
  4. Communicate with the courier: If you have any specific delivery instructions or requests, such as leaving the package with a neighbor or leaving it at a specific location, communicate this with the courier beforehand.

By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of lost deliveries so your package arrives safely and securely.

FAN Courier tracking FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about FAN Courier tracking and delivery to help you find your package and estimate its delivery time.

Will FAN Courier hold a package?

If you missed your delivery or the package was lost, FAN typically keep it for about seven calendar days before returning it to the sender.

How long does FAN Courier tracking take to update?

FAN Courier tracking typically updates within a few hours of the seller shipping your your package. However, there may be occasional delays in updating the status, especially if your package is in transit to a remote location.

What is FAN Courier's return policy?

FAN Courier's return policy varies depending on the merchant or seller you placed an order with. You should check with the merchant or seller to see what their return policy is and whether FAN Courier offers return shipping services.

Is FAN Courier delivery fast?

Yes, it is one of the fastest delivery services available. Express local deliveries can be at your door in as little as two hours. International deliveries can be completed in less than 24 hours or up to a few days.

International deliveries usually take longer as they need more transportation by both land and air to reach their destination. However, the farther the distance, the longer it will take for the package to reach its destination.

Can I track FAN Courier by address?

You cannot track FAN Courier by address. To track your package with FAN Courier, you will need to have your unique tracking number from the sender or merchant.

If you do not have your FAN Courier tracking number, contact the sender or merchant for help.

FAN Courier tracking conclusion

FAN Courier is a leading courier and logistics service provider in Romania, delivering packages fast, reliably, and cost-effectively to customers nationwide.

With their online tracking system, you can get real-time updates on your package's status, allowing you to easily track its location and delivery status.

Thanks to their exceptional customer service and user-friendly tracking system, it's no surprise that FAN Courier is a top choice for online shoppers in Romania.

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