Manage your team like a pro

Easily manage a flexible workforce that meets business demand. Operate complex depot networks with ease using a single delivery management system.

List of drivers and depots in Circuit for Teams

Flexible workforce

Add or remove drivers and depots depending on your business needs.

Multiple depots

Manage all your depots under one roof with location-specific preferences.

Seamless scaling

Expand or reduce the size of your team as needed each month.

Get started in seconds

Skip the sales call. Simply sign up and send your first route in less than 5 minutes.

Flexible workforce

Scale your team seamlessly by adding and removing team members as needed. Tune individual driver settings to achieve optimal performance.

Multiple depots

With Circuit’s central dashboard, you can manage all your depots under one roof. Build your unique depot network and set location-specific preferences.

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Reduce your delivery costs by 20% with Circuit for Teams

Logistics map interface showing the New York afternoon delivery run with route lines and list of addresses