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Build a bespoke solution with Circuit's API. Seamlessly connect third-party tools.

Circuit for Teams API and integrations

Two-way API

Create routes automatically by integrating with your existing services.

Zapier integration

Automate customer notifications and more with Zapier triggers.

Shopify integration

Import stops and create routes straight from Shopify orders.

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Skip the sales call. Simply sign up and send your first route in less than 5 minutes.

Integrate and automate with API

Develop solutions tailored specifically to your business with Circuit’s two-way API. Make delivery operations fast and efficient by automating tricky processes.

Connect your tech stack

Link Circuit with your existing software to create a joined-up delivery system. Create no-code workflows with Zapier, connect your Shopify, and more.

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Reduce your delivery costs by 20% with Circuit for Teams

Logistics map interface showing the New York afternoon delivery run with route lines and list of addresses