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What Is Green Transportation and Why Is It Important?


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The transportation sector is the leading source of global warming pollution in the United States. In fact, heavy-duty vehicles, like trucks, contribute around one-third of all road transport emissions. 

The average delivery truck running on diesel emits around 18.7 tons of carbon dioxide annually. That’s a heavy price for the environment to pay. 

But there’s an alternative solution. 

Green transportation simply means any transportation that doesn’t negatively impact the environment through pollution, like greenhouse gas emissions. 

They help keep the planet clean, reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and fight climate change 🌎. 

Help your business go from greenhouse gas emissions contributor to sustainability promoter. 

Key takeaways

  • You don’t need to choose between increasing your bottom line and helping the planet. Going green is a great way to save in the long term.
  • Today’s customers want to shop at businesses that are more environmentally conscious. 
  • Using electric and hybrid vehicles to make your deliveries saves money you’d otherwise spend on fuel. 
  • Electric vehicles have lower maintenance costs than traditional vehicles. 
  • Bicycles are an environmentally conscious way to make deliveries, especially if you have a business in urban areas.
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The importance of green transportation

Investing in green technology is not only good for the planet, but it’s also a good way to save your business money and keep customers happy.

The average price of an electric vehicle was $61,488 at the end of 2022. Now, imagine the cost of replacing all your vehicles. 

Sounds expensive, right? 

Though the upfront costs are significant, your investment can snowball and lead to savings over time. 

This is because electric cars have lower maintenance costs, meaning electric vehicles have less upkeep. 

You also don’t have to pay for fuel. 

Green transportation is also what customers are demanding

Today’s consumers think about the environment now more than ever. 

Recent research shows that companies boasting about their dedication to saving the planet have shown disproportionate growth compared to companies that don’t. 

So, showing your customers you care helps them care about you, too. 

Who doesn’t think that’s a great idea? 🌳. 

green transportation options

Green transportation options for business delivery

Most modern forms of transportation use oil, gas, and other fossil fuels to power the internal combustion engine used in modern vehicles, such as cars and trucks.

Vehicle emissions are associated with heavy pollution, causing environmental harm and health problems in humans. 

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows the United States produced 6,340 million metric tons of CO₂ in 2021.

That’s a gargantuan amount, making the US the second-largest polluter in the world that year. 

Promising and exciting technologies are in development, like biofuels. Biofuels are environmentally friendly fuels derived from living things like plants.

What’s great about green transportation is that plenty of greener alternatives are available today, from the humble bicycle to the electric vehicle 🍃.


Bicycles have been around since the 19th century and are often used as an eco-friendly way to make deliveries.

Although it makes sense to use bikes in big cities like New York and Washington, DC, bicycle deliveries aren’t really a thing in more rural areas since they can’t typically cover vast distances.

Bicycles are an eco-friendly solution to car- or truck-based deliveries, as they can fit into small spaces than cars and help promote walkable cities by reducing reliance on cars. 

They also cause less traffic congestion. 

Bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, as they have zero emissions and help promote sustainability by using fewer raw materials to make than a car or truck.

However, there is a downside.

You obviously can’t travel as far or as fast on a bicycle 🚲. 

This differs from bike-favoring countries like France and Denmark, which have more sustainable transportation systems. 

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles work just as cars do, except they’re powered by a rechargeable battery instead of fossil fuels (like gas). 

They don’t emit nasty carbon emissions, promoting better air quality.

You can also save money by making deliveries with electric vehicles. 

It costs an estimated 64 percent less to fuel an electric delivery vehicle than a gas-powered one.

Plus, they can get around larger cities, towns, and rural areas just like cars or trucks 🚗. 

However, they’ll need to be near a charging station so the battery doesn’t run low.

It’s good to know your city’s charging station infrastructure before purchasing electric vehicles for your business. 

You can also choose from several electric delivery vehicles. 

Electric vans might be a better choice for delivering heavier items.

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are powered by two sources of power: gas and electricity. 

This means they’re more fuel-efficient since they use less fuel. 

Hybrid vehicles might be an excellent option if you deliver to rural areas with less access to charging stations. 

benefits of green transportation

4 benefits of green transportation for businesses

Helping the planet also helps your business succeed. 

Greener businesses tend to have greater profits than more wasteful and pollutant companies.

Here are some of the benefits of a greener transportation business. 

Save money on transport

Gas is expensive

Some people are carpooling, ride-sharing, and using public transport to save money on fuel. 

But business owners who manage deliveries don’t have that option. 

By using green vehicles like electric or hybrid cars, you can save money by paying for cheaper energy costs to power your delivery vehicles.

Fueling an electric commuter car costs 69 percent less than one running on gas. 

Bicycles are also a cost-effective delivery method, as they don’t need any energy at all (except for your workers’ feet). 

Talk about better energy efficiency!

Increase customer loyalty

Today’s customers are more aware of climate change, especially millennials and Gen Zers. 

They worry about how global warming will impact their future, and they want to stop it. 

This is why customers are more likely to purchase from companies that show they’re environmentally conscious and are actively reducing or even eliminating their carbon footprint in an effort to improve human health. 

A report found that almost 80 percent of consumers are changing their spending habits based on companies’ environmental impact. 

Customers are becoming more conscious and rewarding businesses that share their values. 

Companies like Patagonia are reaping the rewards of being environmentally friendly while doing something good for the planet. 

These brands appeal to environment-focused consumers in their marketing strategy and follow through with what they say. 

If they can do this, why can’t you do the same?

Save on business taxes

Your business might also qualify for a helping hand from the US government. 

The current administration is offering tax breaks for buying electric vehicles and other incentives for greener businesses. 

Some huge corporations are taking advantage, too. Why not join in the fun? 

Contribute to a healthier planet

Investing in greener transportation is something we can all do to lower our emissions, take care of our planet, and combat air pollution. 

Emissions are causing climate change, and the Earth’s temp is rising. 

This can lead to unpredictable changes in weather, such as stronger and more frequent hurricanes, droughts, longer wildfire seasons, and higher sea levels. 

In fact, some areas of the planet might be underwater by the year 2100!

A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) found that emissions from things like vehicles have already warmed the planet by two degrees Fahrenheit since the year 1750.

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Going green has many benefits for the planet and your business. 

The transition to a greener future doesn’t always have to start with big upfront expenses, either.

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Circuit for Teams also helps reduce failed delivery attempts by allowing you to share tracking information with your customers. 

This means they’ll know exactly when to be home to pick up their deliveries. 

Reducing failed delivery attempts helps save fuel and boosts your bottom line. 

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