Pitney Bowes package tracker

About Pitney Bowes

Founded in 1920, Pitney Bowes is sort of a tale of two companies. On the one hand, they make products that aid in processing mail, such as postage meters. 

On the other hand, they work with large couriers like the United States Postal Service (USPS) and UPS to sort and process over 15 billion pieces of mail annually.

Here, you will learn about the ins and outs of Pitney Bowes package tracking.

Pitney Bowes package tracking

Pitney Bowes tracking shipment exists for most packages sent using their services. All you need is internet access and the number to find out the current status of a package.

How to find your Pitney Bowes package tracking number

You should have a USPS receipt that contains your Pitney Bowes shipment tracking number. If you did not use the post office, your chosen courier should give you a receipt or another piece of paper with a tracking number.

Always keep your receipts and any additional paperwork generated during the transaction. With all the paperwork in hand, you can easily use your tracking number to get updates on the status of a package.

If you use a service like eBay and rely on the seller to include your tracking number, here is what you do. When the seller ships, you get an odd-looking UPAA number. The odd-looking number is your tracking number from Pitney Bowes.

Once the seller sends your tracking number, your package goes to the Pitney Bowes sorting center. From there, you can track Pitney Bowes shipment progress.

How to track your Pitney Bowes package location

Once you have the number to track a Pitney Bowes package, the process is simple:

  • Go to the Pitney Bowes' website. On their landing page look in the upper right-hand corner for the words “Track Your Package.” Click on the link.
  • A drop-down box appears which says “Enter tracking number.” After you enter the number, click the “Track” button, and the tracking software displays all of the information submitted so far concerning the package.

Remember that at various points along the way, you may not see a piece of information because your package is in a stack of other packages. 

A person, or people, may be processing a large number of deliveries. When your package gets physically scanned, you will see the latest information.

Lost Pitney Bowes tracking number

Losing a number happens from time to time and is an unavoidable mistake sometimes. The risk is higher when you need to keep track of a piece of paper to know the number.

Often, as long as you know where to look, an online resource allows you to re-acquire a lost number. Sometimes the process is no more complicated than searching through your email to find the message containing your tracking number.

In some cases, you can still move forward without the number. Here are your options.

How to track a Pitney Bowes package without a tracking number

As convenient as the Pitney Bowes tracking system is to use when you have your number, there are no other options on their website if you do not have your tracking number.

To resolve this problem, make sure you cannot find your tracking number in an email. Double-check transaction information that you might be able to find on eBay or a similar website.

The other possibility is that you have a tracking number but have realized that the number you received is wrong. Contact the sender if you lost your tracking number or think the courier or sender gave you the wrong one.

If the above option is not working, try contacting support at Pitney Bowes. Your information about your package probably had extra information that customer service can ask for to help find your package.

Support may also ask for your information, such as name and address, and be able to locate your package that way.

Solving Pitney Bowes package tracking issues

Even though you will rarely have a problem tracking a package as long as you have your tracking number, an occasional problem can happen. At such times, you need to know your options to fix the problem and carry on with regular business.

Why you can’t track your Pitney Bowes package

At least 90 percent of the time, if you have a problem tracking a package, you somehow used the wrong tracking number. Perhaps a seller managing many transactions sent the wrong code.

Possibly the Point of Sale (POS) software generated the wrong code. You might be on the receiving end of technical issues, and a bug or glitch will not allow your code to work.

There is a chance, no matter how slight, that the memory cache of your email is full, and you cannot receive your tracking number until you free up some memory.

Lastly, sometimes people change order details after the fact, and a tracking number becomes invalid. Follow the instructions and contact your seller or support at Pitney Bowes for help if this is the case.

Why your Pitney Bowes package is not updating or moving

When you enter a tracking number and do not receive any information back, the reason could be due to how online selling often works.

The reason is that an online seller generates a tracking number immediately but probably does not process your order until later. 

Online sellers usually process all their orders in one sitting at a specific time. If you placed your order many hours before the seller does the processing, you might see that your order is not moving.

Check back every few hours or the next day, and 99.9% of the time, you will see activity on your package after waiting for a while.

Remember the human effect too. Throughout your package’s journey, you rely on humans scanning a barcode or updating information for you to receive accurate tracking data. A courier may forget to do a scan or be so busy that everything takes longer.

There is also a possibility that your barcode got damaged, and the courier cannot use the scanner anymore. Your package probably still has a legible address, and the package will arrive within a normal timeframe.

Pitney Bowes package tracking status explained

Understanding tracking status at Pitney Bowes is fairly straightforward, although there are many codes you may come across. 

In transit

“In Transit” can mean exactly what the name implies: a package is in amving vehicle traveling to its destination or something slightly different.

Why your Pitney Bowes package is still in transit

When you look at what the codes mean, you find out that “In Transit” usually means what the words sound like, but there are a couple of exceptions.

Most of the confusion arises from the fact that Pitney Bowes amst always uses the code “In Transit,” while other carriers may use different wording. 

PB uses the code “In Transit” while another carrier may use the code “Scanned by Shipping Partner.”

The word “scanned” is more accurate because you understand that your package is not in motion. Somebody scanned the package, and the process kept moving forward.

Later, when the package is in amving vehicle, all codes from any source will agree and say “In Transit.” Another two possibilities are "Return Parcel - Delay in Transit" and "Returned Parcel In Transit to Sender."

If you receive a code, you do not understand, contact either support at Pitney Bowes or the sender.

How long a Pitney Bowes package can stay in transit

The answer to this question is simple. Pitney Bowes has a 3-day guarantee. If they fail to keep this guarantee, merchants can request a refund of the shipping label.


Pending is usually a hamess word in the shipping industry. For example, if somebody’s job is scanning every package that comes in, that process may result in a code that uses the word pending.

Why your Pitney Bowes package may be pending

People often see two codes together that accompany pending delays, "Accepted at USPS Origin Facility" and "Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending."

All “Package Acceptance Pending" means is that a clerk has the package and needs to input some information into the computer. 

Your package is not going through some rigorous standards of acceptance where rejection is possible. The process just results in a bit more of a delay.

Pitney Bowes delivery times

Pitney Bowes is a packaging distributor and is not responsible for delivering packages to destinations. For many deliveries, PB relies on the USPS in the United States and government postal services in other countries.

Pitney Bowes delivery times: what time will your package arrive?

For the United States, the USPS will carry out most package deliveries. The USPS does not have a delivery time of day to expect packages, but deliveries stop at 5 pm

The process and rules for other countries are similar. You never know when, within business hours, your package will arrive, but you know that if you do not have anything by 3 to 5 pm, anywhere in the world, nothing will arrive that day.

The Royal Mail in the UK does not deliver past 3 pm in urban areas and 4 pm in rural areas.

How late Pitney Bowes delivers

The same as above, PB does not deliver. They distribute packages to couriers. Postal services in most countries usually do not deliver past 3 to 5 pm A package can arrive any time during business hours.

International Pitney Bowes delivery times

International standards are fairly consistent for all government business hours. Pitney Bowes often distributes packages to government postal services. 

As a global standard, packages can arrive any time during business hours and will cease around 3 to 5 pm

Postal services in most countries do not open on Sundays.

Lost and missed Pitney Bowes deliveries

While every delivery service strives to keep track of deliveries, inevitable problems always happen. So, PB has backup plans and courses of action you can take to fix these problems when they arise.

What happens if you miss a Pitney Bowes delivery

As previously stated, Pitney Bowes is not the delivery service that brings you mail, even if the package was in a PB facility.

In many cases, the USPS delivers the mail. With USPS, you can use your tracking number to request a redelivery. Redelivery is not available in every locale despite being a nationwide service.

How long Pitney Bowes will hold a package?

Pitney Bowes does not deliver mail, so they do not hold mail. Again, usually, the USPS is responsible for holding mail.

The idea behind the service is that you know you will not be home for a specified period, so you request that the post office hold all your mail for up to 30 days. If you need longer, you can look into their forwarding service.

What to do if you haven’t received your Pitney Bowes package

Sometimes, the process confuses people because they know a package went through Pitney Bowes.

They do not understand why they have not received their package or where it went missing.

If you can verify that a package left PB and arrived at the post office, that means PB was no longer responsible for your package. You now need to figure out what went wrong at the USPS.

The USPS has a process for searching for missing mail that begins with your tracking number and progresses to other methods of searching afterward. Unfortunately, you will have to complete a form to initiate the search.

If you decide to go through PB, there is also a form to fill out to file a claim You must file the claim within 14 days of when the package got scanned into the system. 

Typically, the scanning date is close to the order date. Generally, few problems arise over the difference in the scan date versus the online purchase date.

Pitney Bowes faqs

Pitney Bowes receives a lot of questions regarding its service. As you have already seen, many questions center around what happened at the USPS or another carrier. 

PB and their carriers go to great lengths to handle questions and concerns.

is Pitney Bowes delivery fast?

Once a package leaves a Pitney Bowes sorting facility and goes to another carrier such as the USPS, the question switches to, is the USPS fast? The answer is yes, whether the USPS, UPS, or another service. 

All the carriers have to be fast. If they are slow or error-prone, they will lose customers and go out of business.

Unfortunately, when Pitney Bowes has a package, they seem to be a bit slow. Over the years, people have noticed through tracking that when a package is at a Pitney Bowes facility, they must wait longer than expected for further updates. 

The most logical conclusion is that packages sit at PB for an unusually long time before getting sent out.

Can I track Pitney Bowes packages by address?

Unfortunately, the answer is that you need a tracking number because the tracking function on the Pitney Bowes website does not accept anything else. 

If you do not have your tracking number, contact PB support, and they will probably ask for your address to aid in finding your package.

However, I do not recommend worrying about the address or contacting support. Contact the seller if you lose, do not receive, or receive an incorrect tracking number. 

The seller should be able to find your tracking number within a day or less. You might even get an immediate response.

How do I know if my Pitney Bowes package is stuck in customs?

U.S. Customs, or any other Customs around the world, will usually send you a letter or email saying that they have detained your package and what you can do to get Customs to release the package.

The problem is that Customs may send this letter or email within a few days or 30 to 45 days. The easier way to know is to use your tracking code to see when a package arrives at Customs.

Customs codes are pretty clear, so you will know if a few days pass and there is a problem. 

Common codes are REFUSED ENTRY BY CUSTOMS, Customs Clearance, INTO CUSTOMS, OUT OF CUSTOMS, Received by US Postal Service from US Customs, and CONTACT US CUSTOMS.

The last resort is to contact your courier if you need further help, but your tracking number should clarify everything.

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