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Track your Mainfreight delivery anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Mainfreight has a forty-four-year freight history and roots in Auckland, New Zealand. Since its inception in 1978, Mainfreight has stayed on track to become a giant in the freight industry. 

Mainfreight specializes in air, ocean, and rail transport, moving larger volumes and consolidating freight.

Their freight hub includes Australia, Asia, Japan, Europe, and the USA. It is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and is one of the top performers.

Mainfreight is a global logistics company that offers warehousing solutions and domestic and international freight forwarding. As the company expands across the globe, it still rests on the success of its staff.

With over 10,000 employees, Mainfreight package tracking is very individualized. It has retained its family-friendly work environment, which translates into customer relations.

The company’s mission statement rests on a 100-year plan. Every company decision focuses on committing to that vision and the company’s future.

Mainfreight tracking guide

Mainfreight is in the business of moving cargo from one destination to the next. Mainfreight also offers customers an easy-to-use tracking portal to put their minds at ease.

Simply enter your tracking number into the system. You’ll instantly know where your package is in the delivery stage.

This unique portal allows customers to schedule the arrival of their goods and meet Mainfreight tracking orders in real-time.

Customers who use Mainfreight get a tracking number when they send the order to their merchant or sender. Merchants pass your tracking number on to their customers through an email, invoice, or text.

These tracking codes are available on the merchant's website. Customers get this tracking code at the moment of buy or when the order leaves the merchant.

How to find your Mainfreight tracking number

Every transaction has a tracking number. Consumers get a confirmation number about their order whenever they buy an item.

To track Mainfreight orders, once the merchant prepares the product for sending and asks for a courier pickup, use the Mainfreight tracking number generated in the system.

This tracking number generates a text, an email notification, or sometimes an old-fashioned paper invoice for the client.

If you misplaced the original tracking number with your document, you could retrieve it in several ways.

  • Check your email trash or spam folder
  • Log into your buy order and find it attached to your invoice
  • Look at your paper invoice or waybill

Tracking numbers don’t become active until Mainfreight logs the information into their end of the sending process. 

The merchant sometimes delays this if they don’t have an automated system that generates these tracking labels.

If you ordered a custom-made item, it would take longer to get a tracking number. It could take several days or weeks until the product is ready for sending.

How to track your Mainfreight location

When you have your Mainfreight tracking number, you can enter it on the tracking page. In most cases, you get an instant update about where your package is and when you can expect it.

Take advantage of the service if your merchant offers an email alert option. It saves you from having to monitor the order in the system manually.

Lost Mainfreight tracking number

There are several ways to find your lost Mainfreight tracking number. The easiest is to find it in your emails or text messages. 

If your Mainfreight tracking number vanished from your emails, try finding it in the trash or spam file. You can often find them using the search bar and entering a keyword like ‘Mainfreight’ to identify it.

Another way is to log into the merchant’s website where you bought the items. Your shopping history keeps track of all orders. If your merchant issued a tracking number, you’d find it attached to your order.

Mainfreight is one of the few companies that can trace your order by name, address, origin, or destination address.

How to track a Mainfreight package without a tracking number

If you can’t find your tracking number in the worst-case scenario, your package is still arriving. However, you can’t track a package by any other method.

Mainfreight tracking numbers contain a unique sequence of numbers and letters. This company does not use bar codes.

Shipping companies move thousands of packages every hour. They issue tracking numbers only to make sending more efficient.

You can’t track your package without a tracking code.

When you get your tracking number, enter it into Circuit Package Tracker, or search at the top of this page to find where your package is and at what status.

Solving Mainfreight tracking issues

Mainfreight is in the business of moving cargo. As it expanded its logistics and freight network, Mainfreight established domestic transport solutions for large volumes and home deliveries.

Despite their freight and logistics experience, many outside sources can impact deliveries. The fault in tracking your Mainfreight order can be simple.

For starters, review your tracking number you keyed into the search field. Mainfreight tracking numbers contain numbers and letters. Make sure you key them correctly.

A tracking number differs from an invoice number, though an invoice may also include your tracking number. Track my Mainfreight package is easy because the company uses an old-fashioned system.

If you still can’t get a tracking update, wait a few hours before retrying. Internet networks can experience disruptions from use overloads, system updates, or being unavailable because of poor weather.

You should also consider that your order's origin might be 24 hours ahead or behind your time zone. In several countries, couriers deliver 24/7. Other nations observe a tough work week and respect national holidays.

Why you can't track your Mainfreight package

Although Mainfreight offers customers a tracking search option, they don’t offer much direct customer service. 

Mainfreight package tracking gets delayed for many reasons that aren’t the company's fault.

One of the main reasons that you can’t track the Mainfreight package is something as simple as a server and system update.

Remember that the origin of your package could be thousands of miles away. While you’re awake, the other side of the world is asleep. Processing in a warehouse can bring your box to a momentary stop.

It could be a simple glitch in the system that the company is in the middle of correcting. Be patient and wait before you retry. 

If you’re still searching, and as a last resort, contact your merchant or get an update about your order from Mainfreight.

Why your Mainfreight package is not updating or moving

The transit hub is vast and carries thousands of packages every hour. Transportation links have many hurdles to cross.

Many uncontrollable factors can delay your order. Bad weather, a vehicle accident, or an unscheduled stop at a border crossing are common reasons. Packages are in constant motion moving from vehicles to warehouses to human hands.

Finally, packages arriving from overseas must also meet a customs inspection. You can expect a delay if your customs declaration documents need to be completed or if they are suspicious.

Mainfreight tracking status explained

If you've been tracking Mainfreight, understanding the tracking status terms can help you understand the delivery process.

  • Driver to pick-up: Mainfeight has collected your shipment.
  • In transit: your shipment is on the way to its destination.
  • Out for delivery: expect your shipment that day.

In transit

In transit is different from out for delivery. In transit is the long leg of the journey from its original destination to the final warehouse. 

“In transit” is a courier and freight term, meaning your package or cargo is on its way to the last mile. While in transit, your package could be on board a ship, airplane, train, or transport truck.

Out for delivery means it’s on its last few miles of transport and will be delivered that day. 

Packages moving through the transport status go through many checkpoints in the sending lanes and move from one location to the next by many means of transport.

How long a Mainfreight package can stay in transit

Mainfreight moves packages through the in-transit phase. It is the most extended phase of the trip. Especially for international cargo, a package travels a long way by ship, airplane, truck, or train. 

Each transport method might face delays for weather, staff issues, or the sheer volume of packages. 

International packages must also transition through customs. 

Why your Mainfreight package is still in transit

The list of why your Mainfreight package is still in transit is long. As already mentioned, orders in transit face many challenges.

A package might still be in transit because of the time difference between its origin and destination. While the sending industry doesn’t stop, customers must still allow for the time difference that affects staff and traffic.

How long a Mainfreight package can stay in transit

Most packages make their delivery timeline in under a week for domestic locations and two to three weeks for international orders. Each Mainfreight order is unique.

Size and content can significantly impact how fast a delivery moves through the transit stage. Keeping an eye on your package is a great way to avoid unforeseen problems with your package once it lands at its destination.


Mainfreight doesn’t post any delivery terms on its website. In the industry, pending means that an interruption happened with the order.

Why your Mainfreight package may be pending

Customs might have held a package, or a third-party courier might have had issues with your package, like an accident, loss, or staff error.

Suppose the sending label becomes damaged and unscannable. In that case, the courier has to retrace the steps to find the correct delivery address.

Sometimes distribution warehouses combine orders and change the original tracking number.

Mainfreight delivery times

The best way to find your Mainfreight delivery times is to visit their quote portal. Mainfreight probably falls into the standard industry timelines, with an average of 3 to 5 business days for domestic deliveries.

International deliveries take two to three weeks, depending on the complexities of the orders and the final destination.

Mainfreight delivery times: What time will your package arrive

There are no specific time frame schedules on the Mainfreight website. Expect deliveries to happen between regular business hours on Mondays to Fridays.

It is difficult to predict a specific time with Mainfreight deliveries. Mainfreight does a personalized online quote system to manage transporting your goods. A company representative will contact you to make arrangements.

How late does Mainfreight deliver

Mainfreight information on when the courier delivers is unavailable. You might get specific instructions once you get a Mainfreight quote.

Expect to get a Mainfreight delivery during regular hours unless the company makes specific arrangements with you.

International Mainfreight delivery times

Companies must match their competitors' efficiency to stay successful in today's fast-moving logistic demands.

Most international orders take two to three weeks. But each order is unique to the location and customer.

Lost and missed Mainfreight deliveries.

In cases of loss or missing, contact or email their nearest branch using their company directory.

What happens if you miss a Mainfreight delivery

Industry standards suggest that Mainfreight or your supplier will notify you when to expect your delivery by phone or email.

If you miss a delivery, the company leaves a slip with further instructions or sends you a message about the next delivery cycle. However, missed delivery gets a ‘dead run’ service charge.

How long will Mainfreight hold a package?

Mainfreight makes every effort to deliver and will hold a package until it clears. The receiver will incur storage fees.

What to do if you haven't got your Mainfreight package

Missing packages due to theft or other loss are common problems. There are several options if you get a notice saying your package was delivered but didn’t have it.

  • Contact the merchant who sold you the goods by telephone or email
  • Contact the closest Mainfreight branch for help

If your package is untraceable and lost due to theft, you can issue a claim with the supplier or your credit card company.

Mainfreight tracking FAQs

In this section, you'll find answers to some of the most common questions about tracking your packages with Mainfreight.

Is Mainfreight delivery fast?

Each Mainfreight delivery order is based on a personalized quote to fit each customer’s need.

They can ship as quickly as the competition because of their worldwide reach and long history in the sending industry.

Can I track a Mainfreight package by address?

Courier companies invest heavily in software and technology to monitor packages from anywhere using a designated tracking system. 

However, Mainfreight still uses a quote system for each order so that they can trace your package by name, address, destination, and origin.

How do I know if my Mainfreight package is stuck in customs?

Thousands of packages migrate from one end of the world to another efficiently and quickly. If the sender sends the proper documents with your package, it will move through customs within a few days.

Suppose essential details still need to be included. In that case, a customs official will contact the person sending or receiving them to get the outstanding information. 

The easiest way to avoid having products stuck in customs is to give the agent the correct documents.

Remember that each point of entry into a country has different procedures and requirements that you must meet. Customs declaration information for items coming into the USA is available online.

Mainfreight tracking: final thoughts

When it comes to importing and sending packages, tracking can be a challenging process, but Mainfreight tracking gives you a convenient way to ship goods worldwide.

Whether you're tracking a single package or managing a large shipment, it's never been easier to keep an eye on your package and stay informed every step of the way.

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