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Are you looking to track your package with Korea Post but not sure where to start?

This guide will give you a step-by-step process to track your package with Korea Post, including what each status update means and some frequently asked questions.

By the end of this guide, you'll easily navigate Korea Post's tracking and stay up to date on the status of your package.

What is Korea Post?

Korea Post is a government to run service in South Korea, operating in more than 3,500 regions nationwide and partnering with many postal services worldwide.

They handle everything from letters and packages to money orders and postal insurance. Korea Post has made it its mission to be the best in postage for South Korea.

Korea Post tracking guide

Korea Post offers various sending services, including local, regional, and international options.

Each of these services should include tracking capabilities using the latest in tracking technology. 

Additionally, Korea Post offers express sending options for locations throughout the country.

Korea Post’s express mailing options are the fastest and most secure for sending letters and parcels throughout South Korea and its neighboring countries.

Korea Post also offers fast and reliable sending for eCommerce goods to and from China. Delivery times and tracking capabilities may vary from other service options from Korea Post. 

For more information about sending parcels and letters internationally, check the regulations in the destination country, as they differ from those in South Korea. 

How to find your Korea Post tracking number

Once you have completed your order information and placed your order, you should get a package tracking number unique to your order 

This unique identifier consists of thirteen letters and numbers.

You can find your  Korea Post tracking number on your order receipt or within the contents of your confirmation email. If you are not the original sender, contact them for your tracking number if you do not have it.

You can also contact  Korea Post customer support. The team can use the information in your order details to track your package and find your tracking number.  

How to track your Korea Post location

You can track your package's direct location in two ways. The easiest is using the Circuit Package Tracker search at the top of this page.

The second is by using the Korea Post tracking tool on their website to get an estimated delivery time if one is available.

Lost Korea Post tracking number

Losing your package’s tracking number could make it difficult to find your package while it travels.

If you lose your Korea Post tracking number, their customer support may help find your package.

How to track a Korea Post package without a tracking number

You need a thirteen--digit tracking number to find each order when tracking services with Korea Post. However, you can do a couple of things to fix this.

First, ask the sender for it,  as they’re likely your fastest option.

Next, contact Korea Post customer support. They may find your package without your tracking number with the delivery details, such as the shipping and destination addresses.

Solving Korea Post tracking issues

Korea Post strives to be the best package and mail delivery service in South Korea. However, sometimes problems arise that are out of the team’s control. Such errors can include:

  • Technical errors, such as software malfunction.
  • Mail delays due to weather.
  • Delays due to customs.

Contact Korea Post’s customer support team if you believe there is a problem with your delivery.

The customer support team can help you identify and solve most issues that may arise during an order and find your package.

Why you can't track your Korea Post package:

There are several reasons why you may be unable to track your package.

Errors involving tracking are usually due to technical difficulties. There could be a problem with the tracking software preventing you from locating your order. 

Alternatively, make sure you entered the correct tracking number for your order.

Circuit Package Tracker can only find your package with the right number. Contact Korea Post customer support if you suspect an error or need help.

Why your Korea Post package is not updating or moving:

Occasionally, you may notice Circuit Package Tracker stops updating, and it may seem like your package isn’t moving. Several things can cause your order to appear stuck.. 

If you’re waiting for international delivery, you may notice Circuit Package Tracker status is unchanged for long periods.

Delays can happen throughout the sending process due to rough weather at the destination country, customs hold to ups, or other issues with your order.

Don’t worry, it is normal to find that Korea Post tracking has not updated your tracking status for long periods as the order moves from one country to another.

Contact the sender or Korea Post customer services if your shipment has missed it’s estimated time of arrival, or it is at a country’s border for longer than you expect.

This could indicate that customs need to clear it first before it continues on the route.

Korea Post tracking status explained

You may find your package tracker change between several status updates throughout the order process.

Pending, In Transit, Out for Delivery, and Delivered. Circuit Package Tracker will update each time your package reaches a new location. 

Contact Korea Post customer support if you believe there are any issues involving the location of your package or if you suspect errors in the tracking software.

In transit:

The “In transit” status is likely the one you will find for most of your package's journey.

This status means that your package is moving between postage facilities. Each time your package reaches a new facility, Circuit Package Tracker will update with its location.

Why your Korea Post package is still in transit

Since the “In transit” status means your package is moving between locations, this status will likely be displayed for most of the order process.

Circuit Package Tracker should update with a new location at the end of every day. 

Contact Korea Post customer support if there are issues with Circuit Package Tracker’s status updates or any problems with your order.

How long can a Korea Post package stay in transit?

The package tracker will likely display the “In transit” status once your order begins moving until it reaches its destination. This time could be extended by delays in customs or due to weather.

Contact Korea Post customer support if you believe there is an error in your tracking status or with any concerns about the location of your package.

You may also consider contacting the customs department in the destination country if your order encounters a problem.


“Pending” is another status update you may find along your order s journey. This status usually means that the facility has begun to process your package and prepare it for sending.  

This status could also display during the order if an error happens with the delivery.

A prolonged “Pending” status could indicate issues involving the information provided with the original order.

Contact customer support to address any concerns surrounding the status updates of your package tracker. 

Why your Korea Post package may be pending

Circuit Package Tracker may show a “Pending” status when it begins the preparation process for sending 

This status will show up as your package processes through its first facility. You may also find this status if your package experiences a delay in processing through customs.

If the Circuit Package Tracker status has stayed the same after a few days, contact Korea Post customer support for help.

Out for delivery and delivered:

Another status update you may find on Circuit Package Tracker is “Out for Delivery,”

Out for delivery means your package is on the mail truck, and a delivery attempt will happen before the end of business that day.

Once delivery has been successful, Circuit Package Tracker should update to a “Delivered” status.

This status means that the driver hand to delivered your package to you personally or it was left in a secure location for you to retrieve later.

Contact Korea Post customer support if you suspect a status update is incorrect to help you determine what happened to your package or claim compensation.

Korea Post delivery times

Delivery times for Korea Post may vary depending on the type of service shipping.

The destination country will also determine how long your order delivery time takes. Korea Post sorts its mail into zones. Each zone delivers to choose a group of countries and regions. 

For more information about Korea Post’s mailing zones, check out their website or contact their customer support helpline.  

If you’d like an estimate of the price and the delivery date, you can use the sending calculator on Korea Post’s website.

Enter the details of your package or package into the calculator to find your estimated sending costs and delivery options.

Korea Post delivery times: What time will your package arrive?

It is hard to say exactly when your package will arrive as delivery times will vary based on the type of order chosen for the order. However, Korea Post’s hours of operation are 9:00 am until 6:00 pm on weekdays. Your package will arrive before the end of business on its delivery date. 

How late does Korea Post deliver?

Korea Post operates on a similar schedule to other postage delivery services. Their hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. A delivery attempt willhappen no later than 6:00 pm on weekdays.

Korea Post does not operate on weekends. 

International Korea Post delivery times:

International deliveries will have much longer travel times than local or regional. International delivery times for Korea Post airmail are as follows:

  • The Far East: 2 to 3 days for express, 5 to 10 days for standard.
  • South East Asia: 2 to 3 days for express, 6 to 10 days for standard.
  • Pacific: 3 to 4 days for express, 7 to 12 days for standard.
  • North America: 3 to 4 days for express, 9 to 14 days for standard.
  • Europe: 3 to 5 days for express, 7 to 14 days for standard.
  • Middle East: 3 to 4 days for express, 9 to 15 days for standard.
  • Africa, Latin America: 3 to 5 days for express, 10 to 20 days for standard.

Airmail express will always be the quickest form of delivery. Standard delivery time for international surface mail can be anywhere from twenty to one hundred days, depending on the region your package is heading. Standard delivery times for international surface mail are as follows:

  • Japan, Hong Kong: 20 to 30 days.
  • China, Taiwan: 40 to 60 days.
  • Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia: 50 to 70 days.
  • Vietnam, Philippines, India, Bangladesh: 70 to 90 days.
  • South Africa, Russia: 90 to 120 days.
  • Australia, New Zealand: 50 to 70 days.
  • Canada, U.S.A: 50 to 70 days.
  • Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina: 100 to 120 days.
  • Germany: 50 to 70 days.
  • U.K., Netherlands, France: 70 to 90 days.
  • Spain, Ireland: 80 to 100 days.
  • Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland: 100 to 120 days.

Delays involving customs or weather can extend the expected delivery times. Contact the Korea Post customer support team if you need help with your international order. 

Lost and missed Korea Post deliveries

Korea Post strives to give its customers the best services in the postage industry. However, sometimes mistakes happen.

If you suspect your package has gone missing or if your package arrives damaged, you can contact Korea Post customer service and ask them to investigate your lost or damaged goods. 

Korea Post customer services can help you determine if your items went missing, or if any damages happened on the way — and claim compensation in this case. 

What happens if you miss a Korea Post delivery?

Suppose you are not around to accept the delivery when an attempt happens.

The delivery driver will find a secure place to leave your package for you to get at your convenience.

Alternatively, you may get a notice of attempted delivery with instructions for where to pick up your delivery at your local post office, or the driver will attempt delivery on the next business day.

You can also contact your local post office or the Korea Post customer support to edit or add instructions for where to leave your package.. 

How long will Korea Post hold a package?

After at least two unsuccessful delivery attempts, Korea Post will keep your package for about five to seven business days before returning the order to the original sender.

With each delivery attempt, you should get a notice with instructions on where to pick up your missed delivery. 

You can also contact Korea Post customer support or visit the Korea Post website to edit, add, or remove any information from the order.

This information can include updating the delivery address or changing the delivery instructions. 

What to do if you haven't received your Korea Post package

If you haven’t received your package, the first thing to do is contact Korea Post customer support to help you find your order and solve any problems. 

You should also contact the sender and let them know.

Korea Post tracking FAQs

Let's address some common questions about Korea Post delivery and its tracking system.

Is Korea Post delivery fast?

Yes. Korea Post strives to be the best and fastest postage service throughout South Korea. It has been the country’s main mailing service service since 1884.

Can I track the Korea Post package by address?

The Korea Post customer support team should track your delivery using the information for the order, such as the delivery address.

Additionally, you can use the Korea Post EMS calculator to determine the estimated delivery time for a package.

How do I know if my Korea Post package is stuck in customs?

Mail delays can frequently happen, especially when dealing with customs and international shipments.

You may want to contact the customs department in your country or the destination country if you suspect delays in customs happen  

Be sure to check the customs regulations in your country before sending internationally, as each country may be different.

Additionally, you can contact the Korea Post customer support helpline for more information about possible delays and the location of your package.

Korea Post tracking: conclusion

Tracking your package with Korea Post is a simple process with Circuit Package Tracker. In summary:

  • Make sure you have your tracking number handy.
  • Contact Korea Post's customer services if you have any issues with tracking.
  • Regularly check the status of your package to stay informed on any updates or changes.

By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you'll stay up to date on your package status every step of the way.

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