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How to Cancel a Walmart Order In 2023


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If you regularly order online from Walmart, you definitely aren’t alone. 

As the largest retailer in the United States, you can order all kinds of goods from Walmart, like clothing, electronics, sporting goods, kids’ toys, books, and groceries.

Even if you don’t have a local Walmart store, Walmart’s online platform gives you access to many of their products.

But what if you’ve placed a Walmart delivery and later have to cancel it? Does Walmart allow cancellations?

Well, yes — within reason. The Walmart website does allow order cancellations given you cancel shortly after you’ve placed the order.

Below, I reveal the cutoff time for hitting the cancel button, and I’ll explain how you can make use of Walmart’s return policy if you miss the cancellation deadline. 

I’ll also give a step-by-step tutorial on how to cancel Walmart orders to make the process simple for you.

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How to cancel a Walmart online order in 4 steps

You came here wondering, “How do I cancel a Walmart order?” So let’s get that out of the way first. 

If you want to cancel a Walmart order, just follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Walmart account 

You can use the same Walmart account you used to order your goods to cancel them. 

Walmart explains how to edit orders or cancel them on their website, but I’ll explain it here too in a few easy steps.

Start by logging into your Walmart account. You’ll need your email address and password to do this.

Forgot your password? No problem. 

You can have Walmart send you a password recovery code to reset it.

walmart cancellation step 1

2. Select “Purchase History” 

Once you're logged into your account, select “Purchase History.” You should then see a record of all your past orders.

walmart cancellation step 2

3. Find the order you want to cancel 

Select the order you want to cancel from the “Purchase History” page (click on the order listed).

walmart cancellation step 3

4. Click “Request Cancellation” if the option is available 

Once you’ve clicked on the order you want to cancel, scroll down to the bottom and select “Request Cancellation.”

walmart cancellation step 4

If you don’t see the “Request Cancellation” button, your order is no longer valid for cancellation (the button is removed once the cancellation period has passed).

But don’t worry: If you can’t hit the cancel button, you may still be able to get your money back by returning the order — I’ll explain how that’s done below.

Are you wondering how you can partially cancel an order — like if you want to remove just one item, for example? See “How to edit a Walmart order online” below.

how long do you have to cancel walmart order

How long do you have to cancel a Walmart online order?

While it’s possible (and pretty easy!) to cancel a Walmart online order, you’ll have to do it quickly. 

The retailer allows just 30 minutes for you to request a cancellation after placing an order, so act fast.

What to do if “Request cancellation” isn’t available

If the “Request Cancellation” button isn’t available, you still have options.

If you’ve just missed the deadline, you might still try canceling through Walmart customer service

You can call them directly at 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART) to see if they can stop the order.

Unfortunately, if the order has already been shipped, even an in-person customer service representative won’t be able to help you. 

If it’s already been shipped, you can wait for the package to arrive at your home and then initiate a return.

How to edit a Walmart online order

In some cases, you may not want to cancel an entire order. Instead, you may want to edit the order. For example, you may be only looking to add or remove certain items.

According to Walmart’s website, you can make changes to a delivery or pickup order as long as it’s still in the “processing stage.” 

Follow these steps edit an order if the items haven’t yet shipped:

  1. Log into your Walmart account.
  2. Select “Purchase History.”
  3. Select “Edit items.”

After following these steps, you can increase or decrease quantities of items, add or remove goods, or allow or disallow substitutions. 

You can also choose an alternative store location for pick up or reschedule your time slot for delivery at this stage.

That being said, be careful to notice if the changes you make impact the order’s total cost. 

Walmart charges a delivery fee for orders under $35, so if you delete something and the order total decreases, it’s because you’ve dropped under $35, and that fee has been added to your total.

How to cancel a Walmart pickup order

If you’ve scheduled an order for pickup at your local Walmart and want to cancel it, log into your Walmart account.

From your account, select “Purchase History” and then locate the order you want to cancel. 

Scroll to the bottom of the order page — if it’s still possible to cancel, you can select “Request Cancellation.”

If it’s too late to cancel, you’ll have to wait until you receive your order from Walmart and then head to the store to request a refund.

Now, let’s say you don’t want to cancel the pickup order but simply want to switch the pickup location to a store that’s more convenient for you. 

No problem.

You can adjust the pickup location as long as the order is still in the processing stage. 

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Log into your Walmart account.
  2. Select “Purchase History.”
  3. Select “Edit items.”
  4. Designate a different local store for pick up.
return walmart package

How to return a Walmart online order

Have you missed the deadline to cancel your Walmart.com order but still don’t need the item or items purchased? 

Don’t worry: You may still be able to return your order and get a full refund.

Walmart has a 90-day return policy (calendar days, not business days), giving you plenty of time to make your return. 

You can either bring your order back to a store to return it or ship it back. Below are the steps explaining both these processes. 

If you want to return a Walmart order in-store, follow these steps:

  1. Open your account in the Walmart app or website.
  2. Select the item you want to return.
  3. Designate a reason for the return.
  4. Click “Return to store.”
  5. You’ll receive a return barcode.
  6. Review the return refund summary.
  7. Go to the store’s customer service desk, bring your confirmation email and the item you wish to return with you, and tell the customer service representative you’d like to make a return.

Here’s how to return the item if you want to ship it back:

  1. Open your account in the Walmart app or website.
  2. Select the item you want to return.
  3. Designate a reason for the return.
  4. Click “Return by mail.”
  5. You’ll receive a return label to print.
  6. Package the item with the original packaging and affix the return label.
  7. Drop the item off at a FedEx or USPS location.

Hint: Learn how to find a USPS dropoff location.

You can use a package tracker from FedEx or USPS to make sure the item reaches Walmart safely. 

How to cancel a Walmart order conclusion

Walmart is a major online retailer in the US, offering their customers all kinds of goods including everything from clothing to electronics. 

As a Walmart customer, familiarizing yourself with the retailer’s online orders, returns, and cancellation processes can be helpful.

It’s easy to cancel Walmart orders through your Walmart online account. However, be aware that you’ll only be able to cancel an order within 30 minutes of placing it.

Missed the cutoff time? 

Don’t worry: You might be able to return your goods and get a refund instead. I’ve explained the steps for both canceling and returning orders above.

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