Capture and share proof of delivery

Choose what to collect and when with in-app proof of delivery capture. Share signatures, delivery status and photos in a flash.

Proof of delivery collection screen for drivers using the Circuit for Team mobile app

Send customer updates

Automatic SMS and email notifications keep your customers informed.

Customize communications

Easily edit your customer updates to reflect your brand.

Dynamic tracking

Let your customer decide the level of information they receive.

Get started in seconds

Skip the sales call. Simply sign up and send your first route in less than 5 minutes.

All the proof you need

Verify delivery using a range of stop status, signature, and photographic proof. Leave a digital note to tell recipients or dispatchers about special circumstances.

Flexible collection and sharing

Save your drivers time on the doorstep by turning proof of delivery on and off as needed. Resolve disputes faster with stop information that’s easy to find and share.

Get started

Reduce your delivery costs by 20% with Circuit for Teams

Logistics map interface showing the New York afternoon delivery run with route lines and list of addresses