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30 Oct, 2023
Create custom driver zones

Create geographical delivery zones to assign stops based on driver location automatically

In the past, dispatchers had to format delivery data or make changes to optimized routes if they wanted to assign stops in specific locations to selected drivers.

It is now possible to create custom delivery zones. Any stops within a zone are automatically added to a route in that area. The route is then sent to the driver assigned to that zone.

How to create delivery zones

  • Go to Settings > Zones
  • Click on the map to select the zone area
  • Name and color code the zone
  • Assign a driver(s) to the zone

How to use delivery zones

  • Import route data
  • Stops are automatically added to a route within the same zone
  • Routes are assigned to the driver for that zoneĀ 
  • Stops outside of zones are automatically added onto the most suitable route