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24 Oct, 2022
Add, and manage multiple depots

Create and manage multiple depots

Companies with more than one depot location can now create multiple depots. 

A dispatcher or admin can now:

  • Filter their view to display activity from all depots, or one specific depot
  • Create routes for and assign drivers to any depot

How to create multiple depots

  • Go to Settings > Depots and click Create depot
  • Name your depot and complete the route setup for that specific depot
  • Click the Team members button or go to Settings > Team members to assign drivers to depots
  • Once your depots have been created, you can view all depots or individual depots by using the drop-down menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen

How to delete a depot

  • Go to Settings > Depots and click on a depot to edit it
  • Select the option to delete the depot, and this will permanently delete the depot
  • When a depot is deleted, any routes or drivers assigned to that depot will revert to unassigned